Brioche Bread | Byron Talbott

  • Published on Jul 3, 2013
    MY WIFE:
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    Song: "Criminal"
    Glass Bowls:
    Kitchen Aid Mixer:
    Wire Whisk:
    2 1/4 cup All purpose flour
    1/3 cup milk
    1 1/2 Tbsp Sugar
    2 Tsp Dry active yeast
    8 Egg Yolks
    8 Tbsp Butter
    Pinch of Salt
    Coarse sea salt (optional)
    1 whole egg (egg wash, optional)
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  • L Jay
    L Jay 21 day ago

    Hi Byron, why is the recipe amounts below so different from the amounts on your website? Which one do we follow? Thank you.

  • Hillz Angel
    Hillz Angel 6 months ago

    So I followed this recipe and my dough don’t look this sticky :/ 💔 am waiting for it to rise

  • yuriyuri chanchan
    yuriyuri chanchan 7 months ago

    It's very nice looking bread. Unfortunately your video as viewer wise.....I don't need your face when finish baking bread. We just want to see how this bread texture inside. So you should do video for focus to Bread only ! I don't care your sitting in the kitchen side ways told about bread good or not . Thanks.

  • Joe Parker
    Joe Parker 11 months ago

    Forgot to score the loaf for a even rise and cook with steam

  • dinkypoo92mkm
    dinkypoo92mkm Year ago

    Baking bread is not my stronghold, so I'm scared to try this

  • Chef Drewlander
    Chef Drewlander Year ago

    Hi Byron. do you have recipe for flatbread pizza? some use yeast and other with yogurt for no yeast pizza.

  • LetTheSunshineInYou

    Brioche is not bread!

  • J C
    J C Year ago

    Is this the same kind of bread for Kolaches? I tried different ones from TVclip, but not even close to the ones I buy. Could you share one recipe if this one is not? thanks

    • Jesus Garza
      Jesus Garza Year ago

      J C. We use the dough from the 🍩 doughnuts

  • Steel Heart Alchemist

    I remember one time, a few years ago I tried this thing that was like a lil roll, was nice and crispy, and fluffy on the inside, except... it was hollow on the inside, like a lil dome covered in like, a melted marshmallow substance. I don't know what it was, but I loved it.

  • P Martin
    P Martin Year ago

    What if the sugar is left out.?

  • av866
    av866 Year ago

    Always score your loaves. Steam needs to escape. The crack in your loaf is the weak spot from when you shaped the dough, so that was the part to essentially "explode" from built up steam. Not a big deal, but something to keep in mind if you want to avoid the crack. Remember, scoring is not just for aesthetic purposes.

  • Petra Robinson
    Petra Robinson 2 years ago

    I would really like to bake this brioche bread but I am in the UK and I weigh out my ingreidents. Would it be possible to let me know in grams how much flour and butter you have used? Beautiful recipe :)

  • grymmlyn
    grymmlyn 2 years ago

    I dig the song, imma try this recipe. thanks

  • Karen FG
    Karen FG 2 years ago

    your hands

  • love cooking
    love cooking 2 years ago

    you talking to much

  • Marquis Charlemagne
    Marquis Charlemagne 2 years ago

    a good brioche has to rest a day or so in an airtight container, so soften and fluff up...

  • Danny Rodriguez
    Danny Rodriguez 2 years ago +13

    Warning: This brioche recipe is not very good.
    I'm always looking to try new brioche recipes. I've made Peter Reinhart's recipe, Bo Fribergs, and Rose Levy Beranbaum.
    But this one is not the least favorite; it's simply bad. I think your ratios are all wrong. There's a lot of flour for only a few egg yolks. And just using egg yolks, made it turn out really dry. Also, your starter is just yeast and milk. It should be a sponge, so there should be some flour in there. Brioche should not taste like Hawain bread.

    • Hillz Angel
      Hillz Angel 6 months ago

      Danny Rodriguez wish I read ur comment before I made my dough .. 💔 yes I agree it’s very dry and was breaking a part a little

    • Margaux Ngo
      Margaux Ngo Year ago +1

      Danny Rodriguez i have never had brioche bread that had a sponge texture. It was more of a flakey texture. The brioche bread i had was from France. Are there different kinds of brioche breads? My french friend introduced me to brioche bread and that alsk had a flakey texture.

  • Kevin Mun
    Kevin Mun 2 years ago

    That bread looks flavorful!!!

  • Se'sha Savage
    Se'sha Savage 2 years ago

    Lobster bisque!!!

  • Danny Rodriguez
    Danny Rodriguez 2 years ago

    Why do prefer egg yolks over whole eggs?

