8 Smart Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds

  • Published on May 2, 2018
  • Here are 8 great ways to reuse those old coffee grounds long after your cup of joe is gone. Never throw away used coffee grounds again!
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Comments • 220

  • Moriah Johns
    Moriah Johns Day ago

    I believe everyone on this planet has saved the container from the Chinese food joint that the Wong ton soup or sweet and sour sauce comes in 😂🤣

  • golden Fern
    golden Fern Month ago

    What if you don't drink coffee?

  • Miglė Paškevičiūtė

    i got some idea today, how to reuse coffee grounds.. and this video prove that it was good! thank you!

  • Becky T
    Becky T 4 months ago

    I like the smell of coffee but....That candle was rough looking. 😒

  • Ombré Rainbow Family
    Ombré Rainbow Family 7 months ago +1

    I have spent quite a while trying to find a natural way to remove the burnt stuff on my glass top stove. This is great to know!

  • 184natasha
    184natasha 7 months ago +3

    1:35 this trick also stops pet cats from using the area as a toilet, rather than going in their litter tray, so is very useful for indoor cats around house plants.
    Drinking coffee can also help with asthma, congestion, constipation, a hangover or headache, and it can be used in a pinch as hair dye to highlight brown or red hair.

  • Lillian The Dog
    Lillian The Dog 7 months ago

    Too bad I don’t like fancy coffee and also I don’t have a coffee machine at home I drink instant coffee and tea. But mainly tea.

  • GabV,s play down
    GabV,s play down 8 months ago

    How many coffee grounds he said

  • sodhiwurbv
    sodhiwurbv 8 months ago

    why am I watching this video I don't drink coffee at all

  • Rohan Healey
    Rohan Healey 9 months ago

    Your candle looks so beautiful

  • Kira Duncan
    Kira Duncan 9 months ago

    Do the same but for tea

  • ton321
    ton321 10 months ago


  • DsYkX Plays games
    DsYkX Plays games 10 months ago

    More like grounding

  • grumpyduck 322
    grumpyduck 322 10 months ago

    How *DARE* you use pikachu socks! I LOVE PIKACHU

  • GomiHiko
    GomiHiko 10 months ago

    please do not tell me you scrubbed a nonstick pan...

  • Patti DelMercado
    Patti DelMercado 10 months ago

    Too messy.

  • Fun Under Car Kids
    Fun Under Car Kids 10 months ago

    But I like the smell of garlic

  • Fun Under Car Kids
    Fun Under Car Kids 10 months ago

    But I like the smell of garlic

  • Killer Chicken
    Killer Chicken 11 months ago

    Just eat them xD

  • TheAnswerKey
    TheAnswerKey 11 months ago

    Employee: hi welcome to mcdonalds may i take your order?
    Person: yes can i get a bag of coffee grounds?
    E: uh sir we dont sell that?
    G: dont you like a bag of it though?
    E: yyyyyyyyes but why do you need it?

  • She Grabs Me By The Wiener

    Is that a camera lense coffee cup? I love it !

  • Martha Ramirez
    Martha Ramirez 11 months ago

    How about using eggshells in your flowerpots and garden

  • ChubbyPixel
    ChubbyPixel 11 months ago +1

    Please do more gardening hacks!

  • Michael delos santos
    Michael delos santos 11 months ago

    That candle looks deceiving

  • Sharon Poffinberger
    Sharon Poffinberger 11 months ago +1

    I cringed when he scrubbed his oven with coffee grounds. You need a mild abrasive otherwise you'll damage the surface. That also goes for the non stick pan he scrubbed.

  • SK8 Boy
    SK8 Boy 11 months ago


  • firebrethingdraggon2 draggons

    HEY SIR your videos are cool and really helpful cuz uh... im not really a good and creative man myself well i think but im a comidian BUT IM NOT TELLING WHO because im right now just playing at my friends birthday partys and stuff but thank you for makeing these other channels have those douchey voices but yours is weirdly relaxing!

  • Angelus Nielson
    Angelus Nielson Year ago

    Um.. protip. Fresh fish doesn't smell.

  • Leonard Greenpaw
    Leonard Greenpaw Year ago

    research I have seen recently suggests that you SHOULD NOT add coffee grounds to most plants. The caffine and acids WILL HURT most plants, Repeat, this seems to be a false belief. DO NOT ADD TO PLANTS

  • Yuan Sandoval
    Yuan Sandoval Year ago

    Pls do a video to how to grow a pineapplle

  • shyan357
    shyan357 Year ago

    I like them but I don’t use the hax

  • Kristen Sue
    Kristen Sue Year ago +1

    How do you get rid of asinine beetles

  • DotsV
    DotsV Year ago

    a whole cup of coconut oil? who do you think i am? bill gates?

