Birth of a Kilo II: How a Two Kilo Cuban Link Chain is Made. (Over 2000 Grams of 10K Solid Gold)

  • Published on Jul 22, 2018
  • How over $40000 worth of 10k gold is made into a two kilo Cuban link chain. Dimensions are 36 inches long, 28.5mm wide, and over 2000 grams of solid 10k gold.
    If doesn't hang straight, it ain't done right!
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  • Icky
    Icky 21 minute ago

    Nice job from The Netherlands

  • Joaquin Garri
    Joaquin Garri 56 minutes ago

    Para que quiere el cierre. Muy gorda hay que tener la cabeza para que no pase, de ser de una pieza.

  • My Reply Sucks
    My Reply Sucks 19 hours ago

    Blacks are now paying top dollar for a noose around their necks, they used to give them away free back in the days remember...
    What's even worse, that gold most likely was dug up from the earth by black Africans, only to be bought by a black American who will end up in a casket back in the earth at the hands of another envious black.

  • Michael Menendez
    Michael Menendez Day ago +1

    Just crazy how only about 1000 grams of that is gold and the rest is nickel and copper. So expensive for an alloy but the labor is absolutely incredible.

  • Jack 79
    Jack 79 Day ago

    Itu rante kapal ya???

  • Earl Scheib
    Earl Scheib Day ago +3

    It's solid because it's not hollow as most large jewelry is. Solid does not refer to purity.
    10K scrap is $17.50 / gr this chain weighs 2176 gr Scrap value is $38,080.00
    Artistic value adds at least 50% if not double. Wholesale value 50-60K low retail 80K

  • S.B.G
    S.B.G Day ago

    Jay z chain

  • KS-02
    KS-02 2 days ago +1

    99.9% of you who comment haven´t ever had a gold chain more than 20 gram. For those who have, you know that the value is correct since it´s handmade also.
    Price for 10K today 19-04-2019 is from $16.3 USD/gram to $17.18 USD/gram.

    CHAZE2B 3 days ago +1

    I need this around my neck

  • James Dicus
    James Dicus 3 days ago +1

    This chain wouldn't make a pimple on Mr T's ass, but it's cool, I'm just not sure jewelry kinda guy.

  • Ricardo Salomon
    Ricardo Salomon 3 days ago +2


  • Joey Turner
    Joey Turner 4 days ago

    I love it, but am I the only one wondering why they don't have a vac system or something better for the trimmings?

  • Wulfz lair
    Wulfz lair 4 days ago

    Are those tiny lil chunks that chip off after some of the machine use worth anything?

    • CMG Links
      CMG Links  4 days ago

      Yes, we try to collect all the gold that comes off while making the chain.

  • Danny Casino
    Danny Casino 5 days ago +1

    Pretty dope you have skills when I get rich I'm going to get me a pair of solid gold timberlands... .. hear me coming down the street like clink clink clink....

  • Lauty
    Lauty 7 days ago +1


  • Big Deal
    Big Deal 7 days ago

    I want one of these I’ll send the money now add me on Instagram @bigdealmusica

  • stephanie wright
    stephanie wright 8 days ago

    If you're going to spend that much money on a chain why not get a better kt of gold than 10k?

    • CMG Links
      CMG Links  8 days ago

      It would cost an roughly an extra $15,000 to get it in 14k

  • Jason Horne
    Jason Horne 8 days ago

    why the heck arent u protecting the vise jaws with brass or leather, just making more work for yourself

  • Youtube Jarred 333
    Youtube Jarred 333 9 days ago

    eeee! #ytj333

  • ActiveX
    ActiveX 10 days ago

    some italian guy shitting himself over this chain

  • Franklin Tremols
    Franklin Tremols 11 days ago +1

    Tengo un pedasode horo de 7 quintales lobendo melo en contre en un rio

  • J josephm
    J josephm 12 days ago +1

    "I pity the fool." - Mr.T

  • Alicia Landa
    Alicia Landa 13 days ago +1


  • kamran hussain
    kamran hussain 13 days ago

    Is it 10karat gold ???

  • Viacheslav
    Viacheslav 13 days ago

    У Xzibit такая

  • ufdiah
    ufdiah 13 days ago +2

    jesus... this is a real gangster chain :O

  • Carrie Cheaung
    Carrie Cheaung 13 days ago +3

    The person who made the chain i think needs an award more so than the fool

  • Dark Soles
    Dark Soles 13 days ago

    I want that same 2 kilo chain please inbox me on Instagram @darksoles.ds

  • Shamus Dan Leeman. Aka Shaun Dalton

    Any tips to get it to hang straight when completed??

