$8 Headphones Vs. $80 Beats Headphones


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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  Year ago +8372

    Give this video some thumbs if you want to see $80 vs $800 headphones... then we'll see what Tom is really made of.

    • Johnny Cano
      Johnny Cano 2 months ago

      +Best hair day ever 1017 .

    • Dj Stinger
      Dj Stinger 3 months ago

      Could you test the Oneodio Dj Headphones new version?

    • TheGamer10 Bangs
      TheGamer10 Bangs 5 months ago

      Unbox Therapy yes

    • Mhussain Zubedi
      Mhussain Zubedi 5 months ago

      Unbox Therapy please try Beats solo wireless headphones.which cost 299.95 US dollars. Officially

    • Silvana Neumann
      Silvana Neumann 6 months ago

      Jo bro i always watch only your vidios :)

  • Sker sas
    Sker sas 2 hours ago

    *plays Ali a intro*

  • Diogo Siqueira
    Diogo Siqueira 5 hours ago

    Nice review bro. Did you record while listening to the bass music? Because you speak just at the same beat aehuheauueah that's really nice ;) Already a rap speaking review

  • Dj_Tato_ USA SP
    Dj_Tato_ USA SP 14 hours ago

    Beats suck , i have 2 broken here that did not last 2 months piece of shit headphones , i bought the JbL E55 bt over a year ago amazing headphones battery life is awesome, durable and super well built .

  • fisherKat
    fisherKat Day ago

    Listening on my AirPods so

  • Chris Bro
    Chris Bro Day ago

    Skull candy ear buds go for like 5.99$ and up and there better then beats

  • gaming fuzion
    gaming fuzion 2 days ago

    How tf u get them for 80 bucks??? I brought mine at best buy for 140

  • Matt Starnes
    Matt Starnes 3 days ago

    I immediately respected Tom when he said "Tool" we just became best friends and we need to see more of him on unbox therapy

  • Apple fan Kick
    Apple fan Kick 3 days ago

    I have the beats ep

  • Matthew Featherston
    Matthew Featherston 3 days ago

    I love my wireless beats studio 2.0...Got them at a pawn shop for $50 and it's been the best $50 I have spent in a while..

  • Park Chaeyoung
    Park Chaeyoung 5 days ago

    i'm listening with $1 earphones here. LIKE SERIOUSLY.

  • Alec Brice
    Alec Brice 5 days ago

    Fuck yea tool! 🤘

  • P TRAP
    P TRAP 6 days ago +1

    I'll go with Sony xb950b1 just 80€ ma nigghaa

  • Josh Hayl
    Josh Hayl 7 days ago

    🔵 I'll start by saying that I ordinarily enjoy your videos very much, however, THIS video was thoroughly useless! (almost painful)... the comparison should have been a bit more reasonable, comparing the Beats with several pair of $30-headphones would have yielded more useful data...seriously, this was a fair example of an exercise in futility, I can't see what good came out of this.

  • spman2099
    spman2099 7 days ago

    Now compare those $80 beats against a pair of genuinely good $80 headphones...

  • Chris Vee
    Chris Vee 8 days ago

    that guy is 17? he looks 40

  • Good Game
    Good Game 10 days ago

    Нечего не понятно но очень интересно))

  • Valbona Veliu
    Valbona Veliu 10 days ago

    80$ for BEATS!!!!! Mine where 300$!

  • dope fresh
    dope fresh 11 days ago +2

    I don't like Tom. He's the reason for the dislikes.

  • JBL Bass Tester
    JBL Bass Tester 17 days ago

    listening on my 7$ grocery store headphones.

  • One Hut
    One Hut 18 days ago

    Your unboxing pattern is awesome man just love it .....

  • Spiral modding
    Spiral modding 19 days ago

    I will thank myself hhahaha

  • James and sierra
    James and sierra 20 days ago

    Try $8 in ear skullcandy headphones compaires to $250 in ear beats by dre you will be absolutley blown away

  • soundria
    soundria 20 days ago

    You blocked his ears man

  • Max Smarties
    Max Smarties 21 day ago

    Another poor attempt to bash Apple by the serial hater here...

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  • Josue Parra
    Josue Parra 24 days ago

    Bluedio is the shit.

