Dealing with Cancer (This is my SECRET)

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  • Here is another California coast travel vlog as we go on a hike and explore the beaches and hills of the beautiful Tennessee Valley trails (Mill Valley). I am coming up on my 3rd cycle of chemotherapy and things are going well. There are many things that are helping me but one of my best medicines in nature. Today's theme focuses on both the mental and physical benefits of what going outside and nature can do for you. If you are going through something mentally, one of my best advices is to go out and get a breath of fresh air! it will do you wonders ;) Vlog 400

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  • Nita Fitzpatrick
    Nita Fitzpatrick 5 days ago +492

    “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished” -Lao Tsu

    • John barfneck
      John barfneck 2 days ago

      got any actual evidence?

    • Boy Drop out
      Boy Drop out 3 days ago

      Nita Fitzpatrick Lao Tzu is actually the founder of Taoism

    • John barfneck
      John barfneck 4 days ago

      man makes plans for God ..........God laughs then changes them......- God=Jesus=YHWH

  • LM Arz
    LM Arz 3 hours ago

    walang araw na napapangiti ako tuwing nanunuod ako ng vlog mo, saludo ako sayo for living your life to the fullest. God bless sa gwapitong tsonggo :)

  • LM Arz
    LM Arz 3 hours ago

    walang araw na napapangiti ako tuwing nanunuod ako ng vlog mo, saludo ako sayo for living your life to the fullest. God bless sa gwapitong tsonggo :)

  • junfil bocayong
    junfil bocayong 8 hours ago

    i was thinking of you guys going wrong turn HAHA

  • Kahlil serad
    Kahlil serad 21 hour ago

    Crick is hilar af

  • Joe Stinky
    Joe Stinky Day ago

    Just like half life 2’s beach and post apocalyptic ship wreck. “Para sa vlog!” - Mitch

    RJ2MELLO Day ago

    she plays COD did you say??? now i love her even more. 😁

  • iSuperTouch
    iSuperTouch Day ago

    I really like the background music! anyone know whats the song title?

  • shad dominguez
    shad dominguez Day ago

    Hi wil! My mom is fighting cancer too and undergone her 3 consecutive days of chemo. Can u tell me what food are u eating while on treatment? She seems to loss her appetite na kasi. More power wil! Hope to see more of you! Keep inspiring!

  • Alice Smith
    Alice Smith Day ago

    Well done to you! For my own cancer I definitely know I feel better living in New Zealand in nature and clean fresh air , we moved here so our babies could grow up here instead of London. I didn't know cancer would be knocking on my door when we arrived here though. Thanks for making this video, I make videos and vlogs too. You prob won't ever have the time but if you want to check out New Zealand and want to soak in some nature while sitting through your chemo then please come check out some of my videos, you'll like them I promise!!

  • Brian Diwa
    Brian Diwa Day ago

    Awesome drone shots. What’s that drone you are using Wil?

  • Israel Antonio
    Israel Antonio Day ago

    i don't miss Boracay when i see the little beach at Mill Valley...I miss Monterey Bay and La Jolla beach in San Diego as well.Thanks for this scenery through you, guys!Be safe!

  • Aila View
    Aila View Day ago

    was waiting for Daenerys, Jon, Drogon and Rhaegal to show up

  • Robin Lorenzo
    Robin Lorenzo 2 days ago

    Pagaling ka wil kaya mo yan!

  • sonettenadz
    sonettenadz 2 days ago

    Wow!!! I love the epic sceen at the bay area. It is nice to play with friends and have fun like you did guys. Love seeing you, Alodia and your friend hanging out together Wil.. That's helping you beating the cancer...

    Love you bro. Praying here for a fast recovery.


  • John barfneck
    John barfneck 2 days ago

    john 3:16............... I hope he's saved because you cant make this choice if your no longer here on earth to make it.......

  • THE Gramma Chronicles

    Love this message. Get outside. Do something!

  • Monica Gahol
    Monica Gahol 2 days ago

    #LiWiLodia ❤
    What is the song at 5:20?

  • Charmaine Ivy Arquiza

    Hi Wil, please also do a collab with ACE Family.... thanks a lot!

