Tributes pour in after Doris Day dies at 97

  • Published on May 14, 2019
  • The Hollywood mainstay died Monday at the age of 97 and is being remembered for her music and movies.
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  • Celine Johnston
    Celine Johnston 16 days ago +1

    Beautiful lady, so vivacious and my favourite actress.

  • garcia adrian
    garcia adrian 17 days ago

    I put some scene a Calamity Jane on Facebook go watch

  • Brenno Calderan
    Brenno Calderan 19 days ago +1

    We are losing legends.

  • okwuchi philomena
    okwuchi philomena 23 days ago

    RIP bae!!!

  • Lauren
    Lauren 25 days ago

    We Will Miss You, You Are Near Shirley Temple

  • soulfella1
    soulfella1 27 days ago

    in England in the early 1950s, when TV was not really around,and Film was the bright escape from reality, viewing Doris in "Lullaby of Broadway," even before my teens,She immediately lit up the screen,just had Star quality,and presence! Wish they would do what would have happened years ago, and show her first film, "Romance on the High Seas" [correct title?] AKA as " Its Magic" which She was.A few of Her Films are actually on tv now,but would like to see those I never did then.Having seen a program on Her actual reality,just a completely admirable person,on what She had to deal with in Her life.

  • Marcelo Hughes
    Marcelo Hughes 28 days ago

    A star like her never died.

  • Entity 808
    Entity 808 Month ago


  • Glory2 TheHighest
    Glory2 TheHighest Month ago

    Rip DorisDay🙏

  • Tony Anthony
    Tony Anthony Month ago +1

    Doris had one of the most beautiful voices ever put on records. I'm 73 now so that's around 65 years a fan and I was still buying her CD's up until recently. I preferred her earlier films with Warner's, like Calamity Jane and By The Light of The Silvery Moon. I still think Gordon MacRae was a better match for her than any of her later romantic comedy stars but those earlier films tend to be forgotten apart from Calamity Jane.

  • jarweed
    jarweed Month ago

    And just yesterday I found out I was related to her. Shocking.

  • Oisin Lally
    Oisin Lally Month ago

    I feel like an x I never asked out died! RIP DD!

  • Nicholas Janke
    Nicholas Janke Month ago

    que sera

  • sam7748
    sam7748 Month ago +2

    Who does not love Doris Day. RIP, you lovely lady.

  • Donna Brown
    Donna Brown Month ago +1

    How can anyone thumbs down this amazing lady

  • Bonnie Gates
    Bonnie Gates Month ago +1

    Doris Day was beautiful with a beautiful voice and smile. Wonderful spirit. 💐RIP

  • Breaking Toast
    Breaking Toast Month ago

    rip Doris

  • Franny Fran
    Franny Fran Month ago

    She will be missed

  • Todd
    Todd Month ago

    Was raised on Doris Day Rock Hudson movies! love them then, still love them.
    Pillow Talk, Lover Come Back, Send Me No Flowers...… That was when great films were made.
    To lose both Tim Conway and Doris Day within 24 hours is a total bitch.
    Two more greats lost but never forgotten!

  • Brenda Cochran
    Brenda Cochran Month ago

    My favorite actress of all times. Love her!

  • arnold oliver
    arnold oliver Month ago

    WHAT A DAME ! 😍

  • Linda Dobson
    Linda Dobson Month ago

    Rest in sleep until you are resurrected Doris.

  • Andrew Miani
    Andrew Miani Month ago +1

    will be missed........

  • Robert Harrison 2.0
    Robert Harrison 2.0 Month ago +1

    so long doris. r.i.p

  • Crystal Ball
    Crystal Ball Month ago +1

    RIP Doris. You were one hell of a gorgeous, talented and nice lady. Will never be forgotten. X

  • grace mclean
    grace mclean Month ago +1

    RIP Beautiful lady.

  • Maryanne Melenka
    Maryanne Melenka Month ago +3


  • kelly mckay
    kelly mckay Month ago +1

    One of the Greatest thank you Doris R.I.P Sunshine

  • Bill Hawes
    Bill Hawes Month ago +1

    Love her! What a star! She made her life count for something! Nobody like her now or ever again. RIP!

  • Thomas Outt
    Thomas Outt Month ago +1

    She gave her voice for singing & with that success, showed her audience that this voice was needed (and given) to & for our animal friends. RIP---and may all the aspects of Legacy in your life, continue to be remembered.