  • Brian West
    Brian West 24 days ago

    Search the band A Perfect Circle if you're looking for Tool music digitally.

  • Coca Cola
    Coca Cola 25 days ago

    My beats are the exact same except mine are black and 129$ but got them for nine because my mom had like these points for shoppers drug mart

  • Blockchain Millionaire

    Those are "on-ear" headphones, not "over-ear" headphones.

  • c bass
    c bass 26 days ago

    the 10 dollar version would destroy beats audio

  • Brandon Camarillo
    Brandon Camarillo 28 days ago

    Review actual affordable headphones. Tascams, audio Technica, pioneer. Beats are far behind the audio level curve.

  • Ninja
    Ninja 28 days ago

    Kit sound Brooklyn’s are the best

  • Fucked Gplus
    Fucked Gplus 29 days ago

    Oh ... Polaroid make headphones now? Nice

  • Lolicon
    Lolicon Month ago

    Well and here i am using a JBL brand ( please don't fucking judge me )

  • Benjamin Smothers
    Benjamin Smothers Month ago

    skullcandy is the best for the price

  • Blaze
    Blaze Month ago

    But my $70 headset is better the Beats $350 dollar headphones

  • Silas Cyber Burr
    Silas Cyber Burr Month ago

    I spent 130 on mines but I got black ones

    ZHIGZAGON-ロリ Month ago

    I use
    Akg Earphones
    and Jlab Bluetooth earphones 👌

  • ddm62571
    ddm62571 Month ago

    Don't understand the point of this video, it's obvious the $80 dollars would be better than the $8.

  • JeBoiDennis
    JeBoiDennis Month ago

    1 year later -AIRPODS-

  • sweet Minecraft adventure

    $80!? I'll wait for a year to be $10

  • Tiago Fortes
    Tiago Fortes Month ago

    I'm guessing you're not an audiophile...
    But for 80 bucks, you could've done a lot better.

  • Andrei G.Robert
    Andrei G.Robert Month ago

    BOSE...the beat gear ever!

  • Cole Pearson
    Cole Pearson Month ago

    On ear

  • Logg Ket
    Logg Ket Month ago

    Beats charge you about 60% over priced for its very average sound quality while other headphones out there you can get them with a best sound quality for much cheaper price. choice is yours

  • Ben Meyer
    Ben Meyer Month ago

    I’m thinking about getting the JVC HAMR60X XX Xtreme headphones on Amazon and I feel like that’s in between cheap ass shit and stupid expensive at 40 dollars

  • Sylvester
    Sylvester Month ago

    What was the crap in the beginning?

  • Jake Ralls
    Jake Ralls Month ago

    Wow I was watching this video with those same exact beats

  • Carlo whittaker
    Carlo whittaker Month ago

    Have you ever tried the Skullcandy Crusher Headphones or the Skullcandy Crusher 360 Headphones

  • TacoMeat FijiWater
    TacoMeat FijiWater Month ago +1

    lol. Porta Pros would destroy these pieces of shit. Even the most expensive pair of beats cant match Porta Pros.

  • Bryce
    Bryce Month ago

    Most affordable 😂😂

  • Akash Pokale
    Akash Pokale Month ago

    Can anyone please tell the name of soundtrack playing in the background

  • Big Dubyuh
    Big Dubyuh Month ago

    Everyone knows beats headphones are garbage Samson 850s for 1/3 of the price are way better

  • edgars lipskis
    edgars lipskis Month ago

    Tool is not on Google play or Spotify why?

  • Joshua Blahm
    Joshua Blahm Month ago

    With Beats you're really paying for their advertising and packaging. The physical product you receive is extremely lackluster. Don't get Beats. Treat yourself with some Bose or Audio Technica headphones. The ATH M50x's are $150 and sound absolutely fantastic

  • Robert Twist IV
    Robert Twist IV Month ago

    *Unbox Therapy should have been in Bird Box*

  • He
    He Month ago

    Birdbox vibes!

