The Try Guys Meet Ned's Baby

  • Published on Jul 7, 2018
  • The guys meet Ned's baby for the first time. Will Eugene overcome his hatred of babies?
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Comments • 28 412

  • Amália Cardoso
    Amália Cardoso 10 hours ago

    Omg! Wes is adorable but dont u think he looks just like Ned already? His nose and everything.
    Congrats guys!

  • Park Chimchim
    Park Chimchim 12 hours ago

    2:31 Eugene just in the corner😂

  • Uli Reinhart
    Uli Reinhart 16 hours ago

    Omg Keith is me with babies

  • My Internet Life
    My Internet Life 16 hours ago

    Neds dad is Ned???

  • TooManystars 4
    TooManystars 4 17 hours ago

    Eugene: * *crosses arms in corner* *

  • Jen_n Z
    Jen_n Z 20 hours ago Wes is the luckiest baby ever! He’s got so many loving family members and three AWESOME ‘uncles’ 😂😂
    I’m jealous

  • Eve Louwho
    Eve Louwho 22 hours ago

    Seeing Ned’s dad makes me suddenly understand everything

  • mercy cat
    mercy cat 23 hours ago +1

    When i was in 4th grade my teacher says"write anything that you hate the most"
    Me:*writes i hate babies*
    Me:I HATE BABIES!!!!!

  • Aprilia Anastasya

    Are they still in buzzfeed?

  • rakesh chand
    rakesh chand Day ago

    One of the try guy is also the sound man. Low budget problems.

  • Anoushka Ray
    Anoushka Ray Day ago

    I feel like babies manage to be the ugliest and yet the cutest thing at the same time and I don't know how they do it

  • Jane Eger
    Jane Eger Day ago

    7:55 my HEART

  • Jane Eger
    Jane Eger Day ago

    7:22 why was that so cute to me

  • Jane Eger
    Jane Eger Day ago

    6:46 GiT oVeR hErE

  • Jane Eger
    Jane Eger Day ago

    6:32 the moment Eugene’s heart of ice began to thaw

  • Jane Eger
    Jane Eger Day ago


  • Sarah Robinsen
    Sarah Robinsen Day ago

    I'm not crying you are

  • InspiringRex
    InspiringRex Day ago

    Ned’s dad is Ned 1.0 🤣🤣 (Ned is Ned 2.0) they sound so much alike and act the same haha its adorable!! 😍😍

  • ĶÏŅĞ WøłF
    ĶÏŅĞ WøłF Day ago

    That kid has the best uncles mom and dad ♡

  • claweddeath
    claweddeath Day ago

    I’m here watching this after Eugene babysat Wes video. The “character development” is amazing. 😍
    He went from not wanting too much interaction with Wes to *“I’ll murder anyone who tries to hurt him”*

  • msalexander126
    msalexander126 Day ago

    And with one kiss his heart grew three sizes that day

  • Moira Meijer
    Moira Meijer Day ago

    Eugene is such a barney Stinson!..

  • hiba x
    hiba x Day ago

    I FUCKING hate babies too

  • Skylar Giaconi
    Skylar Giaconi Day ago


  • Ahlam Abdelfattah

    I love how they are all just fan hurling except for ugen

  • Aiman Anuar
    Aiman Anuar Day ago

    Eugene have no soul. He just like " hmmmmmm".

  • Katelyn Spitza
    Katelyn Spitza 2 days ago

    i can't stop laughing. when keith opened his mouth when he saw wes, i thought that keith could probably fit wes' head in his mouth akbxoandoans

    ANCY TIRKEY 2 days ago

    Ned got his dad beard 😊

  • Hallie Sage
    Hallie Sage 2 days ago

    Ned is actually his dad what the hell

  • Richard Nixon
    Richard Nixon 2 days ago

    The baby looks like so old. Like it’s an 80 year old man in a baby’s body. And also why does its hands look like a bee hive? Also why is it cute if it farts? Like I get it when you don’t blame it cause it’s so weak and useless it can’t hold in farts, but you also shouldn’t make it a positive thing. Also a baby’s existence shouldn’t be adored, cause the only cute factor a baby has is being small. Everything else is a horror show. It shits, it eats like shit, it turns your life into shit, your house will be full of shit, and in 18-30 years just maybe it might be nice cause now it’s his problem.
    Point is: Babies deserve none of the attention and care they are getting and if I were to drop even the tiniest fingernail on top of its head, it would cave in. Also they are completely useless and only use up your resources with nothing in return.