  • Michael Riedel
    Michael Riedel 2 days ago

    Totally understand, my friend. I really am wishing you such a speedy recovery! I used to have my own ASMR channel. You should check some of those out! Sometimes when I don’t feel well I lookup one and put head phones on and lay down. Keep it up my friend!

  • Twit De Guzman
    Twit De Guzman 3 days ago

    Crik shud start blagging!!!

  • javie banawa
    javie banawa 3 days ago

    ang astig ng mga edit ni Wil

  • Makoo Del Raw
    Makoo Del Raw 3 days ago

    haha this is fun to watch...more vids with lil' crick!

  • Twinkle Garcia
    Twinkle Garcia 3 days ago

    Hello! Can someone tell me the title of the song used (please go to 5:20). Thanks!!!

  • LJ Real
    LJ Real 3 days ago

    Lil Crik 👍

  • H. Wolfe
    H. Wolfe 3 days ago

    I'm scared... Are there mountain cats there...soon as I get unscarred I'll try this.... N. California is gorgeous!

  • 90077Natalie Crawford

    well that was fun! feel refreshed. also even the way Alodia runs is supercute hehe 😙

  • preceval SIRAULO frigillana GAGO

    Hoy PRECEVAL GREMBUOY FRIGILLANA aka orffy08 JASTER SALES aka SIRAULO, BALIW, GAGO, ALIEN tumigil ka nga sa kahibangan mo, punta ka muna sa mental hospital at magpagamot, yon ang kailangan mo. SIRAULO ka nga talaga, pwede din lipad ka sa planet mars baka andun mga kalahi mong ALIEN na SIRAULO din gaya sayo preceval SIRAULO grembuoy GAGO frigillana BALIW aka orffy08 Jaster Sales ALIEN.

  • Aries Arriesgado
    Aries Arriesgado 3 days ago

    The walking dead part... kinda creepy.

  • Muneca Amor
    Muneca Amor 3 days ago

    breath taking view you got there wil! truly nature has its wonders. have an awesome week ahead. 👍🏻👌🏽😀

  • Sesa Made It
    Sesa Made It 3 days ago

    400th vlog eyy

  • Death Peace
    Death Peace 3 days ago

    Hi Guys Pls Sub To My Channel TY☺

  • Tim W
    Tim W 3 days ago

    Hi Will. I don't know what to say. My wife love's your video's. She is from Davao City. I am here husband and sometimes don't know what to say in these days. I am American white guy. hah aha that is what i am always called among most Asian's that I work with. But I do not mind. because they recognizes who I am. I consider the Philippines as my second home. Because we have a simple home there and I plan on retiring there. I just want to let you know. That all who fallow you do share in your pain and life of the day. so keep going on your path. and God will guide you.

  • DowitcheR
    DowitcheR 3 days ago

    Godbless you Wil. Claiming for you Psalms 23:6

  • Derp bird Gamer
    Derp bird Gamer 3 days ago

    Very cool video. Hope your family is ok with the NoCal fires 🔥 😥

  • Ramon Carlos
    Ramon Carlos 3 days ago

    Pudra likes DAVID GILMORE - that would be awesome! pink floyd!

  • Ramon Carlos
    Ramon Carlos 3 days ago

    Dude I hope the fires aren't too close to where you live - but all of us here in the bay area are certainly affected one way or another. Or we know someone who's either lost their home or had to evacuate.

  • TrishAngeles
    TrishAngeles 3 days ago


  • Massachusetts Matt
    Massachusetts Matt 3 days ago

    Hey Kiddo ! Hang in there ! I just saw a special on the show, "Vice" (HBO) and they were talking about a new incredible treatment for people getting chemo . They said Chemo, kills cancer cells...and healthy cells, but it also kills all the good bacteria in our gut, colon, etc. Bacteria that actually keeps us healthy, that our body needs!. So the scientists and specialists found that by replacing those "healthy bacteria" while the patient was in the hospital, they found that the patient had less nausea, they could eat what they wanted to eat, they had more energy, faster recovery, and generally felt better after getting chemo'. You probably know what I'm talking about already. Well Wil, sending good vibes your way .Peace, Matt.

  • arlene ituralde
    arlene ituralde 3 days ago

    Fyt fyt fyt😍😍😍

    EDGE LENNOX 3 days ago +1

    if your dad had cancer too.. it is prob a genetic kind more than anything. the kind that you can inherit, without doing anything wrong. genetics can suck & not be in a persons favour. all the best in the battle.

