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  • Liza Koshy
    Liza Koshy 6 months ago +8954

    Thanks for a smell of a time yall! It was a weird and often had dream, finally come true! It was really cool to get this notification with my name in it. Hope it can happen again! With less asparapiss

  • Logic Monkey
    Logic Monkey Day ago


  • Violexia TnT
    Violexia TnT 4 days ago

    4:20-4:26 😂
    Rhett : POP ROCKS !!!
    Liza : AAAAHH!

  • Weird Kind
    Weird Kind 11 days ago

    How the heck people find this cringy. Its freaking amazing!!

  • No name
    No name 14 days ago


  • Beth Orr
    Beth Orr 15 days ago

    Rhett: Rotten fish
    Liza: Panty liner
    Link: It's tapping into the pleasure center of my brain!
    OMG! I'm crying from laughing so hard!😂

  • Shadowhunter The Nightwing

    Poor hamsters :(

  • Motoki Nishiura
    Motoki Nishiura 16 days ago


  • Nieka
    Nieka 16 days ago

    “That ain’t no peanut butter” -link 😂

  • Lassi Nissinen
    Lassi Nissinen 20 days ago

    For some reason "burned theme" got stuck to my head after the tennis balls, so i got bit freaked out when round 2 was hamsters... Now i feel stupid.

  • livelife MB
    livelife MB 23 days ago

    she's so tiny!! lmao awww!

  • Arya S
    Arya S 23 days ago

    I don't get it why does she keep burping?

  • ClashnWithGrass
    ClashnWithGrass 24 days ago

    She makes this episode hard to watch. So cringey

  • Rainbow Unicorn
    Rainbow Unicorn 27 days ago +1

    Liza I love you so much!!!

  • s.e.d.
    s.e.d. 27 days ago

    4:20 "pOP ROCKS"

  • Nixxionna HeartBreaker

    FINALLY this is the collab that I’ve been waiting for

  • AugustElk
    AugustElk Month ago

    Liza is soo tiny XD

  • Mariya Martin
    Mariya Martin Month ago

    A day after my bday y'all put this up

  • FunnyMarioplushbros

    Get outta here, Lucas

  • Tuckamore Ta tree
    Tuckamore Ta tree Month ago

    Everyone else: Complementing people, Laughing, Complaining, Random other stuff
    Me: So... Hamsters spark pleasure in links brain... Huh, The more you know.

  • Anklejbiter
    Anklejbiter Month ago

    Just a reminder: All Odors are particulate.

  • jk stacks
    jk stacks Month ago

    Yoo that had me dyin wit the clam reaction

  • nisveta hamzic
    nisveta hamzic Month ago


  • Cheo AJ
    Cheo AJ Month ago

    Why am I just not seeing this?..

  • ASMR Queen
    ASMR Queen Month ago

    "it's a sea animal"

  • Morten Frederiksen
    Morten Frederiksen Month ago

    Dont raise it back up!!!! Haha.. I'm floored

  • Adrian Firewalker
    Adrian Firewalker Month ago

    If her panty liner smells like the descriptions of the hampster, she needs to go to a gynecologist!

  • erin plus olivia
    erin plus olivia Month ago

    liza looks so tiny compared to rhett and link 😂💓

  • Yo420 Pro
    Yo420 Pro Month ago

    Smell me

  • Kevin Oscar
    Kevin Oscar Month ago

    2:02 3:57

  • Georgia Cash
    Georgia Cash Month ago

    I love liza koshy

  • Kitty
    Kitty Month ago

    Of course Link would say he likes the smell of dirty laundry......

  • elizabeth rudenko
    elizabeth rudenko Month ago

    Bro..... with all this hate. I’m just gonna say I frickin LOVE Liza KOSHY

  • Bobby Cratchet
    Bobby Cratchet Month ago

    I can smell up to 2!!! I am smart.

  • Ro's life
    Ro's life Month ago

    5:47 I’m dying!!!😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cait D
    Cait D Month ago +1

    Is no one commenting on the fact that link said hes not gonna say why the hamsters hit his pleasure center..really?

  • charmedwn
    charmedwn Month ago

    Liza is so tiny compared to rhett and link😂

  • QS Cubes
    QS Cubes Month ago

    1:05 cotton candy randy

  • Obese Pretzels
    Obese Pretzels Month ago +2

    Anyone else think Liza is getting less and less funny

  • Scott Hollander
    Scott Hollander Month ago

    IKEA... Malm dresser

  • StarpeltTheWolf
    StarpeltTheWolf Month ago


  • •Allie’sWorld•

    bring Shane Dawson!!

  • Ofelia Martinez
    Ofelia Martinez Month ago

    I love liza and i dont care about what anyone says 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Belle Âme
    Belle Âme Month ago

    Ok, Rhett/Link and Liza are funny but they are two completely different types of comedians. They don’t really have a “chemistry” and was fairly awkward to watch.