  • Tealy
    Tealy 2 years ago

    I've tasted the outdoors brioche but i don't think the outdoors will be better than this one i'l go make some of these brioche u made and i will taste them sooo i'l be back to say the rating

    • Tealy
      Tealy 2 years ago

      1st time i tried to make it vegetarian but then it was too salty but now it works and it is very delicious :D

  • Dayna Lugo
    Dayna Lugo 2 years ago

    can this brioche dough be rolled flat+rerolled spiral similar to cinnamon rolls dough in the shaping stage instead of a loaf or rolls, and then continuing with the normal steps without compromise in texture or flavour?

    • Losertat
      Losertat 2 years ago

      I made cinnamon rolls with brioche once, but I put it in the fridge overnight before proving if the second time so the butter wouldn't start to weep out of the dough.
      Don't bake them too long, either.

  • AirbenderHPyeah
    AirbenderHPyeah 2 years ago +2

    "Outer exterior" lol

  • Άννα Αντωνίου

    The tattoo :)

  • Em Mad4Tennis
    Em Mad4Tennis 2 years ago

    hi TB, does this dough need to pass the "window pane" test? I thought I've followed all the steps but somehow my dough didn't develop the stretchy gluten and I ended up putting a bit of water in to try to develop it. It couldn't do that stretch test. And I did mix with a dough hook for a good 20min before adding butter. So how do we develop the stretchy gluten strands??

  • Flik
    Flik 2 years ago

    Is it possible to make this completely manually? I don't have a mixer in my student home :(

    • Nik Murphy
      Nik Murphy 2 years ago

      A top of the line stand mixer for personal use costs half of that. Even less if you get it on sale.
      Honestly, if you can't afford one then stick to store bought buns, geez.

    • tbf390
      tbf390 2 years ago

      Mark P. 😂😂😂 when you realize brioche dough is supposed to preferment overnight come back. Otherwise stay pressed, you burger flipping hack. Maybe if you spent your time working your way up in a restaurant to a decent pay grade you'd be able to afford a mixer. Have fun on minimum wage. 😘

    • tbf390
      tbf390 2 years ago

      Mark P. Also, if you're only taking 4-5 hours to make brioche, you're doing it wrong.

    • tbf390
      tbf390 2 years ago

      Mark P. Don't make assumptions about me. I make brioche all the time in the restaurant I work in. The reason I said it can be messy, is it is a stickier dough, obviously. He said he was in a student living situation, so I was forewarning him of that possibility if he did it by hand.

    • J. Frost
      J. Frost 2 years ago

      Col Beard I make all my breads, pastas, and anything that requires flour and using your hands by hand. I don't have $700 for a stand mixer so by hand it is! Its very easy. Its not messy. The person who said that doesn't clean as they go. Keep your work area clean and you'll be fine. I made brioche last night for breakfast. Took 4-5 hours to do.

  • Kamesh Pravita
    Kamesh Pravita 2 years ago

    He is sooooo good looking. Omg

  • Mark
    Mark 2 years ago +1

    Why is my dough greasy? I did everything correctly. Is this normal?

    • Katalowins
      Katalowins 2 years ago

      you really need to develop the gluten in the bread before you add the butter, and do it slowly or the emulsion might not form. however it is perfectly normal for the dough to be slighty oily, so it is best to shape the dough when it is cold.

    • Lizzie Lakin
      Lizzie Lakin 2 years ago

      did they turn out??

  • Olivier M.
    Olivier M. 3 years ago

    Hi Byron.
    I just tried your brioche recipe and when it proofs the butter leaks on the bottom of the sheet, it proofs correctly but it doesn't taste good as there is no more butter inside the dough.
    Can you tell me why please???

    • Jainy Murphy
      Jainy Murphy 2 years ago

      Olivier M. If you really want to make real Brioche!!! It will take you 2 days to make it !!! It is truly worth the time it takes 👍🏼 go to Bruno Albouze!!!! You will Not BE DISAPPOINTED!!!😊

    • tbf390
      tbf390 2 years ago

      You're probably proofing it in a place that is too warm. Or the gluten was not developed enough in the initial kneading

  • Karen Lu
    Karen Lu 3 years ago

    Am I the only one who thinks his background music sounds like Sims music or ......... ? LOLOL

  • 1AKA123
    1AKA123 3 years ago

    Have I missed the temp and time in the oven or is this channel about Byron?

  • Azizataurus Taurus
    Azizataurus Taurus 3 years ago


  • Shannon Leta
    Shannon Leta 3 years ago +3

    If you score the top before baking, there won't be any cracks ;)

    • White Wolf
      White Wolf Year ago

      The cracks are very aesthetically pleasing, anyways. There's no problem with it.

