Red Eye - Movie Review

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
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    Chris Stuckmann reviews Red Eye, starring Rachel McAdams, Cillian Murphy, Brian Cox, Jayma Mays. Directed by Wes Craven.
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  • Arthur&BusterBFFL
    Arthur&BusterBFFL 6 days ago

    If you watch this movie with the audio commentary you understand a little bit of why the villain is doing this terrible thing.

  • Victor Trede
    Victor Trede 6 days ago

    How about a review of They Live?

  • Gidean Gallon
    Gidean Gallon 8 days ago

    Cillian is a god in Peaky Blinders

  • Juli-Anna Dobson
    Juli-Anna Dobson 11 days ago

    I’m already 2/3 of the way done with I search of darkness and it’s awesome

  • Remy N.
    Remy N. 12 days ago

    I enjoyed this movie, but I didn't think it was a horror so much as it was an action or suspense movie.

  • Alejandro Chang
    Alejandro Chang 12 days ago

    I am pretty much on the same page on this movie as Chris. Yeah, the plan of Cillian Murphy's character is freaking ridiculous and overly complicated, even though the writers do try to give some reason as to why it is so. However, this is one of those movies where a ludicrous plot is saved by the great acting and chemistry between the two leads. Rachel McAdams is great on the role and I can't think who could have fit that character better. Murphy manages to juggle being charming on the first third and then being menacing and manipulative for the rest of the movie. The only part I disagree with Chirs is the small "comedic" moments he has an issue with. I think it adds to the movie's personality and also, I think Craven was trying to slip in a satire about how crappy air travel has become in this thriller/horror movie.

  • Andrea Smeelie
    Andrea Smeelie 13 days ago

    I am not a horror movie fan at all yet I admit as I've gotten older I've come to like thriller movies and intense films just not horror. Well, I was twelve when I saw this movie in theaters with my friends and my Mom and one of my friends' Moms. I was at an age where I was trying to get into those types of films but felt absolutely petrified of them as well. I, of course, remember getting afraid of Red Eye and at one point I had to go to the bathroom and so my Mom and I went to the bathroom and I purposely wanted to stay away from the movie longer yet my Mom whom is a huge lifetime movie fan really wanted to see what would happen so we went back in and thankfully I survived through it. Lol, now that I'm way older I now wonder what I was so afraid of and am used to those types of movies by now. Yet, I was just getting into them at the time so I can't really blame myself, I suppose. Lol

  • Home O'Lone
    Home O'Lone 14 days ago

    I've been saving my tickets since as far back as 2004!! NO WAY. I don't really know a good way to preserve them though. Some are so faded you can barely make out the movie title.

  • James Esparza
    James Esparza 14 days ago

    my mom really liked this movie.

  • Rick Carr
    Rick Carr 15 days ago +1

    Rachel McAdams is hot af in this movie, well in all of them, I do remember seeing this in theaters. I enjoyed it, it didn't get good reviews but its a got a good plot

  • IanNguyenDo
    IanNguyenDo 15 days ago

    I remember watching this. Only got halfway through before I went to sleep. Might give a full viewing,

  • Bobby Wilson
    Bobby Wilson 15 days ago

    oooo your delivery.....o god that guys donna do something....Shit.

    KEE WATSON 15 days ago

    Well done review! I definitely need to double-back to this one.

  • littlemj90
    littlemj90 15 days ago

    Really like this film. Annoys me so much that "favorites" is spelt wrong for me lol

  • UpshotMusicTV
    UpshotMusicTV 15 days ago

    Can you review the Scream franchise?

  • Master Bait Tour
    Master Bait Tour 16 days ago

    fuck i thought this was going to be a porn review.

  • Ty Sylicus
    Ty Sylicus 16 days ago

    This is an old favorite of mine! I even saw this in theatres with my wife.

  • Jobs mine
    Jobs mine 16 days ago

    loved this movie..

  • Rico's Budget
    Rico's Budget 17 days ago

    I saw it in the theater years ago. i meant i re watched it

  • Rico's Budget
    Rico's Budget 17 days ago

    hey Chris. can you review the speed racer movie. I just recently saw it and I liked it. just want to know your thoughts on it. Thanks

  • MadOcelotGod 81
    MadOcelotGod 81 17 days ago

    Red Eye is really good!

