Twelve Titans Music - Persistence Of Hope (Epic Powerful Emotional Uplifting)

  • Published on May 26, 2019
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    "Persistence Of Hope" is a powerful emotional track from Twelve Titans Music brand new public album "Reflection", out everywhere June 1st! Composed by David Edwards. Enjoy this preview track and don't forget to buy the album if you like it!
    Track: Persistence Of Hope
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    Composer: David Edwards
    Album: Reflection
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    Wallpaper by Mark Kirton, check out his awesome concept artworks!
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Comments • 75

  • JRH
    JRH 4 days ago

    Sounds very simular to Battlefield 1's story trailer. Is it like a remix of this?

  • Nick Chilson
    Nick Chilson Month ago

    love it

  • Jon Baxter
    Jon Baxter Month ago +14

    Anyone here from Spiderman?

  • Matt Dav
    Matt Dav 2 months ago +2


    • Elora Séronie
      Elora Séronie Month ago +1

      It’s about what we choose to leave behind

    SLUGFEST-TV 2 months ago +1

    It sounds like “Flow Like Water” from The Last Airbender film look it up.

  • Domenico Scali
    Domenico Scali 2 months ago +1

    "Whatever it takes"

  • Heaven
    Heaven 2 months ago +24

    "An everlasting exchange, a soul for a soul."

  • Heroes Fan Productions
    Heroes Fan Productions 2 months ago +7

    TheGaroStudios brought me here ❤️

  • Wolf
    Wolf 2 months ago +1

    This song made me cry that positive vibration of the sounds. Just wow.
    Will definitely use this for my wedding. I will promise you that.

  • Stormpants 1
    Stormpants 1 3 months ago

    So good, it reminds me of Halo. Truly, these guys that make these songs are musical geniuses.

  • Grizzby
    Grizzby 3 months ago

    Definitely sailing to this

  • Sipping Breeze
    Sipping Breeze 4 months ago +2

    maybe this moment
    sails a sign
    maybe some thoughts
    untie my mind
    from all that never came
    to all that
    for sure will
    i hang on in a breath
    sticked to this sky
    i flutter with sighs
    sealed to a night

    parsing on a distance
    carved onto sight
    nothing can ever see
    what stakes my height
    playing on a difference
    that frames ovenight
    guided from the shadows
    to the only light
    bracing on a promise
    the heart now seeding time
    placing on this moment
    a hope so undenied

  • Kev Jones
    Kev Jones 4 months ago +1

    Imagine being in the same as this being composed OMG😍😍😍🎶🎵🎧

  • Horacio Casini
    Horacio Casini 4 months ago

    Bellísima música, fantástica, encantadora, fascinante , muy hermosa, Felicitaciones !!!!

  • Luca Sorgatz
    Luca Sorgatz 4 months ago

    this is the best epic song ever !!!!

  • Gabrielle Baker
    Gabrielle Baker 4 months ago +1

    "very beautiful orchestration. Great job!"👍🎆😊

  • InfernoKing666
    InfernoKing666 4 months ago +4

    Avatar goosebumbs at the beginning

  • enfee
    enfee 4 months ago +1

    David, you did it again! Great fu*king job

  • BiofaekGamer s
    BiofaekGamer s 5 months ago +2

    Its beautiful:,)

  • Victor Delgado
    Victor Delgado 5 months ago

    Can anyone on here tell me how to get this track? I signed up to there site and haven't been able to get in. I'm only looking to get it for a non-commercial, non-profit purpose.

  • Ken Rouse
    Ken Rouse 5 months ago


  • Supergirl Gamer
    Supergirl Gamer 5 months ago

    I was wondering why this sounded familiar to Flow Like Water in the crappy The Last Airbender film. Sounds close enough, the start of it anyway.

  • 박재욱
    박재욱 5 months ago +1

    It just....wonderful

  • Jeferson bernuy
    Jeferson bernuy 5 months ago

    Good job guys ;)

    TÂMARA SEBALDE 5 months ago

    🇧🇷 👍👍👍 GOSTEI. Obrigada por compartilhar. 👏👏👏👏👏 ( quarenta )

  • Drag0n Emper0r
    Drag0n Emper0r 5 months ago +5

    1:03, oh...OH!!! This part hits me in the feels!!! That piano is so soft and...and.....
    Shoot!! I can't think of how to describe it... ITS SO GOOD!!!!!

  • Orpheus331
    Orpheus331 5 months ago


  • Darius
    Darius 5 months ago

    wow this music really touch your soul

  • No Copyright Audio Music Library for Creator

    wow, awesome
    keep sharing them =D

  • Annie Smith
    Annie Smith 5 months ago +1

    This song is so beautiful! So uplifting! 💥 ✨

  • titans shall return
    titans shall return 5 months ago +1

    The first part remind me of avatar the air bender

  • Seth Smith
    Seth Smith 5 months ago +3

    Absolutely breathtaking.
    Truly Inspiring.