  • Frontal Phineas
    Frontal Phineas Year ago

    I was in accumula town in pokemon when he put stuff in a pikachu sock and said accumulate

  • PandaGuy 2189
    PandaGuy 2189 Year ago

    Hey householdhacker, can you make a video on how to hide a console like a ps4 or Xbox because I want to not get my ps4 robbed again. Plz read this.

  • The camping channel
    The camping channel Year ago +3

    You should do camping life hacks! Like if you agreee

  • sooraj s
    sooraj s Year ago


  • Angry Annie
    Angry Annie Year ago

    I been doing these things for years.

  • Balarami REDDY
    Balarami REDDY Year ago

    King of random sent me

  • The Gameness of the Smartness

    Can u make some hacks about having a cold because I have one now and it would be nice if u can do one

  • Alida Boettcher
    Alida Boettcher Year ago

    Do not use for dishes. It damages the flowing of water and make the drain to block.

  • Fujimura Koyo
    Fujimura Koyo Year ago

    Pouring coffee grounds on and under plants

    In mind: hmm pouring plant bones on their brothers hair and butts.... NICE !

  • Anne S
    Anne S Year ago

    Is there any way to reuse popsicle sticks? like candle wick?

  • Rainey Days
    Rainey Days Year ago

    Clean the bottom of the pan too!

  • Rinara Collins
    Rinara Collins Year ago +19

    My grandpa was a wood worker and would carve a lot. He would take the shavings and saw dust and mix it with coffee, cinnamon and water. Then he would cook it for a while until it was like steeped tea. Then he would add a drop of two of dish soap and use it to blow bubbles of wood stain onto his work. It made a really cool effect.

  • Fortnite Gaming
    Fortnite Gaming Year ago

    Your videos and life hacks really help me

  • Shelby SugarBeans

    I need a video on how to get smoke smell out of the house and how to clean tobacco stained walls and lamp shades. Can you make a candle to get smoke smell out of the house?

  • Elizabeth Ann
    Elizabeth Ann Year ago

    We have one of those compost tumblers and the handle rusted and fell off...

    • Household Hacker
      Household Hacker  Year ago

      They do take a beating, but are pretty resilient. You can order parts online though.

  • Joan Tutino
    Joan Tutino Year ago +1

    My mother put coffee grounds on her hydrangeas to help them bloom. It worked.

  • Indianafirefighter

    I just got banned at McDonald’s asking them for there used coffee grounds

  • SilentReflection101
    SilentReflection101 Year ago +1

    the grounds as a scrubbing agent is something I needed to know. this is why I'm subscribed to this channel.

  • MeowingInsanely
    MeowingInsanely Year ago

    How are you washing your hands with your sleeves near them

  • Oshe Shango
    Oshe Shango Year ago

    No, Starbucks will just call the cops on me and kick me out for not buying anything if I asked for coffee grounds.

  • B_Taylor-007
    B_Taylor-007 Year ago

    Who else is drinking coffee while watching?

  • daniel stacey
    daniel stacey Year ago

    how to make your hands smell of coffee

  • russell28533
    russell28533 Year ago

    I used to be really into recreating movie props. I used old coffee grounds to "age" paper. Make my map, telegram or whatever, then place it on a baking dish and cover the whole thing with used wet coffee grounds. In about a day, you get a much more stained / aged look.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Year ago

    I looooove my BODUMs ..... !! :-)

  • B. Zoltán
    B. Zoltán Year ago +1

    I hate the smell of coffee

  • WingofTech
    WingofTech Year ago

    I thought that said "5 Ways to Refuse Coffee Grounds"...

  • Agilebobcat73
    Agilebobcat73 Year ago

    Also tim hortons has massive 5gal. Buckets that they put coffe grinds and filters in. They have at least 3 sitting around if you go in and ask

  • fearsome 123
    fearsome 123 Year ago +3

    Why would anyone dislike this vid it is so cool

  • Teresa White
    Teresa White Year ago +35

    I use used coffee grounds instead of salt and sand on slippery spots on my driveway and porch steps.

