My Second Favorite Practical Joke

  • Published on Jun 27, 2019
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  • Mark Winterling
    Mark Winterling 16 hours ago

    My new favorite comedian.. Watched Father of the Year.... Now I'm hooked

  • Kazeshini
    Kazeshini 18 hours ago

    I recall my first time eating an edible. Me and a bunch of friends all put some weed in a cake mix, we baked it and then each ate a similar size slice of cake. After maybe 30 to 45 min we weren't feeling anything so figured we might as well light up a big joint. By the time we finished smoking and were high, the cake kicked in. Recalling this, most of what I recall is all of us sitting on couches and no one talking and just enjoying the music playing at the time. Too high to do anything but basic breathing lol. Learned my lesson after that.

  • TheLadyDelirium
    TheLadyDelirium Day ago

    I just choked on a piece of satsuma. This story made me laugh like crazy. 🤣

  • TheLadyDelirium
    TheLadyDelirium Day ago

    I've never had an edible but now I really want to try it

  • Miracle Gaming
    Miracle Gaming 2 days ago

    I could use a brownie right now but with no weed bc i dont do that stuiped shit its a waist of money and id never do it in my hole life

  • Bob Bastion
    Bob Bastion 2 days ago +1

    The 947 dislikes are from little brothers.

  • Luke •
    Luke • 2 days ago

    The ol’ folding bed routine, ensures claustrophobia into adulthood...

  • Luke •
    Luke • 2 days ago

    Now I want a delicious pot blueberry muffin

  • Sonja Wright
    Sonja Wright 6 days ago

    About 6 or 7 years ago I was over at a friends house who was in the middle of grinding up some weed to make a batch of brownies. He said it was all the shake he had collected over the last couple of months, 36 grams of shake (I watched him weigh it). He baked his brownies in an 8”x8” cake pan. Well, about a week goes by and I’m over at his place again and he offers me a piece. I’d never had edibles so I said hell yeah. I left his place about 10-15 minutes after I ate it and headed home but decided to go to my favorite place to hang out, Barnes and Noble. It hit me HARD while I was there and I was immediately rocketed into a full on freak out convinced that everyone knew I was high as gas. I had to drive home like that. I was white knuckling the steering wheel, eyes locked straight ahead, thank god for cruise control. I made it home and stared at the wall hallucinating for the next 5 hours. I took a nap and was still high when I woke up.

    CDC LEON3 6 days ago +5

    I’m just here trying to research the store name

  • Xion Nation
    Xion Nation 6 days ago

    This is so unfair my brother has probably already done super drugs so there is NOTHING to me knowledge that I can do to him, or he'd probably just enjoy it. Reason that's unfair my brother broke my fucking femur bone and he made me stand at the top of the stairs right at the end for an hour as a time out til I lost strength and fell down steps btw I was 9 or 10.

  • Burgundy Bastard
    Burgundy Bastard 6 days ago

    I'm an older brother. Now I'm scared, but excited lmaooo

  • dhomy 123
    dhomy 123 7 days ago

    I don't smoke nor I eat edible but he makes want to do both😂😂😂

  • A B
    A B 7 days ago

    Never smoked squad 😅

  • Jack Chalmers
    Jack Chalmers 8 days ago

    Bunch of fuckin junkies

  • Dion St. Michael
    Dion St. Michael 9 days ago

    I LOVE burning it but the high from an edible is so nice if you’ve got nothing else to do. It’s such a body buzz.

  • Anastasia Falcon
    Anastasia Falcon 10 days ago

    Who eats just a little piece of a muffin though? 1 muffin = 1 portion. It's just logic!
    Why would they make a muffin you can't eat in its entirety??

  • Jaheim Johnson
    Jaheim Johnson 11 days ago

    This is freaking true

  • Daniel Kinn
    Daniel Kinn 13 days ago

    I used to to drugs.... I still do but I used to too.
    Mitch Hedberg. RIP

  • Saint matthias
    Saint matthias 13 days ago

    Light weight.

  • Riley Engle
    Riley Engle 16 days ago

    Light weights smh

  • Michelle Norwick
    Michelle Norwick 17 days ago


  • TheMangnakak
    TheMangnakak 17 days ago

    You’re a good story teller, haha funny shit

  • Masterofsparks Hwy6
    Masterofsparks Hwy6 17 days ago

    Ha me and my best freind went to CVS to pick up his prescription. Its taking a minute, and i get tired of pretending im shopping for candy and compression socks, and i notice a blood pressure machine. Im kind of immature, i see it, its like the 5 cent fiberglass steed that gallups like a dolphin... now im 6' 165 #, almost no body fat. My buddy is 5'10" 280# and kinda spongey, i sit down, its free, even better, cuz im broke, do as im told, slip my arm in the cuff, and relax. It gets tight, slight panic, but hes there, and hes got a knife, so... it reads out my B.P., means nothing to me, i dont know a good one from a bad one, but now hes intrigued. I trade him places, the cuff inflates, the screen goes blank, i get the giggles, "you fat ass you broke it!" The screen comes back but its all red, with black all capital letters, accompanied by a computer voice that everyone in the store can hear. ..." REMAIN SEATED AND CALM. A PHARMACIST HAS BEEN ALERTED, AND IS CALLING PARAMEDICS. PLEASE STAY SEATED, YOU MAY NEED MEDICAL ASSISTANCE." The whole store is coming to the scene of the accident.... a pharmacist ( i guess) is trying to talk to my buddy... who is pissed off, he says " im frigging fine, i feel like i always feel!" The pharmacist cones to me for help, im laughing so hard im crying, not that im insensitive, i love the guy, but i know him, i KNOW he isnt going for this shit, hed rather explode, now the whole congregation, who WAS worried about my pal, say screw him, lets attack the skinny smart aleck. My buddy sees his opening and dips, im being berated by blue haired grannies and kids that look like pro pickpockets, until i see a clear shot to the door, and i bounce. I run get in his car... we start to leave... he stops..."FU**!!!"..."What???" ...." my prescription is still in there.." .." is it important?" ....(somber look) " its my blood pressure medicine..."