  • Marlene Bolte
    Marlene Bolte Month ago +1

    I loved her Movies. She was a great actress. RIP Doris

  • bobo brazil
    bobo brazil Month ago +1

    Many actors have said she was there favorite leading lady

  • bobo brazil
    bobo brazil Month ago +1

    Doris was a delight....a great vocalist and actress

  • Deborah Isaacs
    Deborah Isaacs Month ago +2

    I love you since I 1st saw you as a little girl, oh your pictures films and l love animals like you,,so take care of all the precious animals in heaven l will meet you .

  • Lynne Narez
    Lynne Narez Month ago +1

    Love you Doris yesterday, today, tomorrow and for eternity my kindred spirit.

  • Carol Walker
    Carol Walker Month ago +1

    I have watched and own many of her movies I have in my collection nearly everyone of her movies I even have her TV tapes, her voice was fantastic. She was my Idol. My favourite movie was Calamity Jane witch I have watched about 10 times especially when she sang " Secret Love " Bless you Miss Doris Day

  • Mary Torres
    Mary Torres Month ago +1

    loved Doris day & rock Hudson movies.

  • Virgil Green
    Virgil Green Month ago

    What a lovely, lovely person.

  • Adrian Larkins
    Adrian Larkins Month ago

    Goodbye Doris. God bless you. At least you will live on in our memories and on the screen.

  • Ava Daily
    Ava Daily Month ago

    RIP, I love her vioc​

  • Powergirl 76
    Powergirl 76 Month ago +2

    I loved this woman.So special!!Calamity Jane was my all time favorite and the man who knew to much😘

  • ImaDoozy ForReal
    ImaDoozy ForReal Month ago

    She was a snob!

  • Billy Joyner
    Billy Joyner Month ago +2

    Simply put. I cried.

  • Janice Brown
    Janice Brown Month ago +1

    Wonderful woman! Gonna Take A Sentimental Journey. 💎💎💎

  • Jo O Reilly
    Jo O Reilly Month ago +1

    OH PLZ Half of you weren't even born., If U want a true memory Use someone who actually cares & get's Doris.

  • [Slytherin] Snake
    [Slytherin] Snake Month ago +1

    R.I.P Doris Day,it's time for you to rest...

  • Chrissy B
    Chrissy B Month ago +1

    Doris Day ROCK IT and was a wicked chick

  • Linda Ross
    Linda Ross Month ago +3

    I’ll always love ,& I have the most respect for this lady,she will be missed, rip❤️

  • notes l
    notes l Month ago +1

    Que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be. 💔

  • Alyslesa Franks
    Alyslesa Franks Month ago

    Rest In Peace...

  • James Meza
    James Meza Month ago +1

    She was excellent in the movie "On moonlight Bay" and On The Night Of The Silvery Moon"
    She was perfect with Gordon MacRae in those. 2 1950's movies.
    And was also great as a singer in Les brown's band in the 1940's

  • Francis Mausley
    Francis Mausley Month ago +1

    Thank you for bringing Light into our life... "I testify, O my Lord, that Thou hast enjoined upon men to honor their guest, and he that hath ascended unto Thee hath verily reached Thee and attained Thy Presence. Deal with him then according to Thy grace and bounty! " ~ Baha'i Prayer

  • stacyblue1980
    stacyblue1980 Month ago +1

    We love you dear lady. You gave so much. And we hold you in our hearts. Thank you for everything and keep on shining on us. ♥♥♥

  • Ramona Ray
    Ramona Ray Month ago +1

    Oh weird yesterday afternoon I started to sing que sera sera and told my neighbor about her- and today I find out she passed -

  • bodeswell35
    bodeswell35 Month ago +1

    I'm a Brunettes guy, but Doris was an awesome package of pure talent.

  • josef mengele
    josef mengele Month ago

    It was a bull riding accident right?

  • Dennis White
    Dennis White Month ago +4

    A lovely and talented lady with no equal today. I've been lucky in my life, my wife has been mistaken for her for years!

    • bobo brazil
      bobo brazil Month ago

      Indeed YOU ARE A BLESSED MAN !!!

