$8 Headphones Vs. $80 Beats Headphones


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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  Year ago +8191

    Give this video some thumbs if you want to see $80 vs $800 headphones... then we'll see what Tom is really made of.

    • Johnny Cano
      Johnny Cano 16 days ago

      +Best hair day ever 1017 .

    • Dj Stinger
      Dj Stinger Month ago

      Could you test the Oneodio Dj Headphones new version?

    • TheGamer10 Bangs
      TheGamer10 Bangs 3 months ago

      Unbox Therapy yes

    • Mhussain Zubedi
      Mhussain Zubedi 3 months ago

      Unbox Therapy please try Beats solo wireless headphones.which cost 299.95 US dollars. Officially

    • Silvana Neumann
      Silvana Neumann 4 months ago

      Jo bro i always watch only your vidios :)

  • Skye Walker
    Skye Walker 11 hours ago

    Beats are not worth the price

  • iiApplePineappleX3 YT
    iiApplePineappleX3 YT 22 hours ago

    I have a beats headphone and I only hear out of the left side lmao

  • Maryse Forget
    Maryse Forget 2 days ago

    Listing on my beats studio 3 love these things

  • HarishPoli2
    HarishPoli2 4 days ago

    *The truth is in INDIA we do have $1 headphones and half dollar earphones.*

  • Sandra Garcia
    Sandra Garcia 5 days ago

    I spent the 400 I got the special edition beats studio 3 wireless

  • Mr.Rainbow Dash
    Mr.Rainbow Dash 5 days ago

    i got 200$ headphones its called BLUEDIO UFO U and I love them

  • Umad Boii
    Umad Boii 6 days ago

    Beats are OVERRATED, don’t @ me

  • 動力学的KiNeTiC
    動力学的KiNeTiC 8 days ago

    i dont know if you guys
    noticed but a lot of major producers don't use beats lmao

    PHOTON 8 days ago +1

    those beats also suck in comfort. Those headphones are super uncomfortable.

  • ClemensAlive
    ClemensAlive 9 days ago

    I spent €350 on my Bose QC 35...
    never regeted it for a minute.
    The sound...the noise cancelling...the headset function. maaaaaan
    I using it about 10h a day for business calls and entertainment.
    You can just escape from reality with this thing^^

  • S6N 6F G6D
    S6N 6F G6D 9 days ago

    skullcandy is also a brand that makes headphones more for the design.
    but they actualy have balanced sound. and you can actualy listen to rock music with them.
    while with beats. guitar would sound bassy and muddy. if you want better sounding headphones with a design that is also not bad. go for skullcandy.
    but still "Sennheiser, audio technica, pioneer, and akg make the best sounding headphones.

  • VidGameDunk
    VidGameDunk 10 days ago

    beats are overpriced and overrated when you compare them to some popular headphone companys such as audio technica you hear a huge difference in audio quality

  • kamran khan
    kamran khan 10 days ago

    Damn it really like sony WF-SP700N it's noise cancelling function thanks mate for the video👍👍👍👍

  • unrepeatable raddish
    unrepeatable raddish 10 days ago

    $80 beats headphones v $1000 westone

  • A K
    A K 10 days ago

    U weren’t on yt rewind😓😰😭

  • Moses Jones
    Moses Jones 12 days ago

    I wouldn't be surprised if the Marlow Headphones I got for $10 at Ross sounds better than Beats. My headphones have very deep bass and a full sound as if I am listening to a sound system.

  • jacob randolph
    jacob randolph 12 days ago

    Beats are rubbish headphones. End of discussion.

  • Eli Arreguin
    Eli Arreguin 12 days ago

    The volume can get just as loud there is just a limiter on it so u can download a volume Booster on chrome for a computer and it can get pretty loud just a tip

  • Kagune
    Kagune 14 days ago

    Beats cost 14 dollars to make lmao

  • xander canny
    xander canny 17 days ago

    I have those beats

  • wilddesert
    wilddesert 17 days ago

    Real problem is this: durability. Not so much can you do with $8, or how how good they sound. The $8 ones will eventually break, one of the sides will stop working. There's no way in hell $8 will last more than a month or 2 if you use them regularly.

  • Jenniffer Westwood
    Jenniffer Westwood 17 days ago

    what next: compare a early 90's Kia to a 2018 Mercedes S Class, now Beats are no S-Class, maybe a C-Class, but what's the obvious point to this and why am I subbed? Bye bitches

  • Bizarre Beats
    Bizarre Beats 18 days ago +3

    *But will these headphones help me hear footsteps in csgo?*

  • NotSnarl
    NotSnarl 19 days ago +1

    Beats suck ass. Sennheiser for life, biotch.

    • JΛMΛ
      JΛMΛ 18 days ago

      seinhesiers trash

  • WillDaBeast _09
    WillDaBeast _09 19 days ago

    I like apple AirPods the best

  • Al May
    Al May 19 days ago

    does the $80 headphone last longer than the $8 headphone?

  • Bluey
    Bluey 22 days ago

    I am wearing those beats headphones while watching this video.

