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  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • LAUGH!
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  • Connie Preston
    Connie Preston 30 minutes ago

    jack... HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU SAY I"i can already hear the police at the door" DURING EACH MEME VIDEO

  • Dylboy 2468
    Dylboy 2468 38 minutes ago +1

    8:11 lol “I fuckin luv bacon”

  • PyroEmperor
    PyroEmperor Hour ago +1

    Say "no kink connecter protecters" but to the tune of that song alladin sings when he goes full on assassins creed from the guards

  • XxTheOddEggxX
    XxTheOddEggxX Hour ago

    "I fucking love bacon"

  • the very true dork
    the very true dork Hour ago +1

    Bacon Wave: exists
    My dad: try me (figures out a way to do that with 4 paper towels and a plate)

  • kynzie young
    kynzie young Hour ago

    transition who ?

  • GTS-_- GHOST
    GTS-_- GHOST 2 hours ago

    11:14god no 😂😂😂 why😂😂😂

  • urmomsback
    urmomsback 3 hours ago +1

    I found a slap chop in funded cabinet

    Oh no

  • big squeek
    big squeek 3 hours ago

    Nice hoody

  • 6900 subs with no videos
    6900 subs with no videos 3 hours ago +1

    This guy could sell you your own shoes and you'd walk away feeling like you won the lottery

  • Daniel Yanes
    Daniel Yanes 4 hours ago

    Your boy Vince got arrested a while back for hiring a prostitute. Apparently kissing was not part of the contract and she almost bit his tongue off.

  • MrSmartGuy
    MrSmartGuy 4 hours ago

    Jack: "Now i'm gonna show you an easier way to eat you bacon as well, okay ?
    (BASS Boosted Music at full volume)

  • Mr. Legend87
    Mr. Legend87 4 hours ago

    I take offence to that last one. I’m Canadian!

  • 1 234
    1 234 4 hours ago

    I just sit back and laugh

  • Matthew Engleson
    Matthew Engleson 4 hours ago

    19:06 I take offence to that jack

  • Goatman Brigantz
    Goatman Brigantz 4 hours ago

    A Microwave Production

  • Goatman Brigantz
    Goatman Brigantz 5 hours ago

    The Butterning: In Theatres Now

  • Gus Beaudoin
    Gus Beaudoin 5 hours ago

    8:09 I love this!

  • Voldi
    Voldi 5 hours ago

    I have one of those hoses.

  • Asher Whalin
    Asher Whalin 5 hours ago

    I want more Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Skyler Bahon
    Skyler Bahon 6 hours ago

    Vince the slap chop guy is in Ironman 3. It’s only for a split second, but he’s there and holding the slap chop.

  • Song bird
    Song bird 6 hours ago


  • Boda Cious
    Boda Cious 6 hours ago

    Tbh, I don't like butter.

    sorry if i offended some, its just... well. alright. story time,
    when i was little, i ate a whole stick of butter because i thought it would be a good idea... but then when i stopped. i was all like "This wasn't a good idea at all ;-;

  • Ich bin der Wolf der Dunkelheit

    Seán, you *never* fail to _amaze_ me with hidden inuendos.

  •  6 hours ago +1

    Transition like butter...

  • league entertainment72
    league entertainment72 7 hours ago +1

    "i cant math" _jacksepticeye

  • Crypt
    Crypt 7 hours ago

    Watch slap my nuts

  • Deanna Bailey
    Deanna Bailey 8 hours ago

    Is no one going to talk about the Kim Possible ringtone???!

  • Dirty Spoon
    Dirty Spoon 8 hours ago

    12:00 my mango is to cut up and act like i didnt get abussssseeeeed harharhar

  • Jubokko
    Jubokko 9 hours ago

    You heard him, buy his product, love his nuts! Its a trap! DONT DO IT!

