The Try Guys Meet Ned's Baby

  • Published on Jul 7, 2018
  • The guys meet Ned's baby for the first time. Will Eugene overcome his hatred of babies?
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Comments • 29 575

  • NotMason1
    NotMason1 Day ago

    Can’t wait for Wes to grow up and watch old try guys videos

  • Carissa LeClair
    Carissa LeClair Day ago

    This video makes me love Eugene so much.
    "Do you want to hold him?"
    "No, I really don't."
    Lmfao.... Awesome.

  • Kãy Sis
    Kãy Sis Day ago

    Eugene will be the fun uncle 😂

  • Katie_Schrute _farms

    Keith would make a great aunt

  • Liza Manelli
    Liza Manelli 2 days ago

    So my biological clock starting ticking SO LOUDLY now, thanks try guys, THANKSSSS

  • Liza Manelli
    Liza Manelli 2 days ago


  • Elizabeth Burns
    Elizabeth Burns 2 days ago

    Keith should babysit Wes

  • You Pay
    You Pay 2 days ago

    How does Neds dad sound exactly like him

  • Coco Studios
    Coco Studios 2 days ago

    I like how Zack had to drag Eugene in.
    (sorry but I don't know how to spell Zack's name)

  • DonutProductions
    DonutProductions 2 days ago

    eugene discovering he has feelings for the first time

  • Katelyn Prater
    Katelyn Prater 3 days ago

    5:12 me in school whispering cuss words to my friends

  • Kayla Tjenalooi
    Kayla Tjenalooi 3 days ago +1

    7:00 I yawned
    Did anyone else

  • Lily Rosinsky
    Lily Rosinsky 3 days ago

    this is the most pure video i have ever seen

  • Claire
    Claire 3 days ago +1

    I feel like wes is sleeping beauty and he just got blessed by the 3 fairies

  • Coral Dimayuga
    Coral Dimayuga 3 days ago

    I can relate to Eugene so much! Hahhahah

  • Y0shi_
    Y0shi_ 3 days ago

    someone make a yoshidance meme out of this 6:58

  • Kaylee Dubin
    Kaylee Dubin 3 days ago +1

    Oml Ned’s dad has the same voice its the greatest

  • Chloe Conley
    Chloe Conley 3 days ago

    the sheer face of disgust on eugene's face sometimes.

  • Victoria O'Rourke
    Victoria O'Rourke 3 days ago

    Ned’s dad looks JUST like him

  • LPdedicated
    LPdedicated 4 days ago +1

    Maybe, just MAYBE Eugene, will admit it one day but... I'm absolutely convinced that at 3:35, was when he realized he loved the little nugget and would "murder anyone who tries to touch him".

  • Luna Luna
    Luna Luna 4 days ago


  • Mrburrittos 57
    Mrburrittos 57 4 days ago

    He or she is so cute

  • Marw Tzo
    Marw Tzo 4 days ago

    Ariel is glowing!!!!!!!

  • Chaya Franklin
    Chaya Franklin 4 days ago +1

    Ariel will be such a great mom and I want Keith to have kids because he would be a great dad...and zack...kinda lol

  • Jill Van
    Jill Van 4 days ago

    Keith will help Wes love eating chicken. Eugene will eventually be like a grandparent. Zach is just there for support when Wes goes to college.

  • Siva Sruthi
    Siva Sruthi 4 days ago

    My sister just had a baby ..and I literally did Wht Eugene did...I just sat there and stared that baby for literally 1 hr

  • Taya !
    Taya ! 4 days ago

    Eugene will end up being Wes' favorite. Just like uncle Jesse and Michelle in Full House!

  • Fiona Quick
    Fiona Quick 5 days ago +1

    Ned’s dad is the older version of him literally

  • Kaarneka uwu
    Kaarneka uwu 5 days ago

    pls this is so wholesome (but wes gon grow up real famous oof)

  • Sophia Marie
    Sophia Marie 5 days ago


  • Little Spooked
    Little Spooked 5 days ago

    Eugene is me with every human

  • OliveArts
    OliveArts 5 days ago +1


  • Saskia Möller
    Saskia Möller 5 days ago

    Ned,sounds almost exactlx like his dad woooow!!

