Tesla Model 3 Review: The BEST Car I’ve Ever Driven

  • Published on Jun 24, 2018
  • Tesla Model 3 Review: Best & most fun car I've ever driven! Model 3 is currently the most affordable Tesla. In the US it's the best-selling all-electric car & mid-size premium sedan.
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    I've been a huge #Tesla fan for a long time but the moment when my smartphone became my car key, that is when it all started to change for me and I truly realized how far ahead Tesla is, technologically speaking.
    The way it works is I can use the Tesla app to manage many different things on my #Model3 from anywhere - see its location, interior temperature, check if it's charging and how long it has left, view the battery range, turn on heat or AC, remotely unlock or lock the doors, open the frunk/trunk, honk the horn and flash the lights.
    As long as I have my smartphone with Bluetooth enabled, the Model 3 senses when I'm near the car and it will automatically unlock when I press to open the door, and it's ready to drive when I sit down.
    It's different than what people are used to but once you know how to do it, it feels completely natural and that's the risk and reward that Tesla took with this design.
    Windshield wipers can be set to Auto which will enable the wipers to automatically turn themselves on and off based on off it's raining or not.
    The Trip Planner is great because when you type in a destination that is more distance than your current battery range, it will show you which Superchargers you need to stop at and how long you need to charge in order to get to your destination without running out of battery.
    It allows music playback through Bluetooth from a smartphone but what I really love is that the Model 3 has built-in LTE connection along with music streaming via Slacker Radio which I find myself using more than Spotify Premium which I did not expect. But when you're playing music over Bluetooth from your smartphone it does display what you're playing on the touch screen and you're able to control the playback from the steering wheel and on-screen buttons in case you wondered about that.
    Besides the two stalks on either side that have typical controls like windshield wipers, brights, turn signals, parking button, cruise control and autopilot: the wheel itself has two scroll buttons that can be scrolled up or down, pressed left or right, and clicked in the middle. ... My hope is that Tesla can continue to push software updates that will enable more sophisticated voice controls because that's where many of our devices are moving towards and it would be great to say things like "set cruise control to 70 mph" or "open glovebox".
    Tesla claims this is still a BETA feature but if you're watching this you've probably already heard of Tesla Autopilot which, on certain roads, will automatically steer, accelerate, and brake as needed to stay within the lane at whatever speed you set. To enable Autopilot while driving, double tap down on the right stalk and if it's available it will pop a message saying to keep your hands on the wheel and be ready to take over at any time.
    On roads when Autopilot isn't available or when it's limited to a certain speed, I will enable normal cruise control with one tap down of the right stalk and it maintains that speed like any other car but if the car ahead slows down, the Model 3 will brake and speed up again to maintain that speed.
    Even though it's fun to enjoy the quick acceleration, there's sort of an ironic phenomenon that comes with owning a Tesla because I've found it to be a fun challenge to see if I can achieve better range efficiency than my previous drive.
    In the Model 3 if you need to come to a complete stop while driving like at a red light for example, all you have to do is press the brake pedal until the "Hold" icon appears and then you can take your foot off the brake and the car will stay stopped.
    When cruise control is enabled it keeps a steady speed even if you're going up or down a steep hill, there's no delay in acceleration compared to my old Pontiac.
    It's attractive while being fully electric with zero emissions, it's quick yet quiet, it's fast yet safe, it's compact yet comfortable, it's fun yet relaxing, it can travel over 300 miles on a single charge yet has a nationwide network of Supercharger stations for a quick charge when needed, and most of all: the Model 3 is the future, and it's here now.
    The Model 3 is like the flagship smartphone to the electric vehicle and autonomous car revolution, and once you experience it for yourself you may get a little sad and nostalgic for antiquated gasoline cars because they'll soon be forgotten in the rear view mirror of what is the #TeslaModel3
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    Tesla Model 3 Review: BEST Car I’ve Ever Driven
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  • Andy Slye
    Andy Slye  3 months ago +74

    Get FREE Supercharging credit when you order a Tesla with my referral link ➡️ geni.us/t3sla

    • The StarCrafters
      The StarCrafters 28 days ago

      Well you have to replace the battery pack every 10 years or so (they cost $10000) and prices in electricity are sure to ride in the next few years or so

    • Daniel Lantos
      Daniel Lantos Month ago

      I'll still buy a crapy 700$ car.56000$ you buy a proper Mercedes from 2014

    • k
      k Month ago

      What if u loose or the phone gets stolen then what

    • Mark Benford
      Mark Benford Month ago

      referral code is available to anyone who buys a car, but there's no benefit to using a referral code as a new customer, unless you're buying a Model S, X or the performance version of the Model 3.

