Why's It Called The Knight Bus? | Harry Potter Explained

  • Published on Feb 8, 2018
  • Today Ben divess into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to discuss why the Triple Decker purple Knight Bus exists and how it got its name.. And also why Harry is so obsessed with Stan Shunpike.
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  • Ghalan Smokescale
    Ghalan Smokescale 4 hours ago

    the Knight Bus is just one of many examples where the german translation lets you down quite heavily or more accurately, where you can't translate the pun.
    In german, the Knight Bus is called "Der Fahrende Ritter", which would roughly translate to "The Driving Knight". The pun wouldn't work, since Night Bus would translate to "Nacht Bus" and Knight Bus to "Ritter Bus". so, we lose out on the pun due to the translation, but they decided to somewhat still stick with the Knight.

  • ThibautVDP
    ThibautVDP 14 hours ago

    I would totally go with flu powder for drama and style points

  • Alex Dolye
    Alex Dolye 17 hours ago

    It's pronounced "manky" oul boot, meaning dirty, or gross etc

  • Rainbow Playz
    Rainbow Playz 2 days ago

    I would Apparate

  • Rainbow Playz
    Rainbow Playz 2 days ago

    Watcha fell over for?

  • ABDUL El-Amin
    ABDUL El-Amin 3 days ago


  • Dylan James Quigley
    Dylan James Quigley 3 days ago

    If I was a wizard I would wanna disaprarate

  • Madhavan sridhar
    Madhavan sridhar 4 days ago


  • evilwarcow
    evilwarcow 4 days ago

    Forgot the Weasleys flying car.

  • G Cruz
    G Cruz 7 days ago


  • Jayingee Vevo and albert

    harry blows up his uncles aunt, threatens to jinx his uncle, runs away from home, falls over and accidentally summons a bus, then he goes i don’t know where

  • Transparent Lemon
    Transparent Lemon 10 days ago

    1:40 he said manky it a British way of saying gross

  • Odyn Peterson
    Odyn Peterson 10 days ago

    I would apparate

  • David Ward
    David Ward 11 days ago

    Need to correct you on your British slang terms, he clearly says "manky old boot" not " mangy" manky meaning dirty or discussing, mangy means similar, like an animal with the mange.

  • Ozslady
    Ozslady 12 days ago

    you can apparate in hogwarts if the wards are down

  • Pineapple Panda
    Pineapple Panda 13 days ago

    what you fell over for?

  • Jamie Wallis
    Jamie Wallis 15 days ago

    Manky old boot. Means smelly/tatty

  • Hidde Nicolay
    Hidde Nicolay 16 days ago

    Dragon best transport "500 pounds of flaming muscle comming trough"

  • Pulpy orange Gaming
    Pulpy orange Gaming 16 days ago

    Instead of voldys face turning into a snake his face should have turned into a waffle.

  • Munjee Syed
    Munjee Syed 16 days ago

    0:25 why didn't you just use his animagus from order of the Phoenix that one is a lot cuter

  • Zzmora
    Zzmora 16 days ago

    Now I'm sad that the "knight" pun was lost in the spanish translation, which is how I read it.

  • Beans v Non Beans
    Beans v Non Beans 17 days ago +1


  • zeus lim
    zeus lim 17 days ago

    Thestral. Actually nah either apparation or flying. As cute as thestrals are, they aren't as fast as just teleporting.

  • Michael Elgawly
    Michael Elgawly 18 days ago

    Love how this whole video was actually one sentence

  • Sayuri Rivas
    Sayuri Rivas 20 days ago

    You need a license to aparate, Floo powder costs money, and brooms threaten the statue of secrecy if you’re not careful. The bus is for the masses.

  • AnnMarie Kerr
    AnnMarie Kerr 21 day ago

    It seems like it could be used by mute underaged wizards who get portkey sickness.

  • Wayne Dotson
    Wayne Dotson 21 day ago

    Floo powder seems pretty cool in the films. Apparition/disapparition would be the most convenient, of course.

  • James Bradley
    James Bradley 26 days ago

    Is falling over a way to summon the Knight Bus, in order for drunk wizards to have a way back home after a night on the lash?

  • Stardust
    Stardust 26 days ago

    Well I can imagine old wizards or those with less magical abilities can use the Knight Bus. And other mentioned.
    I wish I had one to get me home after work (night shifts rock lol)
    Oh I’d love to fly. Imagined myself as a quidditch player because I would love to try flying (no airplane experience so far) and mixing it with sports. Fun!
    Also might like teleportation (apparition but dunno the difference lol)
    May not like other ways because I’d be sneezing floo powder all the way and portkey (or whatever it’s named) could cause me feeling sick maybe...
    Thestrals could be fun! Even I may not be able to see them I think (I technically didn’t see anyone die in front of my eyes yet, just dying in a longer term)

  • KS
    KS 28 days ago

    Ben... the boot is MANKY it's a British work for gross and dirty etc

  • Baccatube79
    Baccatube79 28 days ago

    In German, the Knight Bus is called "der Fahrende Ritter", literally "the Travelling Knight", but "fahren" is both "to travel/to rove" and "to drive (a car)". The German translator's pun is, in my opinion, more sophisticated than the original one.