  • ☆moonbeam☆
    ☆moonbeam☆ Year ago

    i swear half of this is like a parody lmao

  • Abhishman 3D
    Abhishman 3D Year ago

    I’ll use mine to make another cup of coffee

  • ElangGentan
    ElangGentan Year ago +1

    If coffee grounds can protect plants
    Can it protect human?

  • mjstory1976
    mjstory1976 Year ago

    I am a coffee drinker. Thanks for the tips

  • coolbeans
    coolbeans Year ago

    Another great way to reuse coffee grounds is by keeping them in a bag, after drying them out in the sun for a while, and looking back at them. With this great use, you can look at what you've drinken over the past week, or month, and think "Why have I done this?" While crying sadly, and pondering on why your life has gone down the drain.

  • Dwight K. Schrute

    I have an even better idea. Avoid a liver failure and cut down on the coffee.

  • eri
    eri Year ago

    Where I live it's actually illegal to have a compost bin because some dumbass was THAT pissed over someone's smelly compost...

  • Karin Cervantes
    Karin Cervantes Year ago +1

    Thanks so much! Very useful!

  • ThornHeartRed
    ThornHeartRed Year ago

    Used coffee grounds are also good to keep away spiders. Sprinkle some on your window seal between the glass and the screens to keep them from making nests.

  • virgen virgen
    virgen virgen Year ago


  • Birute00
    Birute00 Year ago +1

    I love seeing that you are using that awesome lens tumbler!

  • PugK9unit
    PugK9unit Year ago

    How long do you think the coffee grounds will stay good if you kept them dry in a mason jar? Do you guys think it will mold after a couple days?

    • Alida Boettcher
      Alida Boettcher Year ago

      HouseholdHacker : throw on a tray on newspaper. Will dry quickly.

    • Household Hacker
      Household Hacker  Year ago

      They will mold within a couple of days if they’re still moist at all. If they’re dry, they should last much longer.

  • Gatt
    Gatt Year ago +2

    I don't even drink coffee, why am I watching this?

  • Khaisz
    Khaisz Year ago

    Need to start drinking coffee now just so I can clean my pans.

  • WolfBlood3900
    WolfBlood3900 Year ago +3

    I have a big jar of grounds and lemme tell ya it’s big! And this was really helpful! Also My house already smells like coffee LOL

  • Shuhan K
    Shuhan K Year ago

    How do u get rid of pethair from carpets and fabrics?

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee Year ago


  • Hector Muniz
    Hector Muniz Year ago

    where hell does he get these life hacks, I mean let me wash my hands with coffee and see what happens

  • Monstermushmush
    Monstermushmush Year ago

    I want a compost bin like that

  • Monstermushmush
    Monstermushmush Year ago +1

    I think McDonalds doesn't give out coffee grounds anymore.

  • MasterLuke24 Is Cool

    I thought it said “8 ways to refuse coffee grounds” 😂


    Will this affect the bees

  • beezel.
    beezel. Year ago +73

    Wash your hands, fertilize your plants, get rid of stink, reanimate your dead grandma. What can't ground coffee beans do?

    • StuffWithAimer
      StuffWithAimer 8 months ago

      It can’t fix a boat that has been sawed in half


    • beezel.
      beezel. 11 months ago +2

      Pipeeeh, not with that attitude.

    • Pipeeeh
      Pipeeeh 11 months ago +1

      be:zel they cant fix a broken marriage

    • J.J. Brown
      J.J. Brown Year ago +1

      well that depends on if you like the flavor of chocolate covered coffee beans :P

    • coolbeans
      coolbeans Year ago

      be:zel But can you make a cake?

  • Hunter Ziegelmann

    you can compost the grounds and get nitrates from them right? make gun powder from the nitrate? bet

  • Brian Ly
    Brian Ly Year ago

    Notification Squad where we at?

  • joed596
    joed596 Year ago +4

    I knew about the gardening tips, but interesting idea of making a coffee-scented candle :-) Thumbs up, Joe

    • joed596
      joed596 Year ago

      Sophie, I just used to dump them in my outdoor garden without drying them :-)

    • SophieMia806
      SophieMia806 Year ago

      joed596 ...For the garden, should the coffee grounds be freshly used, or dried like the video said at the beginning? Would they mold or mildew if they were not dries first, before using them in the garden or plants?

  • butterbeer the dog


  • legofan370
    legofan370 Year ago +3

    Ah yes, the giant compost bin that everyone has lying around outside.... lol

    • M Townsend
      M Townsend Year ago

      Diogo Ayres yup I’ve done that. Gotta remember to line it with plastic though, cause cardboard composts too! 😆

    • Diogo Ayres
      Diogo Ayres Year ago +1

      you can literally use a cardboard box as a "Compost bin", it just needs to be able to hold some organic things...