    • Mark Baker
      Mark Baker Month ago

      +Bigg X +3times3time3...test y am fb think tank opps

  • Pal
    Pal 4 hours ago

    When i can i will definitely buy a Tesla car. Since i knew about Elon and Tesla, I was amazed by how fast the Model S and X is and how affordable the Model 3 is without options. Great review!

  • ThisTrainRunsOnKushNotCoal

    I NEED one

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  21 hour ago +1

      If you want to order one online you can use my referral link to get free Supercharging: geni.us/t3sla

  • Sweet Desire
    Sweet Desire Day ago

    in Germany using touch displays like a separate tablet or smartphone are prohibited XD

  • Cool Pant Cate
    Cool Pant Cate Day ago

    The rims are atrocious

  • Chase Vineland
    Chase Vineland Day ago

    Is an obligation that every Tesla owner have a TVclip channel? Mic drop.

  • sage
    sage 2 days ago

    as a waze user, you can't say losing the ability to see where the police are isn't a big deal

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  21 hour ago

      It's not that big of a deal to me

  • Moe Daniels
    Moe Daniels 2 days ago

    We are looking forward to your review of the Performance version. Best car ever?

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  21 hour ago

      If I had one I'd definitely review it! Right now I only plan to own this version.

  • Aaron Walker
    Aaron Walker 2 days ago

    How do insurance companies rate Tesla vehicles rates?

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  2 days ago +1

      Some insurance companies have much better rates than others. I wish Model 3 insurance was cheaper than it is since it is the safest vehicle ever tested by NHTSA with 5 stars in all categories. My insurance increased by $500/year when I got my Model 3.

  • Johannes Lauber
    Johannes Lauber 3 days ago

    Those seats are the most comfortable you have ever sit in? I had a lot of rental cars in the last years, but Tesla has the most uncomfortable seats I've ever sit in. It's too hard and no support of the lumbo area.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  3 days ago +2

      Yeah I love the seats. My wife loves them even more. Maybe we haven’t sat in enough luxury cars? 🤷‍♂️

  • VideoMediaTv
    VideoMediaTv 4 days ago +1

    Nice intro

  • Jenna Wilemon
    Jenna Wilemon 4 days ago

    She ugly tho.

  • CanisoGaming
    CanisoGaming 4 days ago

    what if u get your phone stolen ? the guy who steals it will also own your car XD

  • Du Nguyen Van
    Du Nguyen Van 5 days ago +1

    Very nice review. thank you.

  • photonron
    photonron 5 days ago +1

    Got my Model 3 a week ago, LOVE driving it, being older still trying to figure out all the options, when I picked it up just got the basics, thanks for showing me how to use the features! Would like to see a detailed one on the summon option. Thanks!

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  5 days ago

      Congrats! I have more Model 3 videos on the way 👍🏼

  • Riley S.
    Riley S. 6 days ago +1

    Gotta get that coffee and chocolate chip cookies from Please and Thank you. Clifton resident here! Cheers!

  • prankster gangster
    prankster gangster 6 days ago +1

    my dream car

  • Raidenway
    Raidenway 7 days ago

    looks like apple car

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 7 days ago

    If you are putting something in the boot and someone sneaks threw the front and gets in the driving seat and drives away because your close to the car

  • Si Wheeler
    Si Wheeler 8 days ago

    Is a good review but your limited experience in many other cars does show through. Just wondered about the cost of insurance with the uncertainty around Autopilot and the unfavourable media coverage - is it similar to petrol cars?

  • Si Wheeler
    Si Wheeler 8 days ago

    Haha auto wipers - that’s amazing - not. Old tech.

  • mad ass
    mad ass 8 days ago

    The front needs teeth.

  • Lou M LL
    Lou M LL 8 days ago

    It's just a Tablet on wheel.

