My Mom Hasn't Spoken To Me For A Year Because I Betrayed Her

  • Published on Mar 15, 2019

    This is Sam. He doesn’t feel that great about the story he’s going to tell you right now, or more precisely about the way events took a turn after he did what he did. It happened around a year ago when he was 13, and he probably should have made a different decision. Anyway, this is how it happened.
    Sam began to feel like his mom didn’t saw him as her little boy anymore after his twin baby sisters were born. She began expecting a lot of help from him all the time, starting with babysitting, and assisting her with house work. Of course, it’s normal to help your parents, but his mom didn’t let him do the stuff he used to do or was supposed to do at his age at all, like playing video games or hanging out with friends. She kept saying that he was a future grown-up man and that he had to start being supportive right now. Luckily, his dad thought the exact opposite. He would help Sam with the work that his mom gave him to do, and always tried to spend some extra time with him, asking him how he was doing. And he would say that mom was simply tired looking after two small babies at the same time, and promised that soon things would change.
    Things did indeed, when Sam’s mom took him and his sisters to her parents’ house in a town next to the city on summer vacation. He had spent almost no time with his grandparents, so he was happy to be able to go see them. His grandpa took him on fishing trips - he was an awesome fisherman, while his grandma would help his mom with the babies. After a couple of days there, his mother had almost gone back to being like she was before the twins were born. She was friendlier and nicer, and no longer forbade him from using his time however he wanted to use it. Everything was almost perfect except for one thing - his dad didn't come. He would wait for him every night, but his mom said that he had a lot of work to do. One day, it felt like she was starting to treat him like an adult again. She seemed to distance herself from Sam emotionally, and looked nervous. He was wondering what had happened, but nobody explained anything to him. Then one day he overheard his mom talking to his dad on the phone, saying she wasn’t coming back, and that all three of the children were going stay with her. She put the phone down and saw him staring at her with his eyes full of tears. She knew that this time she wasn’t going to be able to escape the conversation.
    Sam couldn’t believe his mom had done this to him and to their family. He was mad at her because she decided to take him away from his dad without even asking what he thought about all of it. She didn’t even let them say goodbye to each other. He was mad at his little sisters because if it wasn't for them, his mom wouldn’t have become so nervous and tired, and their family would probably have been ok. He was even mad at himself for being so stupid and not calling his dad on his own to ask whether he would come to see them. How was he supposed to start life again, without his school that he’d gotten used to, without his friends, without virtually anything he had back at home? Sam honestly doesn’t know why people say that the sad truth is better than a happy lie. His life was about to crash down all around him. Living there after their talk turned out to be torture. His mom kept insisting that he help her, but now he was offended by her more than ever, so he refused to do anything. He had become unintentionally rude with her and every interaction ended in a terrible fight, but he couldn’t help it, he was a lost cause. He remembers how once, he told her that no matter how hard her own life was, she was the only one to blame for the divorce. This made her cry. And all this time she wouldn’t let him call his dad, so he finally just grabbed the phone, dialed his number, and told him how unbearable his mom had become. As always, his dad tried to calm Sam down and support him, saying that he loved him and missed him, and that he wanted to be there next to him to give him a hug. And this forced him to make a tough decision.
    One night, when everybody in the house had fallen asleep, he packed up his belongings, went downstairs and called his dad, and asked him to pick him up at the bus stop nearby. At first he tried to convince him to wait until the morning, when he could come and discuss everything with him and his mom, but Sam said that he was literally about to leave the house, so he'd better hurry up. He waited for him for about an hour. But when he saw his dad, worried but happy that he had finally got to see him, his troubles seemed to disappear. The only thing he left for his mom was a text saying that he wanted to live with his father...

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    ACTUALLY HAPPENED  4 months ago +6595

    Sam still hasn’t been able to make sense of his mom’s behavior, but he hopes that one day when the phone rings and he picks it up, he’ll hear his mother’s voice at the other end. Give a Like to this story and tell Sam what you would have done in his place in the comments. Maybe together we can find a way to figure everything out.