    EVERYTHING YOU THINK 9 hours ago

    I called slap chop and it was another guy's number

  • Mr. Potatoes
    Mr. Potatoes 9 hours ago +1

    Am I the only one who wants to see jacksepticeye's old lady bingo hour?

  • Danny Rice
    Danny Rice 9 hours ago +1

    Two questions;
    How did they fit the massive annoyance that is a frozen slab of bacon into this thin af thing?
    And if they thawed it, how tf did they keep the bacon straight so it didn't just fall through the areas where the oil and grease are supposed to go?

  • JuSt A rAnDoM dOg JMAG

    When Sean said the police are on my door already, police sirens literally went off

  • Lahayla Kern
    Lahayla Kern 10 hours ago +1

    tell me how i have a graty and i didn't even know it. Edited: i have 2

  • Mieuwh :3
    Mieuwh :3 11 hours ago +2

    Jack his phone rings

  • Dejanae Oakley- Joseph
    Dejanae Oakley- Joseph 11 hours ago

    Jack can I please have your hoodie?

  • George animation's
    George animation's 12 hours ago

    I love this Chopin thing but i WHANT pls

  • Savannah Raps
    Savannah Raps 12 hours ago

    "your gonna love my nuts"
    *Oh lord*

  • Vinnie Osiecki
    Vinnie Osiecki 13 hours ago

    Thats me

  • Dillon Gamer
    Dillon Gamer 13 hours ago

    Jou can star as an Irish deadpool j know

  • Polaroid TXX
    Polaroid TXX 13 hours ago

    9:06 who knew this man had too much energy for Jack

  • lil' shrimp
    lil' shrimp 14 hours ago

    We're gonna make america skinney again one NUT at a time

  • Ashi The Artist
    Ashi The Artist 15 hours ago

    13:01 i feel attacked

  • 5351
    5351 16 hours ago

    Vince is in jail

  • Itsmad toast
    Itsmad toast 16 hours ago

    no one:
    seán: b a ba ba LAUGH!

  • paolichen cat
    paolichen cat 16 hours ago +1

    Jack: bb.. B b bb..b

  • Nick Johnson
    Nick Johnson 18 hours ago

    Ooh I can't wait to butter my muffins wait that sounds sexual 😂

  • Hannah Minnis
    Hannah Minnis 18 hours ago +1

    I like my bacon the same way Jack does... so burnt it falls apart 😂

  • Cody Keltner
    Cody Keltner 19 hours ago

    Now we’re going to show you an easier way to eat ur bacon as well Ok (EARAPE!!!!!!!)

  • Rock Astlo
    Rock Astlo 21 hour ago


  • Olli A.
    Olli A. 21 hour ago

    Papa Jack teaching us all a lesson about kinks, lads

  • Tamino Gerwin
    Tamino Gerwin 21 hour ago

    10:55 Vince is howtobasic
    Egg and everything

  • I liek mudkipz
    I liek mudkipz 22 hours ago

    Wow, that's totally amazing!

  • Jaidyn Kelley
    Jaidyn Kelley Day ago

    Vince is a chaotic neutral

  • Narwhales -4life

    9:00 for all the Vince lovers

  • Southern Bell
    Southern Bell Day ago

    I have the slap chop 😂🤣

  • James Hofmann
    James Hofmann Day ago

    Also if you listen to him saying laugh in
    0.5x it's so scary

  • James Hofmann
    James Hofmann Day ago

    1:00 how long did you spend on that tranision, or are you on tik tok

  • Overwatch Queen
    Overwatch Queen Day ago +1

    That butter add made me want grilled cheese

  • Tyler Brown
    Tyler Brown Day ago

    Guy: here's a potato.
    Me: that's a apple

  • Tyler Brown
    Tyler Brown Day ago

    Know that little girl was paid to say that

  • Covan B
    Covan B Day ago

    8:00 made me laugh

  • joe aglaxe
    joe aglaxe Day ago

    I'm dying on 1:00 :):):):):)

  • Braden McMullin
    Braden McMullin Day ago

    No.... Words

  • Braden McMullin
    Braden McMullin Day ago

    The edit for ez butter

  • Brian Griffin/2
    Brian Griffin/2 Day ago

    Make America skinny again im already skinny im actually anorexic

  • Brian Griffin/2
    Brian Griffin/2 Day ago

    Im actually anorexic

  • famewolf 259
    famewolf 259 Day ago

    I think my grandma had one of those slap chop things.