  • Even blurryface Doesnt care

    ayeee you're getting closer to 1 mill🙌

  • Yeye Bonel
    Yeye Bonel 3 days ago


  • In Real Tyme
    In Real Tyme 3 days ago

    Researchers have found that daily intakes of vitamin D by adults in the range of 8,000 IU are needed so your blood levels are in therapeutic range, but an even better option is to get your vitamin D from sun exposure or a safe tanning bed, using oral supplementation only as a last resort. You can find out more about how to use vitamin D therapeutically to reduce radiation damage here. Other practical options include:

  • neil tracy malnegro
    neil tracy malnegro 3 days ago

    The laughter is just pure youth and energy... hope you get well soon

  • BasedGod Rodney
    BasedGod Rodney 3 days ago

    You should go to Yosemite next time!

  • MQ
    MQ 3 days ago

    California loves their Prius! hahaha! I've never seen so many Prius in one place! LOL

  • Sheldone Rey Dacalos

    #wilodia foreves!!! Grrrrrr! Kilig to da booones! Kuryente to the heart❤️❤️❤️. No vlogging while playing 😂😂😂.life is like a video game 😂😂😂😂😂. 70% yes! Hahaha

  • Chie Angus
    Chie Angus 3 days ago

    Nice editing. That drone shot when you guys running. Awesome!!

  • Ha Zel
    Ha Zel 3 days ago

    OMG! Too far to run lol

  • gayylee
    gayylee 3 days ago

    Ok that ig story in the end though HAHAHAH daso-what? LOL at that one

  • gayylee
    gayylee 3 days ago

    Gusto ko yung "pikachu" tsaka "crickethops" hahahahaha

  • gayylee
    gayylee 3 days ago


  • Roxx CT
    Roxx CT 3 days ago

    the walking dead ❤️😊

  • Alvin Fernando Gepielago

    Dude I've been watching your vlog since 20 AD but I haven't seen you visit my hometown. Actually, now is the right time because it's Masskara Festival for the whole month. By the way, The city name is "Bacolod City" Which is the City of Smiles! You gotta come Wil! I will be your tour guide!


  • Pio Alonday
    Pio Alonday 3 days ago

    so I'm not the only one who gets excited when life reminds me of video games :))

  • Cindy Mae Ngoho
    Cindy Mae Ngoho 3 days ago

    Everyone needs to go out and explore the nature coz I believe nature is the best escape of all the stress and problems!!

  • Earthgirl Jo
    Earthgirl Jo 3 days ago

    I'm glad you're staying positive and calm. Your intro made me think of a video from Dr. Axe, a functional medicine doctor (check him out!) here on youtube. It's titled, "You may have cancer but cancer doesn't have you" or something like that.

  • homer simpson
    homer simpson 3 days ago

    Why his parents are so stubborn??

  • Lhevy Mallari
    Lhevy Mallari 3 days ago

    This is another awesome video Kuya Wil. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. I felt at ease watching your vlog full of positivity really inspiring... 💕💕💕

  • krenderya
    krenderya 3 days ago

    Please watch my travel video..

  • william gestole
    william gestole 3 days ago

    Hey Wil. I’ve been following you for a couple years now. I too am American Filipino mixed. I lived in the Philippines when i was a teenager. I haven’t been back since then. I’ve been wanting to go back for so many years and your vlogs have been keeping me in touch with all that’s going on there. My dad is battling cancer for a few years and he’s wanted to go home but cannot so next week I’m going back to the Philippines for the first time in 33 years. My dad and you have inspired me to just go for it!! We are headed to Manila, Cebu, and Bohol. Thanks for all the vlogs and inspiration. Keep them coming and remember we are all praying for your recovery. Blessed be!

  • jhemieages onairos
    jhemieages onairos 3 days ago

    Happy 400th blog tsonggo :-)

  • Bebe Elton
    Bebe Elton 3 days ago

    Hi wil, this is one of the best videos you've got. My mom and I admire your editing skills, and ofcourse seeing you happy on your video is priceless. Stay strong and motivated in life while you're fighting the cancer... We love you Idol!!

  • Louise Lazaro
    Louise Lazaro 3 days ago

    love this new vid!

