Soul Meetup With Maggie + Max Scores A Goal | Vlogmas Day 4

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
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  • Cailin Klingman
    Cailin Klingman Month ago

    Isn’t nars tested on animals? :/

  • Brooke Butler
    Brooke Butler Month ago +3

    i'm still in high school so my mom cooks most of my meals but i love cooking out of a cookbook! cooking healthy is fun but i really love baking / making unhealthy meals haha!

  • Katherine Ciesielski

    general tso's is the BEST

  • Aleiya Armstrong
    Aleiya Armstrong Month ago

    I eat those “premade” salads all of the time! I’ll split the bag in half and add spinach and chicken .

  • Jennie Brian
    Jennie Brian Month ago

    if you think about it probably takes such as long (or even less) to make food for yourself as it does to go drive somewhere and buy it! What I do is I make the same lunch everyday and my roommate and I switch who makes dinner each night so I only have to buy three dinners a week. It's a system that works really well for us because we have similar schedules. I look at Pinterest or I follow recipe bloggers on instagram for recipes! Maybe ask Maggie or Taylor their favorite easy go-to meals to get started!?

  • Ashley Brooke Eastep
    Ashley Brooke Eastep Month ago +3

    “It looks like sesame chicken without chicken” love this😂

  • Corey Chatman
    Corey Chatman Month ago

    These girls look so good. Thanks for sharing this girls.

  • Brittany Morton
    Brittany Morton Month ago

    I always cook and eat at home! Even when I lived on campus I ate in as it was easier and cheaper! I just cook simple things like veg and often just cook that.

  • elise kathryn
    elise kathryn Month ago

    Love how kind you are to people working in service!! Such a good reminder ✨

  • Alyssa Danesh
    Alyssa Danesh Month ago

    Yeah, so I food prep once a week and then make a bunch of stuff like roasted veg and chicken, rice and chopped up lettuce or kale and topping like tomatoes. You literally don't really have to plan it. Then throughout the week I can make whatever style nourish bowl (asian, mediterranean, etc) for dinner each night. :)

  • Dayna Coleman
    Dayna Coleman Month ago

    Do you spin at all when you go home to Albany? I’m looking for a suggestion because my parents live in Saratoga and I’m looking for a place to spin when I go there for Christmas. I don’t mind driving a little bit if there’s a good place in Albany!

  • Maggie Branch
    Maggie Branch Month ago

    Hey Gretchen

  • Maggie Tallman
    Maggie Tallman Month ago

    I loooove salad bag kits. I always get southwest kits. im a salad, sandwich, eggs, avocado toast, frozen pizza girl bc im a terrible cook. I don't enjoy cooking and don't have time for it lol so I love going out for all my meals but it is so bad for my budget /:

  • Helza H
    Helza H Month ago

    I only eat out maybe once or twice a week if that, I live with my mom still so she's always making food :)
    I want to meet you guys but I could never do soul omg, I would be so lost and suck at it hahaha

  • Megan D'Addario
    Megan D'Addario Month ago

    I eat at home a lot! I look for recipes that sound good and then make it my own and throw in ingredients I think would work with it! Most of the recipes don't take long to make and they're usually pretty healthy!

  • Lauren Dreisch
    Lauren Dreisch Month ago

    i’m a grad student so i typically eat out a lot but i honestly have no idea what i eat it’s all so random😂

  • Riley Campbell
    Riley Campbell Month ago

    Salad kits are everything. Dole Southwest salad or ultimate Caesar are the bestttt

  • Kelsey Buller
    Kelsey Buller Month ago

    Make crock pot meals, then you have lots of leftovers!

