My Second Favorite Practical Joke

  • Published on Jun 27, 2019
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  • Kanawha Dasuki
    Kanawha Dasuki 12 hours ago

    So a few weeks ago I bought edibles for the first time and I got two because why not and so as soon as I got home I ate one and after about twenty minutes I thought why the hell is it not working sooo then I ate the second one and still nothing so I decided to go back and ask why nothing is happening so I get in my car and start driving and while I'm driving about halfway there I'm at a stoplight and I look over and there is a police car next to me and that's when the edibles started to kick in....

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith Day ago

    Somebody needs to fimd a way to remove these cuts whoo's, I wish I could remove the vocal cords from those assholes

  • Papa DragonBorn
    Papa DragonBorn Day ago

    You didn't eat that whole fucking muffin.

  • Leo Bister
    Leo Bister 2 days ago +2

    Doctor) Why do you need medical marijuana?
    Josh) --------A Autism?

  • ayla
    ayla 3 days ago

    this guy is awesome

  • Joe Sanford
    Joe Sanford 3 days ago

    The first time I had an edible it was a nibble of the corner of a brownie so I didn't feel much so the second time I had the whole thing before school, I was just sitting in 1st period and everything started vibrating, I would have these moments of clarity then it'd feel like I'm on a weird ass tilt a whirl kinda fun, kinda terrifying and my friends sitting next to me were just staring at me and I'm pretty sure the teacher knew, I could barely balance to second period and I was just like I'm done with this shit and just slept through 2nd

  • andreschneider156
    andreschneider156 3 days ago


  • infin8vibrations
    infin8vibrations 5 days ago

    Shout out to Comedy Works Denver

  • Lauren Lizzzbeth
    Lauren Lizzzbeth 5 days ago +11

    Netflix, it’s time. Give him the comedy special, he’s earned it.

  • uncleweirdbeard
    uncleweirdbeard 5 days ago

    I think I want to try edibles now

  • Pretzel Time
    Pretzel Time 7 days ago +1

    What if you’re an older and younger brother?

  • Killing ‘Em Smalls
    Killing ‘Em Smalls 7 days ago +1

    Wow I haven’t laughed this hard in a while

  • Trigger Lynn
    Trigger Lynn 7 days ago +1

    First time I had an edible I was high for 24 hours it was horrible 😂😂😂 I had shit to dooo

  • Akenny 2705
    Akenny 2705 8 days ago


  • Mayank Kumar Sharma
    Mayank Kumar Sharma 8 days ago

    this might be the best comedy thing i watched and will watch this year..

  • Jason Smoot
    Jason Smoot 8 days ago

    Wish edibles worked on me

  • Amanda
    Amanda 8 days ago

    Edibles have never had an affect on me, eaten over 2000mg nothing.

  • Calvin
    Calvin 8 days ago

    My first time I had an edible I had 5. Took 1 didnt feel anything 30 mins in and took another 30 mins in nothing took another one waited 10 mins and took 2. It all hit and once and I just stood from my pc and laid down and passed out. I was high for over 24 hours

  • RES
    RES 8 days ago


  • Oliver McGill
    Oliver McGill 9 days ago

    I’ve taken 9 small edibles at the same time

  • QuienTeAmanda 27
    QuienTeAmanda 27 9 days ago

    I sound like a fucking hyena at 2a

  • Daken Bacon Gaming
    Daken Bacon Gaming 9 days ago +1

    i like how we can all relate on how older brothers are assholes

  • Black shrek
    Black shrek 9 days ago

    You are the funniest fucking comedian ever

    RUBEN PICASIO 9 days ago

    Brother: *puts lil bro in couch*
    Lil bro: I'm gonna try and kill this dude fer real

  • Brayden Miller
    Brayden Miller 10 days ago

    I’m the younger brother and the middle kid

  • monkey toucher
    monkey toucher 10 days ago +1

    I once convinced my older brother to do shrooms with me........i got high af.......he spent the night crying like a little bitch

  • Samurai Hype
    Samurai Hype 10 days ago

    Im 15 but when i was 9 i ate my brothers weed brownie and trust me i ate the WHOLE FUCkING THING and thats why i dont wanna do drugs again in ly futire xD

  • ilia Bacossi
    ilia Bacossi 10 days ago


  • stealthboy316
    stealthboy316 11 days ago

    You should never EVER


  • Hotrodimusprime 2002
    Hotrodimusprime 2002 12 days ago

    I did edibles for the first time with a buddy we had two chocolate bars and ate all of it 300 grams each. I had to call out of work the next day I woke up early and went to the bank but I was still tucked and left my sunglasses inside like a Jack ass.that was fun

  • Adham E
    Adham E 12 days ago

    Stolen jokes

  • shyann wen covers
    shyann wen covers 12 days ago

    Flipping fantastic 😂😂

  • Judy Best
    Judy Best 13 days ago +1

    I LOVE YOU so I just subscribed thanks for Keeping it real I prefer to smoke.

  • Quiet Navajo
    Quiet Navajo 13 days ago

    Ate two peach rings and was like I’m okay was high for almost two days I was way quiet the whole time

  • merchant joker
    merchant joker 13 days ago

    Edibles are awesome drive them across state like cop pulls you over fucking eat them all except the last one offer it to the cop

  • Thomas Bayreuther
    Thomas Bayreuther 13 days ago

    U have used this edible joke before

  • Andrew Decker
    Andrew Decker 14 days ago

    Well edibles are generally 4-5 times more psychoactive than when smoking due to the body producing 11 hydroxy metabolite.