  • keval parmar
    keval parmar Month ago

    What the fuckk he was 17 years old?? Wht the f**k

  • bailie mcgimpsey
    bailie mcgimpsey Month ago

    I’m listening on thos £80 headphones

  • Blinx6
    Blinx6 Month ago

    3:42 predicting Bird Box I see

  • Kisu Ke
    Kisu Ke Month ago

    Is there really $8 headphones out there I mean REALLY I didn’t know that they can buy in so so cheap price

  • Alf Rivero
    Alf Rivero Month ago

    I don't understand why people hate so much on Beats by dre , same happens when you mention Metallica

  • Dylan Taylor
    Dylan Taylor Month ago

    Are they even bluetooth??

  • Pj Mackey
    Pj Mackey Month ago +2

    Listening to these with the beats

  • Vincent Earth
    Vincent Earth Month ago

    I'll take the 8 dollar ones

  • JaggBOI LancasterBOI

    I was watching this video with the same beats

  • Bryan Dominguez
    Bryan Dominguez Month ago

    These ep beats are now like 50-60 dollars

  • Bryan Dominguez
    Bryan Dominguez Month ago

    I don’t know why people don’t like beats lol , I think they sound good

  • Bobby Tarantino
    Bobby Tarantino Month ago

    Your mom has two pepes

  • cooljbasketball
    cooljbasketball Month ago

    no cap
    i'd actually buy the 8 dollar headphones

  • XxchaptheliquidxX Xxxtinct

    Beats ep are trash

  • Randy Watson
    Randy Watson Month ago

    How about Beats vs Bluedio

  • Alex Cardenas
    Alex Cardenas Month ago

    Those beats EP are $130 not $80

  • Luis Loja
    Luis Loja Month ago

    Bird Box!

  • CJFIGZ 207
    CJFIGZ 207 Month ago

    Wow I just bought the beats ep from Walmart for $140

  • thiru murugan
    thiru murugan Month ago


  • Ugly Demon
    Ugly Demon Month ago

    So much racism.

  • Luis Galindo
    Luis Galindo Month ago

    I'm just spending 40$ for a samung level u pro

  • Dawood Al Harun
    Dawood Al Harun Month ago

    Dude unbox uiisii ba t8s....its faaaaaar better

  • Rastafari Jah
    Rastafari Jah Month ago +2

    Beats ain't worth no 80 bucks maybe 30 . All hype

  • Sineth Edirisinghe
    Sineth Edirisinghe Month ago


  • MistBorn
    MistBorn Month ago +3

    Get JBL or Bose lol. Beats are just a waste 🤷‍♂️

    • Napa
      Napa 13 days ago

      Bose is awesome, but it's extremelly expensive.

  • Mohamad Saad
    Mohamad Saad Month ago

    feeling comfortable listening to the video with urbeats earphones wonderful sound

  • JaKe Santanick
    JaKe Santanick Month ago

    Sry if that sounded spoiled

  • JaKe Santanick
    JaKe Santanick Month ago

    listening on beats I got on chistmas

  • Jack Nerrin
    Jack Nerrin Month ago


  • Landon Montgomery
    Landon Montgomery Month ago

    There on ear not over ear

  • #Browniedeluxe
    #Browniedeluxe Month ago

    you shoul´ve picked 20$ Headphones to compare

  • kaden kineval
    kaden kineval Month ago

    I used to have a pair of beats they are definitely better

  • Game Land
    Game Land Month ago

    Beats are a waste of 💵 they break so easily. I bought $100 beats and they broke in a day

  • Jacob Moorman
    Jacob Moorman Month ago

    Unbox monoprice Hifi headphones way better than 800 dollar headphones

  • ,khclyxkyxlyoydo6xlux

    Jlab headphones are cheaper, and good.

  • yalfi 7u7
    yalfi 7u7 Month ago

    I had the same beats headphones
    They broke.

  • Adam Szuszkiewicz
    Adam Szuszkiewicz Month ago

    Using beats when for the same 80 bucks you can get m40xs

  • Ceasabeatz
    Ceasabeatz Month ago

    Must’ve been bored when thinking of this video

  • Rob Erickson
    Rob Erickson Month ago

    I would choose a Styrofoam cup and string over Beats any day of the week.

  • Subi_fan
    Subi_fan Month ago

    Only 30 $ went into actual headphones of Beats, rest in gimmicky presentation and marketing...

  • Matt
    Matt Month ago

    80$ *insert any headphones* are 10x better than beats.

  • corcaigh abú
    corcaigh abú Month ago +1

    I have the beats i got them 4 €60