  • rome denson
    rome denson 8 days ago

    love the videos BUT shoutout to you for listening to Vince Staples, probably the best part of the video

  • YegorCreative
    YegorCreative 8 days ago

    Wish to buy one

  • Dominik Sikiric
    Dominik Sikiric 8 days ago +2

    One of the best reviews ever...usually I skip long reviews at least few times during "boring" segments, but this time you didnt give me chance to fast forward anything...

  • Darko Djuric
    Darko Djuric 8 days ago

    Learn to drive!!! Left lane is for overtaking!!!

  • Michael Fletcher
    Michael Fletcher 9 days ago

    You hated driving... because you drove a Pontiac ... lol. 😉

    • Michael Fletcher
      Michael Fletcher 8 days ago

      Andy Slye I’m just kidding around. Tesla’s are super cool. Glad you love it. Nice video review.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  9 days ago +1

      Now I love driving...because I drive a Tesla 😉

  • Michael Fletcher
    Michael Fletcher 9 days ago

    I had to stop watching when you said Pontiac G6. I literally stopped the video to write this comment. Owning/driving a Pontiac G6 alone indicates such fundamental flaws in taste, character, intelligence... and so many other basic human qualities that I would be unable to trust anything you said about the Model 3. I’m happy you’ve corrected that shocking error in judgment by purchasing your new car but it will take years... maybe the rest of your life to live it down so anyone could trust your opinion about pretty much anything.
    I’m just messing with you. ; ) But a G6 is a hideous car... glad you got rid of it.

  • Gary
    Gary 10 days ago +1

    I want one

  • khasha12
    khasha12 10 days ago

    Really great review thank you! But please slow down when talking, it made it really difficult and annoying to listen to.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  10 days ago

      Change your playback speed to 0.75

  • avatartube7
    avatartube7 11 days ago

    Geez talk slower

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  11 days ago +1

      Try changing your playback speed to 0.75

  • 思远.
    思远. 11 days ago

    You speak too too too too too too fast.

    • 思远.
      思远. 3 days ago

      that's a good idea

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  11 days ago

      Change your playback speed to 0.75

  • Anwar Androiz
    Anwar Androiz 11 days ago +1

    Very well done man.

  • Dean Lute
    Dean Lute 12 days ago

    What a smooth overall review. I currently own a 14 Jeep Wrangler and a 2016 Corvette With a F1-x Procuarger, needless to say I have the two worst daily drivers you could ever own. I was leaning on getting a Tesla to take on that role. I own a Diesel Mechanic shop in Texas.... My customers will likely question my sanity.

  • Balde Aguirre
    Balde Aguirre 12 days ago

    Are you a Tesla employee?

    • Kradius
      Kradius 9 days ago

      Andy Slye ... Are you participating in the Elon referral program, where, among other possibilities, according to Ben Sullins, you earn a new Elonmobile for every so many referrals?
      Link, Benlon earns Elonmobiles: (TVclip) /watch?v=YFJMQ__Iyyo&t=1m43s

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  12 days ago


  • Yasith Prabuddhaka
    Yasith Prabuddhaka 12 days ago +1

    You made me love Tesla

  • Tariq Lacy
    Tariq Lacy 13 days ago

    Whoa you got some mad skills being able to drive backwards while flying a drone! No way I could do that. Kudos 18:28

  • Delhite
    Delhite 14 days ago

    I would like an option in the app where I can disable the feature of automatic unlock. I would rather add an extra feature in my app which uses my phone fingerprint sensor to unlock whenever i want. No, actually just add a fingerprint security for accessing the app.

  • jhorn188
    jhorn188 15 days ago

    Comparing a $56,000 tesla mainly to a G6 is like going from a 2012 $300 android phone to the latest $1100 Iphone and concluding the Iphone clearly is the future. If you compare the Tesla to other cars in it's class and price range you'll find it's different but with both pros and cons.
    Most cars in this price range ($56,000) have autopilot assist features, touch screen interfaces with OTA updates, apps as well as rear wiew cameras and excellent dead spot warnings. They might not have the speed/instant torque but instead you get much more luxury for this price. And as you said, the initial price is not offset by the lower running cost.
    I've driven a Tesla model S and would say it's a great car that pushes some technology forward but at the same time it also feels like a beta project in many ways, half finished and not as well put together as other cars in it's price range. The batteries are still so expensive that they have to save on other areas. Once the prices on batteries comes down though, I think other manufacturers will have similar or better electric options than Tesla.

