8 Ziploc Bag Tricks That Make Life Easier

  • Published on Jan 31, 2018
  • Here are 8 Quick and Simple Ziploc Bag Tricks that can save you time and money.
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    Ziploc or Zipper Bags have been around for 50 years and there are tons of different things you can use them for that you may have never thought of. Check these simple tricks out and post your own.
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  • Household Hacker
    Household Hacker  Year ago +50

    We're just scraping the surface with these tricks. Got any other cool uses for zipper bags?
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    • Yee yee Outdoors
      Yee yee Outdoors Year ago

      Luisfernando Colin I'm with ya

    • Alterra Plays
      Alterra Plays Year ago

      HouseholdHacker the ziplock word is written wrong

    • Sovandara Hong
      Sovandara Hong Year ago +1

      Lettuce know in the comments 😂😂

    • Carlos Vargas
      Carlos Vargas Year ago +2

      Storing large quantities of kush.

    • luigi GTV
      luigi GTV Year ago

      HouseholdHacker have u ever wanted to pack some chips in ur lunch wat u can do is turn the bag inside out and stick ur hand into it it will act as a glove and get ur chips

  • Tara Potato
    Tara Potato 8 days ago

    At my school everyone would blow up the ziplock {bag that was used to store your lunch}and stomp on it it would make the loudest BANG and it was used to annoy everyone but it was fun

  • Jake Ainesworth
    Jake Ainesworth 17 days ago

    I have an idea for a zip lock or any plastic bag. Take a sandwich bag and put something like a skateboard wheel in the bag make it tight fit and wrap the duct tape around the wheel and bag but not above the wheel leave that part be and cut the pieces for the bottom and tape it really good with layers to make it as thick as you want it..then cut the top of the bag off where the tape is around the wheel and take the wheel out and if it makes sense let me know and I will tell you how to make the lid for it. It is a little stash box or container

  • Lea Seidman
    Lea Seidman 24 days ago

    You can avoid wasting water by using a straw to suck the air out of the bag.

  • Brenda Stolecki
    Brenda Stolecki 2 months ago

    Too expensive to use zip bags as shipping material. Instead, use the extra plastic shopping bags from retail stores...just crumple and shove....

  • Lilly Lane
    Lilly Lane 3 months ago

    You can decorate cakes with zipper bags

  • Fionna Clark
    Fionna Clark 3 months ago

    The ice pack was in the spounge epesod the rupping alahol epesod and this one!

  • Nathaniel Woody
    Nathaniel Woody 4 months ago

    Half of these "life Hacks" are you can use a bag as a bag

  • Geomeo Pesetsky
    Geomeo Pesetsky 6 months ago

    I tried using the funnel before I saw this video and I couldn’t get it to work so I made a funnel out of Saran Wrap which kind of works

  • David
    David 7 months ago +1

    Did anyone else see the thumbnail and think it was some new way to sniff drugs?
    ...and here's a life hack for all you druggies out there. Take a zip lock bag, fill the bottom of the bag with your drug of choice and zip it closed, shake the bag to aerosolize the powder, open the bag just enough to fit straw into the bag, insert one end of the straw into the bag and the other end into your nostril and cover your other nostril with your finger, now force the bag flat with the palms of your hands and viola! You just power snorted enough drugs to kill a horse in no time!

  • sherry a
    sherry a 7 months ago

    If you're adding air IN , IT WON'T LAST MORE THAN 6 HOURS !!!!

  • CodeTango 'CodeNameTango'

    Ironic thing is, I saw a Ziploc add before the video.

  • proudblackjynx
    proudblackjynx 10 months ago

    It's not a trick if you're using the thing as a fucking bag

  • Hope c:
    Hope c: 10 months ago

    there was a ziplock ad before this video... scary

  • willie harrison
    willie harrison 10 months ago

    Organizing stuff like cords.

  • Kwstas_K
    Kwstas_K 11 months ago

    drug dealers that's for you :)

  • Jayvee Aurea
    Jayvee Aurea 11 months ago

    The funnel hack can also be a frosting hack.

  • SRG Knives
    SRG Knives 11 months ago

    Reusing the same hack 3 times lol. rubbing alcohol, sponge, zip bag all for freezer cold packs lol.