  • ethan applefeld
    ethan applefeld 23 days ago

    And if you want to make beats sound like shit put them up against a $20 pair of headphones

  • LastOfUsClips
    LastOfUsClips 23 days ago

    better to compare with maybe a 20$ pair of headphones vs 100$. 8 might be too cheap. 20$ is usually good for everyday listening.

    • JΛMΛ
      JΛMΛ 18 days ago

      20 ones for everyday? nahnah

  • djknight59
    djknight59 23 days ago

    Those beats EP are not affordable no more they cost $129.99 affordable is the price you said $79.99 good thing I got me 2 in 2017 I still have one new and using this EP for mixing music at the clubs and they do work for mixing at the club

  • paulo alexandre
    paulo alexandre 24 days ago

    Beats are the worst brand ever. A brand for deejays and pop likers that have no idea about sound quality. Simple

  • Paradox
    Paradox 24 days ago +1

    I have 90$ Steelseries Arctus 3 Headset sooo is the sound quality better or is it because it has an amazing mic and media buttons?

  • Zyox
    Zyox 24 days ago

    I’ll have the £8 beats are rubbish

  • xXReD_killzXx 5
    xXReD_killzXx 5 25 days ago

    The beats logo got a neck on us damn!

  • DeDe Ty
    DeDe Ty 26 days ago

    They're so biased to beats even before he listened to them..

  • DeDe Ty
    DeDe Ty 26 days ago

    I thought they weren't gonna show him the brand to make this video unbiased......wasn't that the point smh

  • BIG Maque
    BIG Maque 26 days ago

    There only 0 dollars more. Wow.

  • G1iExorcisT
    G1iExorcisT 27 days ago

    make a video Superlux hd668b pliz

    AWARESOO JR 28 days ago

    What's the music

  • Adriana’s Life
    Adriana’s Life 29 days ago

    I love my beats maybe it’s just bc theyre rose gold idk lol

  • adriangs-t parada
    adriangs-t parada 29 days ago

    I take my PHILIPS FIDELIO over any beats!!!period!

  • Christopher Benham
    Christopher Benham 29 days ago

    Beats suck

  • Techtion 19
    Techtion 19 29 days ago

    Dats a Polaroid headphone😂

  • Antonius Anggito
    Antonius Anggito 29 days ago

    How about the sustainability? I prefer the $8 one

  • Firey Tiger
    Firey Tiger Month ago

    Tom you are my new favorite person tool is an amazing band and the fact that your smart ass chose that because you knew that they wouldn’t be found proves that you are amazing

  • Matcha Frape
    Matcha Frape Month ago

    Had beats solo 3 and its fragile af. The other side(left) lose its sound after few times of use. Disappointed.

  • Mr Good Vibes Only Here

    He really said,Its beats these are one of the most affordable (Over Ear) headphone, they (sit on) you're ear.

  • Micco Millchris Reyes

    3:33 fifty shades 😂

  • Meseret Isaak
    Meseret Isaak Month ago

    BOSE is the sound of king.

  • J plays
    J plays Month ago

    what's the title of the intro?

  • Therealtyeesteimel 1

    I use Bluetooth Jbls

  • Dead From The Inside
    Dead From The Inside Month ago +2

    I just got the beats solo 3, i highly recommend them to everyone worth the 200€

  • brett star
    brett star Month ago

    Beats suck. End of.

  • Cheers
    Cheers Month ago

    The thing with beats, they are nice, but they cost Hefty, I mean I like Beats, but the main problem with them (it is actually quite the problem) is like Apple’s. They are Too expensive. So guys, You have your opinions, I have my opinion, happy day.

  • Ora nge
    Ora nge Month ago

    Any skullcandy fans here?

  • Compete ToDefeat
    Compete ToDefeat Month ago

    The Beats probably only cost 8 dollars to make, the other 72 dollars went to paying celebrities to endorse their overpriced garbage.

  • Mike
    Mike Month ago

    I was actually listening to this with my beats ep lol

  • Razor Games
    Razor Games Month ago

    Beats actually cost 8 dollars to manufacture soooo $8 vs $8 headphones

    • JΛMΛ
      JΛMΛ 18 days ago

      yeah no, the $8 ones don't even got leather cups

  • TheUnknownGamer
    TheUnknownGamer Month ago

    Conor McGregor is that you?

  • KoozY
    KoozY Month ago

    I'm watching this on my two cans with a string tied to it.

  • VeLk0
    VeLk0 Month ago

    Get some Corsair HS50, $50, excellent headphones

  • Xx s3th_d4wg10 xX
    Xx s3th_d4wg10 xX Month ago

    Polaroid more like... hurricane tortilla!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Garrett Runyon
    Garrett Runyon Month ago

    I’m listening on Sennheiser ie40s

  • Ali Eren Doganer
    Ali Eren Doganer Month ago

    8 dollars are about 55liras in Turkey and 80dollars are 550liras :D so yeah you know what i mean...

  • Justin Alonte
    Justin Alonte Month ago

    Please do a video on KZ IEMs.