  • Pockii 57
    Pockii 57 28 days ago


  • Mama Try's
    Mama Try's 29 days ago

    Flew powder. Travel in the comforts of home . well I guess u can teleport that way too. So either or. Lol I'm just a bit lazy

  • Omni Doom
    Omni Doom Month ago +1

    *insert asdf waffle* Waffle: Did you say waffles? Other guy: No. Waffle: I have Brain Damage. Also waffle: My mouth tastes like teeth.

  • lee Roberts
    lee Roberts Month ago

    I'd use the time Turner and perform an abortion on my mother

  • Noah Linnik
    Noah Linnik Month ago

    For some odd reason I’m craving waffles... no idea why 🙃

  • Brian Orozco
    Brian Orozco Month ago

    Me: *wakes up, walks out of the house, falls over*

  • KenzieHurlock
    KenzieHurlock Month ago

    Apparition for the win!

  • Lahly Bird
    Lahly Bird Month ago

    Because harry had a crush on stan.
    erny is the only first name (that I've noticed) that is used twice in the series

  • Holly Hartwick
    Holly Hartwick Month ago +1

    Apparating in and out of Hogwarts is yet another pathetic movie mistake. In the book, they flew on brooms to Hogsmead and apparated from there. It wouldn’t have been a hard change to make but the director from film 3 onward didn’t give one whit about lore or source material. That was all sacrificed in the name of flashy, over-the-top action and effects.

    • Holly Hartwick
      Holly Hartwick Month ago

      I think J.K. should have been more directly involved and given less latitude with her baby. Some character coaching with the principal actors might have helped too.

    • Lahly Bird
      Lahly Bird Month ago

      @Holly Hartwick Yes,
      I'm sorry, no one should have let that scene ever happen.
      someone should have protested that.
      Doesn't help that Michael never read the books.
      So he had no idea what his character was supposed to be.
      I believe that scene came from him.
      But still,
      Everyone let that be the final cut.
      All of them are idiots.
      Like also the people who decided to completely ruin grindlewald's storyline.

    • Holly Hartwick
      Holly Hartwick Month ago

      I don’t think it was a casting problem. Dumbledore was never one to take himself too seriously. The writers lost sight of that. They focused entirely on the sage wisdom, but lost that sprinkle of mad humour and youthfulness that defined him.

    • Lahly Bird
      Lahly Bird Month ago

      Not to mention.
      they c'st just about the worst Dumbledore [q~"]ever.

  • Charlie _
    Charlie _ Month ago


  • Jojo the Swede
    Jojo the Swede Month ago +1

    Knight bus? In sweden it's called the Night bus... translation error?

  • Laurie Dworak
    Laurie Dworak Month ago +1

    Just recently found your channel. I'm loving it!
    This may be old news, but the portkey in Goblet of Fire isn't a "mangy" old boot; it's a manky old boot.
    Collins Dictionary gives the following definition for this British slang word: adjective
    1. worthless, rotten, or in bad taste
    2. dirty, filthy, or bad

  • Mikel Garmendia
    Mikel Garmendia Month ago

    Long may the waffle reign :3

  • JWille Series
    JWille Series Month ago

    Fun fact is that the Silet K in English wasn't originally silet until the Norman french effect on the eglish language and in other Germanic languages the K Is never silent

  • Ryan Hughes
    Ryan Hughes Month ago +1

    Harry actually said mancky old boot meaning dirty

  • Koopy Sandwich
    Koopy Sandwich Month ago

    manky and mangy are different words

  • Sony Gill
    Sony Gill Month ago

    Apperation, duh?

  • Hailey Koranda
    Hailey Koranda Month ago +1

    Theory about why Voldemort flies
    So quite simple but Voldemort is less that 1% of a man from because of his horcruxes so maybe he is at more risk of getting splinched when he apostates or he gets splinched every time or just physically can’t

  • William Antico
    William Antico Month ago +1

    Cool Review. Knight Bus, Not Night Bus. Good point.

  • SnoBlobber a.k.a Snow
    SnoBlobber a.k.a Snow Month ago +2

    When you realise Ben has had too much sugar before the video...

  • RedWizardFox
    RedWizardFox Month ago

    I'd fly and appererate

  • marinus18
    marinus18 Month ago +1

    They kind of make that clear. The knight bus is kind of the back-up solution if other methods are unavailable for whatever reason.

  • KCubing21
    KCubing21 Month ago +3

    Director of Knight bus: What ya fell over for?
    Harry: What ya mean I'm was standing here even before you came.

  • Brian Orozco
    Brian Orozco Month ago

    Kuhnight bus

  • Floraxy 4
    Floraxy 4 Month ago +1

    This is forever my favourite video of yours!😂🤩

  • Hierony
    Hierony Month ago

    Ever thought of doing a Tolkien theory?

  • Karissa DeHaven
    Karissa DeHaven Month ago

    What you fell over for?

  • Caleb Salyers
    Caleb Salyers Month ago

    Actually with the apparition in the castle it is possible. They do the mission on the k-night/day they teach students how to apparate , so because of this they took down that spell for that one day

  • Sofie The Winged
    Sofie The Winged Month ago +7

    Alternate title: "Ben rants about Harry's big gay crush on a random bus boy for 8 minutes straight"