  • Mary King
    Mary King 17 days ago

    Just wanted to share my thoughts in regards to what you mentioned about one of the more "humorous" aspects in the film because something occurred to me. That guy on the plane who straightens up and implies he's checking Rachel's character out as she enters the plane actually could tie into her assault trauma that is hinted at and eventually vaguely talked about. You could see that moment with that guy eyeing her up as a way to implement an emotional trigger that relates to everything she's about to experience. The journey for her character is about her overcoming that past trauma and finding her inner strength and courage when faced with another situation where she feels assaulted, taken advantage of, and overpowered.
    Her character goes through a big journey in the film that you can easily track. At the start of the film before the second act on the plane she comes off, to me, as being a bit haunted by something and not fully in her power, just going through the motions in a way. It feels like she's being set up for something important (beyond being the one person who can make the assassination possible, that's only the surface level). This is a personal, emotional set-up that I think rewatching the movie you can feel coming. We get hints that something traumatic happened to her with her scar (what's haunting her) and you're left to assume it was probably an assault. She eventually explains this trauma and says she promised herself it would never happen again. Then she finds herself in another traumatic situation where she is essentially being assaulted in a different way and we get to see her handle this new situation with intelligence and courage, essentially putting her promise to herself to the test. This then leads to a feeling of catharsis for her character and for the viewer on her behalf by the end of the film as she has emerged from all of this stronger, more confident, and more in her power.
    So, with this in mind you could view that brief moment with the creepy horny guy on the plane as the subliminal indicator to her character and to the viewer that this is where the test for her character begins. This is also the subliminal indicator that she is about to enter a situation that echoes her past trauma. The silly moment with the creepy guy could spark feelings of being unsafe or preyed upon before she even gets into it with Cillian's character, setting her up for the real danger she wasn't aware was coming like an emotional foreshadow. It's a perfect emotional trigger moment; yes it's small and may come off as a bit comical but that happens in life all the time where our triggers aren't always something big and obviously threatening.
    So it's a small thing and may come off one way depending on your perspective but thinking about it now (and I've seen the movie several times and only just thought about it like this) it's a really interesting, important detail that is easily overlooked but is arguably there on purpose for more than just comedic purposes - I don't personally think Wes Craven is the kind of director to put something in just for the hell of it. Even that annoying, rude, over the top couple, while maybe feeling at odds with the vibe of the film, still serves a greater purpose. Hear me out...
    They also tie into Rachel's character's journey of empowerment as their aggressively selfish, entitled behavior is an assault on her as a professional and a person which she eventually confronts and puts down. Compare how she handles their absurdity at the start of the film being polite, accommodating, and almost excusing their behavior to how she handles it at the end when she tells them off. This again demonstrates that her character is in a new place of empowerment where she is not willing to allow things to just happen to her anymore, and it's cathartic - not only because we've been waiting for that couple to be put in their place - but because of how it relates to trauma victims and the people who either don't know or don't care about what someone else might have gone through (or is going through). Even with everything that just happened that couple insisted on it being all about them, and even with everything that just happened Rachel's character tried to put on a professional face and handle them with dignity until she had no reason to anymore and basically told them to eff themselves, because let's face it - they deserved it and she earned it. It shows the strength of people in crisis to still be able to deal with life and the assholes who make it unnecessarily hard, essentially lol
    Sorry this was so long but I started having lots of thoughts and wanted to share them. It's ok if you don't agree and I see where you're coming from as well, just wanted to share another perspective.

  • 與芬尼學英語 Finnie's Language Arts

    please review rosemary’s baby!!!

  • Rob Vespa
    Rob Vespa 17 days ago

    It's nice to see this underappreciated film get attention. Nice review.

  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly 17 days ago +1

    Great movie he such a psychopath.

  • raindrainxi
    raindrainxi 17 days ago

    3:41 That's because he's a Peaky fookin Blinder

  • DynomitePunch
    DynomitePunch 18 days ago

    "that shot of his blue eyes" yeah we call that the griffith stare in the anime fandom, scary as piss but damned if it aint beautiful in that, slightly unnerving, horrified way

  • marlonc56
    marlonc56 18 days ago

    Idk why but this is the third time in the past week that I have had to re subscribe to this channel. TVclip has really been bugging out for me lately. Anybody else noticing they've randomly been unsubscribed from channels?

  • 59ersfootball
    59ersfootball 18 days ago

    Will never forget the pen stabbing scene

  • Anthony Hudak
    Anthony Hudak 18 days ago

    Please cover Phantasm

  • Ross Sapp
    Ross Sapp 18 days ago

    I’ve actually seen this movie. It was very tense.

