$8 Headphones Vs. $80 Beats Headphones

  • Published on Mar 20, 2017
  • Beats EP Headphones - amzn.to/2nsOPnv
    Polaroid Headphones - amzn.to/2nsN61p
    How much are you willing to spend on headphones? Today we compare $8 headphones from Polaroid to $80 headphones from Beats. Which are the best headphones for the money?
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  2 years ago +8555

    Give this video some thumbs if you want to see $80 vs $800 headphones... then we'll see what Tom is really made of.

  • Cody Gillard
    Cody Gillard 2 days ago

    beats are awesome

  • Naved khan
    Naved khan 5 days ago

    I am currently using those beats headphones and they really sucks in comfort. Just 20 mins of listening and my ears starts to pain so much that i almost want to throw them in dustbin. Sound quality also is not that impressive.

  • The Cooper Tech Kid
    The Cooper Tech Kid 5 days ago

    I bought 2 pairs of beats in the past. First pair broke straight away and when I back to the shop and got a cheaper pair and they only lasted only a few months before they broke again. Beats to me are cheap garbage and can’t understand why they are so big! Definitely style over substance.

  • John Carter
    John Carter 6 days ago

    Poloroid don't make headphones they just stick there name on. Beats you are paying mainly for the name not the sound quality. There are more known brands out there that have far better sound than Beats and cost less. But just comparing them to some really cheap headphones is a bit unfair, also it's not just how loud they go but how good they sound. Beats are just a load of boosted bass of poor sound.

  • JamesBieBoe
    JamesBieBoe 6 days ago

    Did you just blind fold em with a sock

  • Mo
    Mo 6 days ago

    4:54 best part😂

  • SoaR_tRy_hArD
    SoaR_tRy_hArD 7 days ago

    whos listinen on there ep's

  • Spectere Elemental
    Spectere Elemental 7 days ago

    I’m listening to this with beats studio 3

  • Tanmang42
    Tanmang42 9 days ago +2

    *Looks at standardized cable connector*
    "These plugs look super similar"

  • Paul
    Paul 10 days ago

    lol yeah and there are much better headphones than beats for under 80$. You could probably find a pair better than the top beats as far as sound goes for under 80

  • TurtleOppzz lIl
    TurtleOppzz lIl 12 days ago

    People talk all that smack ab beats but theses are the same people who never even listen to a pair😂

  • Dương Aries
    Dương Aries 14 days ago

    Beats Solo3

  • Chris Jong
    Chris Jong 16 days ago

    Those guys should make a real life soap 😂

  • It's Fericia Playz
    It's Fericia Playz 16 days ago +1

    I NEED THAT!!!

  • omar ornelas
    omar ornelas 17 days ago +3

    Beats and $8 polaroid headphones. Finally a fair quality comparison.

  • Mohamed Elyaouti
    Mohamed Elyaouti 18 days ago

    80 is still over priced, id rather get used seinnheisers , in fact im sure they sell their lowest priced model for 100!, Beats are a ripoff,

  • Xavier Willis
    Xavier Willis 19 days ago

    beats cost 14 dolllors to make unbox therapy look it up

  • Oscar Ledezma
    Oscar Ledezma 23 days ago

    I have beats solo3 $299 not trying to flex my money

  • Augustin
    Augustin 24 days ago +1

    Tool, he listens to some good stuff

  • Mr. Nice Guy
    Mr. Nice Guy 24 days ago

    Fuckkk u ugly guyyyy

  • Joker 999
    Joker 999 26 days ago

    you dont know how to use cheap headphones. listen, i been living off em for frickin 7 to 8 years now and you gotta listen to music at full volume for a hour and then turn the music off then back on. like shoes, you gotta break them in.

  • NoahBones 12
    NoahBones 12 26 days ago +1

    beats headphones are shit

  • meedo habarna
    meedo habarna 26 days ago

    If i was in Tom's place i would pick Russian hardbass songs to test my headphones

  • Dimentive
    Dimentive 26 days ago +4

    People pay for the brand name.

    • A Joke
      A Joke 13 days ago

      not entirely, but somewhat. Of the $400 you pay, $14 is for the headphones themselves. The other $386 is for things like advertising and packaging. That's why you see ads for Beats everywhere and why their packaging is so neat and clean.

  • Squidward Tortellini
    Squidward Tortellini 27 days ago

    This guy is such a fuckin dildo, get cucked

  • BeroHero
    BeroHero 28 days ago


  • Tanveer Sakib
    Tanveer Sakib 28 days ago

    Yo you know the value of 80$ in bangladesh ? 😂 A months grocery cost and expect me to spend that on my ear entertainment.. nah uh sorry! :V

  • Rithwik Satish
    Rithwik Satish 29 days ago

    Well I use BOSE so...

