Birth of a Kilo II: How a Two Kilo Cuban Link Chain is Made. (Over 2000 Grams of 10K Solid Gold)


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  • P H
    P H 35 minutes ago

    Wow don’t no how I came across this but was beautiful to see the process of chain being created..

  • Ebu Corleone
    Ebu Corleone 2 hours ago

    Now all you have to do is send me the necklace as a gift by mail and then all your work is perfect...😎

  • Chris montgomery
    Chris montgomery 3 hours ago

    Do they collectbthe shaving fron cutting gold? I would.

  • Real Gone Kid
    Real Gone Kid 19 hours ago

    Edit: Yo can I get that chain if I shoutout your channel? Cheers.

  • akimboist
    akimboist 2 days ago +1

    lol the juice wrld playing in the background

  • Alcatraz77
    Alcatraz77 3 days ago +1

    Another gold chain made for Mr. T lol.

  • Ryan Huckins
    Ryan Huckins 3 days ago +1

    Goddamn mother fuckers got so much gold they don't even put clasps on their own shit😎 😂🤣😂🤣 5 mins and 18 seconds in dudes just got gold slung around his neck like fuck it i got 2 kilos coming next 😎

  • Royal Knight
    Royal Knight 3 days ago +1

    Man this was cool af lol

  • Raph C
    Raph C 4 days ago +1

    Is it possible to build a chain like this from 24k gold only?

  • Daniel Brock
    Daniel Brock 4 days ago

    Cool technique but you can also flatten it im pretty sure

  • Daniel Brock
    Daniel Brock 4 days ago

    This came out on my bday

  • KRES 1
    KRES 1 6 days ago +1

    I watch this video on the daily for motivation until someday soon i wear this type of quality on my neck from CMG jewelers. It's perfection and motivation right here. Stay positive and blessed always.

  • Jason Williams
    Jason Williams 6 days ago

    Give me A call Bro 9176987873

  • ketofat2fit
    ketofat2fit 7 days ago +6

    Title is not misleading. Solid gold means its not hollow gold tube doesnt matter the karat. This heavy of a chain cant be made from 18k and especially not 24k as it would deform under its it's own weight and the links would no longer move. The only gold to own to invest is 24k bullion. All others including 18k will never be worth enough to cover original cost of labor in making the jewelry. As most retailers have a 100%-400% markup. Meaning on a 10k gold chain. You wouldnt sell it for more than it cost unless gold got up over $8000 usd an ounce. Chain is still fantastic. And the craftsmanship is top notch.

  • Alannis Budd
    Alannis Budd 8 days ago +1

    Afroman Palmdale last few minutes of vid haha classic

  • Jrojas159
    Jrojas159 8 days ago +1

    Are the coils round or a little oval?

  • naveenrock12
    naveenrock12 8 days ago

    What is the starting price of Cuban bracelet ??

  • mohan shan
    mohan shan 8 days ago +1

    Cool man

  • upnoffboss boss
    upnoffboss boss 9 days ago +1

    awesome video that shit is gangster

  • Don Wee
    Don Wee 9 days ago +1

    That's chain looks sick bro

  • CB Thacloutking
    CB Thacloutking 10 days ago +1

    And the last step they forgot to add in this video was to send it to Jay z

  • 10 Miles Outside
    10 Miles Outside 10 days ago +1

    What would this same chain run me but in Silver ? Seriously tryin to buy 1 from u 👌✌

    • CMG Links
      CMG Links  10 days ago +1

      Please call 786-534-6157 for pricing

  • The Johnson
    The Johnson 10 days ago +1

    Nice to see craftsmen at work. Curious, what is it you use to adhere the chain to the timber block before you file it? Wax?

  • udhsjejakd
    udhsjejakd 10 days ago +5

    It keeps looking done but then there's more.

  • Hoplite Warlord
    Hoplite Warlord 11 days ago +1

    I love it, great workmanship...but wearing something like that out in Melbourne, Australia is asking to be mugged or even killed!

  • HawksNest
    HawksNest 11 days ago +2

    This is like Bob Ross but even better

  • Omar Alcala
    Omar Alcala 11 days ago

    My Nigga Been Flexing That Chain, LOL!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • silver watcher
    silver watcher 11 days ago

    I got a dollar.

  • 4400 Dot
    4400 Dot 12 days ago

    Shit i need 1 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • John Burgess
    John Burgess 13 days ago

    10 karat

    • John Burgess
      John Burgess 12 days ago

      +CMG Links you'd have to be an asshole to spend that kind of money on something like that to begin with. So yeah, I wouldn't want to afford it.

    • CMG Links
      CMG Links  12 days ago

      And you still can’t afford it

  • Johny Gam
    Johny Gam 16 days ago

    I would love to do this for a job. That would be great.

