The Undisputed Journey | Josiah Williams

  • Published on Jul 2, 2019
  • Shortly after arriving at the WWE Performance Center, Josiah Williams made his NXT TakeOver debut in Bridgeport, Conn. Go behind the scenes by watching his reaction to the news, following his journey to the main event, hearing comments from Triple H and Adam Cole, and more.
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Comments • 311

  • Manuel Ortiz
    Manuel Ortiz 3 days ago

    They need to put him on Adam’s Cole’s official undisputed era’s entrance!

  • Shrimp3r JR
    Shrimp3r JR 9 days ago

    I popped massive when Josiah came out at Takeover

  • Stu Ghira
    Stu Ghira 11 days ago

    Man idk if the end was a reshoot but he's getting it, he's right there gonna be a dangerous mouth piece in the business

    BULLETCLUB 72 11 days ago

    At 6:43 you can actually see Adam Cole and Johnny gargano talking nice to each other, you dont see that one TV now do ya😏😏😏

  • Eldren Buising
    Eldren Buising 19 days ago

    GODBLESS YOU JOSIAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Warren Garver
    Warren Garver 22 days ago

    Reddit thread during Takeover: "You can tell how upset Adam Cole is that he has to do this durrrrr"
    Adam Cole in this video: *Grinning like an absolute fool over how excited he is this is happening*

  • Indigo Uchiha
    Indigo Uchiha Month ago +1

    Much respect

  • Bernard Lim
    Bernard Lim Month ago

    Hoping to see this at a Wrestlemania one day.

  • Adrian Tomasu
    Adrian Tomasu Month ago

    the man is really out here living his life

  • NINA
    NINA Month ago

    love your channel hun ! Hope you come check out my music sometime

  • Jessica Goodman
    Jessica Goodman Month ago

    Why am I crying!!! I was so excited for you!

    DL BAYNE Month ago +3

    It’s a Beautiful thing to see someone accomplish their dreams.

  • RealTakerslady
    RealTakerslady Month ago

    Amazing!!!! Great job!!!

  • Mo Esquire
    Mo Esquire 2 months ago +2

    WWE better put this guy on the payroll, or AEW is gonna snatch him up quick.

  • manny viewz
    manny viewz 2 months ago

    Aye, that’s what’s up man!

  • Matt & Penni Warner
    Matt & Penni Warner 2 months ago +1

    And then on main roster he gonna get pushed to the side ;)

  • theVPshow
    theVPshow 2 months ago

    I’ve been a fan of Josiah since the first ever Wrestle and Flow and I freaked out when he rapped Adam Cole to the ring! So happy for him!

  • Spiked Warrior
    Spiked Warrior 2 months ago

    I'm proud to say that I was a day one supporter of Wrestle and Flow.

  • ohmikey7
    ohmikey7 2 months ago

    Anyone know the music at 2:40? Thank you

  • nemesisxyz
    nemesisxyz 2 months ago +1

    This was awesome... No, no, no, no, this was Undisputed!!!

  • A Drit
    A Drit 2 months ago

    Great story, Josiah was amazing at takeover

  • Joepai Llanes
    Joepai Llanes 2 months ago

    Next stop is Wrestlemania!

  • Pierre Camalon
    Pierre Camalon 2 months ago

    Josiah Williams made Adam Cole’s entrance look dope, this is so good. And Adam Cole is definitely going to main event WM37

  • Pierre Camalon
    Pierre Camalon 2 months ago

    Everytime I watch this video I’m about to cry. I’m so happy he could realize his dream, he deserves it he’s very talented

  • tonoslim
    tonoslim 2 months ago

    I'd mark out too if I could perform at WWE!!!

  • justin pigg
    justin pigg 2 months ago

    Suck !t aew

  • Frankie Gonzales
    Frankie Gonzales 2 months ago

    Did the undisputed era break up

    • Dave Tugwell
      Dave Tugwell 2 months ago

      uh no do you even watch nxt you would know

  • Andreas Skoglund
    Andreas Skoglund 2 months ago

    Amazing video! Extremely heartwarming to see :)

  • Charlie James
    Charlie James 2 months ago +1

    Had seen the ppv and to see Josiah Williams put his lyrics in the Undisputed Eras Adam Cole entrance was epic...

