30 Year Old Boomer Plays - Super Mario Maker 2 - Episode 48 [Refresh]

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
  • Super Mario Maker 2 is finally out. I've waited a long time to play a game where I could rely on my muscle memory from 1992. Check it out!
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    About this game:
    In Super Mario Maker 2, you can make your dang ol Mario levels and share them online so other people can downvote them for being too difficult. It's good.
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Comments • 144

  • Nanoco1000
    Nanoco1000 24 days ago +1

    "I understand what you want from me there"
    >Does not understand what they want from him there

  • Chad Tabernig
    Chad Tabernig Month ago

    Perfect balance. Endless then hot course roulette

  • A Real Religious Man

    2:07 nice life and coin count there. \o

  • Andrew W
    Andrew W Month ago +3

    I am laughing so hard that I'm CRYING at this superball level, watching him getting mad about the music is SO FUNNY

  • ben glasser
    ben glasser Month ago

    Im really surprised to see how much you have improved at this game compared to the first episode

  • Andri474
    Andri474 Month ago

    Thanks for the company

    Ya frickin Egg.

  • Bob Hogan
    Bob Hogan Month ago +4

    Thanks for the company

  • proven22x
    proven22x Month ago

    Capcom should make MegaMan maker, where random levels are from a different boss

  • Nikolaj Nielsen
    Nikolaj Nielsen Month ago

    Sop or I'll shoot!

  • Corncob Johnson real
    Corncob Johnson real Month ago +1

    Stand under the claw hole you fucking

  • Thejackle
    Thejackle Month ago +1

    Ryan's jumping around on that moving green platform made me clench up.

  • Laughing Skulls
    Laughing Skulls Month ago +1

    When you say "Boomer" Do you mean the generation? Because you can't be a Boomer at 30 1964 was the last year for boomers. 30 is Gen Y.

    • MellowJelly
      MellowJelly Month ago +2

      yeah he's actually a milennial, i don't know why he calls himself boomer but it might be a joke about him being "old" or having the personality of a grandpa at times. lol

  • Justin Butcher
    Justin Butcher Month ago +1

    What do we need to do to get a cat box cam?

  • Daedpan
    Daedpan Month ago +1

    I think an endless run or two with some roulette to round out the episode is a great compromise!

  • Love Lee
    Love Lee Month ago +5


  • Brandon JS Lea
    Brandon JS Lea Month ago +2

    Day 31
    Hey NL, please play my level:

  • MAG1CMAN93
    MAG1CMAN93 Month ago

    So "hot course roulette" isn't really a roulette, right? Because NL always plays the one with the most plays. Or am I just seeing things lol?

  • MassiveScore
    MassiveScore Month ago

    If NL crunched 100s of Magikarp in Pokemon GO, then he would have a Gyarados. Catching 100 Magikarp and transferring them all would get you 400 Magikarp candy, enough to evolve Magikarp to Gyarados.

  • jlmonkey01
    jlmonkey01 Month ago

    I think you need to go back to the eye doctor xd just looking out for you

  • MassiveScore
    MassiveScore Month ago +5

    Lawful good: Booing bad levels
    Neutral good: Booing nothing
    Chaotic good: Liking bad levels

    • TheConfusled
      TheConfusled Month ago

      Replace good with evil and you're right

    • SpartanG6
      SpartanG6 Month ago +17

      Chaotic good would be drawing a thumbs down with the fingernails on the knuckles on bad levels

  • Brett
    Brett Month ago +3

    egg does not get percentages lol. "9 percent, 9 out of 1000" nvm in episode 40 Austin's level he said 0.16% was 1.6/1000 which is correct

  • Kektus 420
    Kektus 420 Month ago +3

    you are not a boomer at 30 lmao, your gen z

    • MellowJelly
      MellowJelly Month ago +3

      he's milennial, but that's why the title is "30 year old boomer" not just "boomer." He's calling himself a 30 year old with the mentality of a boomer

