• Published on Nov 5, 2019
    We know that you love to create something cool and always prepare cool projects for beginners and crafting gurus. Moreover, we always work with different materials and use various techniques to make something special. This time we have been working hard to prepare a new collection of crafting ideas you can make using cement. Sometimes, cement and concrete are overlooked as people think that these materials are hard to use. Believe it or not, but cement and concrete are some of the best materials for crafting. And both materials are quite simple to use.
    Watch this video and you will find out how to make a stylish bowl, decorative items for your home and garden. You can even make stylish clocks for the kitchen or living room. To tell the truth designer lighting can cost a lot and instead of spending money on ceiling lamps, you can make a stylish pendant light at home using concrete and two plastic bottles. Yes, it’s not a joke. Check out the tutorial.
    The easiest way to make a cute vase is to inflate a balloon and cover a half with concrete. Let dry and remove the balloon. Cover with any paint you like and enjoy! Watch the video till the end and you will find out how to make a concrete pumpkin that looks cool!
    Share these cool crafting ideas with your friends!
    00:28 Cool decorative item for your garden
    00:59 DIY Concrete clocks
    08:28 Concrete ring cones
    11:04 Concrete bookends
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  • Brennan Finney
    Brennan Finney 2 days ago

    Bro did you just talk during silent reading time

  • Lily Lepski
    Lily Lepski 3 days ago

    i love 5 mintute craft because i love art and i always try it a my house

  • L. Lill
    L. Lill 4 days ago

    The phone changed from an android to an iPhone!!!???

  • InebriatedGamer
    InebriatedGamer 4 days ago

    Time to get a banana ,two apples, and some cement

  • blah boy
    blah boy 5 days ago

    If you do the cement phone stand with the phone in the cement, how ya gonna charge it!?

  • adil
    adil 7 days ago +1

    Whats the name of the song at the beginning??

  • keamogetse keepile
    keamogetse keepile 7 days ago

    How is the cement not sticking to the stuff?

  • glottal lateral affricate


  • Alex Kaplun
    Alex Kaplun 9 days ago

    All of those are just horrible ideas... I'd want none of that in my home.

  • Alexis Dioses
    Alexis Dioses 9 days ago

    5 minute crafts:we put our phones in cement

  • Shanelle White
    Shanelle White 10 days ago +1

    But I know it's not going to happen

    Edited 🤣

  • levan ikonomovi
    levan ikonomovi 10 days ago

    Bullet VS egg MY HOT EXPERIMENT 😍 ❤ WACH ME 💚


    CFE DINERO 10 days ago

    How to make asscheeks out of cement

  • Cookie Gacha
    Cookie Gacha 12 days ago

    0:44 who has a clock that fast
    Wow just wow 5 minute crafts😑😑😑😑

  • nadukki sugari
    nadukki sugari 12 days ago +1

    4.37... 1 year later Wondering whats this smell🤢

  • eva maria rara
    eva maria rara 12 days ago +1

    good moning 🌙

  • Prophec Stuffs
    Prophec Stuffs 12 days ago

    4:38 ever tasted this jam?

  • Yonneiry Herrera tapia


  • Kumquat Time
    Kumquat Time 14 days ago

    The very first thing I notice about this video is that there wasn’t an intro XD

  • ErinCM TheMC
    ErinCM TheMC 15 days ago

    You saved the best for first. And good luck when it's time to move.

  • aytana Chaves
    aytana Chaves 16 days ago +1


  • Sonic The Hedgehog Fan 29

    I always ponder... does 5 minute crafts get the subs that they have because they subscribed to PewDiePie?😏

  • ابن راشد abn rashid

    You can make a subscription to my channel, this is my pleasure

    MARUTHI NAGAR School 17 days ago

    cant keep hand also

  • Street Food Alyza
    Street Food Alyza 18 days ago

    Videos very good

  • Preeti Pagare
    Preeti Pagare 18 days ago

    I jst watch it for fun..never tried anything yet

  • Si-Fu Earth Bear
    Si-Fu Earth Bear 18 days ago

    That wasn't 5 minutes at all

  • Hedayah Awad
    Hedayah Awad 20 days ago

    I love 5 minutes craft because it makes me happy

  • Ivan Jovanovic
    Ivan Jovanovic 22 days ago


  • Arjun Shergill
    Arjun Shergill 22 days ago +1

    1:07 imagine having that on your desk and it just falls when your least expecting it

  • Данил Fox Ященко


  • gamers TV
    gamers TV 22 days ago +2

    İ look for my iphone s box
    My mum:i used it with cement
    My mum:yes son its a realy decorative idea
    Me: ;_;

  • Zaky Osman
    Zaky Osman 23 days ago

    Let dry

  • Random girl
    Random girl 23 days ago

    5 min craft = put slice of bread in cement
    Me = looks at the last 2 slices of bread and decides to try the hack
    10 min later
    Also me = nah ,I'll just make a sandwich

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  • Mr. P0tAt0
    Mr. P0tAt0 25 days ago +1

    This why they increased the age on smoking

  • paul dandler
    paul dandler 26 days ago +1

    There are starving caterpillars in the world. It is considered extremely rude in caterpillar culture to waste perfectly good food.


  • ava_fire_emoji
    ava_fire_emoji 27 days ago +1

    yes, because all, and i mean ALL, of these crafts are five minutes or less.

  • BestGirls
    BestGirls 27 days ago


  • Blissy Nadia
    Blissy Nadia 27 days ago

    Let’s coat bread in cement guys

  • nøkk main
    nøkk main 28 days ago

    Ah yes because we all have some cement just lying around

  • shibin Haridas
    shibin Haridas 28 days ago

    Does this require sand as well or only cement?

  • Milena Muller
    Milena Muller 28 days ago +1

    Next vid: *cement ant*

  • Milena Muller
    Milena Muller 28 days ago

    I only liked the first one bc of 0:24
    No joke it was pretty but don’t do that if you have a fish put in robot fish instead

  • Jhonn Jihan
    Jhonn Jihan 28 days ago


  • Jirka Koudelka 2
    Jirka Koudelka 2 29 days ago


  • Naomi Johnson
    Naomi Johnson 29 days ago

    That is going to mould and stink the whole house up

  • Ava_Roblox _UwU
    Ava_Roblox _UwU Month ago

    How could you sacrifice McDonald's for cemment

  • htennek1
    htennek1 Month ago

    Cement bread...... WHY?

  • ItsMeGeorgieGato
    ItsMeGeorgieGato Month ago +3

    5 min crafts: hmm what should we do for the next vid.....

    *ah yes cement bread*

  • Deepali Patil
    Deepali Patil Month ago

    5 min craft is for to fun and ideas

  • Birb whisperer
    Birb whisperer Month ago

    5-minute crafts: Welp, time to make another video!
    *Pulls out trillions of pounds of cement*
    5-minute crafts: Perfect

  • jonswanson909
    jonswanson909 Month ago

    Why is there a moan at the start of the video?

  • BeeUTiFool825 DieSassTer85

    Someone somewhere lives in a home that they completely refurnished with the guidance of TVclip...
    And I'm talkin' beyond what the average can imagine...
    From the broom holders made from the nozzle of detergent bottle...
    To the cotton pad dispenser made from a Pringles can...
    To the tank top recycled from old leggings & decorated with ironed melted cut up straws..
    Someone Somewhere...It exists...

    ‽‽ 5 Minute Lane ‽‽
    ‽‽ Crafton, DIY 04321 ‽‽

  • Robko Mrkvicka
    Robko Mrkvicka Month ago

    3:20 where is alobal? where is old samsung?