  • Maribu Moon
    Maribu Moon Month ago

    Dirty joke 7:36


  • Spooky and Cream cheese the cats Catytude


  • Spooky and Cream cheese the cats Catytude

    2:32 uh uh uh BURNT LATEX GLOVE *BURPS* 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  • Spooky and Cream cheese the cats Catytude


  • Preston Pendergraff

    When they were doing the tennis balls towards the end Liza said "I like brown balls" 😂😂😂

  • Sam C
    Sam C 2 months ago

    For a second i wasnt thinking and went "BURNT HAMPSTERS"

  • Bethany Brady
    Bethany Brady 2 months ago

    PrEgNaNt SaLmOn
    Rhett 2018

  • Emma Saeyang
    Emma Saeyang 2 months ago +6

    I think Rhett and link got a little annoyed with liza😂

  • Bryden Dog
    Bryden Dog 2 months ago

    *PrEgNaNt sAlMon!*

  • Ninja Milk
    Ninja Milk 2 months ago

    Pleasure center of my brain

  • Ninja Milk
    Ninja Milk 2 months ago

    Panty liner

    FAKYOUH BISHH 2 months ago

    Liza Koshy is funny asf

  • Shambles
    Shambles 2 months ago

    Just did a resub and found a video with this...
    Guess il see you later

  • Matthew Wolfhouse
    Matthew Wolfhouse 2 months ago

    Wow she sounded Soo desperate and cringy

  • John Exzequiel Melchor
    John Exzequiel Melchor 2 months ago

    I love Liza 😍 She's Hilarious 😂🤣 "Uncooked Tilapia" 😂🤣 Keep Burping

  • Shimon Alankri
    Shimon Alankri 2 months ago

    So i see all the comments about how great liza is and how everyone hates her on the comments, but an hour long scroll down and i see no hate comments. Gmm deleting comments or am i missing something?

  • Fredrina
    Fredrina 2 months ago +1

    When Liza smelt the clam I died of laughter.

  • Vanessa How
    Vanessa How 2 months ago

    liza koshy is sooo sweet and cute

  • Spacy Pickle
    Spacy Pickle 2 months ago

    “I love brown balls”

  • Jacqui Lippey
    Jacqui Lippey 2 months ago

    Pee and cake : )

  • Nova Collins
    Nova Collins 2 months ago

    My favorite people came together yessss 💙

  • Sisco 13
    Sisco 13 2 months ago

    links face at 12:20 says it all. feeling ya

  • Ricki 713
    Ricki 713 2 months ago +1

    Liza is there 😍😍😍

  • Dominic's Curiosity
    Dominic's Curiosity 2 months ago +1

    I can’t believe they built that big tank just for this

  • Andy R
    Andy R 2 months ago

    “Is it the back of my britches?”

  • Sana Sama-An
    Sana Sama-An 2 months ago

    Didn't Liza do the what's in my bag challenge this day?

  • alexis bowden
    alexis bowden 2 months ago

    OMG when I saw Liza I screamed, I love her so much

  • kayla jules
    kayla jules 3 months ago

    Liza made a she’s the man reference lol 🧀💁🏽‍♀️

  • Jason Mamaat
    Jason Mamaat 3 months ago

    “I love brown balls” Liza Koshy - 2018

  • Mercedes s 600
    Mercedes s 600 3 months ago

    That lady in the middle was to talked to much

  • Zoey Ocean
    Zoey Ocean 3 months ago

    I love LIZA. not creepy or WEIRD😅😋😝😜

  • Jojo Jojo
    Jojo Jojo 3 months ago

    We needed some Liza content

  • Ryan Ryan
    Ryan Ryan 3 months ago

    Hi Rhett and link

  • Ryan Ryan
    Ryan Ryan 3 months ago

    Hi guys I love Liza and you made me so happy 2 of my favorite TVcliprs are together it is so cool thanks for doing this link and rhett

  • Helen Schuler
    Helen Schuler 3 months ago

    Ahhh I love Liza sovmuch

  • Judy Osborne
    Judy Osborne 3 months ago

    That was just NASTY! OMG! Do not LICK things , you are not a dog!

  • John Cluphf
    John Cluphf 3 months ago

    When Liza jumped when Rhett said POP ROCKS! I was laughing lol

  • Reyna’s Studio
    Reyna’s Studio 3 months ago

    Burnt condom 😂😂

    BUN BUN 3 months ago

    Poor hamsters in that tiny box that is not good for a poor little hamster and you guys are so rude to do this 3:06

  • averie :D
    averie :D 3 months ago

    liza is so cute i dunno how to handle this help

  • armenianply
    armenianply 3 months ago

    Is it safe to sniff paint like that in an enclosed space lol.

  • Jfkdeb Avery Kennedy
    Jfkdeb Avery Kennedy 3 months ago

    Go to 4:50 and watch the hamstet

  • Nashik Mohanlal
    Nashik Mohanlal 3 months ago

    Please do a video with David Dobrik as well!

  • Zuriel
    Zuriel 3 months ago

    Blue cheese and Blue eyes white dragon

  • Hash BrownYT
    Hash BrownYT 3 months ago

    This episode was very _punny_

  • Lauren Swearingen
    Lauren Swearingen 3 months ago

    Liza farted and link was just over it

  • Ifyourreadingthisyourgaynow Lol

    The urine one went to far in sorry I love their show ❤️ 🤮

  • 23 Suga Kookies
    23 Suga Kookies 3 months ago

    "Do not lick it"
    Liza proceeds to lick it
    "Did you lick it?"

  • ZBRUH27
    ZBRUH27 3 months ago

    Isn't bleu cheese spelled bleu?

  • armenianply
    armenianply 3 months ago

    Is Liza single?

  • Jarrid Breding
    Jarrid Breding 3 months ago

    Damn Liza is beautiful af

  • Uncle Dan
    Uncle Dan 3 months ago


  • Ashik Dev
    Ashik Dev 3 months ago

    malayalee everywhere!!

  • Jillian Webster
    Jillian Webster 3 months ago +1

    Collab with Liza Koshy! I think heck yeah! ❤

  • Lauren Swearingen
    Lauren Swearingen 3 months ago

    9:13 SOMEONE TOOTED LOL then everyone thought it was poop 😂😂 link said “you know what I’m not gonna help you”