    • Kradius
      Kradius 9 days ago

      jhorn188 ... What about the battery pollution? Should that come down?

  • Kristopher Jones
    Kristopher Jones 15 days ago +1

    Thanks for a great video, I have a white first production myself, and I know how awesome the car is. Happy electric motoring.

  • Charla Sander
    Charla Sander 15 days ago

    WAZE is owned by google FYI

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  15 days ago

      I know. They are still separate apps with different features.

  • Lance McGowan
    Lance McGowan 15 days ago +4

    Very well done and detailed, thank you!

  • JJ
    JJ 18 days ago +1

    18:22 wtf, you reversed it, cool!

  • fturla
    fturla 18 days ago

    Thanks for the video. We just got a Tesla Model 3 white colored one. We're still learning to use it at the moment.

  • alina heirloom
    alina heirloom 18 days ago

    I actually feel like the quietness would be less fun. I love the engine roar of my Charger

    • Kradius
      Kradius 9 days ago

      Andy Slye ... Have you noticed any dramatic Model 3 noise increase at speed?
      Link, Model 3 Owners Club, pillows & blankets & glued-on carpet don't reduce the noise: (remove space) model3ownersclub .com/threads/road-tire-noise.7069/

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  18 days ago

      I love the quietness. One of my favorite things about driving my Model 3.

  • Евгений В
    Евгений В 19 days ago

    Tesla model 3 is much more Huynday Solaris or Ford Focus than any BMW or Mercedes. Extremly cheap interior and exteriour.

    • Kradius
      Kradius 8 days ago

      Евгений В ... Exactly.
      (4:32) For instance, a Model 3 = Audi A4? ... Puhleeeze.
      And does the cheapness of the Model 3 stop at the interior? ... No one can really say either way at this point, I believe.
      Time will tell. Likely sooner than later.
      More importantly perhaps, from an environment perspective, it will take over five(5) years before a Model 3 Long Range starts to become greener than even an A4 Ultra ... forget about a Honda Civic.
      Five(5) years out, comparing with the A4 Ultra, at the US Federal rate of 15,000 mile per year of driving, the Model 3 Long Range battery warranty will have just over two(2) years left (8 years / 120k miles, whichever comes first) ... so, if a new Model 3 Long Range battery were needed at any point, a new five(5) year "green clock" (relative the A4 Ultra) would start again.
      Noteworthy to me that it takes about eight(8) years for a Model 3 Long Range to get as green as a Honda Civic ... which I would argue these days is every bit & more the car a Model 3 Long Range is, including power (zero speed torque vs. highway passing power: which matters more?).
      Here's the numbers, in case you were interested:
      175kg of CO2 / kWh Lithium batter production per a "meta-study" (see link below).
      Model 3 Long Range = ~75kWh x 175kg = 13.1 metric tons of CO2 to make battery
      Audi A4 Ultra CO2 / year = 0.344kg (Tailpipe + Upstream) x 15,000 miles = 5.2 metric tons of CO2 / year
      Model 3 Long Range (Chicago) CO2 / year = 0.180kg x 15,000 miles = 2.7 metric tons of CO2 / year
      A4 Ultra Delta = 5.2 - 2.7 = 2.5 metric tons / year
      Model 3 Long Range Green Relative A4 Ultra = 13.1 / 2.5 = 5.2 years (i.e. 78,000 miles)
      >> Link, Swedish meatballs Autovista Group meta-study: (remove space) autovistagroup .com/news-and-insights/swedish-study-calls-smaller-ev-batteries-finds-tesla-more-polluting-8-year-old
      >> Link, Audi A4 emissions [344g / mile]: (remove space) fueleconomy .gov/feg/Find.do?action=sbs&id=39327&#tab2
      >> Link, Honda Civic / Turbo: (remove space) fueleconomy .gov/feg/Find.do?action=sbs&id=39568
      >> Link, Long Range Model 3 emissions [180g / mile]: (remove space) fueleconomy .gov/feg/Find.do?zipCode=60603&year=2018&vehicleId=39836&action=bt3
      >> Link, Model 3 battery warranty: (remove space) tesla .com/support/vehicle-warranty-M3

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  19 days ago

      Test drive one and see if you still feel the same :)

  • Kamal Dhillon
    Kamal Dhillon 19 days ago +1

    Tesla epitomizes the future for automobile technology. Elon and the team have done a spectacular job ensuring that Tesla sets the precedent of proprietarily advanced technologies integrated into their vehicle offerings. Such a unique company, truly fulfilling their mission to preserve and nurture a sustainable planet by reducing carbon emissions!!! Great review, very extensive and detailed!!!

