Things about Relationships I wish someone told me about

  • Published on Apr 7, 2019
  • people are weird sometimes

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  • Panda Cipher
    Panda Cipher Hour ago

    Thanks for the questions to know about things like this. My friends are going through something

  • Pokémon Xander
    Pokémon Xander 5 hours ago

    I jusy automatically said awwe and smiled when you said "when you do the kisses with someone"

  • Kreen7u7 Tea_3
    Kreen7u7 Tea_3 7 hours ago

    Yeah dating advice from jaiden isn’t really a good idea

  • Matific_ Gacha
    Matific_ Gacha 8 hours ago

    Jaiden: Don’t let people forcefully push their junk on you.. heh
    Me:... *slurping mah drink*
    *realising what she just said*
    *Spits drink out*

  • Weird Online
    Weird Online 9 hours ago

    therapist:I help with depression

  • Nafissa Wahab
    Nafissa Wahab 9 hours ago

    when someone pets your pet without permission and your overprotective of your pet.


  • derpycat101
    derpycat101 9 hours ago

    This video was literally MADE for me.
    I'm going through some stuff...

  • Blue Panda
    Blue Panda 9 hours ago

    Me before bnha: woo she has a great point
    Me after: holy crap was that toga!?

  • el
    el 10 hours ago

    What if you're hurting your own ecosystem

  • Izzy T
    Izzy T 10 hours ago

    3:24 Welcome to Bible Study. We're all children of the lord

  • Misty Maker
    Misty Maker 12 hours ago

    Great video 👍🏻

  • Oscar Mimbela
    Oscar Mimbela 12 hours ago

    Surprisingly awesome message and info in a funny way^.^

  • Omar Barrera
    Omar Barrera 12 hours ago

    You put toga from my hero academia

  • Sassa Nyberg
    Sassa Nyberg 14 hours ago

    Really good described

  • Crëamy_Ørëø
    Crëamy_Ørëø 15 hours ago

    This has no relation to this video... But was that TOGA!?!

  • Huize Belfor
    Huize Belfor 16 hours ago

    There goes my best friend 🥺😭

  • Sara Rodriguez
    Sara Rodriguez 16 hours ago

    When someone pours milk before cereal

    RED FLAG🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

  • Avicenna Arshad Harahap

    whats with the fish people

  • Noor Nazirah
    Noor Nazirah 20 hours ago

    Someone on de mune

  • Dona Nasol
    Dona Nasol 21 hour ago

    U said u aint responsible for anyone happiness but u also said in ur anxiety vid to help ppl with anxiety and depression

  • Siklas Gaming
    Siklas Gaming 21 hour ago

    Jaiden recently I have struggled with my boyfriend treating my FRIENDS like absolute shit can you help me with that

  • The F.B.I
    The F.B.I 22 hours ago

    Jaiden the therapist

  • Nhan Nguyen
    Nhan Nguyen 22 hours ago

    Is that jojo reference

  • Karol Sarte
    Karol Sarte Day ago

    My relationship is horrible and its a yes to me its to control a relationship to me help me please.

  • Keiran o'leary
    Keiran o'leary Day ago

    idk... the internet isn't a personal therapists office but I need to get this off my chest, if youre reading this think nothing of it and move on idk I just need to put this out there.
    Last year another college student walked up and started to talk to me, never met this person before this moment. I'm pretty freaking introverted so not ok with this but they seemed nice, but they got way to personal way to fast. Anyway after an hour of talking about her boy friend, and personal situation, I told her I had to leave. She asked me for my number, not really knowing how to refuse I gave it to her and left. Later that day she texted me and I tried to tell her that we were different people and I wasn't interested in being friends but then she broke down, got way to personal about her home situation and told me she was going to kill herself. She implied it was my fault, and I wasn't sure what to do. I mean I have a hard enough time fixing my own problems, I just wanted to help but what could I have done.
    Eventually I blocked her number, but she tried to contact me over the next few days. One day she just stopped, despite going to the same college I haven't seen her since that day, and I don't know what happened too her, and im afraid to check.
    What if it was my fault, what if she killed herself, could I have done anything. I mean maybe I'm freaking out over nothing but what if I'm not. This has been eating at me for the last year.
    I dont know how to tell people this, or if I should even.

  • Moldy Trash
    Moldy Trash Day ago +1


  • Cake girl
    Cake girl Day ago

    Aww thx mason

  • its yeh boy pubgplayer

    Wait do brains have brains? 🤔

  • Ironwolf 365
    Ironwolf 365 Day ago

    I’ve never been in a relationship but my mom went through one and when I saw this it made me realize how controlling he was and how my dad was starting to but now that I know I can finally put my foot down and help her and all I can say is thank you

  • beanie baby snail


  • rubysapphire 1234

    I try to cut contact with my friend and I can because she HAS TO come to my house every day.

  • Laser Gamer
    Laser Gamer Day ago

    8:13 laughed so hard I pissed my self

  • sky ping
    sky ping Day ago +1

    Well my bff f K to 5th the summer of 6th I had to cut her off it was hard when I did it I felt like I was free but she want me back but she was not doing it right

  • Allahu Snackbar
    Allahu Snackbar Day ago

    Can we all agree that Jaiden is life senpai already. 10/10 most under rated animator ever

  • Lucia G.
    Lucia G. Day ago

    My friend has really low selfesteam(?) And is always talking down on himself and always comes to me... i like him but i cant help enough..

  • Raeesa ahmad
    Raeesa ahmad Day ago

    You're the best you help me stop a toxic relationships

  • It's a me MARIO!!
    It's a me MARIO!! Day ago +1

    That cocaine scene lmao!!