  • Maressa Sigg
    Maressa Sigg Month ago

    I eat out like once or twice a week. Usually, i cook everything from scratch. I love to cook and bake and just try out new recipes, it’s so fun! It really has become my passion 🤗

  • elena-been
    elena-been Month ago

    haha sorry i’m commenting so late but i love those pre made salads, they are so good. i just pack them for school literally everyday and my friends are shocked that i eat salads so much, haha. love you so much:)

  • Karley White
    Karley White Month ago

    trader joes has really good bagged salads! I don't eat out a lot, maybe once a week, but really try to make my own food for my husband and I as much as possible! we do all our shopping at trader joes and do a mix of frozen/easy trader joes stuff and some recipes from cook books or simple things we don't need recipes for! one of my favorite cookbooks is the one called weeknight cooking for two (has a yellow cover)- got it off amazon!

  • Ryan Herrera
    Ryan Herrera Month ago

    Photo all the girls ladies and haul try on haul red color sports bra and leggings yoga 🧘‍♀️ pants 👖

  • Carlisle Pinter
    Carlisle Pinter Month ago

    I eat at home a lot and eat out maybe once a week ish. I love the vegan cookbook by Chloe Coscarelli, its absolutely amazing and you can always add meat or dairy to dishes if you want! But usually, I make more simple meals, lots of fun salads, burrito bowls (like the one u make with max), oatmeal, pastas, stuff like that. I try to take things I like at restaurants and make them at home! Simple meal prepping is also very helpful!!

  • Sophie Robbins
    Sophie Robbins Month ago

    I don't eat out very often but my breakfasts are normally avocado toast on an everything bagel or cream cheese instead. Lunch is the night before's left overs. Dinner is a meal that I've cooked. I play rep hockey and so I'm really busy. My biggest tip is when you make a dinner, make lots so that you have lots of leftovers!

  • little a
    little a Month ago

    loved this!! xoxo

  • Christine DuBose
    Christine DuBose Month ago

    Eat at home. I make simple meals to extravagant meals depending on my mood, time, money, and groceries I already have.

  • Hannah Bramm
    Hannah Bramm Month ago +2

    LMAO "general gow" ilyyy gretchen

  • Heidi Santa Cruz
    Heidi Santa Cruz Month ago

    Try Nutre Meals, they are a delivery service based in boston, all clean healthy food!

  • Mimi Terman
    Mimi Terman Month ago

    Trader Joe's has GREAT bagged salads! My fav is the Southwestern Chopped Salad!

  • Meghan Miller
    Meghan Miller Month ago

    OOO the Trader Joe’s salad kits are yummy too!!!

  • Meghan Miller
    Meghan Miller Month ago +1

    I love to make things that are good leftovers so I don’t just make a ton then never eat the leftovers. So like soup or chili, stir fry, rice so I can use it in a variety of meals. I also like to prep only for the next day maybe just like one or two meals like make my smoothie but not blending it so I am motivated to have my healthy smoothie lol

  • Riley Yarwood
    Riley Yarwood Month ago

    You need to try the tarte creaseless eye concelear!!! love it and it doesn't crease

  • Erin Chaffin
    Erin Chaffin Month ago

    I make a meal or 2 at home a day and eat out probably one meal a day. I love partially pre-made meals though so helpful when busy!!

  • victoria lopez
    victoria lopez Month ago

    I like to cook at home but some times it is a STRUGGLE!! I've taught about meal prepping as well.. But haven't gotten around to trying it .... 😂💛

  • gord O
    gord O Month ago +1

    Poor little maxi pad

  • gord O
    gord O Month ago +2

    Brat child

  • Ana Quintero
    Ana Quintero Month ago

    pre made salads & stir fry like dishes are the way to go!! also having grilled veggies on deck is so nice bc when you want a quick meal you already have part of it made! also stuff like dumplings from trader joes or cauliflower pizza are always in my freezer for when I don't have time or patience to actually cook something but if im in the mood ill definitely chef it up and try to get creative

  • bre feiler
    bre feiler Month ago

    Love pre made salads!!! Trader Joe’s has some too that are good. I love getting salads out and hate making them at home but this is a really good replacement!

