RECORD BREAKING Thali in Pune, India!!! (Matt Stonie Has NO Chance)

  • Published on Apr 7, 2019
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    1. ZHAKAAS/JHAKAAS MISAL: Dum Misal (Smoked Misal)
    ADDRESS: 335 Shaniwar Peth, Swamisamartha Apartment Shop No.1 (Next to Ranade Balak School), Shinde Par Chowk, Pune, 411030
    OPEN: 8AM - 6PM
    🍘DUM MISAL: Owner makes on his own secret homemade gravy mix. For making gravy mix: Use sprouted lentil, potatoes, onions, coriander, homemade gravy masala, spice mix, oil, water and cook till ready. Take matka (earthen pot) and then add potato mash, sev (gram flour shavings), spicy boondi (round gram flour fried balls), rice puff, onion and coriander. Place a small bowl with white butter and burning coal in matka, which fumes up to allow a smoky flavor in the earthen pot.
    💸PRICE: 1.17 USD / 80 INR
    ADDRESS: Rastapeth Khaugali, Opposite KEM Hospital, Pune
    OPEN: N/A
    🇮🇳Sabudana Vada: Soak Sago for 6 hours then add boiled potato, green chilli chutney, cumin seeds, salt, sugar, peanut powder and mash everything well. Make balls from this mash mixture and deep fry them. Serve with green mint + coriander chutney.
    💸PRICE: 0.36 USD / 25 INR for one plate with two pieces
    3. AAOJI KHHAOJI, CAMP OUTLET: The Big Boss Thali
    ADDRESS: Next to Rosary School, Near BMW Showroom, Camp Area, Pune
    OPEN: 10AM - 11PM
    The Big Boss Thali: There are about 52 items in this thali and everything is VEGETARIAN!
    💸PRICE: 59.80 USD/ 4100 INR for one Thali
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