Teyana Taylor Asks Iman Shumpert 30 Questions | GQ

  • Published on Jul 23, 2019
  • It’s the GQ Couples Quiz! Teyana Taylor grills her husband, NBA star Iman Shumpert, all about herself and all the little details that he should already know. Can Iman get all 30 of Teyana's questions right?

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    Teyana Taylor Asks Iman Shumpert 30 Questions | GQ
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  • Nìmbus
    Nìmbus 13 hours ago

    They look like cats

  • Imane KANDILI
    Imane KANDILI 17 hours ago

    Please PLEASE get Beyonce and JayZ do this. OR get Jlo and Arod do this. I am begging y’all

  • mya fapalonga
    mya fapalonga Day ago

    She’s so fineeeeee

  • 320 ms
    320 ms Day ago

    Most points iman has ever got in a match

    STARR LAB Day ago

    become friends first

    STARR LAB Day ago

    This is what we all want. Both to be in sync. fashionable... and more importantly friends. they match each other... proud of them working on their relationship. both seem cool

  • A Social Media Consumer

    Lovely energy and connection 🖤

  • Nayarda Peterson
    Nayarda Peterson Day ago +1


  • FamousRG
    FamousRG Day ago

    I love the way New York women say coffee 👏🏽

  • rupert stoddart
    rupert stoddart 2 days ago

    They rock

  • Kristine Brown
    Kristine Brown 2 days ago

    They are too cute. Glad she keeps it real. Harlem World Represent! :) Black Love Forever

  • Casston Day
    Casston Day 3 days ago

    The movie part was my favorite

  • karen
    karen 3 days ago +1

    If only he could score this many points on the court

  • Shani’a30
    Shani’a30 3 days ago

    God please send me somebody like him omg he’s amazing 🥺🥺🥺😭😭

  • Andy Loxane Niteka
    Andy Loxane Niteka 3 days ago

    I love it : )

  • janaye martin
    janaye martin 3 days ago

    The fact that he know how long it take her to put her make up on and not mad about it and he love the natural dewy look ??? Siss

  • XXX luv
    XXX luv 4 days ago +1

    Women talking about wanting men like this when they switch men like maxi pads smh.

  • nikeyathepoet .__
    nikeyathepoet .__ 4 days ago

    they are so cuuttee


    Looook she just became my best friend I swear. !!!!!

  • TK Firuz
    TK Firuz 4 days ago +1

    I'm so shocked to see how many women never been with a man who knows them

  • ••
    •• 4 days ago

    Bruh when he was counting her tatts 🤣 I just know she knew exactly which ones he counting as he did 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mia Ramos
    Mia Ramos 5 days ago

    I like how Iman knew some of the answers to her questions before she knew the answers to her questions.

  • Alessandra S
    Alessandra S 5 days ago

    Please someome explainnn.
    I watched this and fell in love with them
    and then say news they broke up and all the drama
    but this video is 5 months old and all those break up news are older.
    Soo what is going on? Are they together? Did they even ever break up?

  • M
    M 5 days ago +55

    “how much tattoos do i have?”
    “it’s 9”
    “nah it’s 10”
    “ohh yeah you right”
    how he know her better than she know herself, must be nice

  • a'ri arts
    a'ri arts 6 days ago

    You know my G got head after this Bruhh

  • madeline
    madeline 6 days ago

    last 4 digits 7776

  • Falanka Joseph
    Falanka Joseph 7 days ago

    I really wanted her phone number

  • Falanka Joseph
    Falanka Joseph 7 days ago

    Every girl does that when their mad at their bf

  • DeShonda Washington
    DeShonda Washington 7 days ago

    I got Angela Bassett correct that's crazy

  • Leslie Bonner
    Leslie Bonner 7 days ago

    I like them together. Too bad I’ll never find/have this kind of love and friendship.

  • Tetrahedron IX
    Tetrahedron IX 7 days ago

    I remember watching her on MTV Sweet Sixteen, I think she was turning 18 though or something. Then I was remembered her.

  • LaLa Bratz
    LaLa Bratz 7 days ago

    I've watched this like 4x. Their relationship is so cute & strong connection. Like they're supposed to be together. ❤️🤞🏼

  • Chicken Little
    Chicken Little 8 days ago +1


  • Gabrielle Dillon
    Gabrielle Dillon 8 days ago +1

    Her description of her eyes got me deading😂😂😂.

  • mauve
    mauve 8 days ago

    I dont know either of them but its so refreshing to see a man who knows his woman like this 😭

  • Ebony Johnson
    Ebony Johnson 9 days ago

    I wanna see Lebron and Savannah

  • iluvmjjandfam96
    iluvmjjandfam96 9 days ago


  • Maraia Vavaitamana
    Maraia Vavaitamana 9 days ago

    She done called the ocean beach water

  • 1Keba 313
    1Keba 313 10 days ago +1

    Can you spell it?
    NO 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Serena Dior
    Serena Dior 10 days ago

    Ya'll should get these couples next Saweetie and Quavo ,Cardi and Offset ,Ryan destiny and Keith powers

  • Pheeble Philosopher
    Pheeble Philosopher 10 days ago +2

    "Shrimpurt?!" 🤣🤣 They're an incredible couple❤💯.

  • Tenisha Wilson
    Tenisha Wilson 10 days ago

    They are too cute

  • Taminique Tapree
    Taminique Tapree 10 days ago +6

    the definition of marrying your best friend 😍

  • Ray of Sunshine
    Ray of Sunshine 10 days ago


  • Nkule Mthembu
    Nkule Mthembu 10 days ago

    My favorite couple quizz on GQ!

  • obeese Queen
    obeese Queen 11 days ago

    Yall remember byronnnnnn

  • soundslikerome name
    soundslikerome name 11 days ago +4

    5:27 "Man I Feel so Close to you"
    and you realize they married lolol

  • Derrick Davis
    Derrick Davis 11 days ago

    Shid if my girl let me have threesomes with other women ill learn everything about her too

  • Torence Jones
    Torence Jones 11 days ago

    Shump kicking moon rocks! High as a mfer 😂

  • Marie Espinal
    Marie Espinal 12 days ago +106

    This is why you dont settle for less. There are people out there who actually pay attention to you and take the time to learn you this deeply

  • jucento
    jucento 13 days ago +1

    They play exactly the right amount 😂😂😂😂

  • Troy Simpson
    Troy Simpson 14 days ago

    Suck u matha

  • S8nchez
    S8nchez 14 days ago

    Iman career high congrats man

  • MrSkinnyboy125
    MrSkinnyboy125 15 days ago

    Tell me this man don't look like his shawty in the thumbnail. Broo

  • Saarah Kabal
    Saarah Kabal 15 days ago +6

    Did anybody else try to read his lips to find out the phone number? 😂😂😂

  • Hot Mess Jess
    Hot Mess Jess 16 days ago +7

    “Beach water”...That’s the ocean Teyana! Love her😂😂😂

  • Hot Mess Jess
    Hot Mess Jess 16 days ago +5

    “Beach water”...That’s the ocean Teyana! Love her😂😂😂

  • Ben Sakai
    Ben Sakai 17 days ago

    Iman shumpert ain’t never finish anything in his life when it comes to basketball dude is straight trash

  • winford evad
    winford evad 18 days ago

    You are a man. Two batty man

  • N.W.A.
    N.W.A. 19 days ago

    She looks like a pitbull lol