The Outer Worlds Review

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • Classic RPG sensibilities enhance wonderful characters, punchy combat, and consistently excellent writing in this sharp space Western.
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  • RubberBand Clan
    RubberBand Clan 6 hours ago

    What language is this game? Flopanize?

  • xx xx
    xx xx 12 hours ago

    similar to cyberpunk?

  • Dylan Stipe
    Dylan Stipe Day ago

    My first play through was pretty short even after completing 90% of the side quests but I am just so happy to finally have a spiritual successor to new vegas! Thank you Obsidian, please continue to keep this genre but still expand on the world you're building. Stay humble with it.

  • Evil V
    Evil V Day ago

    I love this game haven’t slept in days. This is how it’s done.

  • jack's smirking revenge

    Time for Bethesda to hand over the franchise...

  • The Chief
    The Chief 3 days ago

    Is this game worth my time and money?
    Sell me and I’ll go buy it right now

  • Jism
    Jism 3 days ago

    This game is good but I like fallout more

  • dannny3g
    dannny3g 3 days ago

    I relized i played from 1pm to 12am sunday, tired and I didn’t want to stop! Im hooked! Outer Worlds pulled me in and my apex friends were like bro? I can’t sorry 😂. Bethesda who! If you haven’t get it, its worth every penny ❤️

  • Auto Focus
    Auto Focus 4 days ago

    “And you are unshutupable” 🤣

  • Hellspectre1
    Hellspectre1 4 days ago

    I dont understand why people compare this to Fallout since the Fallout series have always had this heavy post apocalyptic feeling to it. This game however looks like it sets place in the year 2400 or something so the atmosphere is missing. Not going to buy it I'll stick to Fallout 3 and NV

  • Sandeep Das
    Sandeep Das 5 days ago

    Frankly it's more hyped than actually what it is. I played for about 10 hours let's say it's not immersive. The maps are neither so good nor good on eyes. I think that the fact it's not open world is a pretty big deal for a game like that. The weapon crafting is just so lame. Just think what Skyrim did ages ago is still better.

    • Malifor2210
      Malifor2210 2 days ago

      Agreed. The fact that the map is similar in size of the city region of Riften in Skyrim of the bottom right corner. Which is minuscule.

  • Hyper -X-
    Hyper -X- 6 days ago

    I don't get the hype for this game rn. It feels so bland, movement feels stiff as hell and the textures look shitty. The story is pretty good but graphically I'm not seeing it

  • Kekistan Soldier
    Kekistan Soldier 6 days ago

    Im checking out reviews while my game downloads, I’m deadass gonna shit myself from the quality im seeing

  • Nat Sashikata
    Nat Sashikata 6 days ago

    Does it have bugs of a fall out game? Bethesda trademark are bugs

    • Nat Sashikata
      Nat Sashikata 2 days ago

      @Gavin Dillon Yup, but in fallout vegas they collab. So I was wondering if the bugs transmitted. I still remember the pinnacle crashes in Fallout 3. Where I was too immerse to save, and I became too paranoid to not save.

    • Gavin Dillon
      Gavin Dillon 2 days ago +1

      @Nat Sashikata ah. This game isnt BY Bethesda, which is probably why it has so few bugs.

    • Nat Sashikata
      Nat Sashikata 2 days ago +1

      @Gavin Dillon I mean bethesda games are bound to have bugs

    • Malifor2210
      Malifor2210 2 days ago +1

      I've seen one map marker bug where it's completely the wrong way 50 meters under my ship, even if the marker is in the city.

    • Gavin Dillon
      Gavin Dillon 4 days ago +1

      I don't quite understand, but I can say that the game barely has any bugs, and I haven't seen any. As opposed to anything bethesda makes, which is bound to be bursting at the seams with bugs.

  • Johnny Ebony
    Johnny Ebony 6 days ago

    It was alot of fun until loading a save file froze the screen. At level 27 I cannot load any of the 7 different saves I have at that level. The one I have from level 7 loads just fine though. Don't know what to do to fix it

  • Def Head
    Def Head 6 days ago

    Multiplats are scoring well, ps4 exclusives not so much

    IAMTHE WALRUS 7 days ago

    I want to try this game but to me it looks like a cash grab playing on the heartstrings of Fallout fans. The character design is weak enemies seem to look the same the world is ultra colorful but really seems dead at the same time running into the same enemies over and over with the only thing to break up the monotony being a mountain of inventory to keep in line and upgrading in weapons to Infinity just to experience a slight variation of gameplay. However I am excited to see what the character speech pathways are and if the quests are good. Just not sure it's worth the time dump.

    • Malifor2210
      Malifor2210 2 days ago

      The fact that I tried to do every side quest and main quest in the first zone and it took 4 hours my friend went into the power plant in 20 minutes and already decided where to route the power is absurd. Plus quests aren't rewarding, they're more lore and money instead of gear.
      I enjoyed Fallout 3, tried NV and really enjoyed 4 but this was too underwhelming. Perhaps a decent game 5 years ago.

  • balynevil
    balynevil 8 days ago

    is The Outer Worlds the Fallout/Firefly cross over we always needed?