    • Negative Space
      Negative Space Month ago +1

      Shut up boomer

    • Kektus 420
      Kektus 420 Month ago +2

      @Johnathon Abbott and gen x is like a decade before that, limp bizkit said so

    • Kektus 420
      Kektus 420 Month ago +1

      @Johnathon Abbott yeah sure but not boomer though

    • Johnathon Abbott
      Johnathon Abbott Month ago +2

      What are you talking about dude? Gen z is late 1990s to 2000s. I think you mean a late gen x or very early millennial

  • Henjurama
    Henjurama Month ago +1

    NL: 16:20 we got 15min minimum - while the Video has only 13min left. :D

  • MrStatistx
    MrStatistx Month ago

    Lol, why the fuck did that german guy write Castel, when that isn't a german word, but also not the correct english one, followed by german (Mittel)

  • SamuraiFoochs
    SamuraiFoochs Month ago +11

    I find speedruns absolutely awful. The one that ended the endless run was ugh. The problem is that a huge percentage of NL's endless runs are derailed by speedruns, which by their very nature involve a lot of trial and error.

    • Johnathon Abbott
      Johnathon Abbott Month ago +2

      The funny thing is, NL almost exclusively enjoys speedrun levels and hates puzzle levels or anything "too easy" for him

    • Hank Hill
      Hank Hill Month ago

      Many people have said it before, but it would be a great idea to add a speeding difficulty for all levels less than 100 seconds. That way it doesn't ruin endless.

    • Moises Cruz
      Moises Cruz Month ago +1

      @SamuraiFoochs yeah skipping in Endless is free, he should do it more often if he really wants a better score.

    • SamuraiFoochs
      SamuraiFoochs Month ago +2

      @Moises Cruz They should really have a speedrun slider in endless. Or NL should skip which he never ever will.

    • Moises Cruz
      Moises Cruz Month ago +3

      You're not wrong about the trial and error, however that is the state of affairs in Endless right now. Every third level is a 20s speedrun.

  • Daniel Anilicast
    Daniel Anilicast Month ago +3

    8:32 was a Greek tragedy

  • Jay Stone
    Jay Stone Month ago +38

    The death at 8:35 put you so far back I forgot that was even the same level. Lol

    • MellowJelly
      MellowJelly Month ago

      same exact thing happened to me lol

  • josh smith
    josh smith Month ago

    Northern lions commentary is turning to shit. Basically just complaining saying the same thing over and over and over again on shitty singing/humming and just being an over all pussy is really hurting this shit

  • Langdon Aldger
    Langdon Aldger Month ago +2

    p-please nl just one more malf 1 race... im dying.. i-

  • josh smith
    josh smith Month ago +3

    I don’t understand this chain chomp part. Dies. Falls into a double boss battle “yeah this is more my speed” after playing a level where he basically says Putin’s a boss in a level is bad design. Your bitching and complaining about every aspect of every level instead of just having fun commentary is confusing the shit out of you. This shit gets worse by the day

    • Johnathon Abbott
      Johnathon Abbott Month ago +2

      @Taylor Callizo you are confused good sir. We don't care if he shoots himself in the foot in pubg or Mario. We care when he is hypocritical even between stages of one video about what he wants. Nothing is ever his perfect level. People watch NL for his commentary, and his Mario commentary is a complaint track on repeat

    • Taylor Callizo
      Taylor Callizo Month ago +3

      funnier by the day you mean. why do you guys all watch him expecting good gameplay? his floundering through games is the absolute best part of NL. Pissy NL is hilarious

  • SuperSymn
    SuperSymn Month ago

    Curb your momentum

  • Grant Murphy
    Grant Murphy Month ago +30

    Boomer complains about checkpoints part 721

    • IamI3rian
      IamI3rian Month ago +3

      The only thing he has in common with boomers is that both are terrible at video games.