  • Ryan Herrera
    Ryan Herrera Month ago

    👍 vlog video FaceTime with your iPhone 📱 max William meeting him for you Gretchen and now review haul makeup 💄 also heading your friend Maggie to do workout 🏋️‍♀️ and routine another one ☝️ and enjoying it in this day and keep it up 👍 doing exercise and watching MacBook 💻 with hockey 🏒 game on TVclip nice 👍

  • Loppol629
    Loppol629 Month ago

    Yes, I love eating pre-made salad. I'm a terrible chef, but love to eat at home as well as out

  • Elena Nicole
    Elena Nicole Month ago

    It’s mee💖 I loved meeting u guys. Thank u for doing that

  • Abby Mayo
    Abby Mayo Month ago

    So glad I got to come to this class and SO WEIRD because I was feeling exactly the same as you before class started!!! As always I left the ride feeling a million times better 🥰 hope I get to ride with you guys in Sara’s class again soon!!!!!

  • Connor Rebecca
    Connor Rebecca Month ago +1

    I’m a stay at home mom so I eat at hoe every week day. I LOVE those salad mixes and they are my go to lunches. For breakfast, I eat PB toast. I cook dinner every night as well. I love going out to eat though and I wish I could go everyday lol

  • Lauren Colvin
    Lauren Colvin Month ago +2

    i’m so happy you’re doing vlogmas again this year !!!! loving the videos 🥰

  • Jensen Bales
    Jensen Bales Month ago

    Literally love you and your videos so much!! You inspired me to finally post my first video and I did last night!! Thank you for being you!!

  • camila monsalve
    camila monsalve Month ago

    max the lumberjack

  • Brigitte Flannery
    Brigitte Flannery Month ago +1

    I try to eat at home as much as I can to save money!!! But I eat out prob once or twice a week cause I can't resist lolllll. My biggest tip is to make a big batch of something so that you can split them up and save them for like two more meals!!

  • Clara Ingraham
    Clara Ingraham Month ago

    I LOVE the cookbook run fast eat slow by elise kopecky and shalane flanagin its my absolute favorite and i make salads out of it all the time

  • Mackenzie Rae
    Mackenzie Rae Month ago

    Obsessed with you! And I want that red set😍

  • Hailey D
    Hailey D Month ago

    I eat at home mostly! I eat out probably like 3 times a week out of convenience :)

  • Ariana Rose
    Ariana Rose Month ago

    please do another ride when people are home from college over break!!

  • Kate Silvestri
    Kate Silvestri Month ago

    Aw love you so much!!! Go BU baby:) hope to see you more so soon💞

  • Blossom Mendoza
    Blossom Mendoza Month ago +1

    I eat those premixed salads too!! They have different kinds at Costco in the fridge section. Perfect for when you're pressed on time and you have to go go go!

  • T Schmidt
    T Schmidt Month ago

    I do the same thing with salad bags and will even use like half the bag one day and finish it another. It really makes it easier to eat them because I totally understand the daunting task of making your own salad from scratch!!

  • Taylor Debello
    Taylor Debello Month ago

    Such a random irrelevant question BUT can you please share your camera settings with me?! I have the same camera and the clarity is just not the same as yours!

  • ariel alena
    ariel alena Month ago +7

    one of my goals in life = going to a maggie & gretchen soul cycle meet up 😍

    • Paris W
      Paris W Month ago +1

      ariel alena omg love your channel

  • Megan Rule
    Megan Rule Month ago +1

    I'm a terrible cook hahaha like I can't even do cereal right somehow so I totally rely on pre-made food from trader joes and whole foods! trader joes has great salad kits and the whole food hot bar/salad bar is a frequently visited location as well

  • Brianna Nelson
    Brianna Nelson Month ago +35

    Gretchen always puts an arm up when she’s talking to the camera lol

  • Christina Johnson
    Christina Johnson Month ago

    I pretty much always make breakfast and lunch at home. Then dinner 4-5 nights a week at home. Usually simple stuff like breakfast sandwiches with fruit or salad or pasta.

  • Marissa Breaux
    Marissa Breaux Month ago

    I eat out a lot but if I am home I’m making food healthy food !!