  • Aron Bezzina
    Aron Bezzina 11 months ago

    Ziploc bags are the best for organising!
    In my tool bag I have one with my most common used screwdrivers, one with less common use screwdrivers etc.
    In my desk draw. One for pens, paper clips etc, one with ram, one with my most common used cables, etc.
    The best place of all was the garage, with ziploc bags used within my plastic storage tubs. (ie tub of power adapters has 6 bags each with different types of adapters)

  • Michael Donnelly
    Michael Donnelly Year ago

    But what if i'm not driving to my holiday destination

  • Patryk Nguyen
    Patryk Nguyen Year ago

    amazing hacks u can put stuff inside zip bag- genious

  • Cynthia Garza
    Cynthia Garza Year ago +1

    I put my fruits and veggies in zipper bags before putting them in fridge. Helps to seal odors of onion to itself and to keep tomatoes from smelling like onion

    • Inariel CT
      Inariel CT 2 months ago

      Cynthia Garza Thanks for the tip

  • JW Simmons
    JW Simmons Year ago


  • Mitch Ady
    Mitch Ady Year ago

    Good way to marinate meat. Just put meat & marinate or bbq sauce mix, then put in frig overnight.

  • Austin Friedner
    Austin Friedner Year ago

    What a waste of my time. Not one of these "hacks" is innovative or hasn't been seen before a million times

  • got2bme todd
    got2bme todd Year ago

    Great hints! Thank you!

  • MoogleMy
    MoogleMy Year ago +1

    There is no safe plastic. It's just a pollutant that we all use then toss it mostly after one use. These are neet uses I'll agree but we should get rid of all this stuff and use recyclable natural products. Just saying...

  • LordSither1
    LordSither1 Year ago

    why was he putting antifreeze in his fuel tank? that is not good for any engine to burn it

  • MiloMakesMusicCovers

    The way he says “Zipper bag”

    It’s just, strange to me....

  • Professional Commenter

    I also use the gallon size bags for travel. I've had things leak and it's annoying. This works well for a household emergency kit, so if your kit gets wet the contents are wet.

  • Keziah Yates
    Keziah Yates Year ago

    Don't buy expensive packing cubes just use 'zipper' bags

  • Mr Mr
    Mr Mr Year ago

    Ziploc bags not zipper bags

  • Ross had gay qualities Not Chandler

    This video seemed longer than it actually was.

  • Moonsunsky1
    Moonsunsky1 Year ago

    When going on vacation with kids. I put an entire outfit in a gallon zipper bag. Socks, undies, shorts, and shirt and anything else. Squeeze all the air out. Saves spaces and kid can dress the self without throwing everything out of suitcase looking for stuff

    • Kathie Dixon
      Kathie Dixon Year ago

      I do this too ... Awesome! In the morning just give him his bag and everything is there!

  • Chippy The Squirrel

    When I fold my bed sheets I tuck the set into a 2 gallon zipper bag to keep them all together and fresh until it's time to change sheets again.

  • Maria Shoffield
    Maria Shoffield Year ago

    Thanks for the ideas.

  • Brandon Jerz
    Brandon Jerz Year ago

    Been watching your videos for years man! If you’re ever in buffalo hit me up to get some wings I’m buying 😂

  • Kori Skene
    Kori Skene Year ago +16

    Could you do a video on important/emergency things to keep in your car like the 'care kit' you made at the end?

  • W R
    W R Year ago

    Thank you for sharing✌💛☺

  • Redrybacon s
    Redrybacon s Year ago

    You've shown the sponge ice pack hack at least 3 times

  • TheNightSociety
    TheNightSociety Year ago

    I see you were reusing old footage yay!

  • yobro5
    yobro5 Year ago

    For added protection you can use birth control if your condom snaps

  • Globalgenocide
    Globalgenocide Year ago

    I use my ziploc bags to asphyxiate my victims, works every time! They're slightly thicker than normal plastic bags so no unsightly holes for your victims to breathe from!

  • Team_Pura_esports

    use it for storing weed it is great

  • Bill Green
    Bill Green Year ago

    I use a zipper bag to put all my liquids in my suitcase when traveling. Things like shampoo, hair spray, shave cream, etc. How many times have you arrived at your destination only to find your suitcase is soaked because something leaked?