  • lapis_lady :3
    lapis_lady :3 Day ago

    Ok but now I DEFINITELY know to break up with my Boyfriend...ty Jaidan 😂

  • Z
    Z Day ago

    Something that's happening to me now is that I really do believe my roommate is being really toxic right now, and had been for a good while. And I've talked to people about her, but since I've known her for 5 years everyone beloved I'M being dramatic and be believe I should keep giving her second chances even when her behaviour is extremely unpleasant and really rude

  • Trending Time
    Trending Time Day ago


  • Z
    Z Day ago

    I seriously think this video gets recommended to me EXACTLY when I NEED it.
    Exactly when I just NEED someone to tell me this.

  • I’m a weeb ,yay

    *don’t let them forcefully shove their junk on you*
    my dirty ass mind: oh god here we go again

  • Theater geek 100 Ò-Ó

    My friend was very toxic saying that she’ll kill herself and that our friend group embarrasses her and threatening to hurt herself. She even once sent a picture of her cutting herself to the group chat. But one day one of my friends accidentally got her into an argument with him. She said that she was leaving and we all panicked knowing what she would do. So one of my friends called the police, another tried to contact her, and I went to my mom so we could track down her address. She’s fine now and got the message on what she was doing. Now we all have a healthy friendship again and everything is great.

  • milkhead
    milkhead Day ago

    I`m friends with a girl I won`t say her name so I`ll just call her Nia.
    So, Nia was in a relationship with a guy called Jacob (that`s not his real name but I`m just using it).
    Jacob was doing exactly what Chad was doing, he was nitpicking things he doesn`t like about my friend Ally (again not her real name).
    I was walking with Ally and saw Jacob and Nia talking, because I didn`t like him I decided to listen in on their conversation.
    Nia and I have been best friends for 10 years now, and Jacob said that he didn`t like how I act and how I`m a bad influence on Nia.
    He said that Ally was a lowlife and a *****.

    So Nia stopped hanging out with Ally and I for a month, she was always sad and hanging around Jacob`s friends.
    And then I saw them all laughing at Nia because her hair was curly, her hair was normally straight but it was curling for some reason. So seeing them laughing at my best friend for a decade made me furious, I went up to Jacob. And punched him in the stomach, his friends started running up to me but because I`m small I ducked down and they tripped over each other. I started walking away but that`s when Jacob got up and kicked me in the back, Nia ran over and started throwing rocks at him. He broke my glasses (he paid for the repairs) and Nia broke up with him.

    Nia, Ally and I are the friend group we used to be. Jacob and his friends, not doing so well.
    Jaiden has phrased the "Manipulation" scenarios very well and that`s what made my write this comment :)
    Have a nice day people

  • the sun
    the sun Day ago


  • Alice Dos Santos

    is it just me or you also thought about Show and Tell by Melanie Martinez at this

  • cverdo
    cverdo Day ago

    This video is really good! I've experienced lot of things w my ex gf, but I found myself in some of them too, so it's good to know, what I've done...thank you for that!

  • GachaGirl Lunar
    GachaGirl Lunar Day ago +2

    Hey Jaiden, you’ve helped me break off a toxic relationship that I didn’t even know was toxic until I saw this video, thank you! (Also if you’re wondering, I answered yes to almost all of those things)

  • John Newstead
    John Newstead Day ago

    _”Chad and Sally are dating, Sally wants to go out with friends, Chad _*_forces_*_ Sally to stay home with him. ‘Chad’s a _*_MaN_*_ iPuLaToR!!!“_
    This is a masterpiece, it would be a good movie, wait-

  • Unspeakable Gacha

    The responsibility part helped me boot off my emotionally abusive and manipulative friend of 9 years. :) thank you :)

  • Natalia Chavez
    Natalia Chavez 2 days ago

    Thank you, you’ve really helped me understand what I’m going through much better.

  • northern lights
    northern lights 2 days ago

    Jaiden is there something you need to tell us

  • KeRenza Leigh Rose RunsThrough

    My friend keeps saying she will twist my arm and my other friend keeps saying I'll punch you I want to stand up for my self but I'm scared to :( I don't feel good around those two they need help to and they expect me and the others to do something about their problems at home and we can't do anything about it so I don't think I can deal with this anymore I just can't it is so hard and I have my own problems in my hands to solve I can't solve theirs. For them :'(

  • Kirbz Dude
    Kirbz Dude 2 days ago

    Only 5 seconds until 10:00 minutes. Good job Jaiden

  • Galaxy Candie Gacha
    Galaxy Candie Gacha 2 days ago

    My friends don’t know how to deal with getting let go of
    When I try

  • Frank D
    Frank D 2 days ago

    Right, You're supposed to lick off the knife before going back for more butter. :)

  • Zero Custom
    Zero Custom 2 days ago

    these are situations become a double edge sword, trip to remember people never truly change they just become more who they really are, actions will always speak louder than words and always show the truth look to their actions.

  • j nicole
    j nicole 2 days ago

    this video literally got me out of a toxic relationship with my “best friend”

  • Mariah Jimenez
    Mariah Jimenez 2 days ago +3

    "You are NOT responsible for anyone's happiness!" "But they've got really bad self esteem and I feel like-" "NOT responsible for anyone's happiness!" "But they have really bad depression and I feel bad that-" "NOT responsible for anyone's happiness!!" "But I'm Santa Claus." ..."Okay that's fair."

  • ThatOneOtakuArtist
    ThatOneOtakuArtist 2 days ago

    0:14 Yuri in a nutshell