    • Kradius
      Kradius 8 days ago

      Kamal Dhillon ... Just curious as to how you determined that Elon & Friends are "truly fulfilling their mission to preserve and nurture a sustainable planet by reducing carbon emissions!!!"
      Now, the burden of proof is on the new tech, right?
      So the burden of proof is on the Elonmobilers to show that they are greener.
      Wake me when you have that proof.
      Zzzz ...

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  19 days ago +1

      Thanks for watching, Kamal!

  • geek
    geek 19 days ago +1

    Best Tesla M3 review so far!

  • Budloaf
    Budloaf 19 days ago +1

    Great review!! And great taste in music. Kendrick Lamar is awesome.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  19 days ago +1

      Thanks! Love me some K Dot.

  • item zon
    item zon 19 days ago +1

    Liking this Tesla more and more

  • Erkko Autio
    Erkko Autio 19 days ago +1

    Awesome review! I wish I had your delivery.

  • MoMonim
    MoMonim 19 days ago +1

    fantastic video

  • Krblkn
    Krblkn 19 days ago

    No money = no buy

  • Kichwas Selassie
    Kichwas Selassie 20 days ago

    Just ordered my model 3 yesterday. Any tips on setting up a home charger? Should I buy some fancy kit or just have an electrician put a 220v / washer/dryer plug in my garage?

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  20 days ago

      Congrats! www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/downloads/US/universalmobileconnector_nema_14-50.pdf

  • Nicolai Veldorm
    Nicolai Veldorm 21 day ago

    don't you get tired in your mouth??? DAMN you talk fast

  • Gabriel Leung
    Gabriel Leung 22 days ago +1

    The quality of this video is on point. Love the cinematography on this video. Can't believe I haven't forwarded once in a 21--minute video. You've hard-earned yourself a subscriber.

  • Joe F
    Joe F 22 days ago +1


  • Gene Tygielski
    Gene Tygielski 22 days ago

    Andy please take off the plastic hubcaps - I did mine before I even drove it home - the wheels below those hubcaps are super nice and Tesla sells center covers for you wheel hub - set of 2 only $15.00 makes the car look so much cooler. I've owned over 50 cars and by far this is the best thing I've ever had!

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  21 day ago

      Yeah I have the wheel cap kit and have taken the Aeros off before. But I prefer the Aeros. I actually love the way they look and enjoy the extra boost in range efficiency.

  • BANGMuayThai.com
    BANGMuayThai.com 22 days ago +1

    Best Video breakdown of the model 3! Thank you

    H4NDCRAFTED 22 days ago

    Why can’t millennials use ‘with that being said’ in the correct context ?

      H4NDCRAFTED 20 days ago

      Andy Slye fight the power! ;)

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  21 day ago +2

      Because, with that being said, we do what we want.

    D3S3RTCHAMP10N 22 days ago

    Does the screen allow for Android Auto or Apple Carplay?

  • Simon Thomas
    Simon Thomas 22 days ago

    Wait, did you say $1.48/100 miles. That's $0.0148/mile. My "efficient" slow boring Prius, gets 0.05/mile. Jeez. If depreciation and insurance costs are better, tire costs are similar, and maintenance is nil (electrics have less moving parts), this might be the lowest cost of ownership car in America (when its $35k).

  • Aman Dhadwal
    Aman Dhadwal 23 days ago +1

    This man can sell anything

  • Chicago Rideshare
    Chicago Rideshare 23 days ago

    Tesla loses $7000 on every model 3 they sell, be very careful buying this POS. If you want a car that the manufacturer has spares for get a Prius!

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  21 day ago +1

      No thanks, I'll keep my Model 3.

  • Lian T
    Lian T 23 days ago

    Why not use coloured solar panel on frunk and other parts of the car? That way you never run out of juice. Tesla should do it as soon as possible.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  23 days ago

      Technology isn’t there yet but it may be something that’s viable in the future. Would be fun to see it come to fruition.