  • Iglika Gencheva
    Iglika Gencheva Year ago

    Definitely getting some ziploc bags

  • Jordan Collmann
    Jordan Collmann Year ago

    Mcmenamin's soap!

  • Marsha Davenport
    Marsha Davenport Year ago +37

    When I was little, I put water in a Ziploc bag to use as my Barbie's waterbed.

  • MrNerdyBirdy
    MrNerdyBirdy Year ago

    Zipper bags *ziplock bags*

  • 歩Ayumi
    歩Ayumi Year ago

    Tbh the best life hack channel ever. All the other channels are so shit these days, their hacks don’t work, it doesn’t make any sense and it just creates more work for you.

  • 55 44
    55 44 Year ago

    Every of this hacks work with plastic bag and bands

  • Natalia Frizzell
    Natalia Frizzell Year ago +1

    You can put your weed in there

  • StrivingFor Mindfulness

    I duct taped the 3 sides of two Hefty gallon freezer bags, put one inside of another, and filled the inner one with ice. Then zipped both shut- large ice pack for picnic coolers.
    I keep a couple of ice cube trays worth of ice cubes in a gallon Hefty freezer bag. When I make iced tea in my iced tea maker, it takes a few ice cube trays worth of ice cubes. Having the additional ice cubes in a freezer bag means that I'll still have some ice while the refilled trays freeze; I don't run out of ice.

  • ton321
    ton321 Year ago

    Brilliant > you should put all of your hacks into a pocketbook for easy access. Love your vids!!

  • Its Jenna
    Its Jenna Year ago

    Zipper bags 😹

  • Steak Williams
    Steak Williams Year ago +1

    Does this guy suspend his otter pops?

  • Wendy W
    Wendy W Year ago

    Placing your travel size lotions and potions in your glove compartment may work short term, but unless you want your liquids separated or altered from the heat or freezing, I wouldn't recommend it. I do like the bags over the mirrors though.

  • Zepkaa
    Zepkaa Year ago

    There called ziplock bags not zipper bags

    • Judy Vallas
      Judy Vallas Year ago

      Zepka - Rocket League That’s a trade name. Zipper bag is generic and applies to all brands, not just ziploc.

  • Candi Soda
    Candi Soda Year ago +2

    You can also poop and pee in a ziplock bag.
    And then name it the poopee bag... lol

  • Linda Elinor
    Linda Elinor Year ago

    When we go fishing and rent a cabin there is a propane fridge with a freezer. We catch the trout, gut it and clean it, then put it in a freezer bag with water and freeze it. It stays frozen in the cooler for the long drive back to the city...longer than just freezing the fish!

    • Household Hacker
      Household Hacker  Year ago

      Never thought about freezing filets in ice water before but that makes total sense.

  • Lzyfisherman
    Lzyfisherman Year ago +8

    he's one= Do any of you fish? the small "snack size" ones works great for taking with you just a few soft lures instead of taking the whole bag and you can take more choices in less space.

    MAHMOUD .D Year ago

    Useless video

  • Mr The Randomiser

    I wish i knew this earlier

  • marny jilliana suerte-vicuña

    You can use a zipper bag and a piece of cardboard and put it inside the bag and add important documents that shouldn’t get wrinkled inside your bag. like if you agree

  • Funfun 687
    Funfun 687 Year ago +5

    Hack: put phone in zip lock bag and now it water proof

  • Noah
    Noah Year ago +1

    you can also use it to asphyxiate people and carry cocaine

  • saroksts
    saroksts Year ago

    i use it like a condom

  • Brandon772
    Brandon772 Year ago

    Awesome channel!!

  • Rosalind Ross
    Rosalind Ross Year ago

    ziplock bag.
    Ziplock bag.

  • hoosierarcher
    hoosierarcher Year ago

    If it rains a lot where you live and you can't afford an otterbox or waterproof phone you can put your phone in a zip bag. Your bluetooth headset will still work

  • L. Wolf
    L. Wolf Year ago

    Fairly certain you covered most of these before.

