Napolitano: Mueller found something worthy of subpoena

  • Published on Aug 3, 2017
  • Fox News senior judicial analyst weighs in on news the special counsel has impaneled a grand jury in the Russia probe

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  • Arreola Luis
    Arreola Luis Month ago

    I won't go because then you will again try to go after me

  • Arreola Luis
    Arreola Luis Month ago

    You can use comey

  • Thomas Tamir
    Thomas Tamir Year ago

    I'll bet Adolph and Heinrich are rolling in their graves because him and Rod got away.

  • Robert Burns
    Robert Burns Year ago

    I trust Napolitano with nothing ! It's obvious where that snake lies ..

  • Robert Burns
    Robert Burns Year ago

    Napolitano seriously there was no investigation into Clinton . Time to end this shit he is ruing innocent people lives to cover for the Obama Clinton crimes !

  • xVSupremacy
    xVSupremacy 2 years ago

    What evidence is top secret Mueller has been leaking out those secrets

  • xVSupremacy
    xVSupremacy 2 years ago

    Disbar Mueller

  • Steve Canada
    Steve Canada 2 years ago

    Watch their carefully orchestrating just the right liars and just the right story they're going to come out and speak to all the Dum Dums and tell us they found something the whole time real criminals are conducting This Witch Hunt

  • Steve Canada
    Steve Canada 2 years ago

    Sounds like their process lens itself strongly two corruption

  • Steve Canada
    Steve Canada 2 years ago

    Sessions needs to subpoena Muller and Comey for their involvement in Russian collusion

  • M 998 HMMWV
    M 998 HMMWV 2 years ago

    I want to know how many millions of dollars this bullshit is costing the American tax payers. 16 dirty ass lawyer's. .

  • Christian Romero
    Christian Romero 2 years ago

    Lmao...haha.. the end is near for Trumps presidency!! He was not able to get anything done the checks and balances of the Constitution and this country have checked Trump.

  • MrFraterManifesto
    MrFraterManifesto 2 years ago

    At least it's clear that the criminal establishment has lost power and is trying desperately to get it back, which means that the American people still have a chance at MAGA. Nixon didn't end the Vietnam war in 1974. 250,000 angry American protesters demonstrating on the White House lawn ended it. Nixon had no choice. It really boils down to what the American people are going to do about this: a) passive tolerance, or b) active intolerance? I think 250,000 Americans, "Assembled Peaceably," on the White House lawn holding signs and chanting, "Lock her up!," would do the trick. But, I don't see that happening. We Americans like to kvetch on internet forums. But, I'm afraid we've been too lulled into states of ignorance, tolerance and passivity - in KGB terms, too ideologically subverted and normalized - to actually get out of our chairs and take back our government in person. And, the individuals and organizations capable of organizing such a March on Washington D.C. - forgive me, the Alex Jones' of America - aren't doing it. So, I guess, "We the people," are screwed.

  • snoop alert
    snoop alert 2 years ago

    Muller should be called in front of Congress and his pack of Democrat lawyers

  • Carl Ryan
    Carl Ryan 2 years ago

    Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up!

  • juan kerr
    juan kerr 2 years ago

    trumpy is going down very soon and it will be anyway they can,Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,donny.

  • Bramble Q123
    Bramble Q123 2 years ago

    Remind me, how did this special council investigation was initially approved? Considering there's zero evidence of anything Russia related. Even the "17 agencies" (lol), if you look in their letter, only _suspect_, no direct, tangible proof. Since there's no crime committed, what is Muller investigation g and why was he appointed?

  • ll GreenKey
    ll GreenKey 2 years ago

    they will lie to the grand jury

    • juan kerr
      juan kerr 2 years ago

      They wont be able to,they have got what they need.

  • John Stamatiadis
    John Stamatiadis 2 years ago


  • John Stamatiadis
    John Stamatiadis 2 years ago


  • Doobie Brother
    Doobie Brother 2 years ago

    This is all about pushing a baseless investigation by covering-up the crimes at the DNC that involved Debbie Wasseerman Shultz. That would completely vindicate Tump, RNC, and his administration as Russian spies. The Russian hacking came from the DNC.

  • Glenn
    Glenn 2 years ago

    What Mueller is doing WILL Damage our Republic "The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Forever. We Will NEVER Be The Same Country Again Ever If He Continues This Horse and Pony Show Because Comey's Pussy Hurts! "I'd love to have 5 minutes alone in a room with that phony! 1 Bitch Slap and he'd be crying like the tittie baby he is!

  • bucky468
    bucky468 2 years ago

    To My Fellow Patriots - We The People must prepare for a Civil War if Trump is either impeached or assassinated.