  • Cesar Estrada
    Cesar Estrada 2 months ago

    Happy Birthday Adam Cole

  • wanderlustwarrior
    wanderlustwarrior 2 months ago

    Still happy for Josiah. Keep going!

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake 2 months ago

    Hes brother lio rush :0

    • Dave Tugwell
      Dave Tugwell 2 months ago

      cause hes black right seriously dont be that guy

  • J Mugen
    J Mugen 2 months ago

    Lmao he pulled a Kevin Garnett

  • Hector M
    Hector M 2 months ago

    & he PEAKED! Hopefully his original music gets better.

  • The UndisputedQueso
    The UndisputedQueso 2 months ago +8

    Adam felt cooler with josiah walking him out..thats dope..good for josiah he earned every bit of that night.

    MARKOUT TV 2 months ago

    This channel is incredible

  • VideoGameStupid LC
    VideoGameStupid LC 2 months ago

    6:52 "Part of the system"?! Oh god! Please don't tell me Josiah will be jobbing out to Wale in 3 months time now...

  • TheRed Raven
    TheRed Raven 2 months ago

    I Like No Name Tim better no offense . and congrats to Adam Cole on been NXT champion

  • Jibzy Luigi
    Jibzy Luigi 2 months ago

    4:13 Who is she?

  • Eduardo Garcia
    Eduardo Garcia 2 months ago

    That rapper sucked

  • Reginald Williams
    Reginald Williams 2 months ago

    This is great
    No this is Undisputed

  • JUSTIN Moonwolf Black
    JUSTIN Moonwolf Black 2 months ago

    Josiah Williams did awesome shock the system my book

  • Khamaurion Atkins
    Khamaurion Atkins 2 months ago

    Yeah Josiah I’m also from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Lincoln Jacdonmi
    Lincoln Jacdonmi 2 months ago


  • Metazo
    Metazo 2 months ago +35

    Never heard of Josiah. So you can imagine my reaction when I hear the undisputed era music hits and some dude is droppin bars to the music.
    My first response was "Who is this guy and why has NOBODY TOLD ME ABOUT HIM?!"

  • Damien TV
    Damien TV 2 months ago +1

    He’s finna be the next John cena

  • Eric JR.
    Eric JR. 2 months ago +2

    I wish they could’ve got him to do the shields intro 😭

  • stevendchu
    stevendchu 2 months ago

    I need UE to never break up so I can hear this rap + fireworks for the BOOM at Wrestlemania, BAYBAY

    • Slapchuck Mason
      Slapchuck Mason 2 months ago

      If you know the history of Cole and O'Reilly, you'd know they're destined to fight forever.

  • Austin Keller
    Austin Keller 2 months ago

    Freaking incredible man. I first saw this guy at this big youth gathering in Houston where he got an arena full of kids to do a “Too Sweet,” and as a fellow Milwaukeean it’s great to see him get so far

  • Gx2 Entertainment
    Gx2 Entertainment 2 months ago

    Why didn’t I enjoy anything from nxt25? I legit am a fan of Cole, Gargano, and Josiah’s raps. But it didn’t fit a heel Adam Cole to be rapped out to the ring. And the match between Gargano and Cole has absolutely 0 selling in it.

  • Micheal Uzowuru
    Micheal Uzowuru 2 months ago

    I ....... I think I’m crying why

  • Jesse Bennett
    Jesse Bennett 2 months ago


  • Daniel Palomares
    Daniel Palomares 2 months ago +1

    I hope we get more of him, maybe someone gets a track with him that we get to hear every week.

  • The Fiend Bray Wyatt
    The Fiend Bray Wyatt 2 months ago +18

    Cedric Alexander + Lio Rush = Josiah Williams

  • ekj313
    ekj313 2 months ago

    He killed it

  • TheRealMm
    TheRealMm 2 months ago

    Ive seen all those wrestle and flow vids all fire

  • Timothy Crosby
    Timothy Crosby 2 months ago

    That's so cool!

  • Black Zona
    Black Zona 2 months ago

    This was lit, shit was fire and he can spit 🔥🔥🔥

  • HungryHustle Killakongg
    HungryHustle Killakongg 2 months ago +1

    Dude don’t make me cry