  • Brian Pronit Kumar Biswas

    4:11 ''the first one was the cheap ones''. It should be 'the first ones were the cheap ones'. Tom needs grammar lessons.

  • Gaming&More Productions

    i have beats ep why does the speaker still play while i have it pluged in

  • 2K Doctor
    2K Doctor Month ago

    im buying pink ones for $10 these hoes went up drastically in price almost doubled

    JAYGUYROCKY 1 Month ago

    Who else here while wearing beats headphone lol i do

  • REN Pac G
    REN Pac G Month ago

    You should get the whole line of OneOdio and OneAudio Headphones. I think they are the best sounding headphones for 30 to 40 dollar range

  • Popcoll :D
    Popcoll :D Month ago

    Bought em to flex only not to hear.

    ELLIOTT H Month ago


  • DoubleClock
    DoubleClock Month ago

    They brought up Tool, but didn't play any of their songs. What a fool.

  • fakeoscar gaming
    fakeoscar gaming Month ago

    You just offended so many broke ppl who call beats dumb bc they are to much for them

  • Levay •
    Levay • Month ago +2

    It's just sad for beats that they have to be compared to 8 dollar headphones to sound good XD

  • Isaac Quipse
    Isaac Quipse Month ago

    try the nia x3

  • Daniel Del Rey
    Daniel Del Rey Month ago +1

    That guy is freaking death man! Dont invite him anymore please.

  • I hate liberals
    I hate liberals Month ago

    I guarantee my koss porta pros sound way better than both of these yet they only cost $30

  • Michael Tomlinson
    Michael Tomlinson Month ago

    could you have chosen someone with less personality?

  • yyEthan
    yyEthan Month ago

    loll, not fair, compare a 40 dollars one with that beats

  • Albert Yang
    Albert Yang Month ago

    beats; the biggest ripoff in the music industry

  • Saitama_is_OP - R6S

    Beats suck

  • Peterj McGee
    Peterj McGee Month ago

    Yes Beats can stand up against than $8 so the headphones but it can't stand up against Sony or Bose

    • Wax Doe
      Wax Doe Month ago

      EXACTLY I'm bouta pick up a pair of Sony.

  • HardstylerDK
    HardstylerDK Month ago


  • GAVR
    GAVR Month ago +1


  • Nate dogo
    Nate dogo Month ago +5

    The beats ep cost around $15 in factory cost

  • Alejandro Sierra
    Alejandro Sierra 2 months ago

    I'd like to see Sentey H10 go up against the Beats

  • Zedeye
    Zedeye 2 months ago

    K @ my dollar store they have them for 4$ *in Canada...*

  • The Black Mace
    The Black Mace 2 months ago

    Lmao beats are trash unless you just want the status symbol but if you want sound you should get bose

  • SolarEviiL
    SolarEviiL 2 months ago +1

    *Beats by Apple*

  • Atomic Boomstick
    Atomic Boomstick 2 months ago

    Weight is NO sign of quality with headphones. This is evident by the fact that beats put BLOCKS OF METAL in theirs to make them seem like they are a higher quality.

  • Richard Pruett
    Richard Pruett 2 months ago

    Beats are just overpriced brand the quality is not that great

  • Heaven/ Jyot
    Heaven/ Jyot 2 months ago

    You are nonsense bro!!!

  • Paddy234
    Paddy234 2 months ago

    For sound go for hifiman, same price and sounds like nothing you have ever heard

    RADII 2 months ago

    How much beat paid you to beat the idea coming in people's mind to think of buying an 8$ headphone against theirs.

  • Sona Gaming
    Sona Gaming 2 months ago

    Yes beats aren't the best headphones but at least you can say that's the solo 3 feels good to wear

  • Samet Demir
    Samet Demir 2 months ago

    it looks fake Urbanears Plattan..

  • ATHE
    ATHE 2 months ago


  • Zołnierz rebeli chaosu #SAVEYOURINTERNET

    Sennheiser da best

  • Rodric Johnson
    Rodric Johnson 2 months ago

    They should redo this with the bluedio turbines, $29 bluetooth headsets

  • DondreX_X :v
    DondreX_X :v 2 months ago

    What the name of that background music at 0:00

    SG GAMER 2 months ago +1

    Please make a video on beyerdynamics DT 990 Pro headphones with a worth amplifier for it please please please I hope you like my suggestion and this is the headphone that Ninja uses too

    • Bleach
      Bleach Month ago

      lmao dont buy that trash I had them once and the volume and sound quality is laughable even with an amp + dac. Your best bet is steelseries headphones

  • Raphiell
    Raphiell 2 months ago

    Listening on my Airpods

  • Spencer 177
    Spencer 177 2 months ago

    what song is in the intro? (0:02)

  • Dr. Dolphin
    Dr. Dolphin 2 months ago

    idc if it still works or not ill use them

  • Andrew Renz
    Andrew Renz 2 months ago

    Tool tool tool tool tool tool tool tool

  • Joe S.
    Joe S. 2 months ago

    I bought these wireless Bluetooth earbuds from the open box clearance rack at Best buy for $24. I've been using them for 16 months and they bump hard and clear and the battery last pretty damn long. The brand is called JAM.