  • Mehrito
    Mehrito 8 days ago

    Oh god no this is not the “perfect version of fallout” no no no. New Vegas is still better than this game. Don’t get me wrong it’s fun but it’s nothing new or unique.
    The only way this game is better than fallout 4 is in dialogue and I think the graphics are good and the faces in particular are quite nice.
    I would wait for this game to be on sale. But I would recommend playing it!
    Overall 6/10

  • Jacob Simonsen
    Jacob Simonsen 9 days ago

    No depth. No characters that steal the show or make you want to become emotionally involved. Super short main story and pointless side quests.
    No real choices no real consequences. People call it and RPG when it's just a shooter with no enemy variety. Virtually no puzzles, nothing complicated to figure out.
    You can complete the game in a few hours with the first weapon you pick up.
    Really just an average game. But there is potential for good games in the future, maybe.

  • Mark Jakims
    Mark Jakims 9 days ago

    Enjoyed playing pc on normal setting most is cake walk, but getting module part was a tad tough and ending was insane hard. Never figured out how to command crew in battles nor how to use heal crew skill, I'm sure both would make it better in hard spots. Over all worth while game for sure score a 9 from me.

  • Leo Galindo
    Leo Galindo 9 days ago

    Single player only?

  • Dazza2113
    Dazza2113 9 days ago +1

    From the makers of Fallout New Vegas you say?
    This makes my Iron become The Big Iron.

  • T M
    T M 9 days ago

    **SPOILER** Was it just me or did the end of the main quest kind of ruin the game for you guys? i mean...on the way to saving Phineas, you just happen to run into Chairman Rockwell and, just so happen, to topple the "supposed" iron grip of the Board. The game felt so good until then. The story felt rushed at that point so it can all be tied up in a nice little bow.

  • Rafa Jasso
    Rafa Jasso 9 days ago

    how was this reviewed in PC if the game has not released in PC? (honest question)

  • Hexi
    Hexi 9 days ago

    It's obvious they ran out of money. So many aspects of the game are just rushed or not developed at all. There's also exactly one planet that's not a tiny corridor. The game is so overrated that it's not even funny. There's too much stuff everywhere, making most of the perks and skills utterly USELESS. Combat is a joke and you don't have to put any skill points into weapons at all, it's simply a complete waste when everything dies in 2-3 hits. Your companions are worthless and it doesn't matter what gear they have at all. Enemies are all scaled so your own gear doesn't much matter either. All the science weapons are pointless, why do a wacky status effect when you can just kill them in the same time, making all the perks and skills related to them pointless. Melee is also pointless and will just get you killed over and over again while Long Guns are twice as good as anything else in addition to being the most versatile. Int and Per are the only attributes that are worth putting points into because combat in the game is so poorly balanced and making a "leader" char is stupid due to how useless companions are. You can give them the highest level gear and they will still just stand in the open and get shot to shit. Then there's the TDD mechanics which is completely useless on PC, just another console pleb crutch, making all the related perks worthless.

    And please, the game is NOT "from the makers of Fallout New Vegas". The people who made that game great have left Obsidian years ago.

  • Dwan Pol
    Dwan Pol 10 days ago

    I would love to play this game, if only 1st person point of view didn't make me nauseous.

  • Joeki11a
    Joeki11a 10 days ago +1

    Character design weak, can't be immersed

  • Reuben Ahmed
    Reuben Ahmed 10 days ago

    Why am I having trouble understanding this accent, argh

  • TheBurgz
    TheBurgz 11 days ago

    Any other smaller channels want to grow together? ❤️

  • Mr.Panda663
    Mr.Panda663 11 days ago +1

    Obsidian makes Fallout NV wit Bethesda’s engine: So many damn bugs.
    Obsidian uses a different engine than Bethesda’s engine for their new game: Goddamn Pristine.

  • Gadlajk
    Gadlajk 11 days ago

    This game isn't 9, barely 8.

  • Willem DaFuckedUp
    Willem DaFuckedUp 11 days ago

    Thoroughly enjoyable game. Not as fantastic as I was hoping, but very solid.

  • Daren Whittleman
    Daren Whittleman 12 days ago

    How are load times on ps4? Is it ridiculous like fallout 4 was.

  • Ryan Cheverie
    Ryan Cheverie 12 days ago

    Is this game worth buying prolly not since its like playing fall out on super easy

  • John Lakeman
    John Lakeman 12 days ago

    I bought this game. I've tried playing it. I'm someone who played all ME's & numerous RPGs. I want to like this game. But I can't get into the Outer Worlds. What am I missing?

  • CozyBear
    CozyBear 12 days ago

    The game is to short to be worth 60 dollars................ But the content that is there is solid, i would wait til its on sale or the price has dropped to 40 dollars.

  • Robo Bomb
    Robo Bomb 12 days ago

    Is there radio stations like the radio on your pipboy in fallout 1,2,3,new Vegas, and 4?