  • Tony Machado
    Tony Machado 13 days ago +2

    Que lindas que son las cubanas 🙏😱, 2019 URUGUAY

  • Pa C
    Pa C 14 days ago

    Over gold.

  • sghunter
    sghunter 14 days ago +1

    I must know the name of that song that starts at 8:00. Anyone help?

    • sghunter
      sghunter 12 days ago

      +CMG Links found it. Cheers

    • sghunter
      sghunter 13 days ago +1

      +CMG Links thanks a bunch. Song seems to be impossible to find tho. Also nice cuban

    • CMG Links
      CMG Links  14 days ago

      Electronic Twitch 3 by Gunnar Johnsén

  • Kiro Zahariev
    Kiro Zahariev 14 days ago +1

    Yes nice job bravo from NY🍎☝🏻🔝🔝🔝✊🏻🇧🇬

  • Brain Dead
    Brain Dead 14 days ago

    Don't mind me, just carrying a small child around my neck

  • vincentvangro
    vincentvangro 14 days ago

    10k roflmao no wonder rappers where big chains like this,its mostly copper along with other metals

  • Liam Brown
    Liam Brown 14 days ago +1

    This looks so sick can I have it

    BELI MIR 15 days ago

    Подпишитесь на мой канал Подождите ?

  • GodSniper6 PUBGM
    GodSniper6 PUBGM 15 days ago +1

    I want a long one for my dogs leash

  • sKiTzMiCk 69
    sKiTzMiCk 69 15 days ago

    Did you all see the tiny amount of real gold that went into that chain? Absolutely fuck all dont waste your money on fake shit

    • sKiTzMiCk 69
      sKiTzMiCk 69 14 days ago

      +CMG Links mate i wouldn't be caught dead wearing something that big around my neck that shit is for faggots that love to get fucked in the arse thats why they get big chains so the fag doin the butt fuckin has something to pull on.

    • CMG Links
      CMG Links  15 days ago

      We just make what the customer orders, nothing fake about it. You can always place an order for 18k instead of being a hater, you probably can’t afford anything around that size anyway.

  • fur king el
    fur king el 16 days ago

    my mate spend 10 grand on a gold chain, fell asleep in the club and got it took off his neck lol

  • krore sezer
    krore sezer 16 days ago

    بربكم هاي شكد سعره

  • krore sezer
    krore sezer 16 days ago

    بربكم هاي بيش تطلع

  • Tony 2000
    Tony 2000 16 days ago +5

    One of my favorite videos, never get tired of watching

  • canal louco
    canal louco 16 days ago +1

    Massa de mais

  • nick silva
    nick silva 16 days ago +1

    D A M N !!!!!!!! Son

  • Арт'йом Мацко

    Бля, вот какой-то негр навыёбывается с такой цепурой!)))

  • Имя Фамилия
    Имя Фамилия 17 days ago

    Если одеть эту цепь, сложно ходить ровно

  • TROUBLE Fallen Angel
    TROUBLE Fallen Angel 17 days ago

    I take all of it thank you good night be back tomorrow for more lol wow i want one please just half then

    • Abubakarr Kawah
      Abubakarr Kawah 15 days ago

      TROUBLE Fallen Angel am from Sierra Leone, west Africa if you are interested in buying gold our company has high quality gold $29000 per kilo if you are interested you may contact me on this number 23276607094

    RATT PI 18 days ago +1

    10K gold lool for a noob, 18k for a boss 🤙🏽

    • Vandal
      Vandal 18 days ago

      Still shit ton of money for 2 kilograms, also not like you could afford it or even appreciate it. Idc about karat if it still has over 100g because its not going to be cheap, plus alloy can be melted down and separated later anyways. Also if it were over 18k or maybe even near it would likely bend under its own weight due to the mailability of gold. You dont seem to know or appreciate jewelry.

  • Sam Costin
    Sam Costin 19 days ago +3

    The man who sweeps this guys workshop floor is luckyy

    • CMG Links
      CMG Links  19 days ago

      We sweep the floor and refine everything every few months to be used in more chains.

