Gordon Ramsay In Awe Over Restaurant DYEING Their Tuna | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on May 4, 2019
  • Oh my god.
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    HARDBOILEDEMOS 2 days ago

    i love how everyone always pretends they had no idea that their walk-ins were in that state as if they never use them...

  • moonlight _
    moonlight _ 2 days ago

    well of course they are. you can't just eating some food alive

  • Devron Hadnot
    Devron Hadnot 2 days ago

    This shit made me not wanna eat no where bro.

  • Simon Cowell
    Simon Cowell 3 days ago

    I'd work part time to clean these places ngl. Easy way to make money.

  • Ruby Sanderson
    Ruby Sanderson 4 days ago

    Wish he'd come to my college dorm and see the shit WE cook

  • MZ_X_23
    MZ_X_23 5 days ago

    Is this rigged..

  • Mac Doodles
    Mac Doodles 5 days ago

    I'm not happy >:(

  • bigplameuk
    bigplameuk 5 days ago

    I'll have the bloody beef bits....

  • TheWholeShabang
    TheWholeShabang 5 days ago

    Ramsey to clean the day! I'm never eating out again

  • PandaIsKawaii
    PandaIsKawaii 6 days ago

    gorden wil actually die of food poisoning...

  • Raeley Goebel
    Raeley Goebel 6 days ago

    Have to give these guys minus AJ props for at least taking the criticism and doing something to change right away

  • d alb
    d alb 7 days ago +1

    **bases title over a second shot of tuna**

  • Mathew Akad
    Mathew Akad 7 days ago

    Oh god you know its bad when it's a seafood restaurant on the water and they dye there tuna pink
    What a fucking shocker

  • Pizza goes splat
    Pizza goes splat 7 days ago

    Pink tuna???

  • Last Shadow
    Last Shadow 7 days ago

    No joke man. Its not hard to label food food. Doesnt cost much and takes so little time. We have a small date stamp label machine, tiny and biodegradable labels. So cheap and just stamp any pan or bag with a open date. If a restaurant cant do that simple thing, they deserve to fail

  • Andy2knives
    Andy2knives 7 days ago

    Hey you! Random person whatever you do never buy garlic from China they make prisoners peal it with their teeth and hands and they also bleach and dye fish for export xD

  • aWolfCalledStorm
    aWolfCalledStorm 7 days ago


    • Jotaro Kujo
      Jotaro Kujo 6 hours ago

      aWolfCalledStorm No, it’s supposed to be dyeing.

  • Jariel
    Jariel 8 days ago

    “Dyeing” y’all are illiterate

    • Jotaro Kujo
      Jotaro Kujo 6 hours ago

      Jariel And you, are a fool. It is dyeing, that is how it is spelled.

  • ARF Trooper
    ARF Trooper 8 days ago +1

    Gordon: *eats shit food*
    Me: *eating microwaved frozen ham sandwich* "Fucking delicious"

  • male1952
    male1952 8 days ago

    Ramsay. Tells it like it is. He takes no shit. Some people run their place like that. It's a wonder they do not kill someone every freaking day.

  • nick
    nick 8 days ago

    came here to take a break from bar rescue

  • Nny
    Nny 8 days ago

    1:38 Nino’s brother.

  • ꧁Man dero꧂
    ꧁Man dero꧂ 8 days ago +1

    1:01 WuTt iS tHaT?

  • Emilie Holmes
    Emilie Holmes 8 days ago

    I hate it when the owners want to blame each other for the failings of the restaurant, it's everyone's responsibility to check things out, just trusting someone isn't enough. Your restaurant is failing, find out why for god's sake!!!!!!

  • Wyatt Price-bird
    Wyatt Price-bird 9 days ago

    Has anyone seen the new Aladdin you know the one Ware nevermind

  • Stop Clickbait
    Stop Clickbait 9 days ago +4

    Is it just me or is the best part of a kitchen nightmares episode is when gordon and the crew go into the kitchen

  • ąղժɾҽա ҍɾąժӀҽվ

    Those body builders are hot.. they should jerk off on my food if I order there. Love to drink their protein. Especillay that hot chef

  • Lunar Skies
    Lunar Skies 9 days ago

    That's crazy. My kid's father works in the restaurant business and every so often they'd stay a little late to trash Food that was about expire. Every Friday they did deep cleans where they'd move the fridge etc and get the gunk from the back of the appliances.