  • Jayden Burc
    Jayden Burc 2 days ago

    Eugene in the back at 2:30

  • LadyNoir Country
    LadyNoir Country 2 days ago

    2:31 Eugene tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • southerngirl102030
    southerngirl102030 2 days ago

    Neds dad sounds exactly like ned lol

  • Cammyhd
    Cammyhd 2 days ago

    Lol eugen

  • Fatima Sobalvarro
    Fatima Sobalvarro 2 days ago

    Ned's dad has the same voice as Ned does wow

  • NewsReporter 01
    NewsReporter 01 2 days ago +1


  • NewsReporter 01
    NewsReporter 01 2 days ago +1

    7:01 *the last thing your phone sees before it hits your face*

  • Aliska22
    Aliska22 2 days ago

    Eugene is me literally

  • TheaterLover14
    TheaterLover14 2 days ago

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Roset 1557
    Roset 1557 3 days ago

    Heart has exploded , repeat heart has exploded

  • Xena Moon
    Xena Moon 3 days ago

    Practice baby 🤣

  • Kelci Tucker
    Kelci Tucker 3 days ago

    why is eugene such an asshole like theres a difference between being funny and sarcastic and just being a douchebag lmao

  • Chelsea P
    Chelsea P 3 days ago

    Keith is gonna be such a good dad when those 3 years come around

  • Living Dead Girl
    Living Dead Girl 3 days ago

    I relate to Eugene so much, except I probably wouldn't hold a baby. The last time I held a baby, I was around 13 and it cried. It's mom told me to hold it's head up, which I did, but it still cried. I haven't held one since.

  • invisible vengence visits

    My son is the Eugene type. Lol.

  • Star Girl
    Star Girl 3 days ago

    7:10 thαt fαcє íѕ mє

  • Rebecca Harman
    Rebecca Harman 3 days ago

    Eugene is an Asian Sirius Black, and Wes would be harry

  • Tamiera Hobdy
    Tamiera Hobdy 3 days ago

    "Its like kissing a little peach" -Try guys

  • Hena Asdfg
    Hena Asdfg 3 days ago

    omg the baby little shorts are so cute

  • Van E. Brand
    Van E. Brand 3 days ago

    I’m sorry but Eugene is being a huge dick here.

  • ak jailani
    ak jailani 4 days ago

    I'm really happy to see you as dad Ned............. Try Guys try this soooooon i mean to be a father.... a real one

  • helena -
    helena - 4 days ago

    wes will definitely have a fun life

  • Thesevenmemes
    Thesevenmemes 4 days ago

    is it only me, or do I(sometimes) have this big urge to grab a big pair of scissors and cute Eugene’s hair off??

  • Fatimah Tilley
    Fatimah Tilley 4 days ago

    Should I wash my lips with soap???

  • squishy paws
    squishy paws 4 days ago


  • Silence øn End
    Silence øn End 4 days ago

    At 0:05 Eugene sounds like Josh dun

  • Stella Sarsoni
    Stella Sarsoni 4 days ago

    5:06 I have replayed this scene like probably 48 times

  • Beche, Aleah
    Beche, Aleah 4 days ago

    why is ned a clone of his dad

  • Deanna Hart
    Deanna Hart 4 days ago

    Everyone: wanna hold him?
    Eugene: nah, I have a camera.
    Everyone: here! Touch him!
    Eugene: i....gotta wash my hands.
    Everyone: kiss him!!
    Eugene: *sees everyone else kiss him.* should I wash my lips with soap?

    Lol!! 😂😂😂

  • Emma lynch
    Emma lynch 4 days ago

    Eugene is just terrified of hurting him and messing up. He doesn't hate babies. The fact he washes his hands says lot

  • jinky tolentino
    jinky tolentino 5 days ago

    2:31 eugenes face😂😂🤣🤣

  • sxga kookie
    sxga kookie 5 days ago

    Eugene loves kids a lot. He’s just afraid of hurting them because they are very precious

  • Ellie May
    Ellie May 5 days ago

    Eugene is that one friend who pretends hes heartless but is secretly the most worried and sentimental being

  • J B
    J B 5 days ago

    Ned’s family look and sound the same

    21 KAITLYN DIAZ 5 days ago

    Eugene is soooo me lol

  • XxKristelGuxX -34
    XxKristelGuxX -34 5 days ago

    In 2:30 I like how Eugene is standing really really far away from the others 😂 😂

  • Julia Mink
    Julia Mink 5 days ago

    Congrats for 10mil on this video!

  • Serene Brooks
    Serene Brooks 5 days ago

    Ned's dad sounds just like Ned!