  • Lolo Duran
    Lolo Duran 19 days ago +2

    Beautiful Cuban Link's , sorry for viewers but 10k gold is not solid gold, its solid strength yes . 24k 100% gold , 18k still consider high .. 10k is 45% gold 55% other metals.. 💯 beautiful indeed . Like if agree

  • sghunter
    sghunter 19 days ago

    Song name at the end?

  • James Barnes
    James Barnes 19 days ago

    10k gold? that's very little gold!
    Mixed with other metals and is not worth buying!
    This is against the law in many countries!
    All that glitters sure isn't Gold!

    • yb s
      yb s 19 days ago

      James Barnes nah

  • Ado Stari
    Ado Stari 19 days ago

    Can you made me one in silver or stainless steel? ... Im so broke I can't afford mistakes 😂

  • Федор Свинкин


  • Real ThaMaskRapper
    Real ThaMaskRapper 21 day ago +1

    Do not buy american gold no matter what ur gpld will fade eventually u need real PURE YES PURE GUYANESE GOLD that is tha best of tha best of tha best .

  • Alicia Dockett
    Alicia Dockett 21 day ago +2

    Excellent craftsmanship. He should make him 3 just for the hell of it....

  • President RF
    President RF 21 day ago

    Это пиздец товарищи буржуи

  • Pass it back!!
    Pass it back!! 22 days ago +4

    like watching a baby being born just without the crying 😁👌

  • shino88
    shino88 22 days ago

    10K!?! Pffft no thanks....more alloy than gold.

  • Wib Bell
    Wib Bell 23 days ago

    10k gold is cheap tho real jewellers dnt even really call it gold. It has way mo different metals n der dan gold 24k is pure gold den cums 22k den 18k den 14k last n least is 10k so da least u shud go is 14k 4m der up at least u have mo gold in it dan anything else

  • Q Texas made
    Q Texas made 23 days ago +1

    Shit now I see why it's so pricey to own this shit the process was amazing it's a craft for sure... Now bitch pay me!

  • Srijon Datta
    Srijon Datta 29 days ago

    Can u do a video on how to set the diamonds in the Cuban

  • Fight or Die Boxing
    Fight or Die Boxing Month ago +2

    Damn, that turned out nice. Recently made an order, i cant wait.

  • Александр Шубин


  • i am dj jerry
    i am dj jerry Month ago +1

    I would buy from this shop if I could afford it. Made by hand and it's tight as hell. I paid 600.00 for 80 grams of pure gold and had to sell it. Too much attention on the streets of Chicago, Niggas thirsty over here!

    • Fight or Die Boxing
      Fight or Die Boxing Month ago

      i am dj jerry: So, first you say you cant afford it, then talk about getting robbed. Guess you should stay scared and broke then.

  • Willbe Real247365
    Willbe Real247365 Month ago

    How much would something like that cost??

  • Bryan Del Valle
    Bryan Del Valle Month ago +1

    I was watching freaky diamonds and don't know how I end up here... trying to get permanent grillz but that Cuban chain is nice tho...

  • Jayviel Arroyo
    Jayviel Arroyo Month ago +2

    I just sub love the way you guy's put in that work, very tight Very Tight, Link's I will be going out to the shop soon, I found you guy on the search engine on TVclip

  • Stan Mendoza
    Stan Mendoza Month ago +2

    How much 4 something that big? 🤔

  • Carlos G
    Carlos G Month ago +2

    Amazing video. I would wear a side arm no doubt if I worked there. There has to be a lot of gold in that building.

  • Mohammad Fairos
    Mohammad Fairos Month ago

    5:16s - What is that stuff that you melted on the chains? Is that heat treatment at the end of the too? Thank you.

  • Palm Beach Ink Tattoos

    Best in the business. True artists and craftsmen. Without a doubt the only place to get a true work of art

  • Eddy Bally
    Eddy Bally Month ago +1

    I fucking love it

  • ds productions
    ds productions Month ago +1

    Can people stop saying how is lost so much gold? They recover all of it. There are basins under all machines forna reason

    • CMG Links
      CMG Links  Month ago

      Yes, we also reclaim everything that falls on the floor

    MO GAINS Month ago +1

    New subscriber on deck. Do you have any videos on the making of a Gucci Chain Flat Mariner? Thanks in advance 👍🏼👊🏼🇹🇹

    • CMG Links
      CMG Links  Month ago

      MO GAINS yes,

    • MO GAINS
      MO GAINS Month ago +1

      CMG Links ok thanks for your response. Do you guys have an Instagram account?