    • Rob G
      Rob G 3 years ago

      +Shannon Leta You clearly haven't tried doing that with a proven brioche dough

  • leana Paris
    leana Paris 3 years ago

    is it true that too much sugar kills the yeast ?
    cause I want to do this recipe but increase the sugar amount as I have a sweet tooth

    • leana Paris
      leana Paris 3 years ago

      +nashrah ismail thank you too:-D

    • leana Paris
      leana Paris 3 years ago

      +SushiLover1990 thank you very much ;-)

    • Nashrah
      Nashrah 3 years ago

      +leana Paris I realise that if i add too much sugar to a yeast dough, it takes so much longer to rise maybe because it becomes more dense.

    • SushiLover1990
      SushiLover1990 3 years ago +1

      I don't think so, too much salt would kill the yeast

  • Celeste rojo
    Celeste rojo 3 years ago

    looks delicious, thanks for posting bread recipe. I love french breads !

  • jiawenwuwu
    jiawenwuwu 3 years ago +1

    Where's the written procedure?

  • Mike MD
    Mike MD 3 years ago +3

    What does the crack have to do with the quality of the bread? Alot of traditional breads form that crack on the top; it's just how dough works.

    • Marcus Gan
      Marcus Gan 3 years ago +2

      He wanted a nice crust all the way without a crack for aesthetic purposes

  • Monica Ortega
    Monica Ortega 3 years ago +22

    My solution to being hungry watching food videos lol

    • Margaux Ngo
      Margaux Ngo Year ago

      Monica Ortega lol. It is the complete opposite for me. When i don't have an appetite, i watch cooking videos. Watching cooking videos makes me so hungry.

  • Jang
    Jang 3 years ago +1

    Servant of Evil brought me here... Nobody else? ;_; Okay....

  • Furkan Polat
    Furkan Polat 3 years ago

    Shouldn't you wait more for zymosis/fermantation?

  • Siti Nurhaliza
    Siti Nurhaliza 3 years ago


  • sweetangiegirl1
    sweetangiegirl1 3 years ago

    Definitely going to try this bread for cinnamon rolls! Yum.

  • Grey Woods
    Grey Woods 4 years ago

    can i get a link to the song

  • Jenny Forest
    Jenny Forest 4 years ago +6

    I subscribed to your channel a long time ago but only get to watch all your videos now. Your food is amazing. Your tutorials are clean and easy. I love it when you are not in our face all the time (not to say you are not good looking), that gives your viewers the least distractions. Keep the videos coming, Byron!

  • Elissa Celino
    Elissa Celino 4 years ago +1

    I think the crack looks awesome the reservoir for honey butter yum drizzled right down the crack

  • Mariam RH
    Mariam RH 4 years ago +3

    Can you make churros ?

  • nguyên tú lê
    nguyên tú lê 4 years ago +1

    i'm sorry mr. Talbott but can i use a hand mixer for this ?

  • Jian Xiang
    Jian Xiang 4 years ago

    Hmm. Do I need to knead the bread till its window pane stage ?

  • Miltos Belas
    Miltos Belas 4 years ago +1

    are you a greek?

  • Sonny
    Sonny 4 years ago

    I think? You have to put small slices/cuts into the top of the bread, before baking to get a perfect top.

  • Didz Ybanez
    Didz Ybanez 4 years ago


  • Charles Daniels
    Charles Daniels 4 years ago

    I subscribed before I watched and I dont regret :)

  • MJ Gardener
    MJ Gardener 4 years ago +17

    The music for his videos are so cute! This one is especially catchy haha

    • Luis Jerry Mendez
      Luis Jerry Mendez 3 years ago

      thank you

    • MJ Gardener
      MJ Gardener 3 years ago +1

      Criminal (Acoustic Instrumental) - Scientist (:

    • Luis Jerry Mendez
      Luis Jerry Mendez 3 years ago +1

      +Maddie Ogrodnik I love this song, I want to add it to my playlist but can't find it :(

    • InsertNameHere
      InsertNameHere 4 years ago +6

      I agree, absolutely beautiful calming feel happy music. It really stood out to me too!

    • MJ Gardener
      MJ Gardener 4 years ago +7

      He takes time to add the music into the videos, and I haven't commented anything negative so move along.

  • Andres
    Andres 4 years ago

    Brioche Hamburger Buns please!!

