Shatter Me Featuring Lzzy Hale - Lindsey Stirling

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  • DEN Max
    DEN Max 4 hours ago +1


  • sc1212able
    sc1212able 9 hours ago

    Great collaboration, Lzzy Hale's vocal range is insane.

  • Flavia Almeida
    Flavia Almeida 10 hours ago

    Que músicas lidas queria ter oportunidade de dançar uma música com a Lindsey quando eu escuto as músicas dela eu sinto a
    Minha alma me chamando pra dançar a música que ela toca

  • smokmistrzadrade
    smokmistrzadrade 13 hours ago


  • ClaireAmour
    ClaireAmour 14 hours ago

    And I shattered the replay button.whoops! Thank you for making this amazing song ❤️🤟🏼 (that violin drop tho😍)

  • Josip Krešo
    Josip Krešo 16 hours ago

    very good violin + very good voice = perfection

  • Sandra Aozora
    Sandra Aozora 17 hours ago

    I love the violin (It is a violin right?) <3

  • Jason Snow
    Jason Snow 18 hours ago

    I rock out Lindsey in a rock/metal battle group on facebook called Anarchy World Championship: Battle Ground. Be sure to check out the group and always vote for Lindsey! I want the violinist to have the best record in a heavy metal group!

  • _Nikra
    _Nikra Day ago

    on le retrouve limite dans toute ses chanson se thème SteamPunk 😅

  • Christina Hall
    Christina Hall Day ago

    Speechless... Goosebumps.. Amazing talent... Mind blown

    ALICE BUNNY Day ago

    you have a better voice then mine

  • SecularMentat
    SecularMentat Day ago

    Need more Lzzy Hale teamups.

  • Sarah Paul
    Sarah Paul Day ago

    o sorry was dat not the lyrics...?

  • marty horak
    marty horak Day ago

    This is just the best video clip I have ever seen. I love your music Lindsey, you are doing great job.

  • Andre Delarue
    Andre Delarue Day ago

    this song needs a serious , proper , heavy metal do over ...loving it

  • Lidia J
    Lidia J Day ago +1

    Pink Diamond's theme song

  • daniel chenault
    daniel chenault Day ago

    Life has tossed me an opportunity to rebuild; this is my anthem

  • Ruben Agustin Moyano

    by chance today I met your music, I loved it, Lindsey you are extraordinary, a very good artist, thank you for giving us your magic.

  • Ashlet Wu
    Ashlet Wu 2 days ago

    yay your the best Linsey striling i know her cause my music teacher told me

  • Nothing but blue Hair

    I love this song! Also i love how all her videos make sense.

  • Aashish Joshi
    Aashish Joshi 2 days ago


  • ivan javier henriquez salvo

    Me gusta el video

  • Mikel Canales
    Mikel Canales 2 days ago

    First time listener-I'm hooked!!!!

  • Sia  MLP
    Sia MLP 2 days ago

    Oh my god!!!!
    I love so much your songs! you are my idol

  • Youtube Videos
    Youtube Videos 2 days ago +1

    I Love You Lindsey Stirling

  • Ferhat Bekleyis
    Ferhat Bekleyis 2 days ago

    Keman sevdiren temiz kalpli insan 💓💓

  • chris wyatt
    chris wyatt 3 days ago

    At times it sounds like she says "straddle me!"

  • chris wyatt
    chris wyatt 3 days ago

    Is this the same singer as Halestorm?! Wow.

  • Guillermo Ledezma Monjaras

    Me encanta

  • Ximena Sánchez
    Ximena Sánchez 3 days ago


  • Justin Chalfant
    Justin Chalfant 3 days ago

    Così bello ma anche triste

  • Estel Ft
    Estel Ft 3 days ago

    Excellent , J"adore !!!!

  • Julio Enrique Mancebo Barron


  • Pedro Jesus Holguin Mendoza

    te adoro me encanta tu música

    EPIC GENERATION 3 days ago

    Good old steampunk style😁... Good choice!

  • Chupacabra Zero
    Chupacabra Zero 3 days ago +1

    This is super nice.. I really Like.

  • Chris Heller
    Chris Heller 3 days ago

    Lindsey reminds me so much of my little sister Helena in a way 😭
    I wish I had her back in my life 💔

  • Edmilson Luma
    Edmilson Luma 3 days ago

    melhor música ever

  • Retha Drachman
    Retha Drachman 3 days ago

    its 2018 and i still love it till now!

  • Giorgi Betlemishvili

    Lzzy Hale and who's next? Serj Tankian? M. Shadows or who?

  • Flzz
    Flzz 3 days ago

    Estas canciones me encantan pero terminó triste por no sé que :v

  • Teema J
    Teema J 4 days ago

    who else is watching this after watching lost girls?

  • Hüseyin Güzel
    Hüseyin Güzel 4 days ago

    listen from Cole Rolland

  • ниндзяго love


  • Berenice Lopez Contreras

    Te Amoooooooooo😍

  • Sonja Pendleton
    Sonja Pendleton 5 days ago +1

    SHATTER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe 😅 such a great song that I screamed shatter me.......I think I might listen to this again
    (this is not funny at all) Save yourself from the shattered pieces of life in this song while you can!

    ALEJANDRA SANCHEZ 5 days ago

    eres americana verdad yo soy mexicana me encantas me ases mostrar un futuro mejor te AAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Célia Renaud augusto

    I love shatter me sobody make feel alive

  • Carlos Enrique Urbano Tamani

    muy lindo

  • Sigyn-Sulpicia Slytherin

    Lindsey are you a natural redhead?