    • CMG Links
      CMG Links  Month ago

      We just specialize in the Cuban link chain style.

  • Maxwell Stewart
    Maxwell Stewart Month ago +1

    Send me that about bling necklace and bracelet thank you send me at 94 todhunter Crescent Ajax Ontario l 1 Z 0 k 1

  • ryan
    ryan Month ago

    some Yankees outfielder's chain

  • Bruce Evans
    Bruce Evans Month ago +1

    It's very hard to find a good video about chain making! This video is amazing! I would love to work in the jewelry industry and someday learn all the chain making techniques. How would one go about starting at the bottom of the industry and learning the ropes?

    • CMG Links
      CMG Links  Month ago

      My father learned as an apprentice, and I learned from him. There’s jewelry schools and classes you can attend.

  • terry turns
    terry turns Month ago

    How much would this be worth

    • Pj M
      Pj M Month ago

      +terry turns i think if you could afford to buy such a necklace and put it round your neck i dont think you would need to worry about getting robbed, besides, with that round your neck i dont think anyone is going to be stupid enough to try and rob you, you aint going to be a small weedy weakling, 2kg round your neck, your going to have to be a big bugger just to take the weight

    • terry turns
      terry turns Month ago

      +Pj M your crazy in USA if you wore that in london it wouldn't matter if you was biggest gangster ever your 100 pecent getting robbed but I guess you wouldn't wear it unless you had about 30 people around you because if your at any point on your own your getting robbed

    • Pj M
      Pj M Month ago

      $40k worth of gold, the time to make it plus a premium on top for being custom made, id say probably $60-$75k if not more

  • Nelly Nelz
    Nelly Nelz Month ago

    There's gotta be an easier way.

  • Павел Тихоненко


  • Vertex Vietnam
    Vertex Vietnam Month ago +1

    Waaaaa....Great video. Thanks your sharing 👍🔔🤝

  • Struggle & Hustle
    Struggle & Hustle Month ago +15

    1st Question: Why is this in my recommended
    2nd Question: How did I end up here
    3rd Question: Why did I watch the whole video? Wtf

  • Marui
    Marui Month ago +1

    Bro is that sassy laughing or am i too high

  • Incrivel Hulk
    Incrivel Hulk Month ago +2


  • Nate Campbell
    Nate Campbell Month ago

    This chain went to plies. He's a rapper

  • Zach Woodcock
    Zach Woodcock Month ago

    What’s the song called starting at 4:35 ??

  • The Keto Chief
    The Keto Chief Month ago

    want one in silver if I sent you the silver how much would you charge to do this. I would do it but I have little time for a project this big. I am to busy as a one man show repairing and restoring items to build something this huge.

  • Rahul Barbhuiya
    Rahul Barbhuiya Month ago


  • neoarcadezr
    neoarcadezr Month ago


  • ericsbuds
    ericsbuds Month ago +3

    humans have probably been making jewelry for a very long time. its amazing to think how many of the techniques used today have been honed over many thousands of years.

  • intra morph
    intra morph Month ago

    why would you ever want to wear that around your neck... unless you want to work out your neck muscles....

  • T A
    T A Month ago +2

    No need for a clasp weld it into a solid loop.

  • Rolando Jr. Antonio
    Rolando Jr. Antonio 2 months ago +2

    Wow, I admire the craftsmanship of the workers of this necklace! Its takes a lot of effort, patience and creativity to do such thing. When you are buying a product, you are also giving livelihood to people. Good video!

    • CMG Links
      CMG Links  Month ago

      Thank you

    • j p
      j p Month ago

      Rolando Jr. Antonio creativity tho? This isn’t creativity.

  • ezsoulja
    ezsoulja 2 months ago +1

    Beautiful work of art !!!!

  • Ivan
    Ivan 2 months ago

    How did they lock the links together if there was only a couple millimeter opening in each link to work with? Do they have to stretch each link opening with a plier and then clamp it into the next one? Anybody have an answer for this?

    • CMG Links
      CMG Links  Month ago

      Just open it with pliers and assemble the links together

  • Bob Lol
    Bob Lol 2 months ago +1

    hopefully one day i could buy one

  • Maria Cordoba
    Maria Cordoba 2 months ago +1

    Damn imagine whooping somebodys ass with that

  • Adeline Bird
    Adeline Bird 2 months ago

    10k gold, tho....