  • freakyflow
    freakyflow 9 days ago

    Guy says : That falls on the guy that runs the fridge...No it doesn't It runs on the Owner of the restaurant that hired the Manager who as part of his job is to oversee the shape of the kitchen And the goods coming in And out...If i hire someone to do this And one day i walk in the fridge And see this crap #1 I would not go to the chef or prep cook And the other 3 people that walk in and out of the fridge all day I would grab the Manager Walk him into the fridge And have him eat the risotto Knowing he is going to say no ...So if your not willing to eat it..But your willing to waste my money on food no one would want ..Your job is to notice things like this BEFORE i do Nothing labeled Nothing fresh ...Funny thing is as i am typing this a food truck is pulling up across the street to drop off foods which he comes 2 / 3 times a week

  • Prudence Glasby
    Prudence Glasby 10 days ago

    so weird that all these places contact the show and don;t make any effort to fix things up a big before they come. Like surely they have seen the show before to call in about it, so surely they should know to tide their fridge

  • Orbital Potato
    Orbital Potato 10 days ago

    By reading the title, I couldn't tell if Ramsay was impressed or disgusted

  • LA WhispersASMR
    LA WhispersASMR 10 days ago

    Lol the tuna bit was like 0.2 seconds and it’s the title lol why?,,, I can help with titles if your struggling. Lol. Seriously I can.

  • devil614
    devil614 10 days ago

    Gordon, it's America. If you keep it up, there won't be any fat people left!

  • jhoney600
    jhoney600 10 days ago

    anyone know which episode is this ?

  • Asya Nnorom
    Asya Nnorom 10 days ago

    For anyone wanting to know it season 1 episode 18

  • Alit Hoe
    Alit Hoe 10 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey: are u fooking serious right now!!?!?!!

  • Truth4 reality
    Truth4 reality 10 days ago +3

    There i clicked youtube! You happy? You didnt have to keep harrassing me i watch his content anyways...

  • Tarena
    Tarena 10 days ago

    I got a Nutella advertisement before this

  • youtmeme
    youtmeme 10 days ago

    gross place

  • sophia watkins
    sophia watkins 10 days ago

    jack's Waterfront closed in December 2010.
    Yelp reviews after the episode filmed were mixed.
    It opened as Dockside Jack's in March 2011, Yelp reviews were good but it closed after just a month.
    They sold the restaurant back to the previous owners and it became Brownies on the Lake in April 2011 and Yelp reviews are mixed.

  • RickRoll A-Rod777
    RickRoll A-Rod777 10 days ago

    I wonder why more restaurants don't just employ people to get the produce and ingredients for their restaurants or even employ fisherman if they are a seafood grill or something it would help provide jobs I believe? I could be wrong does somebody know if something like that exists in a professional culinary setting?

  • wb wam
    wb wam 10 days ago

    "alot of this lays on AJ"
    bruh way to pass off the blame on not addressing the issue

  • erlycuyler
    erlycuyler 10 days ago

    Throw all that s#@t into the compost pile.

  • Lion Of Judah
    Lion Of Judah 10 days ago

    Your the fucking owner, its just as much your fault as his.

  • My Mafia Videos
    My Mafia Videos 10 days ago

    Who's watching in 2020?

  • DuskTheFox
    DuskTheFox 11 days ago

    I dont thunk they know what "awe" means....

  • Deadpool231
    Deadpool231 11 days ago

    Aj’s a general fucktart

  • Joel Cooper
    Joel Cooper 11 days ago +37

    Person: Do the thing, do the thing!
    Dairy Queen Employee: 0:37

  • goth barbiez
    goth barbiez 11 days ago +4

    this is how my mother be when I don't wash the dishes properly. quietly sobs...

  • Anthonty
    Anthonty 11 days ago +26

    2:20 they cut that together to make him say that. And I think they changed the caption to say me for that

    • Gerardo Reyes
      Gerardo Reyes 9 days ago +3

      Ahhh yeah the "myself" part, good catch

  • Mike Tayon
    Mike Tayon 11 days ago +5

    Can you imagine the shit we've been eating in restaurants?!?!?!?

  • Drew Rabbit
    Drew Rabbit 11 days ago +7

    One one hand, they shouldnt have let the kitchen get this bad
    On the other hand, the owner realized the shit show and INSTANTLY got everyone on fixing it.

  • Robert Pruitt
    Robert Pruitt 11 days ago +1

    The fish aren't actually dyed.
    They're fed a synthetic version of astaxanthin, which they naturally get from their wild diet, but is absent in the food at the farm. It's used for several things, including in the immune system, and just like in the wild fish, it makes the meat pink.
    It might be made synthetically, but it is exactly the same molecule.

  • tekn BA
    tekn BA 11 days ago

    They don’t dye the Tuna themselves. It comes in packaged like that lol cus I used to work at a restaurant where we used the same exact tuna. We finessed it tho lol

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith 11 days ago

    How do you not clean up when you KNOW he is coming to your shithole ?

  • Mew Worthy
    Mew Worthy 11 days ago +2

    Eating shit food while watching Gordon roast people for cooking shit food is my favorite passtime after returning home from the grocery store I work at.

  • wiskasz
    wiskasz 12 days ago

    Why does he even to try help these peolle at all he should shut down these kinda places !

  • Norena Burnell
    Norena Burnell 12 days ago

    Thats me finished with restaurants! Dirty bastards! I will eat only what I cook myself from now on.

  • s Johnston
    s Johnston 12 days ago +1

    ''Look at the fucking colour of the chicken''