  • Evan Bennett
    Evan Bennett Year ago

    Bills socks? Go bills baby

  • Lunar Veil
    Lunar Veil Year ago

    If you poop in a bag then poke holes you’ve created and improvised gas grenade

  • Anna Williams
    Anna Williams Year ago

    How many times have you use the ice pack hack, it is in a lest 4 different videos

  • WolvenSpectre
    WolvenSpectre Year ago

    Thawing frozen meats and vegetables. Fill a sink or bowl with hot tap water and put the meat/veg in a bag, use the trick in the video to get as much air out , seal it and put it into the water. Safer than leaving it out and slow enough it doesn't cook the contents. Also if something happens (like a last minute invite to go out for a meal) you can just wipe the excess water off the bag and refrigerate/freeze it again (although don't refreeze more than once or twice).

  • AdaraTheShallot
    AdaraTheShallot Year ago +4

    for the shoe thing, basic plastic bags work too.

  • Crooked Star
    Crooked Star Year ago

    What if your shoes are size 10

  • ChronicCrow
    ChronicCrow Year ago

    I used the reinforced bag idea to make a stash bag when I was in California. I just covered the bag with masking tape and drew a design on it (duct tape is harder to draw on)

  • Kyler Killips
    Kyler Killips Year ago +4

    how to make dime bags

  • RealRuler2112
    RealRuler2112 Year ago

    I'm going to combine the duct tape trick with the cold pack hack and make a sturdy bag before freezing it. I'm even going to write on the duct tape what it is rather than leave the open/weak area. =)

  • Juno Chun
    Juno Chun Year ago +1

    You could make your own condoms

  • OGMM Backup
    OGMM Backup Year ago

    I love the first tip! 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  • ArtOfSpeedd
    ArtOfSpeedd Year ago

    Keep up the good work

  • Ramya Narendran
    Ramya Narendran Year ago +4

    We can also make smaller bags by pressing a hot knife on the Ziploc bag there by sealing the smaller bags.
    We could make tube like Ziploc bags and use them to make popsicles.
    I'm just suggesting what I learnt from King Of Random.

  • Ryan Polley
    Ryan Polley Year ago

    What's your fit bit name

  • julliam melendez
    julliam melendez Year ago

    Make longer videos

  • oedipa maas
    oedipa maas Year ago

    Uhh.. can we talk about how those freezie-pops are just dangling in the freezer? Don't just show that shit like it's a totally normal way to store them

  • Jucab Nubster
    Jucab Nubster Year ago +2

    The only other thing I use bags for are filling them with water and freezing them. It's an effective ice pack for food storage. Speaking of ice, I freeze filled plastic amd unopened water bottles riggt before going through plane security. That's a solid, so it's all ok.

  • kaza12345678
    kaza12345678 Year ago

    Do updated hacks from classic videos

  • Fat Bastard Pipes

    Store weed. 😉🖖

  • TheStengah
    TheStengah Year ago

    3:20 we got a Buffalo Bills fan here! :D

  • The Humour Games!
    The Humour Games! Year ago +4

    You can also use them to asphyxiate yourself and ease the pressure of life.

  • Serai3
    Serai3 Year ago

    Why does that rubbing alcohol look green and cloudy?

  • sirociper z
    sirociper z Year ago

    Do an episode on Merry-Go-Round hacks

  • Tomasz Orochii
    Tomasz Orochii Year ago +10

    I marinate meat in them.
    I use to put bowl first then bag using edge to cover a bowl of the to keep it wide.
    I put all ingredients in to the bag and then put cutted meat in there zip up and by hands I squeeze gently (make sure is no air inside) bag to mix all ingredients on meat, then put in the fridge
    The bags using less space in the fridge and the fridge doesnt smell, also keep the meat fresh for few days.

    • Linda Elinor
      Linda Elinor Year ago +1

      Tomasz Orochii you can use a straw to suck the air out of it too.

  • Daian Simmonds
    Daian Simmonds Year ago

    less than 20000 view squad

  • Asian Thing
    Asian Thing Year ago

    Blow them up with air and seal them and stomp on them at school to scare people

  • Prisca Virgo
    Prisca Virgo Year ago

    The bathroom sink tho?!