John Legend - All of Me (Edited Video)

  • Published on Oct 2, 2013
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    What would I do without your smart mouth?
    Drawing me in, and you kicking me out
    You've got my head spinning, no kidding, I can't pin you down
    What's going on in that beautiful mind
    I'm on your magical mystery ride
    And I'm so dizzy, don't know what hit me, but I'll be alright
    My head's under water
    But I'm breathing fine
    You're crazy and I'm out of my mind
    'Cause all of me
    Loves all of you
    Love your curves and all your edges
    All your perfect imperfections
    Give your all to me
    I'll give my all to you
    You're my end and my beginning
    Even when I lose I'm winning
    'Cause I give you all of me
    And you give me all of you, oh oh"
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  • Naomi Lau
    Naomi Lau 25 minutes ago +1

    For the 265k people who disliked this,you are a horrible preson!

  • fiorela sangama acosta

    I am like song

  • Elizangela S. Ferreira


  • Roxi a já
    Roxi a já 3 hours ago +1

    I love this is music

  • Roberta Mariani
    Roberta Mariani 3 hours ago

    Ha. Ben

  • Maria kontogiani Psichoula


  • Michell cortes vega
    Michell cortes vega 4 hours ago

    Alguien que hable español y lo esté escuchando en enero 2020❤🤗

  • Mon Petit Lilith - PECADO É PRIVAR-SE DO PRAZER!

    I am enchanted with this music. To me is a great declaration of Love.

  • Shobha Uwyan
    Shobha Uwyan 5 hours ago

    Honestly people be talking about their bfs/bfs/crush ON A WEDDING VIDEO THE
    HE LL it's annoying seriously -_-

  • Jude 1:21
    Jude 1:21 5 hours ago

    Fa Eva & Eva 💕

  • Shobha Uwyan
    Shobha Uwyan 5 hours ago

    Great music video and song

  • Mataress Mou
    Mataress Mou 7 hours ago

    One day .. you know if all my feeling it's for you... I love you more anything ... #Ree

  • Tim Fife
    Tim Fife 8 hours ago


  • sophie smith
    sophie smith 8 hours ago

    i love this song my auntie got married to this song

  • Saf Zain
    Saf Zain 8 hours ago

    Still hear in January 18 2020 rise your hand. 😀

  • Teddy bear Edits
    Teddy bear Edits 8 hours ago

    Anyone here 2020?

  • Hezel C. zeleh
    Hezel C. zeleh 9 hours ago


  • Sarah Vital franco
    Sarah Vital franco 9 hours ago +1

    I listened this song when my grandma died,so now,every time that i hear cry remembering her . I'm Sad now and criying buddies.

  • Tina Forbes
    Tina Forbes 11 hours ago

    Love you guys,

  • Ana Maria Correa Perez
    Ana Maria Correa Perez 11 hours ago +2

    Like si escuchas en enero 2020

  • Myllena Dos santos ferreira

    Linda música ♥️🥰

  • -Tyler -williams
    -Tyler -williams 12 hours ago +1


  • Joel Escobar
    Joel Escobar 13 hours ago

    Makes me wanna cry

  • Lorena ll.
    Lorena ll. 14 hours ago

    This song will always remind me of you!!!🐶🌷💗💗💋te Amo

  • Bruno Reis
    Bruno Reis 14 hours ago +1

    Amo muito esta música

  • Everton Fonseca
    Everton Fonseca 14 hours ago

    Sempre que ouço essa música me passa uma sensação de tranquilidade, muito viciante 🙌🏻

  • Anthony Escobar
    Anthony Escobar 15 hours ago

    Esto me da mucha nostalgia

  • Lolking 3001
    Lolking 3001 16 hours ago

    Pure goose bumps

  • wathzapers xtudo
    wathzapers xtudo 16 hours ago

    Num teim cum isqueçê essa musica gad

  • Safet Skenderaj
    Safet Skenderaj 17 hours ago


  • Julka Tywonek
    Julka Tywonek 17 hours ago


  • Emma March
    Emma March 17 hours ago

    I don't speak very good English but this song is very famous ❤️ the singer is very beautiful 🥰

  • Jeeh X.H
    Jeeh X.H 18 hours ago +1

    1:32 The turtle ! meme 2017 ...BRUH

  • Claire Livefreeordie
    Claire Livefreeordie 19 hours ago

    Am I wrong but it l looks like this video gad over 1 billion views????? Great song

  • Eo Maresia
    Eo Maresia 19 hours ago

    Musica Muito Legal ... Parabens 👍

  • Fitri Tri
    Fitri Tri 21 hour ago +1


  • GTA Master
    GTA Master 21 hour ago

    Cause i give you all of me. And you give me all of you. STONKS :D

  • Marjorie Kelly
    Marjorie Kelly 22 hours ago

    john legend:cause i give you all~ of me and you give me all~ of you Me:she will turn into you you will turn to her

  • I saac
    I saac 23 hours ago +1


  • lol lol
    lol lol Day ago

    Sounds like let it go from frozen😂

  • Ofeia Yethman
    Ofeia Yethman Day ago

    Here in 2020 🙂

  • Cindy P.
    Cindy P. Day ago

    Anybody in 2020?? Just want to know i know this song for years and this is my first time reacting to this lol

  • Romanp
    Romanp Day ago +29

    Almost 7 years later and still listening to this song.

  • Vera Kurti
    Vera Kurti Day ago

    Shum e bukur , ta rrenqeth mishin !!! 👏

  • Lyric channel
    Lyric channel Day ago

    Sweet song, love it
    Get lyric this link

  • Rati Rauf
    Rati Rauf Day ago


  • selt comedian
    selt comedian Day ago +1

    am single this song always reminds to find girl friend

  • Red Man
    Red Man Day ago


  • radi tube
    radi tube Day ago +2

    who in 2020 ?

  • Hrunby
    Hrunby Day ago +1

    I'm here for that asian that recommended his delicious chicken wings.

  • didiniou didiniou

    😥😥😥😔😔 2020😔😥

  • Greta lynette Ducksworth Holmes

    Happy Birthday Brandon! Greta loves you and you have all of me i you want me. Love you always

  • Marcus Burdulis
    Marcus Burdulis Day ago +20

    John Legend for his wife: All of you

    Justin Bieber: Yeah you got that yummy 🤤

  • Adrienne Spratley
    Adrienne Spratley Day ago +1

    War is over

  • Youssef OR
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  • ThatMintFresh
    ThatMintFresh Day ago +2

    I’m just here in 2020 because I was watching the voice lmao

  • Gayella Pritchard

    Flawless love

  • It’s sandy elias


  • Aurora Rivers
    Aurora Rivers Day ago

    Honest to god hope i can find someone that loves me like this

  • said bihkak
    said bihkak Day ago