  • Breann Bree
    Breann Bree 14 days ago

    I don’t get high for a reason

  • GBCuddLe
    GBCuddLe 15 days ago +2

    I love how the muffin story keeps changing, keeps it interesting!

  • hitothecamera
    hitothecamera 15 days ago

    Please go and see this guy live he is the best! Just seen him in the UK 😊😁🤣🥰

  • Mariam Imtiaz
    Mariam Imtiaz 15 days ago

    I'm in love with you ❤️😂

  • BloodPelt
    BloodPelt 16 days ago

    i got pissed off by my mother so i watched this video to calm down...

  • David Holmes
    David Holmes 16 days ago

    I made these edibles and gave them to my brother and my mother and they were stoned for 2 days straight

  • Wolfie Moon
    Wolfie Moon 17 days ago

    Comedy gold

  • Brandon Lethbridge
    Brandon Lethbridge 17 days ago

    Come to Michigan

  • moondust4100
    moondust4100 17 days ago

    Tomorrow weed 🤣

  • Waterhouse
    Waterhouse 18 days ago +1

    8:10 I was watching this with my older brother and he’s about to sucker punch me

  • Hamish Brayshaw
    Hamish Brayshaw 19 days ago


  • Matchoman Hendriks
    Matchoman Hendriks 19 days ago

    Sweet sweet revenge

  • Chayzz Devyant
    Chayzz Devyant 20 days ago +2

    I've never binged watch a comedian before finding you. Haha

  • Steven Del carlo
    Steven Del carlo 21 day ago

    My favorite practical joke is Congress

  • Revtee Das
    Revtee Das 21 day ago

    Josh Wolf is s treasure.....THE WORLD NEEDS MORE OF HIM....❤

  • ravenbadger
    ravenbadger 21 day ago

    I wish edibles did that to me

  • tater tot
    tater tot 22 days ago

    Fucking me when I eat a whole brownie 💀

  • Evil Monkey
    Evil Monkey 22 days ago

    Damn that was hilarious!

  • bovinicusdivinicus
    bovinicusdivinicus 22 days ago

    ikve done that OH NOOOOO thign lol

  • EpicJoker 3o
    EpicJoker 3o 22 days ago

    Any coloradans?

  • EpicJoker 3o
    EpicJoker 3o 22 days ago

    The lady agreeing in the croud

    KPOP LOVER 23 days ago

    My stepdad brought home a VERY VERY strong edible cookie... He tells my mom to only eat a piece because it's so strong...
    So we left home for a little bit and what happens??

  • T Clark
    T Clark 23 days ago

    I hadnt smoked weed in more than several years...then i partook in a Vegas. Fill in the blanks...then let me know...

  • Rene' Craig
    Rene' Craig 23 days ago

    Smart and Crafty :)

  • Michael Milligan
    Michael Milligan 23 days ago

    I’m not that big brother.... I put my brothers in couches... that just happens... but I know not to compete with my little brother when it comes to weed... 😂

  • Michael Milligan
    Michael Milligan 23 days ago

    I’m afraid of edibles...

  • Bindigirl7
    Bindigirl7 23 days ago

    😂😂😂😂 this guy has me laughing so hard, I am crying 😂😂😂

  • Jake C
    Jake C 23 days ago

    As someone who doesn’t have a very broad sense of humor and doesn’t laugh very often, this almost made me throw up from laughing too hard.

  • Demiin
    Demiin 23 days ago

    This guy should be on the Misfits podcast

  • Smoke of Spades
    Smoke of Spades 23 days ago +1

    Your bros so high he hit the dislike button a couple hundred times 😂

  • Korin Torres
    Korin Torres 24 days ago

    My first time high was with an edible and I was loosing it. (I didn't know it was an edible and ate THE WHOLE THING) and I also just went to bed. Woke up for school in 4 hours, still high as fuck. Went to school, my first class was french, let me tell you. I have NEVER done so well in class

  • Cherina Phillips
    Cherina Phillips 24 days ago

    I ate an entire rice crispy that was the size of my hand. Then I watched a creepy episode of Doctor Who that made me afraid to leave the couch. So I cried on the couch because I couldn't get to my bed. The whole time my husband and my dad are just laughing at me and telling me they warned me not to eat it. I learned my lesson. Never again. It sucked so bad. I was an idiot.😅

  • Eva Hawkins
    Eva Hawkins 24 days ago

    I’m gonna txt my ex please don’t stop me I’m bored and stupid

  • Steve Hanson
    Steve Hanson 25 days ago


  • Drr Dank
    Drr Dank 25 days ago

    Fuck edibles 😂 had some bad times hahah

  • melo green
    melo green 25 days ago

    " u didn't eat dhat whole fuckin muffin did u" lmao😂😂

  • Kazhrei
    Kazhrei 26 days ago +2

    Pro tip: If you know you might be going into a situation where you might get TOO high, take some ibuprofen BEFOREHAND. It uses the same receptors and keeps you from getting way too high. It doesn't work after the fact though.

    • Alvaro Garcia
      Alvaro Garcia 25 days ago

      Thanks, i'm baking some good brownies right fuking now because i never taste this shit before.

  • papillon commando
    papillon commando 26 days ago +6

    I've seen alice in wonderland. I know not to eat an entire edible anything