    • bucky468
      bucky468 2 years ago

      fuctifino Mcgrath - I assume that you must be a loyal fan of one Glenn Beck - a bona fide Pseudo-Patriot (and madman) who wants Trump taken out (he recently ordered a hit/assassination on the POTUS)? Am I correct? You do realize that Beck embraces globalism and turned his back on nationalism eons ago? And what makes you say I'm a traitor? HTH do you even figure that? B/c one of your globalist elitist establishment republican scumbags didn't get elected in 2016? My elected congressman (Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)) is one of the most conservative members of Congress and he also helped establish the Congressional Freedom Caucus - and he stands behind the POTUS. He knows that Comey is a liar (and belongs behind bars for perjuring himself in front of Congress) and Mueller had NO business being appointed as independent counsel. Jordan is a REAL American Patriot. He had concerns about Mueller from day one. Jordan knows that Trump is getting a raw deal from this Russia collusion "huge nothing burger" (as described in the words of CNN Contributor Van Jones - via a secret Project Veritas video.) I stand with Jim Jordan - and I, without hesitation, stand behind the POTUS. If it comes to a Civil War - I will fight to defend the Republic against traitorous globalist scum like you and your ilk. And if you're a Never Trump republican (aka pseudo-conservative, pseudo-patriot, Bushtard or TRAITOR), and you even think ONCE about taking out Trump via impeachment or assassination - You can bet your sweet ass that there will be holy hell for you and NT to pay. Why? B/c you NT GOP globalist scum will have NEITHER law enforcement NOR the U.S. Armed Forces on your team (law enforcement takes ANY serious threats aimed at Trump by ANYONE including NT - and our dedicated police officers HATE NT) - and You The Traitors will be targeted as The Enemy - alongside ANTIFA, BLM, the SJW's, Hollyweird or ANY other anti-Trump LOWLIFE movement that really wants to take out our POTUS. And fyi - We The People - the REAL American Patriots will be fighting for our founding fathers (Washington, Jefferson and Franklin) while You The Traitors will be fighting for Benedict Arnold - whether you like it or not.

  • Chuck Davenport
    Chuck Davenport 2 years ago

    Stop paying this mueller piece of shit he has nothing after 6 months and is just going to blow smoke up Americas ass to fill his pockets our government is retarded

  • Kevin Krostosky
    Kevin Krostosky 2 years ago

    Mueller found a BIG Dildo in his ANUS ! ! !

  • tj joe
    tj joe 2 years ago

    Fox news

  • cn 250
    cn 250 2 years ago

    Don't hate me because I'm ugly

  • Ra Nev
    Ra Nev 2 years ago +1

    This man was elected fairly and is now being investigated for no good reason.
    Yet Hillary Clinton with all that shady backdoor dealing she did for money is not.
    Because all the crooked money that went through that foundation would draw in hundreds of people
    Connected to governments. They don't want open that Pandora's box. Sad when our country is now.
    We have a chance under trump to make it right again. Even if he is a businessman by trade.
    Leave him alone. We can always vote again in 2020

  • Joaquin Larriba
    Joaquin Larriba 2 years ago

    I thought Napalitano was a good guy...

  • JustLikeGreta
    JustLikeGreta 2 years ago +1

    Lock him up and then let the entire country piss on him. I'll stand in line all year. He's a fucking traitor.

  • frisco21
    frisco21 2 years ago +2

    Republicans have spent the last nine months gloating over Trump's electoral college win (the voters preferred Hillary Clinton). They won the battle, but will lose the war. The Democratic Party, along with their progressive allies, will succeed in deposing Trump and returning to a position of power in the mid-term elections next year. The fact is that the political pendulum is swinging inexorably to the Left, and the progressive ascendancy is poised to regain the levers of power in Washington. It is _Progressives_ who will save the country and make America great again. They will do this while Donald Trump sits in prison for his crimes against the American people.

  • Eric Shutter
    Eric Shutter 2 years ago

    So... in a political view ... with a jury he can do more... so very handy to have. Of course he will start one...

  • shobha mohan
    shobha mohan 2 years ago +1

    Whatever Trump will be there for another 7 ,1/2 years as POTUS

  • Hamberder King
    Hamberder King 2 years ago +1

    Hahaha I love to see those DRumpf attack dogs are doing their work for the orange turd. He gives you names of people to hate and you all fucking dumbasses go after them lol Clinton is the most investigated person in politics> BY the reps. That they came back empty handed doesn't tells you nothing you bunch of dumbass motherfuckers. hahahaha The orange sewer rat will go down. His criminal past will cost him eventually. And you will be left empty handed and foremost empty headed hahahahaha

  • Mimi Baldwin
    Mimi Baldwin 2 years ago +1

    Trump is being railroaded.