    • hadc 2611
      hadc 2611 3 days ago

      @KloptiK tell the story please

    • Adam Black
      Adam Black 5 days ago

      Sam, please listen to me.
      You are Innocent. You did Nothing wrong!
      You have nothing to feel guilty about.
      Your mother is the adult. She is responsible. You did NOT betray her. You are innocent. Hopefully one day she will realize this.
      It might be hard to believe now, but You made the right decision. You did.
      Had you stayed , you would not have been able to Properly grow up into your own person.
      She was Deliberately Emotionally blackmailing , you not allowing you to have honest child reactions. When adults due this to children it inevitably gets worse.
      You became enraged over an injustice
      She deceived you, and was using you as an instrument, a tool, to hurt someone else. That's a terrible way to treat Children. She feels robbed that you took that away, but can't accept that you didn't so it to hurt her; you did it because you are human being worthy of love and dignity for yourself. When she realizes this, your relationship will repair. Even as a child you are owed some respect.
      It sounds like her own parents give her this Respect. So should she to you.
      You are brave.

    • Tracy Jacky
      Tracy Jacky 8 days ago

      @KloptiK how could you eat your DOG are you ok ?🤔

    • ilham hussin
      ilham hussin 10 days ago

      ACTUALLY HAPPENED bap you still got your dad 👦🏻and👱🏻‍♂️

      DANIEL VASQUEZ 16 days ago


  • Francesco Puddu
    Francesco Puddu Hour ago

    This is so italian

  • Elizaveta Lisovenko
    Elizaveta Lisovenko 7 hours ago

    Your mom is just a proud bitch

  • Wlad Szewczuk
    Wlad Szewczuk 21 hour ago +1

    its funny how when she is spinning the web she has 6 arms. SPIDERS HAVE 8 ARMS

  • Lucas Jackson
    Lucas Jackson Day ago

    i got an ad for ANOTHER storytime channel

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 days ago +1

    Tho u did the right thing. Communication is very essential and your mom refused to give it to you

  • Harshal Nikalje
    Harshal Nikalje 3 days ago +1

    Sam never betrayed his mom.
    I am convinced with Sam.
    It was his mom’s fault.
    Decisions must not be taken individually.

  • Natasha short
    Natasha short 3 days ago

    Sometimes mom's have a hard time taking care of themselves let alone children. She still loves you and your sisters. She might be depressed and needs help in communicating her feelings better. I know this personally for I had to become a single mother of three kids almost overnight. At the time 1 boy 9 and two 3 yrs old. Yes twins. I was working up to 72 hours a week. I became suicidal but only thought about it. I started pushing my children away. The way I did this is by demanding things of my oldest. Know that he was able to do this. Eventually arguments began to happen. If I had a chance to go back and start over I would.
    Keep trying to communicate with her eventually she will see clearly again and you will get the mother you remember in your pass.

  • Dominique Thomas
    Dominique Thomas 3 days ago

    Is sad that parents rarely let the children decide with which parent they want to live and the law many times obligate the kids live with their mom, I have seen kids crying because they want to live with their father but the police don't let them!!!
    Same with some kids that want to kive with their mom and not with their dad...

  • Optimus Primegang
    Optimus Primegang 4 days ago

    Well your mom is a fool

  • Lets be a GatchaTuber

    That was not a bad choice, you did what was best for you, and that was honestly the best thing for you mentally and well being wise

  • Simply In The Zone
    Simply In The Zone 4 days ago

    This is so childish lol.

  • TheIronWolf45
    TheIronWolf45 4 days ago

    1 year? Try 10 years...

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  • Beni Cegrani
    Beni Cegrani 5 days ago

    Lol omg


    My life is same like Sam but my parents doesn't support me

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    Uh first thing is hes eyes is so cute i guset?

  • Lydia Gonzales
    Lydia Gonzales 5 days ago

    Moms like this shouldnt be called great moms. There is no need to push your responsibilities onto your child.

  • Bela and Halo
    Bela and Halo 5 days ago

    This boy wants to be a boy NOT a MAN I’m glad he is not a “tik tok” boys those tik tok boys grow up to fast!

  • Wendy Rivera
    Wendy Rivera 5 days ago

    Boi that's what a Hispanic does on a daily basis we always clean thats what i do i barely get to go out with friends relax

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    Joshua Ojeikere 6 days ago +1

    When I saw the thumbnail, I thought it’s was the Nigerian flag...