  • Meeps
    Meeps 13 days ago

    Its a fun game but most of the other gameplay elements outside story, dialogue and pretty visuals/audio the rest is very weak, combat is overly simple and repetitive. Ammo is in plenty like seriously its silly i have ammo by the thousands and so in other healing and repair items on hard difficulty. And after a while there aren't all that many enemy types so it tends to get repetitive as well. Also calling this game a RPG is bit of a stretch as well as the perk system and skill points is very basic and unimaginative. This really feels like a far cry of their previous game i played Fallout: NV so hearing it been compared it even being on its level or even better is just very weird and untrue. All in all a fun adventure with focus on the story while forgetting the rest on the road.

  • Giovanny c
    Giovanny c 13 days ago

    My favorite part is that no one is truly good or bad and no decision seems like you did "the right thing" just what was morw beneficial

  • RaY mACz
    RaY mACz 13 days ago

    Why do fallout game characters have weird faces?

  • K King
    K King 13 days ago

    Phineas dies and the board blows up the ship with all the survivors on it. There I just saved you 30 hours you’re welcome

  • kefkapalazzo1
    kefkapalazzo1 13 days ago

    Just picked it up last night and I only got 2 hours of sleep because of it

  • DrunknHippo
    DrunknHippo 13 days ago

    I uploaded my first Playthrough on this today, can I get some feedback aside from my voice putting you to sleep. Fellow Todd Howard hater

  • Edward Rahl
    Edward Rahl 13 days ago +3

    "the best possible version of a fallout game" You must be outta your mind. Never review anything again.

  • HeadHusky
    HeadHusky 14 days ago

    I was personally disappointed with the final boss, where I only had to walk in circles while I beat them to death with a stun baton (not including the support enemies that I occasionally had to kill). It really shows the flaws with the combat that I hope they work on in the future.
    I also hope they work on fleshing out characters more, like their role in the main story for example. Whether or not they join your party doesn't affect the main overarching story in any meaningful way except not having another person to banter with and to have watch your back.
    I really do like this game though, I just like to point out some flaws when they're painfully obvious to me.

  • slapypenguins101
    slapypenguins101 14 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks this looks nothing like fallout or borderlands?
    Looks more like mass effect if anything.

  • hellatze
    hellatze 15 days ago

    that thumbnail looks like rick sanchez.

    need more spiky hair.

  • plewtz80
    plewtz80 15 days ago

    i was bored with the review, i imagine the game isnt much better... only thing in common with fallout is ALOT of talking and a pseudo vats system. otherwise it looks more like no mans sky with npcs and no building.
    no thanks.

  • Brandon G
    Brandon G 15 days ago +3

    I do love killing my companions friends and family in front of them.

  • Ameer Hijjawi
    Ameer Hijjawi 15 days ago

    The game is good.. but let not insinuate that it took things to WHATEVER next level the channel proposes.. its RPG derivative... cool.. combat (what you expect) story (what you SHOULD expect).. but there i nothing crazy or creative to say take out of other same graphics genre.. let say borderland 3 heck say 2.. or apex legend art style.. this game will fade away and no one will remember it.. like 46.. (yeah fallout 46)

  • Bob Beast
    Bob Beast 15 days ago

    Outer worlds is my game of the year.

  • Ray Box
    Ray Box 15 days ago

    I’m 14 hrs into the game on supernova difficulty. And man I did not expect it to be that hard for the first couple hours.

  • Dan Gottsacker
    Dan Gottsacker 15 days ago +1

    Fallout 4 is better than NV.

    • Bob Beast
      Bob Beast 15 days ago

      ​@Dan Gottsacker I put many hours into Fallout 4 and I dont think so.

    • Dan Gottsacker
      Dan Gottsacker 15 days ago

      @Bob Beast At least in Fallout 4, the beginning of the game isn't completely unbelievable. Also sprinting, settlements, better gunplay, more mods, better power armor, your character actually talks, etc...

    • Bob Beast
      Bob Beast 15 days ago

      In your opinion

  • ricky ticky
    ricky ticky 15 days ago +1

    Should be called “fallout but good”

  • Cho Koon
    Cho Koon 15 days ago +1

    isn't the playtime abit too short?

  • ChimeraCorp
    ChimeraCorp 15 days ago +2

    If you needed anything else to sell ypu on this game, here's a story:
    While playing through I pickpocleted a key from a major npc before talking to him. Don't ask why. During his dialogue he offered me the key as a form of aid...only to realize it was missing from his pockets. The fact that the game took into account such a possibility and had a recorded line for it was almost shocking at the time, as I fully expected to just get a second key.

  • Dr. Love
    Dr. Love 16 days ago

    Game is much better then any Elder Scroll or Fallout will or can be... And game 2 will be much more this was just prototype imo. it feels like they didnt want to spend a lot on something that may not be successful, maybe dlc add some more large words.

    • Malifor2210
      Malifor2210 2 days ago

      Either you're a child and think this is as fun as Fortnite and better than ES or previous Fallouts, or you've never played a real rpg.

  • imperfect
    imperfect 16 days ago

    this game is meh

    • freeoranj
      freeoranj 15 days ago

      Have you played it though? Meh

  • Adam Borseti
    Adam Borseti 16 days ago

    Is that Anthony Cumia in the thumbnail? Lol