  • Francisco Dutary
    Francisco Dutary 5 months ago

    Twelve Titans always the best

  • Marc D man
    Marc D man 5 months ago

    When you take that super slow shit

  • Epic Mondays Music Extensions

    Twelve Titans always have impressive songs, they always manage to put a lot of emotion on them.

  • juan diego salcedo rivera
    juan diego salcedo rivera 5 months ago +1

    gracias me hace entender que nada esta perdido

  • Anna-Simone Phoenix
    Anna-Simone Phoenix 5 months ago +7

    Man I love these Titles. More like this beautiful and powerful music!

  • NoExit NoProblem
    NoExit NoProblem 5 months ago +33

    A loaner and a drifter, he left it all behind. His entire life he felt meaningless, unable to comprehend his very existence. He traveled the world, scavenging the world for any hope. After his mom and father passed away, he thought he'd disappear... permanently. He planned a voyage, selling his house, everything he owned. He quit his blue collar job, gave his funds to charity. So he under took a voyage, sailed to an uncharted island, thinking, who would find me here? He spent his nights wondering and pondering why, gazing up at the stars he cried out. Then he looked down at the water and noticed a reflection. He gazed up at the sky again and saw a shooting star and made a wish. He wished his life had meaning. Then a purple light appeared, shining down vigorously and kept accelerating, till it hit the water in front of him. Amazed, he stood up quickly and started to get in the water, but he noticed, that he didn't sink, it felt like a bridge. So he was literally walking on water, scared, he wondered what this was. But something told him to keep walking and so, he trudged forth, walking on water. He looked around the landscape as he was walking. Still amazed at his current feat. This felt like a dream to him. He kept walking towards the purple light, still emanating from its luminescence. When he reached the light, the light wasn't blinding despite its glow, he walked and walked. Right before he disappeared, he glanced back one more time. Then the light took him in and was never seen again.

    • everOrlifo
      everOrlifo 3 months ago

      so, where he go?)

    • Chris Robinson
      Chris Robinson 4 months ago

      Amazing bro dang that was amazing

    • NoExit NoProblem
      NoExit NoProblem 4 months ago +1

      @BlakeKevin Gaming Thanks man. Cheers.

    • BlakeKevin Gaming
      BlakeKevin Gaming 4 months ago +1

      @NoExit NoProblem props i could visualize that as the music played, that is true skill.

    • Gabrielle Baker
      Gabrielle Baker 4 months ago +2

      NoExit NoProblem nice writing skills😊👍

  • True Lubie
    True Lubie 5 months ago

    Amazing feeling :-)

  • sprkymrt
    sprkymrt 5 months ago +1

    Just wonderful. 🎼 🎹 🎻

  • Akayn 20
    Akayn 20 5 months ago +3

    I love it ! So amasing

  • Lauren
    Lauren 5 months ago +17

    I was hooked within the first 5 seconds 😍

  • Кабардино-Балкария

    Fantastic music, amazing!

  • olympics1986
    olympics1986 5 months ago +1

    Incredibly inspirational!!!!!

  • Drag0n Emper0r
    Drag0n Emper0r 5 months ago +41

    Oh... My.... God! This song is so inspiring, emotional, and magical! I love it so much!!! More like this, please.

  • Слава Петров


  • MadMadameMim LovesEpicMusic

    Roll in 1st June!

  • TheDaRkPhOeNiX
    TheDaRkPhOeNiX 5 months ago +2

    Hope !!!

  • Guilherme Lourenço
    Guilherme Lourenço 5 months ago +6

    Essa música me lembrou muito a trilha sonora do filme Avatar

  • Vitaliy Alfa
    Vitaliy Alfa 5 months ago +3

    Огонь 👍

  • Xavier Perez Acosta
    Xavier Perez Acosta 5 months ago +2

    I like it

  • Elzbieta Wilczewska
    Elzbieta Wilczewska 5 months ago +2


  • TheZzZzZzZzZzA
    TheZzZzZzZzZzA 5 months ago +17

    Finally a new public TTM album! Was already wondering if they were going to release one this year to keep up the 2-year-rhythm...^^

    • ryan s98
      ryan s98 5 months ago

      I adore their music. TTM (David Edwards mostly) is just phenomenal at composing emotional tracks that slowly become powerful.

  • Jaz Will
    Jaz Will 5 months ago +4

    This needs to be on spotify

    • Jaz Will
      Jaz Will 5 months ago

      @Epic Heaven Music awesome!!!

    • Epic Heaven Music
      Epic Heaven Music  5 months ago +2

      It will be, next week when album releases :)

  • LizzyTheVampireSlayer
    LizzyTheVampireSlayer 5 months ago +17

    This is epic! So beautiful 💥

  • Black Goku The best papa :v
    Black Goku The best papa :v 5 months ago +32

    Imagine that you are in the sea hearing this... ;u;

  • Pixel 64
    Pixel 64 5 months ago +13

    This is Awesome