  • Wolfe03
    Wolfe03 6 days ago +3

    Why is eugene so amazing? He's so concerned and sweet 😂 but also so awkward it's adorable

  • Kati Casey
    Kati Casey 6 days ago

    Keith's gonna be a terrific dad someday

  • Liz Browning
    Liz Browning 6 days ago +5

    You can tell Eugene really cares for 2 reasons

    1. I don’t want to hold it. It’s to precious.

    And 2. Should I go wash my hands first?

  • Brooke Fieber
    Brooke Fieber 6 days ago +2

    Wes in 12 years: 🤦‍♂️
    Me now: 🤦‍♀️

  • Marthknight
    Marthknight 6 days ago +3

    Even when Wes is 14, Eugene still runs away.

  • Jennifer Coleman
    Jennifer Coleman 7 days ago

    Wes was adorable at birth and still is

  • yk.isabella
    yk.isabella 7 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who’s like Eugene and doesn’t like babies?

  • Ikea Lamp
    Ikea Lamp 7 days ago

    All the try guys except Zack look great with a beard

  • a f
    a f 7 days ago

    the general public on this channel thinks Eugene is hot as hell but ... I don’t see it

  • chelilom
    chelilom 7 days ago

    OMG, ned looks and talks just like his dad

  • ZACH Attack
    ZACH Attack 7 days ago

    Ned looks so much like his parents

  • Tiny Babbles
    Tiny Babbles 7 days ago +10

    Imagine this:
    Wes: omg dad you're so embarrassing! Why can't you be as cool as uncle Eugene?

  • Livie Rincon
    Livie Rincon 7 days ago +2

    I love how all of eugene's friends made him kiss the baby because they know him enough to know he really wants to kiss the baby he is just scared!

  • Luquid
    Luquid 7 days ago

    Ned's dad just is ned

  • Tassnim Hefny
    Tassnim Hefny 8 days ago

    Eugene is probably gonna be his favorite uncle 😂

  • Jun Daniel Gyu Lee Kim

    I remember i cried because i tried hold my neck up.
    Saw it on a Old USB.

  • athena snyder
    athena snyder 8 days ago

    3 best uncles eveh

  • Thiqu'e Snakeu
    Thiqu'e Snakeu 8 days ago

    Eugene is the biggest mood...

  • terrica m
    terrica m 8 days ago

    eugene is so nervous around kids

  • Eva Nabokov
    Eva Nabokov 8 days ago

    i feel like Eugene is going to be a dad and Zach isn't

  • Eva Nabokov
    Eva Nabokov 8 days ago

    keith is going to be such a good dad

  • wenxiaoshan sui
    wenxiaoshan sui 8 days ago

    omg Ned’s dad sounds exactly like Ned

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 8 days ago

    Wes’s yawn is bigger than my future.....

  • Sabrina Broadnax
    Sabrina Broadnax 8 days ago

    Dear God almighty ned sounds exactly like his dad but ned and his sister look like twins

  • Sky’s Not The Limit
    Sky’s Not The Limit 9 days ago +17

    *This is great because now my friends have a practice baby for me*

  • Kaye
    Kaye 9 days ago +1

    Wes is gonna look back on this video in ten years and cry just as much as I did

  • Cermahoil
    Cermahoil 9 days ago

    neds dad sounds EXACTLY like ned

    FREAKISH FANGIRL 9 days ago +1


  • Madskilled Lady
    Madskilled Lady 9 days ago

    little did you know you were gonna babysit lil wes

  • Quita Clark
    Quita Clark 9 days ago

    Baby Wes is the cutest little baby/old man ever! Welcome to the world, Sweetie!

  • Pooja H
    Pooja H 9 days ago +1

    Why so many dislikes ?

  • Dani G
    Dani G 9 days ago

    Keith: **kiss** noice

  • The Muffin Man
    The Muffin Man 10 days ago +1

    Keith is gonna be the uncle that acts like dad #2
    Zach is gonna be the uncle that tries too hard to fit in with kids
    Eugene is gonna be the uncle that doesn’t want anything to do with the kids but they all love him

  • Nolan Pham
    Nolan Pham 10 days ago +1

    Damn Ned’s sister is literally him with a wig

  • end of the line
    end of the line 10 days ago

    Now the try guys are,
    Daddy Ned
    Mommy ? (Idk her name)
    Uncle zach
    Uncle Keith
    And uncle eugene

  • Sunny Days
    Sunny Days 10 days ago

    8:30 Ned in 30 years

  • Sunny Days
    Sunny Days 10 days ago

    For some reason Eugene reminds me of quagmire from family guy

  • Lynn Chin
    Lynn Chin 10 days ago +4

    "I prefer dogs over babies"

    Same Eugene. Same

  • Ksenia Efremenko
    Ksenia Efremenko 10 days ago

    I imagine how Zack will be babysitting with Was and eventually give him a nipple to suck. 100% sure he will.