  • Tonithenightowl
    Tonithenightowl 4 years ago +8

    When 2 days old brioche will make the best French toast you ever ate. Never thought to use it for dinner rolls, great idea. We usually just make it for ham sandwiches at Christmas. Well worth the effort. :o)

    • Tonithenightowl
      Tonithenightowl 4 years ago +1

      I never see brioche in stores around here so I make my own but it does make a great French toast like none other I've ever had. :o)

    • I, Adaora
      I, Adaora 4 years ago

      That's what I want it for - a glorious french toast ;;;_;;;

  • Bob Johnston
    Bob Johnston 4 years ago

    We use a similar bread recipe for burger buns and all of our rolls and bread in our cafe. Pretty much fool-proof...everything goes in a big stand mixer at once then go with the dough hook for about 10 minutes...proofing is the same. They always turn out fantastic!

  • Divija Lahe
    Divija Lahe 4 years ago +4

    Pretty worthwhile way to procrastinate-watching a gorgeous fucking man bake bread. #ContentWithLife

    • sweetangiegirl1
      sweetangiegirl1 3 years ago

      He does have the loveliest eyes, doesn't he?? You really do have to cuss.

  • Malrix The Melancholy
    Malrix The Melancholy 4 years ago +3

    Brioche makes the best hamburger buns :3

  • Arya A
    Arya A 4 years ago

    If I make this, how can i make use of the egg whites?

    • Qwikin Inn
      Qwikin Inn 4 years ago


    • Tonithenightowl
      Tonithenightowl 4 years ago

      You can use egg whites for breading meat instead of whole eggs. You can use them in meatloaf as a binder. You can use them in a cake mix. I freeze mine, 3 to a small container. They last a long time in the freezer. If push comes to shove you can use them as a facial mask mixed with a little honey. I've also added them to regular eggs when making scrambled eggs just to use them up. I've also saved up enough to make angel food cake. Hope that helps :o)

    • Arya A
      Arya A 4 years ago

      +Caleb Ballantyne Thanks

    • Purple Penguin
      Purple Penguin 4 years ago +1

      You can save the whites and use them for a meringue. Those are always delicious.

    • Christian Joel
      Christian Joel 4 years ago

      the entire egg goes in the traditional use it all

  • BubblyDani
    BubblyDani 4 years ago

    Looks really good, and you are hot☺

  • jaehun baek
    jaehun baek 4 years ago

    What is this song I LOVE IT

    • Luis Jerry Mendez
      Luis Jerry Mendez 3 years ago

      +Samantha Leam yea but when I look it up all I get is Britney spears criminal or MJ I want this song

    • sam leam
      sam leam 4 years ago

      It's in the description
      "Criminal" Is the name

  • Annabelle Halsall
    Annabelle Halsall 4 years ago +2

    Could you add chocolate chips to make it a bit sweeter

  • Eli Goldfarb
    Eli Goldfarb 4 years ago

    he seems happier in this video

  • Johnny Lee
    Johnny Lee 4 years ago

    Looks fantastic!

  • TheSpeedyRockett
    TheSpeedyRockett 4 years ago

    Did everything as told... but my dough won't come together? Where did I go wrong?

    • de0509
      de0509 4 years ago +1

      Yeaaa. I forgot too. Dont use plain flour if youre serious about bread making. They take the protein (gluten) out so youre left with mostly the carbs. But plain flour is useful for soft things like cakes. You can still do it though, just add a bit more flour until you feel the consistency is ok. But the flavour might get thin a bit. Good luck. Baking is so much fun

    • Christian Joel
      Christian Joel 4 years ago

      use all of the eggs not just the egg yolks. The traditional recipe uses the entire eggs so use about 4 whole eggs

    • layal kamal
      layal kamal 4 years ago

      Me too, tried it 3 times, none of them worked!!

  • Sumaan Khan
    Sumaan Khan 4 years ago

    I can't decide if I'm coming back to your videos for the food... or for you...
    I'm straight... but I'm not sure... ....

  • Elvis Borges
    Elvis Borges 4 years ago

    I love this! your soundtrack is incredible, the quality of the video beautiful and clear and concise instruction. great!

  • Tyler Sullivan
    Tyler Sullivan 4 years ago

    Hey did you go to a culinary school?

  • Masar Ziad
    Masar Ziad 4 years ago

    Vanela cake please

  • Lucas Lofman
    Lucas Lofman 4 years ago

    2 1/4 cups of all purpose flour? u poured in a ton!!! that is definitely way more than 2-1/4 cups

    • PH 5555
      PH 5555 4 years ago

      agree with you,and the butter is not 8tbsp its looklike 200grams.

  • Steve Burger
    Steve Burger 4 years ago

    It's okay. Everyone has a crack down the middle.