  • Goron
    Goron Month ago +2

    That last level was a 10/10 almost like Nintendo made it themselves

    • Taylor Callizo
      Taylor Callizo Month ago +2

      no way, the innitial town segment with the puzzle that kills you if you grab a coin is something nintendo would never do

    • sebastianwillows
      sebastianwillows Month ago +2

      Nah- all that useless town stuff at the beginning was kinda clunky...

  • Banana
    Banana Month ago +9

    I remember when he hated Superball puzzles, it might be the music but hes digging it now.

    • IamI3rian
      IamI3rian Month ago +7

      He never owned a Gameboy, so he had no idea how to actually use the fireballs at first.
      He's the ultimate hipster. He hates things (like anime, for example) until he actually tried them, then realized that there's a reason most people like them.

  • Sky Leaf
    Sky Leaf Month ago +10

    I like how he looks at the no existent twitch chat permanently lul

    • Johnathon Abbott
      Johnathon Abbott Month ago

      Sometimes he has a cat boi there too

    • 来栖川七海
      来栖川七海 Month ago

      that's actually his monitor that he's looking at, so he can play the game

    • 150booyadragon
      150booyadragon Month ago +1

      He often has other chats open like Kate's. In an adorable way they tell each other stuff through it like a few days ago Kate told him via twitch chat to turn the AC on lol

    KITRONIX111 Month ago +25

    That superball part with the munchers was hilarious to watch 😂

  • DoctorShroom
    DoctorShroom Month ago +7

    *Physically thumbs downs / boos a level*
    "I refuse to boo levels."

    • MellowJelly
      MellowJelly Month ago

      @IamI3rian disliking something is not toxic xD pressing a button that causes the level to have worse reputation just for the sake of one's opinion, that's moreso toxic

    • IamI3rian
      IamI3rian Month ago +8

      He doesn't wanna be toxic, so he figures it's better to just be _actually toxic._

  • Brak Intelektualny
    Brak Intelektualny Month ago +11

    Is everyone in this comment section a mario prodigy?

    • IamI3rian
      IamI3rian Month ago +1

      @The Phoenix me? You're the one who thinks your opinion is held by all, and that you're supposed to fucking patrol the comment section. Deep breaths, my dude. You'll be ok.

    • The Phoenix
      The Phoenix Month ago

      @IamI3rian grow up, dude

    • IamI3rian
      IamI3rian Month ago +1

      @The Phoenix lol, gotcha internet cop.

    • The Phoenix
      The Phoenix Month ago

      @IamI3rian you're deluded. It's your prerogative to watch his content. You've even said in this comment section that you aren't entertained by him anymore. Go somewhere else. You're not wanted here.

    • IamI3rian
      IamI3rian Month ago +3

      @The Phoenix I'm trading my time for his entertainment. Without me (and all of us) watching NL wouldn't be a millionaire.

  • Banana
    Banana Month ago +26

    "Can you get Bowser Jr to spin off the edge?"
    Nope, he is programmed to stand up before he falls off the edge.

    KITRONIX111 Month ago +8

    He had a spare key and chose to fight the bowser 😂

  • Rixor12
    Rixor12 Month ago +168

    I'm liking the rhythm NL has going with "Endless until you loose and then hot course roulette" meta.

  • Crescent Moon
    Crescent Moon Month ago +6

    My man needs to learn what "timing" is

  • Rixor12
    Rixor12 Month ago +10

    NL: *Does one jump and stands on a snake block for a minuite*
    NL: "Would it kill you to put a second checkpoint?"

    • Dip
      Dip Month ago +3

      @Rixor12 100%, seems like they put that section in and planned to put more obstacles and gave up lol

    • Rixor12
      Rixor12 Month ago +7

      @Dip Still, snake section would be better off removed than having a checkpoint to compensate

    • Dip
      Dip Month ago +10

      I'd agree with him on putting another checkpoint, having to just mindlessly stand there for a minute is just filler content for a level that doesn't need to be repeated imo.

  • Th3NinjaSnowman
    Th3NinjaSnowman Month ago

    I hate these shitty sub 30 minute videos. My addiction demands more.