    • M Townsend
      M Townsend Year ago +1

      legofan370 Literally anyone with any plants can have a compost bin of any size. Don’t hate just cause the life hackers have a bigger garden than you

  • Victoria L
    Victoria L Year ago

    Are coffee grounds ok down the drain?

    • M Townsend
      M Townsend Year ago

      Victoria L no. No they are not. I’m pretty surprised that this channel suggests pouring grounds down the drain like that. It’s really damaging to the pipes and can cause clogs as well, so be careful!

  • x3mperformace
    x3mperformace Year ago +73

    NEVER put coffegrounds into the sink.
    It works like sandpaper in the pipes, and will make 'em leak.

    • Anonymous _
      Anonymous _ 10 months ago +7

      Are your pipes made of paper or jello

      GLITTER GIRLZ 090 Year ago +5

      x3mperformace ok 👌 thanks

    • oxology
      oxology Year ago +12

      Oh. I do this everyday... I guess i should stop

    • Johnathan Bahna
      Johnathan Bahna Year ago +10

      x3mperformace I’m surprised he didn’t realize this when telling us coffee was an abrasive

    • M Townsend
      M Townsend Year ago +7

      x3mperformace Thank you!!! I can’t believe I had to scroll down this far before someone else noticed this. Coffee grounds wreak havoc on plumbing.

  • Namikostar
    Namikostar Year ago

    I'm not gonna lie at first i misread the title as "8 smart ways to refuse coffee grounds" and wondered why people would refuse coffee........

  • Fabrizio
    Fabrizio Year ago +36

    If I ever saw a sock inside someone's fridge, I'd cut ties immediately.

  • Seth Johnson
    Seth Johnson Year ago +17

    Literally 5 minutes ago my mom used coffee grounds as an odor suppressant in the bottom of a trash can. Put it underneath the trash bag.

  • Jeff Roitero
    Jeff Roitero Year ago +82

    Dude, a cup of coconut oil? Gonna set me back $8. For that, I could buy some freakin' SOAP!

    • Shelia Wiley
      Shelia Wiley 27 days ago +1

      You can get coconut oil at Dollar tree

    • Lil lefinn
      Lil lefinn 11 months ago +1

      Ummm.. coconut oil cost around 3$ in my country. You can get a lot of it

    • LeGo KnIgHt
      LeGo KnIgHt Year ago

      Yo Jeff! He just said it will make your hands shiny! Only expensive soap does that, so do not complain or else youll get a cow's butt on the face.

    • Jeff Roitero
      Jeff Roitero Year ago

      Yuri, how much does a box of Brillo pads cost?

    • lil rock
      lil rock Year ago +1

      Jeff Roitero 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Patricia Burke
    Patricia Burke Year ago

    Coffee grounds are toxic to dogs, so, don’t put it in your garden if any dogs walk there!

    • M Townsend
      M Townsend Year ago

      Patricia Burke Unless your dog eats dirt by the pound, coffee grounds in the soil isn’t going to harm them.

  • Vesa
    Vesa Year ago

    Idk, but that candle seems like it could create a severe fire hazard if the candle wax-soaked coffee grounds catch on fire.

  • Dakota Cleveland
    Dakota Cleveland Year ago +50

    You have no idea how much it bothers me that you wash your hands without rolling up your sleeves

    • Hitomi
      Hitomi 8 months ago +2

      SophieMia806 someone piss in ur Cheerios holy shit

    • StuffWithAimer
      StuffWithAimer 8 months ago +3

      SophieMia806 r/iamverysmart

    • SophieMia806
      SophieMia806 Year ago +1

      Yours is already "Obnoxious Douchebag", so I guess you do know about alternate names already. But you apparently still don't know what punctuation is. Oh well. No worries for me. I have better things to occupy my mind and day than your lack of common grammar, and rudeness. And any further rude or insulting comments from you will only be met with laughter, if they're even read at all, because of their sheer idiocy. But then again, consider the source.

    • SophieMia806
      SophieMia806 Year ago +1

      mark acosta ...You have no idea how much it bothers me that you don't know what punctuation is, and that for some reason you're yelling to the OP.
      Also, you do know that a lot of people do not use their real names on TVclip, don't you? Perhaps that is the OP's real name, and perhaps not.

  • Nick criks
    Nick criks Year ago

    Wow! Love the hacks!