  • Motherfucker P
    Motherfucker P 20 days ago

    Josh for your other bothers do the same but also put a bunch of shrooms in it

  • Big Bud
    Big Bud 22 days ago

    Your talking about acid like for real none of this is about edibles i think you are thoroughly confused

  • Big Bud
    Big Bud 22 days ago


  • Fletcher Moore
    Fletcher Moore 23 days ago

    Dude I'm 22 and 150 pounds and I can eat 1000 mg and not FEEL SHIT.
    :( anybody else have a complete resistance to edibles?

  • CBRN Scholes
    CBRN Scholes 23 days ago

    I had four edibles of 10mg THC at like 1 am one night and passed the fuck out. I woke up super fucking high. I went into the bathroom and was pumping myself up to go the the river and swim so naturally I popped another 5 10mg edibles and we go to the river. I swear to God that water was going to fucking eat me.

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor 24 days ago

    I'm one of those unfortunate few who can't get high from edibles. Tried twice from dispensary edibles and nothing. I had en entire candy bar and an entire box of gummies. I didn't even get a little buzz. I can not express how disappointed I was.

  • Matthew Samsung
    Matthew Samsung 26 days ago

    my first time i ate the whole bag

  • Doug Evans
    Doug Evans 27 days ago

    That is funny as shit because big brothers do put little brothers through hell and to do that to your big brother would be fun!!

  • Christian Fletcher
    Christian Fletcher 27 days ago

    Clearly a fake story, dispensaries don’t let you use their products inside the store, that’s illegal, and they definitely wouldn’t tell you to drive home when you’re that high

  • Siddhant Prasad
    Siddhant Prasad 27 days ago

    Love from India !! You're HILARIOUS sound just like one of my friends here

  • Seth Johnson
    Seth Johnson 29 days ago

    This is the best bit yet I am crying 😂😂

  • Daddy Smokes
    Daddy Smokes Month ago

    I’ve never been high off a edible they never work

  • elric maina
    elric maina Month ago

    5:30 happened to me 😂😂😂😂

  • Voarium
    Voarium Month ago +1

    This audience is such noob stoners

  • r8drfan76
    r8drfan76 Month ago

    OK who wants to know what happen when he turned his phone back on

  • Johnni Tyson
    Johnni Tyson Month ago

    I smoked a blunt with my friends when I was like 17, smoked many times before cus u know I'm a heathen. So I took a few puffs mind you I said a few not the whole damn thing, also everyone else smoked this with me. Next thing I know I'm in different room, dont know how I got there. My friend dakotah passed me the blunt (a new one I didnt not realize this) and when I looked at him, he looked like a fucking pop up cartoon book. NO ONE ELSE HAD THIS REACTION. So they werent laced. I will never and have never had that same shit again. Purple banana. You wana go on a fucking ride there u go.

  • rileyandmike
    rileyandmike Month ago

    This was boring. His other stuff is much better

  • TB Flash101
    TB Flash101 Month ago

    As a big brother I feel personally attacked😂

  • William Parker
    William Parker Month ago

    In mom

  • Ela Navrátilová
    Ela Navrátilová Month ago

    8:50 on the left

  • zeddos
    zeddos Month ago


  • Reuben Ranchoux
    Reuben Ranchoux Month ago

    this is amazing

  • Zasper Monarch
    Zasper Monarch Month ago


  • Ashleigh Long
    Ashleigh Long Month ago


  • alexandre comeau
    alexandre comeau Month ago

    stealing jokes from mike ward 😂

  • Jess Near
    Jess Near Month ago

    The first and only time I’ve ever done drugs was an edible and I had WAAAAAAYYYY too much. I was high for 3 days...🤮

  • Dean Meadows
    Dean Meadows Month ago +2

    He replied to me on Instagram. He's such a great comedian

  • That1 Blondie
    That1 Blondie Month ago


  • Biscuit Boy
    Biscuit Boy Month ago

    I love how he just straight called all the older brothers mother fuckers without thinking twice and they just took it, like they just accepted it.

  • iam8196
    iam8196 Month ago

    Last time I got high was with my best friend and she gave me two edibles and we smoked a joint the size of a banana 😂😂😂 I was so fucking high I couldn’t even feel my body, I was having a complete out of body experience.

  • antgod420
    antgod420 Month ago

    That.... ACTUALLY happened to me😂 it fucked me up so bad

  • gearpunk2
    gearpunk2 Month ago


  • xSpookySZN
    xSpookySZN Month ago

    All the people who disliked miss clicked because they where laughing too hard

  • Keith WS
    Keith WS Month ago

    First time I had hash cake, in like 1998? It was chocolate cake, it was really good, maybe I ate a little too much - couple hours later I was convinced that I had actually already died... And that I was ghost, typing up some sort of post mortem recount of my life. And I was high for two fucking days after. It was NOT fun.

    TOP FLYTE Month ago

    Your behind buddy Korova has had that slogan on their edibles for years

  • Emerald Fox
    Emerald Fox Month ago

    Weed store owner: You didn't eat all of that did you?
    Josh: uhhhhh...

    Weed store owner: Do you know how strong that is?

    Josh: Will I be okay?

    WSO: Yeah but absolutely fucking not.