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    Danessa Gonzales 6 days ago

    Your grandpa is just like my grandpa.he takes me fishing to,

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    Kisha in Laundry 6 days ago

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  • Hina Williams
    Hina Williams 6 days ago

    While I know that raising one kid let alone two or three kids is tough, I do agree that kids should help out their parents or in the least be given some responsibility, but at the same time, the parents shouldn't rely on their oldest kids to raise and take care of the younger ones. The older kids need some chill time as the parents do. In this video, I feel that the mom is pretty much in the wrong (I sympathize with her for needing help in raising kids and being overwhelmed). She pretty much put the responsibility of raising her twin daughters on the shoulders on a 13-year-old boy, without so much as an explanation as to what was going on between her and her husband, and expected the son to respect her and just blindly follow her orders. And I know teens can be rebellious and a little moody but usually they're easier to handle when their parents show they trust them and are honest with them. Yeah this boy's mom trusted him to be responsible and help out with his sisters and household chores but she didn't trust him enough to tell him that they were gonna leave his dad and she didn't give him a choice in the matter (most places will give preteen and teenagers the ability to choose who they want to stay with).

    So I don't blame the boy for getting upset and overwhelmed and hurt. He was practically forced to leave his dad, friends, and life behind to stay with his grandparents (who I'm sure he loved dearly).

  • Elena R
    Elena R 6 days ago

    I couldn't help but find it a little hypocritical that his mother was almost pushing him to be an adult after his sisters were born, but kept him from the truth so he wouldn't have the option to make his own serious decision regarding who he wanted to stay with.

  • Mostafa Elskhawy
    Mostafa Elskhawy 6 days ago


  • Colten Lewis
    Colten Lewis 6 days ago

    Go to her house Abby force

  • K It
    K It 6 days ago

    My son betrayed me & his loving grandparents way worse than this but has zero guilt & hates ME, ignoring what he did. He's a psychopath & I haven't talked to him in over a year & probably never will. He's in jail now for something else he probably doesn't feel bad about.

  • karen skates
    karen skates 6 days ago

    Why would you do that to your mum and your sisters sisters are so good they're so cute I have one her name is called Olivia👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Christopher Allen
    Christopher Allen 7 days ago

    Honestly I don’t know what I would do in that problem

  • Alexandria Lipscomb
    Alexandria Lipscomb 7 days ago +1

    Me: Mom, I have cancer
    Mom: Its because of that phone

  • Storozhevoy 75
    Storozhevoy 75 8 days ago

    All things considered, I support his decision because she put him in an impossible position.

  • filip i joka trsić
    filip i joka trsić 8 days ago

    I cry so many times l cry even thinking about my family!

  • filip i joka trsić
    filip i joka trsić 8 days ago

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    Mans is 13 his mom needs to chill fr 🚫🧢

  • Andrija Jovanović
    Andrija Jovanović 8 days ago

    My mother hasn't spoken to me for two years,until i started talking

  • zanman8808
    zanman8808 8 days ago

    Honestly I don’t think we have enough information from the story to determine anything we are just as lost as this kid is we have no idea why they got divorced Mom definitely should’ve told them that they were leaving dad and honestly I’m surprised that she was surprised by the suns reaction but she definitely needs to be the adult except the responsibility for what happened between her and her son regardless ofThe divorce and do what she can to make it right since technically she betrayed him not the other way around

  • Monique Granados
    Monique Granados 9 days ago

    Well she probably assumes you hate her the way you rudely blamed the divorce on her.

  • π π π
    π π π 9 days ago

    This video should be called mom broke up with dad

  • Aurora Tillotson
    Aurora Tillotson 9 days ago

    the mom will get nae naed

  • Amira Mohammed
    Amira Mohammed 9 days ago

    Ur story's don't make sense

  • Jorge Reyes
    Jorge Reyes 10 days ago

    It just looks my life

  • ICEO
    ICEO 10 days ago

    The thumbnail is really representing Nigeria

  • Mister C F
    Mister C F 11 days ago

    It happened to me yesterday! My ma behaved in a strange way. She kept on manipulating and nagging me and I might hate my life! She didn't speak for me for few days. I was feeling unloved then.

  • Glenn-Julie-Natasha MarMinoff

    What does your dad say?

  • Glenn-Julie-Natasha MarMinoff

    You did the right thing. It's not your fault.

