The 8-Year Long Worst Traffic Jam in History

  • Published on Oct 7, 2019
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    The story of the Yellow Fleet, a convoy of 15 ships that became trapped in the Suez Canal for 8 entire years because of war.
    Animations courtesy of Lili Pereira. Check out her channel here!
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Comments • 3 401

  • Sceptic Human
    Sceptic Human Hour ago

    Poles won the most events? Where was the polish ship?

  • Miguel Morales
    Miguel Morales 2 hours ago

    This is stoopid, why don’t just use a plane?

  • Tyler Hanley
    Tyler Hanley 2 hours ago

    Amazon: “your item is running late, it should be with you in a few days!”
    5 years later
    Amazon: “your item is running late, it should be with you in a few days!”
    3 years later
    Amazon: *package dispatched*

  • xczechr
    xczechr 2 hours ago

    The accompanying music is completely inappropriate for the subject matter.

  • Hugo De Vos
    Hugo De Vos 2 hours ago

    Missed chance: "any attempt to leave the canal would be a 'suez'cide mission.

  • Act Mgr
    Act Mgr 2 hours ago

    Homburg? I assume you mean Hamburg. That's on the opposite side of the country.

  • Patrik Einarsson
    Patrik Einarsson 2 hours ago

    Calling a war zone a traffic jam is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. A disregard to families destroyed and lives lost all in the name of click bait.

  • CasperYaBoi
    CasperYaBoi 2 hours ago

    Why havn’t anyone made a movie/series about the crew yet??

  • Kamran Latifov
    Kamran Latifov 3 hours ago

    Israelis... Not surprised...

  • IndubitableSmoo
    IndubitableSmoo 3 hours ago

    A suez-side mission, heh

  • Rez night
    Rez night 3 hours ago +1

    That's tough

  • Jonius7
    Jonius7 5 hours ago

    So where was the 1 ship that didn't anchor in Bitter Lake?

  • Hvguy
    Hvguy 5 hours ago

    Moral of the story, Israel was mad their neighbor didn't take them seriously 🤣 in consequence, the whole world suffered because of the sheer amount of butthurt

  • savagex466
    savagex466 6 hours ago

    It takes more then 12 hrs to get to red sea lol

  • Lorenzo Madera
    Lorenzo Madera 6 hours ago

    Whats with the music?

  • james dean
    james dean 7 hours ago

    Misleading title

  • rullyanto wibisono
    rullyanto wibisono 7 hours ago

    And what's the point waiting for 8 years, regularly changing crew, then when the time comes, your vessel cannot going nowhere?
    Germany engineering wins again.

  • ttgk
    ttgk 7 hours ago

    You've clearly never seen Houston or Dallas traffic

  • RWBHere
    RWBHere 7 hours ago

    It affected passenger ships too. We returned from Australia in mid-1971, and had to travel around from Fremantle to Durban, then to Las Palmas and on to Piraeus, instead of going via Fremantle and Djibouti and then on to Piraeus; a very long detour indeed.

  • MK Duke
    MK Duke 8 hours ago

    I don’t reckon that the Israeli army was a threat to the 15 trapped ships as the narrator implied (3:05).

  • William Pomeroy
    William Pomeroy 8 hours ago

    It would be really cool to hear some of the stories from the crews that spent all that time sitting around

  • Cosmic Knight
    Cosmic Knight 9 hours ago

    That was a d’ck move

  • SlightlyCrookedWorkshop

    Ok, so they closed the Canal because of war and ships couldn't leave...not really a traffic jam.

  • hugolafhugolaf
    hugolafhugolaf 9 hours ago

    Fuck the middle east.

  • Paul Hudson
    Paul Hudson 9 hours ago

    Sounds like the plot of a great movie

  • Betty Blue
    Betty Blue 9 hours ago

    Lol why wouldnt Italy just drive shit down instead of shipping it so far down and around.

  • Diamond !
    Diamond ! 9 hours ago

    That oh crap moment when you accidentally sink a ship that is owned by a global superpower..

  • McC1oudv2
    McC1oudv2 10 hours ago

    Why didn't the rest of the world intervene because these two idiots screwed the world economy. The Canal should have been seized by the UN.

  • jeffery nordgulen
    jeffery nordgulen 10 hours ago

    It might have been a good video if the annoying background music didn't make me shut it off 😕

  • LuzuVlogs Gamer
    LuzuVlogs Gamer 10 hours ago +1

    Bulgarians Yaayya!!