  • delta 14o6
    delta 14o6 18 days ago

    I've only seen this once a million years ago because I was on a Cillian Murphy binge, and yes, that shot of his crystal blue eyes was just mesmerizing. and definitely tense. i actually rewound that bit because I loved it so much :D

  • Cottonsocks434
    Cottonsocks434 18 days ago

    I remember seeing this when I was like... 13? The tense atmosphere made me feel like the pen was in my own damn throat lol

  • Joseph Murray
    Joseph Murray 19 days ago

    Man! Would love to purchase the documentary, but can’t pay 60 bucks for it. Just can’t pull myself to do it. Sounds awesome though!

  • The Ulimate Collecter
    The Ulimate Collecter 19 days ago

    Love your reviews

  • InnerRise
    InnerRise 19 days ago

    Always wanted to watch this but it's old now.

  • Alex Wright
    Alex Wright 19 days ago

    Ended up rewatching this.
    Think I first stumbled across it on Sky Movies in the late Noughties.
    Watching the late director's commentary now (on a rented DVD so a bit like I've gone back to 2005). And only only just twigged that Jackson is Thomas Shelby on Peaky Blinders.
    I enjoyed the arsehole hotel customer subplot myself. Wes Craven said that the irate lady at the hotel is a cameo by a network executive, Terry Press.

  • Alan Burke
    Alan Burke 19 days ago

    Rachel McAdams would be the perfect Lois Lane

  • Tiia Mannix
    Tiia Mannix 19 days ago

    I was never even unnerved watching this because Cillian Murphy and Rachel McAdams are both too attractive and turn my brain into mush

  • ShahS 1221
    ShahS 1221 19 days ago

    I remember the twist to this movie was so effective and gave me one of the best thrilling movies I've randomly watched!

  • Sincerely Defiant
    Sincerely Defiant 19 days ago

    This movie legit terrified me as a kid

  • Gun Runner
    Gun Runner 19 days ago

    In case anyone is curious "In search of darkness" is $60 .Must be made out of gold.

  • 3bood AE
    3bood AE 19 days ago

    I have always considered this movie as a horror thriller. The first two thirds is very much Hitchcock inspired while the final act is more akin to Scream and the Nightmare on Elmstreet films.

  • Ange Alexiel
    Ange Alexiel 19 days ago

    loved this movie, happy to see you review older movies sometimes, please check out red lights with Cillian , Weather, De Niro ect.. great thriller with paranormal vibes too

  • feras hdaib
    feras hdaib 19 days ago

    Red Eye one of my favorite movie, Cillian Murphy, Rachel McAdams, did amazing jobe and Cillian Murphy twist I didn't see it coming because I hade no idea what was the movie all about

  • David Mayberry
    David Mayberry 19 days ago

    The trailer hurt this film, it implied that Murphy's character was the devil, or something supernatural anyway.

  • Tonyiisme
    Tonyiisme 20 days ago

    Love this movie. I’ve seen this so much. I need to find the dvd.

  • Michaela Wagner
    Michaela Wagner 20 days ago

    I think I've only seen about 10 random minutes of this movie but I constantly think about it?? tbh I thought it was some kind of take on jack the ripper for years haha. cannot tell you why! Maybe someone was channel flipping and I mixed movies haha.

  • Kyle Reese
    Kyle Reese 20 days ago +1

    How dare you not give it an A.

  • Stephanie Smith
    Stephanie Smith 20 days ago

    Red Eye is absolutely one of my favorites. I totally agree its more of a horror thriller, it had me at the edge of my seat the whole time.

  • Joseph Kresl
    Joseph Kresl 20 days ago

    Chris have you seen Craven's "The People Under the Stairs"??

  • Miles Trombley
    Miles Trombley 20 days ago

    A horror movie disguised as a thriller.

  • Jasmine Lillis
    Jasmine Lillis 20 days ago

    Oh man I love this movie!

  • bkmustaciola
    bkmustaciola 20 days ago

    I have my Red Eye stub as well

  • Matías Infante Melloni

    8:12 sorry to say but, tom holland, you've aged like SHIT man...

  • Stuart Bagley
    Stuart Bagley 20 days ago

    I love this movie. Saw it at the theater as well. Nice brisk pace. Plus it’s got Brian Cox as the dad. He’s always great even when he’s just sitting around.

  • Brynn Stewart
    Brynn Stewart 20 days ago

    Again, it’s not Halloween, but can you talk about the filming and camerawork on Children of Men?

  • black panther
    black panther 20 days ago

    Chris please review the arrowverse seasons flash and arrow etc

  • Jim Duggan
    Jim Duggan 20 days ago

    This is a B+. Really solid thriller. Very fun movie.

  • longstarbobandy
    longstarbobandy 20 days ago

    I have kept my movie tickets since 2005 and also have this ticket also