  • Pramod Kumar
    Pramod Kumar 17 days ago


  • Jose Santiago
    Jose Santiago 17 days ago

    So basically the high prices are because the work and labor

  • Jose Santiago
    Jose Santiago 17 days ago

    I thought jewelry was made entirely of gold not all that other shit

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana 18 days ago

    FAKE !!!

  • Zoltan Herczeg
    Zoltan Herczeg 18 days ago

    DEONTAY WILDER like this....

  • Алексей Пестряков

    what is coefficient of this chain? 2.5?

  • Inshokuten69
    Inshokuten69 20 days ago

    That's some terrible file use, never go back and forth.

  • monty1300
    monty1300 20 days ago

    10K gold is garbage though. That’s how they’re able to make such a heavy piece. 24k is 100% so 10k is like 40%. It’s less gold than it is other stuff. 14k is like the minimum for decent jewelry. 18k is ideal 75% gold. 22k is very fine. It’s about $40k without labor. Plus bragging rights I guess. At least it’s not plated, that should be against the law.

  • K H
    K H 21 day ago +1

    10k gold 2 kilo goes for around 36 to 39 thousand this is with out taking into consideration the labor cost... 10k is going for around $16.50 to $18 depending on who r u buying it from... i think they do a dope ass job this chain is insanely good

  • Trymore Kefasi
    Trymore Kefasi 22 days ago

    what did you mix with the gold to make the chain?

    • Trymore Kefasi
      Trymore Kefasi 18 days ago

      +CMG Links last time i cheacked: Alloy is a metallic solid or liquid that is composed of a homogeneous mixture of two or more metals or of metals and nonmetal or metalloid elements, usually for the purpose of imparting or increasing specific characteristics or properties: Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper. BUT, if you don't like sharing certain knowledge with other people, then be it. it's not like people on youtube are going to take your business away from you

    • CMG Links
      CMG Links  19 days ago

      +Trymore Kefasi nothing else, just gold and alloy.

    • Trymore Kefasi
      Trymore Kefasi 20 days ago

      +CMG Links i know its alloy, thats why i asked what else did you mix with the gold

    • CMG Links
      CMG Links  21 day ago


  • All In 1
    All In 1 22 days ago +2

    I don't like 10k gold ,I like 18k

  • Cosito De La Pizza
    Cosito De La Pizza 22 days ago +1

    "Lo que se gastó en el auto yo me lo colgué en el cuello"

  • Ice Breakers
    Ice Breakers 22 days ago

    What is that candle like stuff he put on it? 5:19

  • TheInfectionization
    TheInfectionization 22 days ago

    But how much does a 2000 gram gold necklace even weigh?

    • TheInfectionization
      TheInfectionization 22 days ago

      +CMG Links was going for a r/wooosh, not a conversion to imperial.. But thanks anyway

    • CMG Links
      CMG Links  22 days ago

      Approximately 4.4 pounds

  • Chazal Buster
    Chazal Buster 22 days ago

    Only 10k? 😒

  • Juliano A. B. Gonçalves


  • Derrty92lude
    Derrty92lude 23 days ago

    Fake chains though! Lol

  • Dead Boi
    Dead Boi 24 days ago

    Put diamonds on that bitch and send it ago SouljaBoy

  • kevin bailey
    kevin bailey 24 days ago +1

    Great work

  • Imaginasian86
    Imaginasian86 24 days ago

    on that note, curious to know how many times you had to anneal the chain ?

  • Imaginasian86
    Imaginasian86 24 days ago +1

    im a jeweller myself. was waiting for the part where you coil the metal and WOW!! props guys. I was in awwww the whole way through. was even wondering if the the solder was going to hold the links together when you twisted the chain on the vice. Great work guys.

  • Nathan LeDee
    Nathan LeDee 25 days ago +1

    Love it I have a 16mm 30inch Miami Cuban

  • new england patriot
    new england patriot 25 days ago

    10k is not real gold

  • Juan Paiz
    Juan Paiz 25 days ago

    Sos un maestro gracias x algunas técnicas de la cuales no tenía conocimiento

  • Xplocial OnlineNetworking

    That’s about $114,000 in melt value . $350,000 sale value

  • Sammy Something
    Sammy Something 25 days ago +1

    Good work

  • hunter ricard
    hunter ricard 26 days ago +3

    a lot of people are triggered in the comments for no reason

  • Seliat Oyindamola
    Seliat Oyindamola 26 days ago +1

    Great skills!Beautiful!

  • Miss Tiger Stackress
    Miss Tiger Stackress 26 days ago +1

    Great video, I liked and subscribed. Lovely Morgan!

  • Breakarelow
    Breakarelow 26 days ago +1

    9:40 you sir are great ! Freaks come out at night.

