St. Petersburg Travel Guide

  • Published on Oct 27, 2017
  • Stay at the incomparable Corinthia St Petersburg Hotel
    Our St Petersburg travel guide! Wow, what a place. Our first Russia adventure and we were captivated by the people, the history, and the food.
    St Petersburg is a complicated city but it's worth taking the time to explore and understand everything this place has to tell you.
    Thanks to our friends at the Corinthia Hotel St Petersburg for helping us bring our St Petersburg Travel Guide to you.
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  • Maneb Expert
    Maneb Expert 10 days ago

    This video contains propaganda of alcoholism.

  • Maneb Expert
    Maneb Expert 10 days ago

    8:7 a girl said "KUKUMBER"...

  • Dawn Smith
    Dawn Smith 13 days ago

    This brought back memories, I would love to return, maybe one day

  • Sahar S
    Sahar S 16 days ago

    Hi, I'm going to st. Petersburg next sunday and I need to know what was the name of the restaurant where u had the beef stroganoff. Please let me know asap

  • KeithHeitke
    KeithHeitke Month ago

    "Just stop. It hurts me and it hurts Greg."

  • Alex Pushkin
    Alex Pushkin Month ago

    Thanks for the wonderful video. And why do I like the good impressions of foreign guests about my city? ....... :)

  • Francesco Osto
    Francesco Osto Month ago

    What was the name of the vodka bar at minute 9:56

    • Francesco Osto
      Francesco Osto Month ago

      I went there thanks!

    • vbskor
      vbskor Month ago

      Русская Рюмочная №1 - Russian Vodkaroom №1

  • Eduardo Lomocso
    Eduardo Lomocso Month ago

    Excellent guide video. The voice and the body language; professional and welcoming to the watched like me. Hope to see more of Russia from your amazing intelligence-guiding skills.- from the Philippines🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Суровая Клубничка

    Спасибо за гайд! Когда поеду в Санкт-Петербурге то... Стоп! Я же тут живу 😐

  • kochilar
    kochilar 2 months ago +1

    I am sorry but you’re dead wrong about the city being neglected during Soviet times. Leningrad was still the country’s cultural capital, and it was regarded as the hero city after WWII.

  • venya erofeew
    venya erofeew 2 months ago +1

    Guys!!!!! no one go to main building of hermitage, only tourists go there, russian tourists as well. You have to visit shchukin collections, which consist of matiss, picasso, mane, van gogh, malevich, kandinskiy and so on. This collection was in france for two month in 2018 and over 1million people attended it. But few people know about this collention, it placed in another building, but this is also hermitage. In main building nothing interesting, art has to be modern!

    GIGA AL 2 months ago

    Подарите мне оловянных солдатиков... А не машинку на радиоуправлении...

  • Teddy Aura
    Teddy Aura 3 months ago

    Probably the most xenophobic city in the world.

  • Pupsik952
    Pupsik952 3 months ago

    Smelt fish is to die for, but the season used to be in April, not sure if it's available all year round. Doughnuts are the best.

    D DIESEL 3 months ago

    Great Video. UBER is cheap and efficient in Russia!

  • Tran Thiet Cuong
    Tran Thiet Cuong 3 months ago

    Haha if only we could remember it (fade out)… :))

  • val3 val3
    val3 val3 3 months ago

    Вот сука. Мне жрать захотелось ))

  • George Fiori
    George Fiori 3 months ago

    Enjoyed the vlog. We are going in August.

  • Life in Russia
    Life in Russia 3 months ago

    More video from the Hermitage museum:

  • eddie ed
    eddie ed 3 months ago

    where, when did you buy the cell phone SIM card? How much did the SIM card cost? How long id the SIM card good for ?

    • Joshua Lieberman
      Joshua Lieberman 3 months ago +1

      eddie ed you should google "data sim wikia" and select a country all the info u need

  • Garlen Lo - Travel vlogs for history-culture geeks

    You come up everywhere on TVclip, Alex! Finally got round to watching one of your vids. Very cool. That fried batter thing has made me hungry!