  • jenn6030 jenn6030
    jenn6030 jenn6030 5 days ago

    I have the same last name!!!!!!!!!!

  • Minamori Gt
    Minamori Gt 5 days ago

    try 1.25 speed n u will see :)

  • Norma Nikkei
    Norma Nikkei 5 days ago


  • Luke Farrell
    Luke Farrell 5 days ago

    Izzy always does amazing with her vocals

  • Gusbell Toon
    Gusbell Toon 5 days ago

    some body make me see a light and shine on meeeeeeee ops no? QwQ

  • unicorn lover
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  • Aisling Oharrigan
    Aisling Oharrigan 6 days ago

    Pair up more often please!!

  • Rainbow :3
    Rainbow :3 6 days ago

    I was playing this on the bus home and the people who heard it where slightly bobbing there heads XD TRUE STORY!

  • Neli J
    Neli J 6 days ago

    Been listening to this song for 3 years. Still listening to it. Still shocked by the song,the lyrics, the music, the violin. This song will never get old😍

  • Minwaft601
    Minwaft601 7 days ago

    Love I shattered red my ears listening to this full blast so worth it :)

  • Kawa Kami
    Kawa Kami 7 days ago

    Used to be in third grade when I heard this now I'm in 6th :P

  • M-Ch R
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  • Nyenye Galaxy
    Nyenye Galaxy 7 days ago +1

    This song just reminds me of Steven universe

  • Княззь Добрынин


  • Ian Kelly
    Ian Kelly 7 days ago

    Awesome tune - thanks for sharing - you are amazing.

  • Amelia Porębska
    Amelia Porębska 7 days ago

    I love violin so much!

  • Unim4trix
    Unim4trix 7 days ago

    Still one of my favorite songs of all time. So good, it's almost hilarious

  • Valeria Capacoila
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  • Sarai RM
    Sarai RM 7 days ago

    Puedo parar de escuchar esta canción...👌💙

  • Omar De Jesus Vazquez Zuñiga


  • SplatteredgoRe
    SplatteredgoRe 8 days ago

    marry me.

  • Corinne Hawkins
    Corinne Hawkins 8 days ago

    Beautiful perfect you guys are awesome together hope to hear you guys work together again on music

  • louiewashere3
    louiewashere3 8 days ago

    All the things I would never see, experience or hear if it wasn't for youtube and this is one of them

  • Delmore Saorsa
    Delmore Saorsa 8 days ago

    i cannot believe this is almost 4 years ago

  • Sandra Gallinger
    Sandra Gallinger 8 days ago

    Why isn't Lucy Hale the Lucy Hale I expected?! ^^

  • Valeria Capacoila
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  • xov leader
    xov leader 8 days ago

    IS this a original song ? it is so awsome

  • isto papak
    isto papak 8 days ago

    any one from Nightcore??

  • Rainbow Kitty
    Rainbow Kitty 8 days ago

    I think i broke the replay button .....

  • Charles Nguyen
    Charles Nguyen 8 days ago

    Someone please shatter me from this darkness of depression.

  • Michael Arias
    Michael Arias 9 days ago

    Oh my Gosh.
    It's crazy to think that hearing this song and watching this video inspired me to dance AND play the violin.
    I think Lindsey is such an amazing person. She's so inspirational and so talented. I love her.

  • Kara fun
    Kara fun 9 days ago

    You play amazing. I wish i could play that good

  • Jessica Trejo
    Jessica Trejo 9 days ago

    3:10 is my favorite part

  • Lps Lizzie
    Lps Lizzie 9 days ago

    My passions always end up with me stopping if I'm not being told to come 😣 that's my problem

  • TheBulldogMaster B'Dog
    TheBulldogMaster B'Dog 9 days ago +1

    Lindsey your so cool!!!!!!!!! I love your mucic! Like if you like her Music!

  • Stephanie DIDIES
    Stephanie DIDIES 9 days ago

    You make me feel alive, thanks to you ; you're great

  • Florencia Katherina
    Florencia Katherina 9 days ago

    Quisiera saber quién es la chica que canta..

  • Noah So
    Noah So 9 days ago

    love it so much i had to watch it again

  • AddictedToNightcore
    AddictedToNightcore 9 days ago

    Lit. No one talks about the 🎻? Freakin lit. (Lol just saw this at the nightcore ver xD)

  • Crazy Pizza
    Crazy Pizza 10 days ago

    Lindsey and Lzzy are AMAZING 😉 Lzzys vocals on fleek and Lindsey’s violin playing are the best

  • татьяна кузнецова

    Мне вообще нравится когда на скрипках играют

  • Sweet Potato
    Sweet Potato 10 days ago

    I love this song and am using it in my schools talent show

  • Tzvi Krasner
    Tzvi Krasner 10 days ago

    Two of my favorite performers. Lzzy has an amazing voice, and Lindsey is so incredibly creative. Though, really, is anybody surprised that the ONLY professionally-trained dancer contestant on DWTS made it to the finals?

    GEORGE BARNHILL 10 days ago

    How many bows did u go through to make this

  • Lucas Gonçalves de Ávila

    AMV ?

  • Lisa Brinkley
    Lisa Brinkley 10 days ago

    Wow, such talent! Amazing video ladies!

  • Mark Keogh
    Mark Keogh 10 days ago

    Waw. Absolutely amazing

  • Hunter Bright
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  • Martha Santos
    Martha Santos 10 days ago

    Nunca me canso de escutar suas canções. ❤❤❤❤