  • Knightrider2k43
    Knightrider2k43 Month ago

    Do $80 Beats and $800 Bose.

  • UberGamingHD
    UberGamingHD Month ago

    lol i got the beats new for around 45 pounds, around 52 dollars

  • Bumblebee332
    Bumblebee332 Month ago +1

    *nervous laugh*

  • ं IBRAHIM ं
    ं IBRAHIM ं Month ago

    Audiotechnica m50x for life

  • og bobbyjohnson
    og bobbyjohnson Month ago

    What I don't get about with ear buds though is what sets a 1000 dollers pair of ear buds from a 20 dollers pair?like what electronic components in them make them that much more expensive because it's not too much to them.?I just don't get it there's no way it costs nearly as much as that to make them..so why doesn't a company just come out with a pair of 50 dollers ones that sound like 1000 dollers ones and just blow competition out the water? Somebody please just answer that for me

  • sheedrock1
    sheedrock1 Month ago

    My $20 Koss KTX Pro sound better than both

  • _Pro_ Gemer_420_MLG


  • TLB K1NG
    TLB K1NG Month ago

    Can you stop with the unskippable adds plz they r annoying im so triggered

  • Blank
    Blank Month ago

    Oh they went up to $12? Fuck that. I'm getting some gummies

  • DW bro
    DW bro Month ago

    I'm listening to this with Panasonic earphones cost me £6 and thier fantastic best earphones I've ever owned even better than supposedly top brands like sehenisor beats I've owner both and these £6 ones are far far better than them

  • PBR Streetgang
    PBR Streetgang Month ago


    ...or audiofool? $80 for Beats? Spend $120 on a pair of Sennheisers, your ears will thank you.

  • TheMalteseFury
    TheMalteseFury Month ago

    Is there something wrong with that tom guy? He always seems so stern and almost angry. I hope his life is okay.

  • Alex Belman
    Alex Belman Month ago

    dont you ever come on this side

  • jhvghjgjkhlihli
    jhvghjgjkhlihli Month ago

    beats headphones are worth $8, $10 tops.

  • Dylan Richards
    Dylan Richards Month ago

    I use a £30 pair of Betron HD800X headphones. Comfortable; sound isolation; braided and detachable cable; pretty good mic... Can't complain.

  • Julian West
    Julian West Month ago

    I'd rather get the MDR 7506's. They were industry standard for a long time for a reason. I also think they'd put the beats to shame.

  • Cringeworthy Humans

    nah man 200 dollar ASUS headphones

  • S5 0014 81
    S5 0014 81 Month ago +1

    $8 everyday

  • Raphael deLaghetto
    Raphael deLaghetto Month ago

    Go get some $50 Sony noise cancelling wired headphones and you'll be fine.

  • Pevonis
    Pevonis Month ago +3

    Watching this a year late but, beats are a total con. I had studios and after 5 months, one side wasn’t working already. The sound is also shit.

  • Bob Sagget
    Bob Sagget Month ago

    Beats sucks in general. who ever buy those have NO idea about music. lol

  • silver
    silver Month ago

    omg yellowish white already

  • Cameron B
    Cameron B Month ago +1

    That leather like surface on the beats EP‘s is actually sheepskin

  • Kevin Ruelas
    Kevin Ruelas Month ago

    Beats are shit, they just have good bass

  • Dz' Joker
    Dz' Joker Month ago +1

    Listening on my 3$ headphones

  • LeviTheLevite
    LeviTheLevite Month ago

    Don’t be hating on the beats

  • B
    B Month ago

    Try the J Lab Neon Bluetooth headphones.The bass is amazing.

  • Sutha Kanagaraj
    Sutha Kanagaraj Month ago

    800 dollar headphones are better

  • Henry Barrett
    Henry Barrett Month ago +10

    Beats sound like crap. overpriced hot garbage. Same thing as apple, people buy it for the logo, not the product.

    • Ice Gaming
      Ice Gaming 9 hours ago

      Henry Barrett Broke much?

    • Skye Walker
      Skye Walker 11 hours ago

      +Niker _74 ?

    • Skye Walker
      Skye Walker 11 hours ago +1

      Poor saps that buy iPhones with beats. So misguided.

    • IsaiMendozaGaming
      IsaiMendozaGaming 6 days ago +1

      Broke much?

    • Henry Barrett
      Henry Barrett Month ago +6

      Niker _74 no. I could easily afford Beats but it's objectively worse for how much it costs. Ignorant much?

  • Tikiri Wicks
    Tikiri Wicks Month ago

    Hey can you also please put a link to the headphone band cover

  • Mhussain Zubedi
    Mhussain Zubedi Month ago

    Beats by Dr dre is best.

  • Kaher Ahmed
    Kaher Ahmed Month ago +1

    Every iPhone headphones r better than others headphones..because I used different brands of this.. Specially beats headphones r full of shit

  • Ash Ero
    Ash Ero Month ago

    im watchin

  • Adam Stickley
    Adam Stickley Month ago

    Don't BEATS by DRE use weights in the earpiece to make them appear to be more hefty than they really are?