  • Chicago Rideshare
    Chicago Rideshare 24 days ago +1

    Mucusrat is a con artist a lot of people will lose their savings or be stuck with real shitty cars sad!

  • Jesule
    Jesule 24 days ago +1

    Very good video. A lot of details. Congratulations

  • Jim Brunner
    Jim Brunner 25 days ago

    I am jealous!!! I LOVE Tesla, but as a retired veteran on a limited Social Security income, all I can do is dream. I wish you all the best in your Tesla ownership. I think you've made a very wise decision.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  24 days ago

      Thanks Jim, I hope you can get one someday.

  • Joe Larkin
    Joe Larkin 25 days ago

    Elon is the first alien/human hybrid. He's just the prototype. We'll be cruising the galaxies as soon
    as the others arrive.

  • barbacci5
    barbacci5 25 days ago +1

    Great analogy with flip phones to smartphone! It is the future, move over Gasoline!!

  • Ioan Jivan
    Ioan Jivan 25 days ago +1

    technologically advanced? others just chose not to do this lol

  • Aditya Mallik
    Aditya Mallik 26 days ago +1

    Awesome review

    • Aditya Mallik
      Aditya Mallik 25 days ago

      +Andy Slye I had a lot of fun watching it. Thanks for making it 😀

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  25 days ago

      Thanks for watching

  • Michael G. Roy
    Michael G. Roy 26 days ago

    Trying to decide between Model 3 or used Model S for the wife. We have a Leaf so we are used to having an electric car. My dad has an S which we love. Thoughts? I was concerned with the rumors of quality issues around the 3 but they sure look good.

    • Kradius
      Kradius 6 days ago

      ... MSRP 2019 Subaru Ascent = $32k? ... loaded up = ~$45k?
      What loaded up all-wheel-drive Elonmobile is "about the same price"?

    • Michael G. Roy
      Michael G. Roy 6 days ago

      I want to get her a car with all the bells and whistles. You banter is boring me. Good luck out there!
      Subaru Ascent
      The Subaru Ascent is a mid-size sport utility vehicle made by Subaru. The seven or eight-seat passenger SUV, with a design based on the Subaru VIZIV-7 concept, made its debut at the LA Auto Show on November 28, 2017. Available third quarter 2018.More at Wikipedia

    • Kradius
      Kradius 6 days ago

      Mr. Roy ... Your text followed by my responses -
      MR. ROY: _Sorry, I try not to be a smart ass but in truth what I drive is none of your business._
      RESPONSE: Then why did you mention you drive a Leaf in the opening of this thread?
      MR. ROY: _But in case you are truly trying to understand, I will explain. My wife loves driving an electric car. One of the things she likes the most is never going to a dirty gas station._
      RESPONSE: How "dirty" is the Elon battery making process?

      MR. ROY: _We have had zero mechanical issues besides new tires._
      RESPONSE: Then why doesn't the warranty also cover the mechanical parts for as long as the battery?

      MR. ROY: _It handles well in the snow and heats up fast. I love Polar Bears but don't believe in manmade global warming._
      RESPONSE: You state you are a Leaf owner. Is the Leaf manufacturer, Nissan, polar bear saving commercial maker, wrong about saving polar bears?
      If there were global climate change warming, wouldn't Elonmobiles "Accelerate the World to Environmental Destruction" with their "dirty" batteries?

      MR. ROY: _My dad's Tesla is the fastest thing I have ever driven - so f'en fast off the line that your brain hurts._
      RESPONSE: BEV's are one trick ponies when it comes to speed.
      Elonmobiles / battery electric vehicles have high torque at zero speed, that torque drops off significantly by 70mph, hence a comparable ICEmobile probably passes better on the highway.
      A Model S apparently can't even finish a lap at the Nürburgring -- the more or less world standard for speed -- the Model S can't even finish a Nürburgring lap at full power.

      MR. ROY: _Hence, now that I am out looking for a replacement, my choices in an all-wheel-drive SUV style car are Tesla, Lexus, Subaru, and a few others. They are all about the same price._
      RESPONSE: What all-wheel-drive Subaru is "about the same price" as what all-wheel-drive Elonmobile?