  • Vir Ivan Astilla-Dabon

    nice... the walking dead.. (",)

  • clarice victorio
    clarice victorio 3 days ago


  • andrewandgale sulam
    andrewandgale sulam 3 days ago

    i'm so kilig omg

  • Rona Marie Miranda
    Rona Marie Miranda 3 days ago

    tama yan kuya wil dapat enjoy mo lang yan 😊

  • kris2pe yu
    kris2pe yu 3 days ago

    Can we get a kiss?

  • Jong Villajuan
    Jong Villajuan 3 days ago

    Use cannabis it kills cancer cell

  • Mayzel Rio
    Mayzel Rio 3 days ago

    We're getting there! #1MilForWil ❤️

  • Shindel Soque
    Shindel Soque 3 days ago

    Wilodia is real very supported girlfriend to wil dasovich.....

  • Antonio Chua
    Antonio Chua 3 days ago

    Nice sound effect Will

  • april Sucgang
    april Sucgang 3 days ago

    craig should vlog with his dad,hehe

  • Ian Bautista
    Ian Bautista 3 days ago

    Wish I could do hiking too 😅

  • Chynna Pamatmat
    Chynna Pamatmat 3 days ago

    Gap! Gap! Gap! 😂

  • filipinainJapan
    filipinainJapan 4 days ago

  • Jovi Mae Aquino
    Jovi Mae Aquino 4 days ago

    I love the way you think wil!!! You are the best! I am praying for you. :)

  • Camille Nadal
    Camille Nadal 4 days ago

    Good vibes everywhere :))

  • Vernie Sison
    Vernie Sison 4 days ago

    Hello wil I have been watching your vlogs since forever... I am a teacher I always say to may students to pray for you... God bless you.. get well soon

  • Xyrille Angelie Belega

    Happy 400th vlog!

  • Jerome de la Trinidad

    Best. GF. Ever. 🎮 #ps4parasaboypren

  • Celisse Esguerra
    Celisse Esguerra 4 days ago

    I love how your parents respect your privacy and didn't mind getting kicked out.. haha

  • Nayr Anilom
    Nayr Anilom 4 days ago

    Was about to watch new Mobile Legends Vid..but here comes Wil's new vid. Alam na this. 😁💪

  • Kyutie Panda14
    Kyutie Panda14 4 days ago

    Road to 1m. malapit na

  • mercy samonte
    mercy samonte 4 days ago

    Hahaha i like yung sound effect ng TWD☺☺☺

  • Liza Dobrik
    Liza Dobrik 4 days ago

    Just the mention of David Dobrik makes me feel all giddy 😂😂😂❤❤❤

  • Laurice Mercado
    Laurice Mercado 4 days ago

    sobrang cute ni qs habang tumatakbo palayo sa alon. hahah. #ss #aluja

  • cyberbro071
    cyberbro071 4 days ago

    the terrain is ugly trees...tsk tsk

  • Kate Liane Sudiacal
    Kate Liane Sudiacal 4 days ago

    #YouWILSurvive ❤️

  • angelabby
    angelabby 4 days ago

    Hala lagot ka Wil, nagalit si pudra, pinaalis mo kasi, haha!

  • Erma Santo
    Erma Santo 4 days ago

    You're getting better at droning! Woah!!!

  • Sweet Thang
    Sweet Thang 4 days ago

    Just wondering why Wil wears the handkerchief when he is out on his walks. Does he have asthma? I have noticed it on many video's. :-)

  • Maha Corotan
    Maha Corotan 4 days ago

    Ang gondooo

  • Maan Gaerlan
    Maan Gaerlan 4 days ago

    This vlog made my heart smile.

  • Jizy Isabelle
    Jizy Isabelle 4 days ago


  • Michelle Ko
    Michelle Ko 4 days ago

    Get well soon Kuya Will. We love you. God bless. 💕

  • Federico nicolas Andreoli

    i love to watch your videos . u are so awesome and gosh your girlfriend is adorable . im praying for u cuz i believe in miracles . u have a lot of support and love from your fans and family , you are protected . God Bless U .

  • Renz Armada
    Renz Armada 4 days ago +1

    Keep Fighting Wil, You got this bruh
    Sub to sub any small time youtuber hehe <3 paaaawerr