  • Jason Langevin
    Jason Langevin 2 months ago

    Beats. That’s a laugh. Should’ve called them “cheeps by Dre”😃😃🤣

  • amrith singh
    amrith singh 2 months ago

    House of marley are the best

  • Edik Dulak
    Edik Dulak 2 months ago

    Listening on beats solo 3

  • Kasper Verweij
    Kasper Verweij 2 months ago

    0:34 As far as I can tell these are on-ear headphones.

  • DarkestKnight2424
    DarkestKnight2424 2 months ago

    My beats X bluetooth have been good since sophomore year

  • Car
    Car 3 months ago +178

    What trump said to the Mexicans: 0:06 to 0:11

    Edit: Thanks for the likes It was really unexpected.

  • Kurtis Qu
    Kurtis Qu 3 months ago +1

    I think Beats probably cost about 50$ to make. The sound quality: average, microphone quality; average, colors and design: pretty good, marketing: clever

  • Janitor
    Janitor 3 months ago

    Just buy some Sennheiser sony or bose like a real man.

  • Michal Figas
    Michal Figas 3 months ago

    Tom rox

  • sakib mehedi
    sakib mehedi 3 months ago

    To check out a headphone I never use Music, I use the movie Terminator 2. Skywalker sound used in this movie will find out almost any strength and flaw in the sound quality. But yes you need to know how the movie scenes originally sounds.

  • Jorge Zanudo
    Jorge Zanudo 3 months ago

    do a video of all the series of audio-technica

  • Joe Robe
    Joe Robe 3 months ago

    Does the beats ep have a micro?

  • MRbobbyboi
    MRbobbyboi 3 months ago

    I have tx40 by giotech and personally I think they r better than beast cuz the cushioning is buetiful and the sound is great

  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami 3 months ago

    Beats are fucking cheap shit shouted by some dickhead that shows off and BETRON
    And SONY TECHNO AKG are very good

  • Skersas Ltu
    Skersas Ltu 3 months ago +2

    *plays Ali a intro*

  • Diogo Siqueira
    Diogo Siqueira 3 months ago

    Nice review bro. Did you record while listening to the bass music? Because you speak just at the same beat aehuheauueah that's really nice ;) Already a rap speaking review

  • Octavio Roso USA
    Octavio Roso USA 3 months ago

    Beats suck , i have 2 broken here that did not last 2 months piece of shit headphones , i bought the JbL E55 bt over a year ago amazing headphones battery life is awesome, durable and super well built .

  • fisherKat
    fisherKat 3 months ago

    Listening on my AirPods so

  • Chris Bro
    Chris Bro 3 months ago

    Skull candy ear buds go for like 5.99$ and up and there better then beats

  • gaming fuzion
    gaming fuzion 3 months ago

    How tf u get them for 80 bucks??? I brought mine at best buy for 140

    • Darrick Cortez
      Darrick Cortez 3 months ago

      sadly you paid 100 for the beats logo. :( that's basically the difference in most merch

  • Matt Starnes
    Matt Starnes 3 months ago +1

    I immediately respected Tom when he said "Tool" we just became best friends and we need to see more of him on unbox therapy

  • Look it’s Kick
    Look it’s Kick 3 months ago

    I have the beats ep

  • Matthew Featherston
    Matthew Featherston 3 months ago

    I love my wireless beats studio 2.0...Got them at a pawn shop for $50 and it's been the best $50 I have spent in a while..

  • Park Chaeyoung
    Park Chaeyoung 3 months ago +2

    i'm listening with $1 earphones here. LIKE SERIOUSLY.

    • Ben Thomas
      Ben Thomas 2 months ago

      LOL me too! Dollar General! xD

  • Alec Brice
    Alec Brice 3 months ago

    Fuck yea tool! 🤘

  • just for fun
    just for fun 3 months ago +1

    I'll go with Sony xb950b1 just 80€ ma nigghaa

  • Josh Hayl
    Josh Hayl 3 months ago +6

    🔵 I'll start by saying that I ordinarily enjoy your videos very much, however, THIS video was thoroughly useless! (almost painful)... the comparison should have been a bit more reasonable, comparing the Beats with several pair of $30-headphones would have yielded more useful data...seriously, this was a fair example of an exercise in futility, I can't see what good came out of this.

  • Spman2099
    Spman2099 3 months ago +1

    Now compare those $80 beats against a pair of genuinely good $80 headphones...

  • WelcomeToYoure DOOM
    WelcomeToYoure DOOM 3 months ago

    that guy is 17? he looks 40