  • CaveBobSpongeMan
    CaveBobSpongeMan 10 hours ago

    imagine having family and friends who died in that war
    Israel: you can have the territory back everyone died for absolutely nothing

  • Jonathan Spinks
    Jonathan Spinks 11 hours ago

    So 15 ships were in the canal but only 14 dropped anchor in the lake, what happened to the other one?

  • Donald P
    Donald P 11 hours ago

    yeah....except now the ships have to contend with pirates and iranians after they get south of the canal.

  • Some Other Dude
    Some Other Dude 12 hours ago

    "..... this video shows that you should always be constantly improving....." No the heck it doesn't! That ending and the 'lesson' that was drawn out was hilariously non-sequential. There was no relation between those two topics at all here. Still, very interesting video. Not at all surprised the germans maintained their ships well enough to sail them home.

  • Underwood95
    Underwood95 12 hours ago

    Why cant the crew just leave the fuck out of the ship and walk home?

  • 40RTY 7EVEN
    40RTY 7EVEN 12 hours ago

    What were the ships carrying ?

  • Mr. Poopybutthole
    Mr. Poopybutthole 13 hours ago

    How many American ships has Israel attacked?

  • Rickardo Pandiangan
    Rickardo Pandiangan 14 hours ago

    Imagine u buying android. They give u dell streak when u have google pixel.

  • potato Mamo
    potato Mamo 14 hours ago

    And then here Elon musk is building a fucking underground tunnel because he was caught in a traffic jam for a few hours

  • luke gretton
    luke gretton 14 hours ago

    You say that without the canal the ships had to travel 'all the way across the Atlantic' but the map shows that this is clearly not the case as the ships skirt the west coast of Europe and Africa before heading further East.

  • rate eightx
    rate eightx 14 hours ago

    The Fact That They Sent Most People Home And Rotated The Crew Makes It More Boring, I Was Thinking There'd Be A Bunch Of People Stuck On The Boats For 8 Years. Also If Israel And/Or Egypt Let Them Get Their People Out, Why Didn't They Let Them Get Their Ships, Or The Stuff On Them, Out?

  • Johan Hultin
    Johan Hultin 14 hours ago

    Not really a traffic jam now is it.

  • Pin Nip
    Pin Nip 15 hours ago

    Was it called Great Bitter Lake before they were stuck there? Does their misfortune pale in comparison to the ones that came before them?

  • 死神様
    死神様 15 hours ago

    I'd rather have my order Casted Away with Tom Hanks, at least that's only 4 years late.

  • VideoJunkie
    VideoJunkie 15 hours ago

    hahaha. lets see israel return Palestine land back to them.

  • SnM Vital
    SnM Vital 16 hours ago

    It would be funny or awesome if world war 3 started just because of this

  • SnM Vital
    SnM Vital 16 hours ago

    Thats awesome many countries united cause of this war

  • Alex Povolotski
    Alex Povolotski 16 hours ago

    I wouldn’t call it a traffic jam.

  • Adam H
    Adam H 16 hours ago

    Turn the music down

  • TheMatrix1101
    TheMatrix1101 16 hours ago

    Lmao that event with sinking the American ship reminded me when me and my brother used to fight with each other all over the house until we broke something and then were like “ok I guess we should chill for now” and called it off.

  • Hashem Mehyar
    Hashem Mehyar 16 hours ago

    Egypt's neighbour is the occupied territory of Palestine.

  • Andrew Micallef
    Andrew Micallef 16 hours ago

    Kickstarter campaigns be like "Your product is on the way!"

  • Reff Man
    Reff Man 17 hours ago

    I bet amazon wasn't happy about that

  • Hamza Inayat
    Hamza Inayat 17 hours ago

    IF it were from Egypt it wouldn't have been called "Stray Egyptian Missile".
    And today Egypt would've been like Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Lucio Amorim
    Lucio Amorim 17 hours ago

    That was surprisingly entertaining, thanks

  • Here goes the beast
    Here goes the beast 17 hours ago

    THAT is why I love learning about history.

  • Adam
    Adam 17 hours ago

    Ohhhhhh so thats why my packages come late

  • Wim Mayes
    Wim Mayes 18 hours ago

    "A stray Israeli missile sunk the American ship." Uh-huh, just like the USS Liberty.

  • Tempest Fury
    Tempest Fury 18 hours ago

    Huh... Those traffic jams!
    Tens of thousands of casualties in a six day war, based solely upon religious fervor.
    Yeah, it wasn't just a traffic jam. It was a sad week in human history.

  • AlexLun
    AlexLun 18 hours ago

    a German engineering joke lies somewhere around the video