    *But it was off brand*

  • Bartosz Szczykowski

    You see this is what happen when you let Vince into the sugar storage

  • Shawn Moore
    Shawn Moore Day ago

    Hey are you tired of all that fat in your bacon well to bad bacon is cooked fat

  • Chloe Meacham
    Chloe Meacham Day ago +2

    oOH I can’t wait to buTtER mY muFfiNs

    0oF THE OOFER Day ago

    I have one of those hoses that was gifted to me from my mom.... MOM!!! Why did you buy me a hose from dick?! Whyyyyy?!

  • Frog Hopz
    Frog Hopz Day ago

    jack your my fav youtuber keep up the good work good vid

  • Cakycat
    Cakycat Day ago

    vince offer

    MUFFINKAGE Day ago

    How does he get these quality videos?

  • Lillyth Huston
    Lillyth Huston Day ago

    Me: Well no Shit Sherlock

  • Jozopath :D
    Jozopath :D Day ago +1

    Damn I only came for the "Old Lady Bingo Hour".
    I'm disappointed *SEÁN*

  • Crusty Dan
    Crusty Dan Day ago

    9:23 Vince out here abusing hookers too

  • Jill Balke
    Jill Balke Day ago

    Vince, The Gawlic Gladiator

  • Antonio nixon
    Antonio nixon Day ago

    Vince: Kids love my nuts

  • ColterSevenths7777

    I mean it doesn’t show the number for the Slap Chop, but the narrator says the number. Just call that

  • Sydnie Matteson
    Sydnie Matteson Day ago


  • The Steel Eel
    The Steel Eel Day ago

    I hate butter so much and the commercial is unrealistic It should be a fat family with the sun being like hey mom passed the butter and she just says no get it yourself I’m too lazy and then he says but it out and then he’s too lazy to use the easy butter

  • The GamingHeadShot

    0:54 i see what you did there "father jack"

    NUKE/ SHADOW Day ago

    L A U G H!!!

  • Belle Anne
    Belle Anne Day ago

    My grandma has a slapchop

  • Wolfy
    Wolfy Day ago

    Kink shaming ):

  • The DoodleNoodle

    You can buy a slap-cop on Amazon now.

    My life is complete.

  • Rose Stewart
    Rose Stewart Day ago

    I’ve rewatched 8:10 100 times in crying 😂

  • SkiiBroVaeds #7418

    Vince: Slap My Nuts

  • Laura Cook
    Laura Cook Day ago

    I laughed for 20 minutes stright because of the slap chop

  • trees are treasures

    Bahbahbah LAUGH.

  • SuperEpicguy77
    SuperEpicguy77 Day ago

    I knew there was a reason you detained Vince in papers please (revisited). he didn’t kill his girlfriend, he did this!

  • RazerScooter420 Blaze it

    18:19 whips and chains are ok though

  • RazerScooter420 Blaze it

    18:19 whips and chains are ok though

  • Bradley Grosholz

    The slap chop vid
    My reaction: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    How to beat your child who is a fruit 13:09

  • MaxPlays
    MaxPlays Day ago

    i mean vince does abuse things but it ain't vegetables

  • Lexidoodle 63
    Lexidoodle 63 Day ago

    I’m working at a summer camp and one of the teachers let 4-12 year olds beat the absolute shit out of the onions and garlic with a slap chop. It’s beautiful.

  • Andrew Gostomski

    "You're gonna love my nuts" TVclip at its finest