WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND?!! **Prank On TXUNAMY** | Familia Diamond

  • Published on May 22, 2019
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    We will be picking the iPhone WINNER Today. So stay tuned through out the video. In this video Me & Mason Decide to try to pull this EPIC prank off on Txunamy!! How do you think she will REACT?
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  • Luis Bardales
    Luis Bardales 17 minutes ago

    What happened to Mason

    Why isn't he in anymore video's

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    Txunamy i love your hair and you are adorable love you txunamy😀

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    Jacklyn Ornelas 6 hours ago

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    Kylie Hewitt 15 hours ago

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  • Melody Gbadzi
    Melody Gbadzi Day ago

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  • Brinley B
    Brinley B Day ago

    omg the sentence for this video i thought it was real

  • Kennedy Mcclarity

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    Brandy Caudle Day ago

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    Jennifer Beer Day ago

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  • Brinley B
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    omg the sentence for this video i thought it was real

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