    • Michael G. Roy
      Michael G. Roy 6 days ago

      Sorry, I try not to be a smart ass but in truth what I drive is none of your business. But in case you are truly trying to understand, I will explain. My wife loves driving an electric car. One of the things she likes the most is never going to a dirty gas station. We have had zero mechanical issues besides new tires. It handles well in the snow and heats up fast. I love Polar Bears but don't believe in manmade global warming. My dad's Tesla is the fastest thing I have ever driven - so f'en fast off the line that your brain hurts. Hence, now that I am out looking for a replacement, my choices in an all-wheel-drive SUV style car are Tesla, Lexus, Subaru, and a few others. They are all about the same price. Why wouldn't I get my wife the Tesla?

    • Kradius
      Kradius 8 days ago

      Mr. Roy ... So what's the point of owning an electric vehicle?
      I thought Leaf / Elonmobile owner's were Leaf / Elonmobile owners because they thought they were saving polar bears?
      Link: (TVclip) /watch?v=y97j5hD1fG8&t=11s

  • mikesheen100
    mikesheen100 27 days ago

    Here is ur first real review pal A fucking frunk lol WTF is going on in ur head me and my wife are laughing at ur stupidity. Im surprised u didnt say brunk for the trunk in the back U sir are a fool. Listen to what u say also how can u not see that u r being totally brainwashed with a shiney new toy and allowing big brother government to track ur every move willingly. In essence ur are surrendering ur liberties ur privacy U sir are in fact giving dominion of urself to be ruled by corperations and government. U are NOT a leader nor are u a free thinker. U r exactly what the devils wants u to be A zombifibed consumer sheep. WAKE THE FUCK UP BUDDY. I know u wont but hey I tried.

    • Kradius
      Kradius 8 days ago

      mikesheen100 ... So all the pollution from the batteries doesn't factor in for you?
      Also: Doesn't the gummint know all those things and more already from your phone and from your Internet browsing?

  • Paul  Anderson
    Paul Anderson 27 days ago

    You talk to fast

  • C.J
    C.J 27 days ago

    yeah idiot, get rid of your keys. hope your battery doesn't die on your phone or hmmm lose your phone? or drop your phone or...........you pick. nothing but a fool.

    • C.J
      C.J 27 days ago

      when i heard you say you were going to toss your keys , i turn the video off.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  27 days ago +1

      Did you not pay attention to the video? The car comes with 2 keycards for when a phone isn’t present. I keep one keycard in my wallet at all times. But I’ve never had to use it because I take care of my phone and don’t let it die. It’s not that hard.

  • ShoresOfHelll
    ShoresOfHelll 28 days ago +1

    What's the camera and drone you are using for shooting this video. Picture quality is stunning.

  • daon scott
    daon scott 28 days ago

    I’ve got a 15 ram 1500 hemi 4x4. This will be my next vehicle.

  • terry bullock
    terry bullock 28 days ago +1

    I actually had little intention of watching the whole video, yet I did. Very nicely done.

  • Stefan Diaconu
    Stefan Diaconu 28 days ago

    In all honesty I'd pay 45 grand for the base model with the premium upgrade package and the advanced auto pilot package that's a great deal

  • The warrior
    The warrior 28 days ago


  • Lance Guilin
    Lance Guilin 29 days ago

    god damn millennial idiots. this ugly snowflake of a mobile is going to be so easily hackable in every which way. I can't wait to see all the ways this vehicle will be hacked and the tons of security flaws that'll eventually be discovered.

    • Kradius
      Kradius 8 days ago

      Lance ... So you're OK with all of the pollution from the batteries?

  • ThenewARguy
    ThenewARguy 29 days ago

    Andy, did you pre-order your Tesla Model 3 at the start? If you did, how much was the Per-Order deposit? was it $1000 or $2000? Thanks

    • ThenewARguy
      ThenewARguy 26 days ago

      Thank You for the reply. I also put down in March 2016, but it has been so long and don't have any record or receipt of the deposit. For some reason I thought it was $2000, oops. I'm going to wait a while for the $35000 version, lol.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  26 days ago

      I believe I put down $1,000 when I reserved it in March 2016 then another $2,500 deposit when I configured earlier this year.

  • African Princess
    African Princess 29 days ago

    Does it have a real radio or just streaming?