  • Valerie Kasagawa
    Valerie Kasagawa 6 days ago

    I love you try guys I didn't know that you made your own company but Im subscribing now😊😅
    I know its very stressful but I wish you all goodluck and good health😊
    Supporting you all from japan 🇯🇵

  • Kate Meadows
    Kate Meadows 6 days ago

    Eugene looked so bored at 2: 31

  • Diamond Louie
    Diamond Louie 6 days ago

    NED IS SO MUCH LIKE HIS DAD OMG, fast forward 40 years and that’s going to be him. SHOOOOK

  • Its Beth
    Its Beth 6 days ago

    Ariel is so pretty omg xx

  • Busayo Ajewole
    Busayo Ajewole 6 days ago

    Keith with the Hand Microphone reminded me of the crew guy in Baby Bachelor in Paradise😂😂😂😂

  • moza aldhaheri
    moza aldhaheri 6 days ago

    everyone was exited when the baby opened his eyes even I was exited but eujine is just literally expressionless

  • JDMime
    JDMime 6 days ago

    I am definitely like Eugene around tiny babies. They're too fragile. I don't want to accidentally hold him wrong or touch his soft spot on his head and damage the kid. That's a lot of responsibility. Eugene just takes it very seriously.

    • JDMime
      JDMime 6 days ago

      Also, many adults think it's weird to baby talk to babies. That doesn't help them learn. He used a soothing voice without gagagooing at the kid like it was a puppy. It doesn't mean someone hates babies. Everyone's different. Also, they get more interesting when they start talking and say ridiculous things.

  • Erika Louwrens
    Erika Louwrens 7 days ago

    Eugene! You are so great!

  • Darrell Burhan
    Darrell Burhan 7 days ago

    That beard tho

  • Uditi Sharma
    Uditi Sharma 7 days ago

    5:14 they loOk like 5th graders discussing bad words in class

  • Mom of Two
    Mom of Two 7 days ago

    Eugene tries so hard to hide how sweet and loving he is, especially tk Wes, but we can see it. 💓

  • Ellery Nelson
    Ellery Nelson 7 days ago

    I legit started sobbing when Wes grabbed onto Eugene’s finger. He’s so tender and careful and absolutely terrified of doing anything wrong. It’s so wonderful to see him so worried and scared that he could hurt the baby because that means that he would never hurt him.

  • Lillian Lunt
    Lillian Lunt 7 days ago

    Have you ever noticed that the videos with Eugene in the thumbnail usually have the most views

  • DJ BassMic
    DJ BassMic 7 days ago +1

    Eugene is an honest to God moodboard.

  • Nakita Aase
    Nakita Aase 7 days ago

    Every question Eugene has asked is legit they are the same question I asked having my newborn

  • kpop and hamilton trash

    Who else yawned after Wes yawned?

  • ok bUT
    ok bUT 7 days ago

    eugene is -fucking- hecking me
    One time my friend brought over her kid and she's like "Do you wanna hold herr???" and I was like "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhm"
    and my other friend was using her baby voice while playing with the baby "She stares right into your soul!" and I said "Do I want that??"

  • hi
    hi 7 days ago +1

    2:30 Eugene just killed me, look at me just standing there not impressed😂😂

  • Devil's Daughter
    Devil's Daughter 7 days ago +1

    Eugene is ME

  • Karl Remo
    Karl Remo 8 days ago +1

    Eugene is so out of place its so funny hahahaha

  • hmrjkr07
    hmrjkr07 8 days ago

    *Baby yawns*
    Keith:Oh My God that is a big yawn.
    I love the try guys

  • Isidora Flores
    Isidora Flores 8 days ago

    this baby is so lucky

  • Isidora Flores
    Isidora Flores 8 days ago +1

    we love that daddy beard

  • Bear with me
    Bear with me 8 days ago +3

    In 14 or 15 years Wes will look back at this and be like “dad... DAD”



  • vanilla9683
    vanilla9683 8 days ago

    You guys really make my day. Thanks for being so genuine and curious, sweet, funny, and just awesome dudes

  • Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande 8 days ago

    OMGGGG neds sister looks just like him

  • Kata Pönnukaka
    Kata Pönnukaka 8 days ago +1

    " My friends now have kind of like a practice baby for me "
    Keith 2018

  • pythonkatie K
    pythonkatie K 9 days ago

    We had my SIL use a boppy pillow to hold our kids as newborns because she was so nervous about it.

  • Sophia Need
    Sophia Need 9 days ago +1

    I have 2 words to describe this vid. SO CUTE!!!!!

  • Brittany North
    Brittany North 9 days ago

    Ariel is an awesome mom and wife you’re doing really good.

  • Liz Pearson
    Liz Pearson 9 days ago +1

    Eugene is my spirit animal.