  • realcanadiangirl64
    realcanadiangirl64 Month ago +1

    I read her autobiography a few years ago. Doris Day was an amazing woman. I still listen to many of her songs

  • Ann Lyon
    Ann Lyon Month ago +1

    Good clean fun! She was outstanding as an actress and a singer. I loved her movies, especially with Rock Hudson!

  • Laurie Hutchins
    Laurie Hutchins Month ago +1

    I can't say enough. ..years of movie pleasures

  • kiki Dee
    kiki Dee Month ago +13

    Wow all the comments are so beautiful you have all made me cry. Not one bad word could be said about her I just hope when alive she realised how beautiful and precious she was to us all ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    • kiki Dee
      kiki Dee 26 days ago

      @Donna Brown she's was truly amazing ❤️

    • Donna Brown
      Donna Brown Month ago +1

      kiki Dee Her voice was the first female vocalist I fell in love with I could listen to Doris Day sing around the clock

  • kiki Dee
    kiki Dee Month ago +1

    Thankyou so much Doris Day for being such an important part of my childhood. Your beauty and grace was beyond compare. A true legend of our time. Thankyou for the music I hope you are wearing the crown you truly deserve ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • Relyn Shook
    Relyn Shook Month ago +2

    You forgot send me no flowers

  • 050619621
    050619621 Month ago +3

    RIP, RIP, Doris Day and thank you for the music, the acting and dancing

  • unknowntuber unknowntuber

    rip doris day it breaks my heart to hear how she hated the thought of death :(

  • jack mann
    jack mann Month ago +2

    You are now one of our Angels Miss Day! I know the heavens lit up when you came home! Boy we love you, but God love you best! RIP you beautiful lady!

  • Thefrog Man
    Thefrog Man Month ago +2

    Doris day was an incredible actress and will be dearly missed

  • Kendrah Whyte
    Kendrah Whyte Month ago +1


  • Ana Angela Curic
    Ana Angela Curic Month ago

    RIP Doris

  • Amber Agee
    Amber Agee Month ago

    RIP 💗

  • Teresa Jimenez
    Teresa Jimenez Month ago +1

    Rip, beautiful lady!! Amazing for her time!!

  • Edward Yamada
    Edward Yamada Month ago +1

    I heard she once did the Lakers starting lineup while in her late 50s. Her onscreen persona was completely different from real life.

  • Ben
    Ben Month ago +3


  • Religion WhistleBlower

    Here is another one left this world without knowing where she came from, why she was here and where she was going after here. Although she had been blessed with wealth and fame all over the world. That is why she had to suffer for so many years. No one can escape from the rules of our Creator.

  • Mike Noble
    Mike Noble Month ago +12

    I fell in love with Doris Day when I was 12. Still love her today. She is an exceptional talent. Listen to Doris or today’s divas? No contest.

  • Troy Lockhart
    Troy Lockhart Month ago +1

    Amazing woman. She will never be forgotten. Her legacy will live on.

  • Isabelle Lake
    Isabelle Lake Month ago +15

    I love you Doris 🌹✨💖 I'm so happy you existed 🌟

    • Ramon AlcalaVlogs
      Ramon AlcalaVlogs Month ago +4

      I enjoyed every movie, songs, guest appearances. One of a kind for sure. My favorite memory is around 1960. My mother took my brother and I driving around looking at stars homes hoping to see anyone. All of a sudden there you were walking a small dog. We both yelled “Hi Doris”. You waved and gave that gorgeous smile of yours. That memory has lasted all my life. From 13 to 71. Thank you for being so gracious. Such talent. R I P.
      A loving fan. FOREVER

      SUGAR XYLER ! Month ago +3

      🐺🐺🐺 So are the ANIMALS she saved

  • Roberta Cesar
    Roberta Cesar Month ago +13

    I send condolences to the family ,and I pray that you all be comforted by the Holy Spirit.

  • Rickey Barnes
    Rickey Barnes Month ago +2

    I will miss you Doris Day, what a wonderful human being, your movies and tv show will always be a joy to watch over and over, Rest In Peace.

  • Kenneth Howarth
    Kenneth Howarth Month ago +9

    Rip Doris ,loved you for 59 years and hope they keep up the great work with all the animals for you.

  • Boss Queen
    Boss Queen Month ago

    *subscribe to bossqueen and anotherbluntplease*

  • Nancy Deering
    Nancy Deering Month ago +1

    Will always love your movies and your beautiful voice. RIP.