  • D Irwan Edy
    D Irwan Edy 3 months ago +1

    Nice video 👍👌👏, hope so many tourist from USA come here.

  • Aleksa Gordic
    Aleksa Gordic 3 months ago +3

    1:25 - transport (Pulkovo airport, bus 39, uber, taxi, metro...)
    5:20 - food
    7:30 - best food in St. Petersburg?
    8:10 - Ginza project is a nice place to try out the fish specialty, street food
    9:20 - vodka
    11:55 - St. Petersburg donuts
    12:55 - money and how expensive is St. Petersburg
    15:00 - tipping (10% is more than enough probably depends on where you go)
    visa, mastercard (debit and credit cards) are widely accepted
    15:50 - about safety

  • Pasha Pasovski
    Pasha Pasovski 3 months ago +4

    Birthplace of the not Peter the Great, but his majesty
    Vladimir Putin!😎

  • Steel Riding
    Steel Riding 3 months ago

    Who was your travel guide?

  • Ed Gregory
    Ed Gregory 4 months ago +3

    Fantastic. I was there 50, yes, 50 years ago. Holy Shit!!! The buildings are basically the same, however, the city is transformed!!!!

    • Vladimir Nikolskiy
      Vladimir Nikolskiy 2 months ago

      Watch this video about St. Petersburg Very, very beautiful...

  • Lerum Lae
    Lerum Lae 4 months ago

    at 16:23 are those arabs in Russia? are they still alive?

  • Pale Dolphin
    Pale Dolphin 4 months ago +2

    I live in Saint-Pete's more than 9 years now, and it's absolutely one of the best places to visit, especially if this is your first time in Russia. People are friendly, English-speakers are abundant (most of the youth speaks English, to some extent), city is safe, and service is generally at pretty high level. Bunch of good places to eat, drink or just chill with a hookah. Lots and lots of city parks and lakes, and don't forget about all the fountains, museums and galleries. Wild parks on the outskirts are a must see too! Thank you for such a comprehensive city guide, I'll definitely recommend to my friends abroad!

  • Eva-Reizel Maliy
    Eva-Reizel Maliy 4 months ago

    Waiting for Moscow)

  • Ed Zynda
    Ed Zynda 4 months ago

    I came to SPB for the first time last summer. It's already now one of my favorite cities to come back to.

  • Daniel Romero
    Daniel Romero 4 months ago


  • john Shepard
    john Shepard 4 months ago +1

    The most beautiful city in Russia, 10 times more beautiful than Moscow. A must see, is the church of spilled blood, St. Isaac, Nevskij Prospekt, and a photo of the wonderful Neva River. Legendary St. PETERSBURG.

    • john Shepard
      john Shepard 3 months ago

      @Globert Andreev You're absolutely right, it was the NEVA river, and I didn't correct Lena.

    • Globert Andreev
      Globert Andreev 3 months ago

      Excuse me, Lena river? Are you sure, that you are talking about St.Petersburg? There's no Lena river in St. Petersburg

  • B. Allen
    B. Allen 4 months ago

    Safe? Did you tell them you are gay?

    • Joshua Lieberman
      Joshua Lieberman 4 months ago +1

      Bruce Allen nothing would happen , authorities don't care unless it's a parade or something...and regular white collar people won't even say anything will waste a lot of time trying to find some peasant and gopniks who gonna insult you for being openly gay(like gay PDA)

  • Sarah Zhou
    Sarah Zhou 4 months ago

    I am visiting St. Petersburg for a week in June on my own. Excited since it will be the first time ever! Lucky to see this video and useful tips to get around. Try to find some convenient and economic accommodation to spend good amount of time in the city and see the local & culture. Any recommendations where to stay other than big hotels?