  • Samira Abou-Eid
    Samira Abou-Eid 10 days ago

    Eugene looks at baby.
    Eugene: wow

  • Tatiana Fair
    Tatiana Fair 11 days ago +1


  • Darcy Sanchez
    Darcy Sanchez 11 days ago

    Ned’s dad sounds and looks EXACTLY like him💀

  • Darcy Sanchez
    Darcy Sanchez 11 days ago +3

    when Wes yawned I couldn’t stop yawning😂

  • ShanteYouStay
    ShanteYouStay 11 days ago

    I those get it was cool how Keith was Totally into the baby. It was super adorable. Zach was the awkward uncle, Also adorable. Eugene seems to have attachment issues. Just a feeling I get with what he's shared and his interactions. Still love him of course. Ned is the proudest papa. It was beautiful to see when he told Wes he was meeting his three uncles. ❤️❤️❤️

  • below average
    below average 11 days ago

    Wait stop ned & his dad are literally the same person

  • Nosie
    Nosie 11 days ago

    It farted I felt a toot 😄😄😄😄😄 he liked it

  • hug annoy
    hug annoy 11 days ago

    Eugene is really a demon (beside shane of course)

  • Infinite Gaming
    Infinite Gaming 11 days ago


  • akila sunny
    akila sunny 11 days ago +1

    The Try Guys calling the baby “it” for 9:35 minutes straight

  • Apolo Jimenez
    Apolo Jimenez 12 days ago +1

    Bruh,Ned's Dad and Sister look EXACTLY like him.Replicas.💀

    KSJAAY 12 days ago +2

    idk why, but i find it so funny that eugene is so “ehhhh” about babies, but he’s legit taking so many precautions and being so careful 😂😂 that is great husband energy

  • Charlie Pollet
    Charlie Pollet 12 days ago

    Ned looks so much like his father, I feel like wes is going to look just like Ned lmao xD

  • Xx Gigi- the-Demon xX **

    Has anyone notice how small the car is?

    No only me...?

  • Gabriel Normand
    Gabriel Normand 12 days ago

    You know Eugene loves kids when he looks at them

  • brianna maybury
    brianna maybury 12 days ago

    Keith would make an amazing dad

  • StalwArtStudios
    StalwArtStudios 12 days ago

    Baby Wes looks so much like Ned!!! So cute!!!!!

  • TBM - Gameplays
    TBM - Gameplays 12 days ago

    I just love that Eugene is trying to hide the fact that he actually loves Wes, I mean come on! Didn't u see that sneaky smile he did after Wes touched his finger?

  • Vanessa Cotchery
    Vanessa Cotchery 12 days ago

    Have they blessed him when they kissed him 😂😀

  • Mr Bleach
    Mr Bleach 12 days ago



  • Audrey Crane
    Audrey Crane 12 days ago

    Like all baby’s like me but I’m like Eugene, they weird me out.... what would you wear to meet a baby?

  • Cheryll Grace Simon
    Cheryll Grace Simon 12 days ago


  • Nicole Lauren
    Nicole Lauren 13 days ago

    Eugene is so behave! 😂❤

  • DJ CowGal
    DJ CowGal 13 days ago

    I would be like Eugene but worse. I would stay in the car

  • ThatAnnoyingGirl
    ThatAnnoyingGirl 13 days ago

    Wes will love Eugene and he will be forced to play with Wes....

    *i hope*

  • Everyday  Nerd
    Everyday Nerd 13 days ago

    This was the most precious video ever!

  • Charlotte LaSalle
    Charlotte LaSalle 13 days ago

    Zach: oh he just farted on my omg I felt a toot

    This is the sweetest thing I have ever seen Keith and Zach are just so damn cute with him and I think secretly eugeune is falling in love slowly with this baby

  • RJ Fernandez
    RJ Fernandez 13 days ago

    Eugene is so relatable sometimes