  • Kirbino
    Kirbino Month ago +34

    Lol putting a level on the eShop.

  • julio sobrino
    julio sobrino Month ago +2


  • legion999
    legion999 Month ago +6

    Ah but surely as an old school mario player you dont need checkpoints - there were no checkpoints in my day after all

    • Johnathon Abbott
      Johnathon Abbott Month ago

      @legion999 not your post, just all the comments lol

    • legion999
      legion999 Month ago

      @Johnathon Abbott Nah, I'm far worse at games than NL, I was just making fun of his desire for constant checkpoints

    • Johnathon Abbott
      Johnathon Abbott Month ago

      This is one of the nerdiest dick measuring contests I've seen

    • Problem Machine
      Problem Machine Month ago +3

      @legion999 Oh I'm just joshing, it was just a poke at people who have more interest in cracking the egg than in facts

    • 314Marvin
      314Marvin Month ago +1

      legion999 aka “durr I was wrong but I don’t want to admit it”

  • MattyPeq
    MattyPeq Month ago +1

    My cock went boom.

  • Weigler
    Weigler Month ago +44

    Why the heck is he complaining about a Bowser fight he could obviously skip?

    • Weigler
      Weigler Month ago

      @alphapupup5 I'm talking about the door he took to win. He had a key already, he didn't need to fight Bowser to get another key.

    • alphapupup5
      alphapupup5 Month ago

      pretty sure that door connect with the one in the middle of the screen *ie* a reset door.

  • IamI3rian
    IamI3rian Month ago +5

    That's not a galoomba, sweetheart. Look it up.

  • pJletsplays
    pJletsplays Month ago +2


  • Crystal 959
    Crystal 959 Month ago +52

    Ryan: *sees a puzzle level*
    Ryan: okay so the only solution I can conceive is run to the right as fast as I can?
    Ryan: *sees a 20 second speedrun in a different language*
    Ryan: okay so I must slowly carefully walk behind the muncher

    • Ouin
      Ouin Month ago +1

      @yewwowduck You need to pace the jumps a bit, but you can get ahead of the curve easily. I think NL just got a bit overwhelmed. I don't get why, but I can't blame him.

    • Johnathon Abbott
      Johnathon Abbott Month ago

      @yewwowduck that's boomer energy

    • yewwowduck
      yewwowduck Month ago +4

      Watching it, seems like he goes fast and dies from a breaking block with no way to get ahead of it, I'd have boo'd it personally.

  • IamI3rian
    IamI3rian Month ago +9

    >Wants to play expert
    >Whines about check points

    • Johnathon Abbott
      Johnathon Abbott Month ago +2

      @sebastian can we all agree to stop using Austin's levels as the pinnacle of achievement in Mario maker? They are good levels, maybe great, but it gets annoying when eggman refers everything to how great he is

    • IamI3rian
      IamI3rian Month ago +2

      @Flavio • by sometimes you mean every transition screen.

    • Flavio •
      Flavio • Month ago +2

      @Alec Tong i agree with the OP, sometimes NL finishes a 15 second section of a level and asks for a checkpoint

    • IamI3rian
      IamI3rian Month ago +2

      @Alec Tong it does when you've stood still for the last thirty seconds.
      NL wants checkpoints and endless mushrooms, he whines about them in almost every episode.

    • Alec Tong
      Alec Tong Month ago +3

      @IamI3rian having checkpoints does not equal hand holding

  • Jackson Wolf
    Jackson Wolf Month ago +1

    3:01 Ryan gets a nasty taste in his mouth #eggcam

  • Kamelontti
    Kamelontti Month ago +23

    Tell ya what egg, I haven't even seen the whole video yet but I think I'm gonna hit it with an I like it.

  • Harry Taylder
    Harry Taylder Month ago +1


  • GamingScot
    GamingScot Month ago +1

    happy saturday

  • Qasim Mashhadi
    Qasim Mashhadi Month ago +2