  • Leo ·
    Leo · 4 years ago +15

    you look a bit like Chase from House MD :D

    • Moshe Cohen
      Moshe Cohen 3 years ago

      +Leo · (leoatenterprise) Totally!

  • Mazen AbdulWahab
    Mazen AbdulWahab 4 years ago

    I mean quantities

  • Mazen AbdulWahab
    Mazen AbdulWahab 4 years ago

    Ingredients are not mentioned

    • Qwikin Inn
      Qwikin Inn 4 years ago

      If you click on the 'Show More' you'll find the recipe there.

  • Hala Darweish
    Hala Darweish 4 years ago

    Wondering if I could stuff them with cheese or something, would it still work??

  • Stephanie Perkins
    Stephanie Perkins 4 years ago +12

    I've made it my mission to watch every single video on your channel. You make amazing food :D

  • Maliha Shah
    Maliha Shah 4 years ago

    made that with chicken,basil and olives stuffed inside.........came out PERFECT
    greetings from PAKISTAN....:)

  • dulcefresa420
    dulcefresa420 4 years ago

    Hi Byron great job with the brioche bread they came out looking delish! Maybe next time you should try scoring the top of the loaf before putting it in the oven. Awesome job with your channel, I enjoy watching all your videos!

  • PtiteLooly5
    PtiteLooly5 4 years ago

    On dit brioche! Le pain brioché c'est un peu différent. : )

  • ta1ba H
    ta1ba H 4 years ago

    "The necessary gas" is CO2 ;)

  • Danjel Machuca
    Danjel Machuca 4 years ago

    I make 300 to 500 lbs of flour. in about 15 minutes....
    Nice work man

  • VictorianRabbit3456
    VictorianRabbit3456 4 years ago

    I'm curious what to do with all the left over egg whites.

    • Alex Jackson
      Alex Jackson 2 years ago

      +Kino Y consommes aswell

    • K Y
      K Y 4 years ago +8

      Meringue, macaroons, mousse!

  • srlkngl
    srlkngl 4 years ago

    you"re a crazy amazing kid! what and so composed....

  • Yaya M
    Yaya M 4 years ago

    Thank you for the Brioche recipe...I did was so delicious!!!
    greeting from Holland

  • Al Machado
    Al Machado 5 years ago

    I absolutely love Brioche. It's so deliciously buttery and rich. I recently bought mine at a specialty bread bakery shop here in Oregon and it is to die for. I've probably had homemade Brioche before and didn't know because my ex baked a lot lot and is a great chef. Thanks Byron.

  • RsGuide -
    RsGuide - 5 years ago

    do you use real butter or margarine

    • Faelwyn Silverwing
      Faelwyn Silverwing 4 years ago +7

      Margarine is fake. Don't use that crap.

    • Maliha Shah
      Maliha Shah 4 years ago

      i used margarine....worked same as butter......

  • 2018vodkaaa
    2018vodkaaa 5 years ago

    We are requesting for you to make Portuguese sweet bread.

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  • coconut power
    coconut power 5 years ago +2

    byron u ate it wrong the right way is to put ice cream in the middle of the bread like a ice cream sandwich

    • Andrew Manroe
      Andrew Manroe Year ago

      Qwikin Inn this comment made me die

    • Qwikin Inn
      Qwikin Inn 4 years ago +1

      +Block Youlater
      I don't think coconut power was joking. I think coconut power believes this brioche bread is the same thing as a profiterole.

    • Read The Description!
      Read The Description! 4 years ago

      Cant tell if this was a joke or not

  • Hoang Cam Anh
    Hoang Cam Anh 5 years ago

    Make some tarts, cheese cake and cake please :>

  • Sumaiyaahh
    Sumaiyaahh 5 years ago

    Can you make french toast using this bread?

  • Stacy Choi
    Stacy Choi 5 years ago

    Im making this right now, but it doesn't seem to rise.

    • Stacy Choi
      Stacy Choi 4 years ago +1

      Ok thank you

    • OhioAngel
      OhioAngel 4 years ago +2

      As DJas118 said to Domonique--either your yeast was expired, or you might've used liquid that was too hot. On the other hand, if the liquid is too cool, it won't activate the yeast. So check the liquid temp and then proof your yeast--you should have bread that will rise very well.

  • monita sam
    monita sam 5 years ago +1

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  • HaoNhien Tran
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    Thank you for spending time making such beautiful Brioche bread. Once again, your calm, organized and clean cooking style is always attractive.
    Byron, please make some croissant filled with dark chocolate

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  • Medieval Baker
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    @Susan Sarver just look in the description for the recipe