    • Joshua Lieberman
      Joshua Lieberman 4 months ago

      Sarah Zhou I would recommend small streets not far away from Nevsky, i was there last April and paid like $25 a night for a hotel room

  • Elena Prieto
    Elena Prieto 4 months ago +2

    St. Petersburg is simple amazing. Been there 3 times in the last 5 years. Every time a different experience, always fantastic though. Literally one of my favorite cities

  • Nglayap Dhewe
    Nglayap Dhewe 5 months ago

    Absolutely lovely video. Cant wait to travel there😍.

  • Mr_Psyco
    Mr_Psyco 5 months ago

    I'm surprised how cheap everything is.

  • Timur Boltaev
    Timur Boltaev 5 months ago

    thanks, I live here

  • rob ord
    rob ord 5 months ago

    wow they have cheap food! thanks for this info. cheap transpo too.

  • Темирлан Ахметов

    Русские есть?))

  • Licia Field's
    Licia Field's 5 months ago +1

    You are very pleasant ....and the content on Russia is great.

  • Douglas Cook
    Douglas Cook 5 months ago +1

    Were the crime boss of all bosses came to power, Vladimir Putin !!!!

  • Paul Vilhein
    Paul Vilhein 5 months ago +3

    I absolutely loved that episode. It's great when travel isn't mixed with politics.

  • Алексей Антонюк

    Huge respect for including a song from a singer called Dolphin - Spring (Дельфин - Весна). Love it, and this song, in my opinion, is very beautiful and appropriate in this video, very Russian in a modern way. Not like these balalaika stereotypical annoying songs that are usually put in the background.

  • Eu Fui Viagens
    Eu Fui Viagens 5 months ago +1

    I loved St. Petersburg. I was there during the 2018 World Cup. I fell in love with the city. See my video. tks

  • Filthy McNasty
    Filthy McNasty 5 months ago

    Обвинять Трампа в нестабильности валюты - упражнение дурака!

  • Nikolai Ma lav
    Nikolai Ma lav 5 months ago

    Nice nice video :)

  • Aldebaran 369
    Aldebaran 369 5 months ago

    I love that city hope to see it again

  • Naila Maia
    Naila Maia 5 months ago

    I loved St. Petersburg, I was there during the 2018 World Cup. See my video. Bye

  • devilpupbear09
    devilpupbear09 6 months ago

    Enemy territory

  • Zbigniew Brezinsky
    Zbigniew Brezinsky 6 months ago

    The reporter stands in foreground in a video which claims to show Saint Petersburg !

  • H. Johnson
    H. Johnson 6 months ago

    I enjoyed this!

  • Meta M
    Meta M 6 months ago

    What a huge city as in scale. My late Italian husband was assigned in Vyborg, went to visit him there in summer. Wow, the water smelled petrol and there were plenty of mosquitos. Went back and forth to St. Petersburgh. I loved their mushoom soup and all the savoury pastries. I even bought some to bring back to Italy. We didn't have a chance to visit the Peterhof Palace though. The bus left by the time we arrived at the bus terminal,

  • AЛександр Манаев

    Питер-любимый мой город!
    Привет питерцам из Сибири ,с берега Байкала(Бурятия)!
    Много раз бывал в сим прекрасном городе ,ну нравится мне он более,чем Москва...

  • Nick Buakaew
    Nick Buakaew 6 months ago

    Im going there next month. What are the must do?

  • Teddy Tretyakov-badkov
    Teddy Tretyakov-badkov 6 months ago +1

    The core of St. P is Opera, symphony, ballet, art and architecture. They are the reasons to visit. full stop.

  • Alexander Grabar
    Alexander Grabar 6 months ago

    Кстати эта рыбка не только любима в С.Петербурге, но и вообще на Балтике, например в Швеции, в Стокгольме. Там есть специальные места, где только её подают. Это просто, ради справедливости!

  • Алёна Архипова

    Rent apartments for a short time in the center of St. Petersburg! Welcome!

  • __
    __ 6 months ago

    You look like the Wal-Mart version of Liam Neeson

  • Strawberries
    Strawberries 7 months ago

    Just for travaling, just for seeing something new or how it goes, but never for live there, that would be incredibly unsafe.