  • Deborah Hardaway
    Deborah Hardaway Month ago +11

    R.I.P.Doris Day gave me the soundtrack to my life.Whatever will be will be.

    • Vivien Bentley
      Vivien Bentley Month ago

      I like her and I wish she was still alive I loved clamity Jane caused she made my day RIP Doris Day

  • Olivia  Balderston
    Olivia Balderston Month ago +7

    My all time favorite actress and singer. R.I.P.

  • Felix Rodriguez
    Felix Rodriguez Month ago +4

    Todays women are zero,compared to Doris Day.,

  • Felix Rodriguez
    Felix Rodriguez Month ago +5

    Todays actresses are zero,,compared to Doris Day.,i honor her.

  • poonam sood
    poonam sood Month ago +1

    Pillow Talk - RIP

    DARKKISS Month ago +10

    She lived a very full life. God speed Doris 💖.

  • Skittle Boy's aka. Skittlz Nation

    Skittle Boys is in the comments! Sending our prayers and blessings to the family. #muchlove

  • Alfa Romeo
    Alfa Romeo Month ago +7

    R.I.P Dream a little dream of me.

  • Matthew Joiner
    Matthew Joiner Month ago +32

    Doris starred in 39 movies, NOT 30. Doris recorded 31 studio albums, not including those with Les Brown, NOT 20. Took me all of 2 minutes to find these facts out. Let's give her all the credit she deserves. And this is a news channel? 😧

    • josef mengele
      josef mengele Month ago +1

      @Matthew Joiner ok, lets get one thing straight, ive been a fan of hers for many years, ive done extensive research on her career and life, ive even corresponded with her on the phone on many occasion, I got the facts first hand from her, once again, don't believe all the crap ya read, most of it aint worth the ink it took to print it.

    • Matthew Joiner
      Matthew Joiner Month ago

      The movie data base web site states that between 1948 through 1968 Doris made 39 movies. Various sites state Doris recorded 650 songs.
      A very talented lady and to dismiss such a large part of her artistic output is just unprofessional. We will never see the likes of Miss Day again.

    • josef mengele
      josef mengele Month ago +2

      37 not 39, and she actually only recorded 12 studio albums, but she is credited with 31, don't believe everything ya read Mat.

  • Flor Berlinski
    Flor Berlinski Month ago

    ❤🙏 rest in peace

  • Felix Rodriguez
    Felix Rodriguez Month ago +36

    Todays singers are zero,,in comparison to Doris Day.,

    • Felix Rodriguez
      Felix Rodriguez Month ago +1

      A special human being

    • Steve Holmgren
      Steve Holmgren Month ago

      there have always been great singers for thousands of years, everything repeats in history. comparison is trivial and mundane. she was just another human

    • stacyblue1980
      stacyblue1980 Month ago +2


    • ar1793
      ar1793 Month ago +2

      So are actors!

  • K Lee N
    K Lee N Month ago +3

    Loved her,a very special LADY!

  • Denise Townsend
    Denise Townsend Month ago +2

    RIP Doris...

  • amina olayinka
    amina olayinka Month ago

    RIP La sera sera crooner

  • Joan cummins
    Joan cummins Month ago +46

    RIP Doris beautiful, talented lady.

  • Christine L.M
    Christine L.M Month ago +7

    Loved her. RIP beautiful, clever, talented lady ❤️

  • Ronda Davis
    Ronda Davis Month ago +42

    Doris and Rock Hudson was the hot couple on screen..Love to watch them together...God rest your soul Miss Doris...💜💜💜💜💜

  • Ss Gang
    Ss Gang Month ago +2

    First view first like yesssss

    • Ss Gang
      Ss Gang Month ago

      Robert Vaughn I didn’t like my comment im talking about the video stoopid 😂

    • Ss Gang
      Ss Gang Month ago

      Robert Vaughn yes it does dumbass 😂

    • Deborah Chapman
      Deborah Chapman Month ago

      Ss Gang Oh big whopper!

    • Robert Vaughn
      Robert Vaughn Month ago

      Jeffrey Davis hah hah you have to ask why,! tell me what achievement is there in liking your own comment?

    • Jeffrey Davis
      Jeffrey Davis Month ago

      Robert Vaughn why not?