  • vertabrate1
    vertabrate1 2 years ago

    to all the trump cultists: see the issue is this stopped being a witch hunt when we found out about the Donnie juniors meeting with the Russians and then found out that trump had a hand in writing his sons statement on it.

    THIS IS OUR TIME 2 years ago +3


  • Faux News
    Faux News 2 years ago


  • Earl Pappas
    Earl Pappas 2 years ago

    Vote more Liberal Lying Crooked Racists Democrats out of the Senate and the House of Representatives in November of 2018 .

  • Earl Pappas
    Earl Pappas 2 years ago

    We The People Need to investigate Mueller and his 7 Democrats that gave Crooked Lying Hillary Clinton campaign Thousands of Dollars in 2016 . Lying Crooked Hillary Clinton sold 20% of US Uranium to the Russia . The Clinton foundation ripped off $30 Million Dollars from Haiti after a 7.0 Earthquake back in 2010 . Crooked Lying Hillary Clinton told her staff to destroy 13 blackberries with Top Secret and Classified Information on them . Crooked Lying Hillary Clinton let Bill Clinton rape innocent young women in Little Rock Arkansas and Washington DC and the list goes on round the Clinton's and all of the Lying Crooked Liberal Racists Democratic Party .

  • Just me 06
    Just me 06 2 years ago

    I am mad as hell, I can't take it anymore.

  • Nana Always
    Nana Always 2 years ago

    Where's the Grand Jury for our uranium that Mueller HAND delivered on ANOTHER tarmac TO Russia? Where is it?

  • John Do
    John Do 2 years ago

    Trump lies so much he must have some mental illness. He just has no relationship with facts.

  • J Rios
    J Rios 2 years ago

    trump is clearly guilty

  • J Rios
    J Rios 2 years ago

    republicans are so full of shit.

  • One Hand
    One Hand 2 years ago

    Bottom line is corrupt swamp creatures resort to smear because the are scared shitless, yes their swamp is drying.

  • rosemary Manley
    rosemary Manley 2 years ago

    Why are you people so afraid of what these peole are going to find? I want to know what Donald Trump is hiding. He owe those people alot of money, remember DJT couldn't get any more loans from anymore banks in New York because he's a bad pay master, so he started borrowing from the Russians...Dorchel Bank, and his son even testified to that fact himself. Just let them do what needs to be done and after every table has been turned over and nothing has been found then it will be over. DJT job is to serve the people, not his family.

  • PolarityMovieReseach
    PolarityMovieReseach 2 years ago

    The Trump president show will get canceled before the end of season 1

  • SokemRokemRobot
    SokemRokemRobot 2 years ago

    Mueller found something to subpoena a while back... it's called collusion between Loretta Lynch and James Comey, and James Comey colluding with Crooked Hillary in letting her get off the hook with her unsecured classified emails.... and Loretta Lynch colluding with Bill Clinton on the tarmac. The Democrats are deflecting the real crimes.

  • D'NYLE/ denial
    D'NYLE/ denial 2 years ago

    Old ads white people die already... Old as fuck...

  • D'NYLE/ denial
    D'NYLE/ denial 2 years ago

    Just talking bullshit. Why do we listen to them at all.... The courts tried my sons in court fast indictment...

  • D'NYLE/ denial
    D'NYLE/ denial 2 years ago

    I want my FUCKING SON'S out if your prisons NOW! you FUCKING criminals YOU!

  • Mo0onShadoW
    Mo0onShadoW 2 years ago

    Mueller found out something further on Clinton. What he found is probably got to do with the connection between Trump and Clinton that go's back further to the Clinton/Trump days. That means that you Supper Pack people will have to find another game to play besides this two party conspiracy that you make you pay from playing.

  • DEPORT Leeches
    DEPORT Leeches 2 years ago

    Go to sleep Muller you "Frankenstein"

  • uare you
    uare you 2 years ago

    Pretty sure liberals have no idea what 3-4 or more millions of really pissed off, well armed and awake patriots can do.

  • uare you
    uare you 2 years ago

    The grand jury was already inpaneled..its impaneled all the time..he didn't make a new grand jury.

  • Michael Kirkland
    Michael Kirkland 2 years ago

    The con man can't run a con against the government to get rich.Trump only cares about money.

  • Debbie Olivares
    Debbie Olivares 2 years ago

    Maybe Hillary has been notified. That's why we hear crickets from MSM.

  • bribhoy
    bribhoy 2 years ago

    Ha Ha!

  • M 998 HMMWV
    M 998 HMMWV 2 years ago

    So happy we finally made it to full fledged 3rd world nation status. Soon we can set up anyone we want and put them in the FEMA CAMPS. . our prisons will turn into death camps for our political enemies and other unredeemable enemies of the state.. our two tiered justice system is fully functional. . Hitler and Stallon have nothing on us!