  • Shekar Wong
    Shekar Wong 27 days ago

    Birth of a Kilo II: How a Two Kilo Cuban Link Chain is Made. (Over 2000 Grams of Solid 10k Gold)
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  • Mid_King13
    Mid_King13 27 days ago

    Aye can y’all give me one for free? I live in Cali Madera Ca my snap is ever_123456 I’m tryna flex on ppl and promote y’all 🤤🤤 it’ll be sick if I ever cannn 💀💀

  • Aldo Hernandez
    Aldo Hernandez 27 days ago

    Nice way to remind you of the times when your ancestors were fuckin' slaves...

  • Maxi Leal
    Maxi Leal 27 days ago

    Que preciosura loco.. que belleza.

    DOCKER 29 days ago

    Казалось бы, при чем здесь рэперы?

  • Tony Briggs
    Tony Briggs Month ago +1

    The is the best way to clean it. ?

  • max alburg
    max alburg Month ago

    10k is shit --- its 41% actual gold.

  • OG Timbercraft
    OG Timbercraft Month ago


  • Sally Smith
    Sally Smith Month ago

    This is very beautiful chain and very beautiful craftsmanship but the customer is totally uneducated when it comes to Precious Metals cuz he or she threw away $50,000 on only 10 karat gold sorry but if I have $50,000 no way I'm going to have a chain made any less than 22 carats of gold, this customer totally devalue there own jewelry they should have asked the jewelry maker to put a higher karat value in their chain.

  • ThePhantomEvoX
    ThePhantomEvoX Month ago +1

    AMAZING craftmanship!!!!!!!

  • AWA
    AWA Month ago +1

    Nice video.

  • banco solo
    banco solo Month ago

    horrible big bling bling Good when you have small personnality

  • alberritocaravela
    alberritocaravela Month ago

    The price?

  • Alexander Espinosa
    Alexander Espinosa Month ago

    but it’s 10k :\

  • Ryan Harrington
    Ryan Harrington Month ago

    Suuuchhhh a ghetto way of doing it

  • Bruce Bigbie
    Bruce Bigbie Month ago

    I remember my first sweet 16 chain.

  • ashley 1010
    ashley 1010 Month ago +2

    Mr.T aproves

  • King Théoden
    King Théoden Month ago +2

    What a nice meth lab

  • Kelvin Batista
    Kelvin Batista Month ago +2

    Sorry but that's not a solid gold of anything.
    That's a mixture of some part of Cooper and some possible palladium making a resultant degradation to a either 10-14 to 18 karats gold.
    Solid gold will be a 999.9 chain made.
    You freaking damn idiot imbecil.

    • silverbud
      silverbud 27 days ago

      Why doesn't any fool here know the meaning of the word solid?? Left school in 2nd grade??

  • RigginTheRod010
    RigginTheRod010 Month ago +1

    Wheres OSHA

  • BlaBla Bla
    BlaBla Bla Month ago

    who is even wearing that? And to state what?

  • TheLochs
    TheLochs Month ago

    Why the clasp? it'll just go over your head.

  • nevergiveupbestrong
    nevergiveupbestrong Month ago +1


  • The Pussy Is real
    The Pussy Is real Month ago +1

    Ill take 3

  • K B
    K B Month ago

    How much you guys figure that chain is Worth?

  • Artemus Rodricq
    Artemus Rodricq Month ago +1


  • ben smith
    ben smith Month ago

    Fueled by the beautiful funds of dealing!

  • Jorge Toloza
    Jorge Toloza Month ago

    Is this jewelry shop in Little Havana in Miami , Fl. ?

    • CMG Links
      CMG Links  Month ago +2

      We are located in downtown Miami

  • Hip Rap Bauru
    Hip Rap Bauru Month ago

    vocês entregam ?

  • Shadow747
    Shadow747 Month ago

    Yee nigga muh bling bling

  • Terry Coburn
    Terry Coburn Month ago +1

    I will swap it for my iPhone 4s

  • jbgator10
    jbgator10 Month ago


  • jbgator10
    jbgator10 Month ago

    how much

  • Anonymous Gunman
    Anonymous Gunman Month ago +2

    I wish I can afford that

  • Navdip Singh
    Navdip Singh Month ago +1

    Not pure gold. 9999 gold is very malleable.

    • The Johnson
      The Johnson 10 days ago

      It states in the title "10k" not 24k. They never at any stage claim it to be pure........

  • Ken Wood
    Ken Wood Month ago


  • Taurus Williams
    Taurus Williams Month ago

    Send me your contact information.

  • Nick Fehrenbach
    Nick Fehrenbach Month ago +1

    Im gonna rock a chain like this after I learn and master Krav Maga and got my concealed carry. Dare some punk ass theives to test me

  • eric mepho
    eric mepho Month ago +1

    who would want a sore neck having that around there neck.