  • Kevin W. Clark
    Kevin W. Clark 29 days ago

    Ah that's not how depression works. The value of the car decreases because of the use and age. You can upgrade software all you want they also do it in the other car brands but it doesnt change the age of the car and the use of the car. Tesla is no different the value will also decrease especially when they release newer models with added standard features. You cant use software to improve the make of the batteries. Tesla is currently in trouble anyways. They are having trouble with the demand and meeting a standard quality in manufacturing. I would love to see it succeed but they also added on the production of other vehicles like the trucks and the roadster. The fully automation system they have in the factor isnt meeting their expectations and Elon is pulling all nighters to solve issues. He looks to be close to a breaking point. So if you find problems with your tesla this is the reason why. The company shouldn't have pushed plans forward with other vehicles until they solved the problems that already exist.

  • Kevin W. Clark
    Kevin W. Clark 29 days ago

    Most of the car companies do have apps for the cars now. I have a 2018 ford escape and can lock and unlock, turn on the engine and heating from my phone. They dont have the autopilot to the extent the model 3 has however.

  • crni_tekac
    crni_tekac Month ago

    so what happens if someone steals your phone and walks up to your tesla?

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  Month ago +1

      I’d probably try to run them over for stealing my phone.

  • Wheelie Blind
    Wheelie Blind Month ago

    When robots take your job what car will you ride in then, if any care at all?

  • Reuben Donvito
    Reuben Donvito Month ago +1

    7:10 Vegan leather seats? 😂😂

    • PixelLabsMinecraft
      PixelLabsMinecraft 29 days ago

      Yeah what's so funny? Vegan leather is leather not made from animal products

  • Two Eye
    Two Eye Month ago

    You're such a retard. "when my phone became my car key I realized how far ahead Tesla is". Dude this is nothing new, in fact my house does this.

  • EvolvedViking
    EvolvedViking Month ago

    vegan leather, Elon sure is thinking of the future (not from an "dont kill animals" POV, but from sustainability)

  • Ricky Stafford
    Ricky Stafford Month ago

    Even though clearly this car should hold its value better than its competitors, I doubt the value proposition of the car getting better through software updates is going to significantly affect the depreciation curve.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  26 days ago

      The software updates don't affect the depreciation value much but it gives me hope that this may be the last car I ever purchase or at least the last car I purchase for the next 10+ years.

  • Philip Chu
    Philip Chu Month ago

    Excellent review! I don't think there is any electric car in production that's the same league as Tesla. I hope Elon can pull through these difficulties that Tesla is facing right now. I've been drooling over the model X for a while now and it would be my next SUV after my 2010 RX350 dies.

  • Emad Van-
    Emad Van- Month ago +1

    Awesome video

  • Costel Rusu
    Costel Rusu Month ago

    looks sick, however, the screen feels obstructive. Even more, it was painful for me to watch you play on the screen while on the road, even if auto pilot was on. Maybe if they put it vertically and down a bit more.

    • Costel Rusu
      Costel Rusu Month ago

      i get and respect that. It just feels that way. Playing the screen while driving, is like playing the phone while driving. Your attention is not in the right place. Just my view anyway.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  Month ago

      I’ve driven my Model 3 over 11,000 miles and never had a safety issue with the screen distracting my driving.

  • DavyBaby
    DavyBaby Month ago +1

    This review was so well done.

  • MeAdrian
    MeAdrian Month ago +3

    This was a great review of the Model 3! Gives a good sense of what makes up of the car in a cool video. ❤️

  • Marc H
    Marc H Month ago +1

    It's been a long hard road - service and logistics nightmare! I have had my T3 for a few days now and I have to say that I absolutely LOVE this car. I have owned a lot of cars over the years, including high performance BMW's, but this absolutely takes the cake!
    It is a hoot to drive. It's fast, and comfortable! The handling is amazing!
    Let's see how it holds up? I hope that it is reliable?

    The only bad thing that I can say, is that the purchase experience was absolutely dismal! But, they car is absolutely worth the hassle! It is amazing!

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  Month ago

      Sorry to hear about the purchase/delivery hassle but it seems like you got your dream car out of it. Congrats!

  • Alex G
    Alex G Month ago +5

    I have seen countless amounts of Tesla Model 3 reviews online. This, is by far the most informative and eloquently delivered. Thank you!