  • Herbert Croston
    Herbert Croston 11 days ago

    I would of done the same thing

  • bunnywonny //
    bunnywonny // 12 days ago

    what a Karen.

  • super thunder antony
    super thunder antony 12 days ago +1

    i got a liiiiiiiiike!!! wait why is it blue

    PHANTOMBUILDS 1 12 days ago

    That story happened almost exactly the same to me. I was thirteen when it first happened, It wasn’t my decision on who I was going to live with and my mom loves to yell at the top at her lungs for something like the trash, and the constant yelling ate at me until I was done. I said to her “ I’m done, I want to live with dad”. And my dad picked me up a day later. It’s been a year since that happened and I can still talk with my mom.

  • nG Murq
    nG Murq 13 days ago +1

    Haven't watched the vid yet
    But his mom probably forgot to unmute her mic

  • Thedank Sankmank/ Maxmiddleton976

    Little sister’s SUCK

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  • Caroline Otto
    Caroline Otto 13 days ago

    Sam, you are being really strong and I think your mom is overreacting and know that deep down she still loves you

  • Jhaliyah’s life !
    Jhaliyah’s life ! 14 days ago

    She mad cuss you wanted to live with your dad🙄she handle this so poorly

  • Anthony Rango
    Anthony Rango 14 days ago +1

    Did his dad just kid nap him who has custody?


    I love this guy. Absolute mad Lad.

  • sikulator Gpa
    sikulator Gpa 14 days ago

    Hello, guys!

  • Ridaa Manglorkarr
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    Me: mommy..
    Mom: its coz of that phone
    Me: i dont understand this question
    Mom:(awkward silence) ohhh
    Mom: its coz you spend too much time on that phone.

  • Carter Martin
    Carter Martin 14 days ago

    I know how you feel my parents just divorced

  • John Phillips
    John Phillips 14 days ago

    I’ve never had to deal with being straight up taken away from my male guardian, but one time I was tricked into staying the whole day in the city away from him by my female guardian. She was mad at him about something, still not sure what. She wouldn’t let me talk to him on the phone, even though he called probably 50 times (or it felt like it.) For all she knew, he could have been kidnapped, but it was justified because she “was the adult who worked hard all the time.” I love her with all my heart and have gotten over it, so please don’t say anything bad about her, but in the moment.... Ooh. I didn’t care if I got in a crash or not, I was ready to jump up there and knock everyone in that car *out.*
    And the craziest thing? I told him as soon as I got home, and he didn’t care. Greatest person I know.

  • unicornlover Rodriguez

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  • Princess Liyah
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  • kefkapalazzo1
    kefkapalazzo1 14 days ago

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  • Kwazz
    Kwazz 15 days ago

    Him: mom i gotta go to school
    Mom: its because of that phone!

  • Kwazz
    Kwazz 15 days ago

    Simple question:
    Why did you betray her?

  • prathama roy
    prathama roy 15 days ago

    She needs help
    Someone made up her mind to destroy the whole family

  • bluewolf 4012
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    If you're the only boy in a girl only family,you will be respected so much,I'm not lucky.

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  • Justin Graf
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    My mom hasn’t talked to me in 2 years cause I was a mistake and she doesn’t like me

  • Abena Afriyie
    Abena Afriyie 15 days ago

    I don’t think it’s fair to punish a child for wanting to live with the other parent

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    Why are the comment sections on these so weird?

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  • Eddie Howeth
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    You know I have the same thing just with out the devorece and it's not just my mom it's all of my family well all most all just my grandpa that understands

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    *actually happened*

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    That is how my life went except my step mother wanted my dad to come back until she finally told me that my dad was in the hospital and died when it was near my birthday I was 9 at the time and now I'm 11

  • Fergboy Rossgerson
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    But how didn’t the dad get arrested for kidnapping because he doesn’t have custody?

  • Chayce coward
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  • BlaBla Boom
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    91% comments: It’s because of that phone
    4% comments: about ACTUALLY HAPPENED
    3% comments: about the story
    2% comments: comment percentage
    Like! :D

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    My dad told me that my grandparents died before I was even born, so I have none....


    If You Remove The People And Words, The Thumbnail Would Look Like The Nigerian Flag.

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    YOUNG EAZY 18 days ago