Going on a Blind Date with Brad Simpson from The Vamps | Celebrity First Dates

  • Published on Jul 25, 2016
  • That moment you call your friend to tell her you're on a blind date with Brad Simpson from The Vamps.
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  • andy ashworth
    andy ashworth 7 days ago +1

    'I'm not into these bad boys'

    Goes on Ibiza weekender and gets with Jordan...

  • Lovely Shitiri
    Lovely Shitiri 13 days ago

    O my gosh I can't believe this!he don't deserve to be with this girl

  • Vadimovna
    Vadimovna 15 days ago +1

    She is stunning! 😱😍

  • sue carrigan
    sue carrigan 20 days ago

    It is a superficial world, I learnt that a long time again, all I will say is be true to your roots, never loose sight of where youvcame from

  • Sanne Koning
    Sanne Koning 23 days ago +1

    Im fkin jealous I wanna date bradleyyyy😭😍

  • Hey Y’all
    Hey Y’all 26 days ago +1

    Wow Brad... you’re really into that wine there😂

  • nera gazzari
    nera gazzari Month ago

    How is she so pretty fuck me

  • loulou HJ
    loulou HJ Month ago

    She looks a lot like my friend .

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez Month ago

    Tom holland with long hair

  • Alisha Raza
    Alisha Raza Month ago

    Isobel and Brad. Doesn't sound right. Not jealous. Bradley means the world to me and his happiness matters a lot even if that will break a thousand Vampette hearts.

  • Chode
    Chode Month ago

    now she's on ibiza weekender trying to marry a fuk boi oh that's gonna work like a charm.

  • Francesco Ferri
    Francesco Ferri Month ago +1

    I don't know what pappardelle is????....get the hell out

  • Chloe Ward
    Chloe Ward Month ago

    I still remember FREAKING out seeing Bradley on this

  • F1 madness
    F1 madness Month ago

    What the fuck you doing with Jordan from weekender if your after a gentleman haha idiot

  • Daniela Anne
    Daniela Anne Month ago

    He's so sweet

  • megan warrick
    megan warrick Month ago

    I wouldn’t realise who he was, and I also wouldn’t be attracted to him, I’m 21, have a baby face and I still think he’d be years younger than me

    • megan warrick
      megan warrick Month ago

      Ismail KhanOfficial that’s the single most chavy comment I think I’ve ever read

    • Ismail KhanOfficial
      Ismail KhanOfficial Month ago

      megan warrick your so peak yuno

  • TieganGreen Vlogs
    TieganGreen Vlogs Month ago

    Love her on Ibiza weekender😂❤️

  • VM I
    VM I 2 months ago

    What a freakin knockout! I could stare in her eyes forever. Stunning!

  • Emzy SW
    Emzy SW 2 months ago

    She’s in Ibiza weekender now wtf

  • Sophie Miah
    Sophie Miah 2 months ago

    Isobelle from Ibiza weekender

  • Jack Thompson
    Jack Thompson 2 months ago

    iso from ibiza

  • Maciek Baszczynski
    Maciek Baszczynski 2 months ago

    She's stunning

  • Luke Breslin
    Luke Breslin 2 months ago

    She’s in Ibiza weekender now

  • Rylee mw
    Rylee mw 2 months ago +5

    ''I like a gentleman'' shes now currently with Jordan Davis, who is far from a gentleman and he cheats on all his girlfriends. LOL.

    • Tara Smith
      Tara Smith 2 months ago

      Love Jordan but exactly what I was just thinking hahahahaha

  • Marcel Latu
    Marcel Latu 2 months ago

    When you don’t get with brad from the vamps.. so Jordan Davies has to do

  • Niamh D
    Niamh D 2 months ago

    Swear that’s Isobel from Ibiza weekender

    • kt g
      kt g 2 months ago

      it is haahahah

  • ItsLauraGrace
    ItsLauraGrace 2 months ago +1

    What!? Hey Isobel weekender lmao

  • Halil Gunes
    Halil Gunes 2 months ago

    She looks exactly like youtube girl “tabs24x7official”

  • The Guvnor
    The Guvnor 2 months ago +2

    Isobel off Ibiza weekender no way

  • Danny Wood
    Danny Wood 2 months ago +6

    Just realised she's Isobel from Ibizia weekender hhaha wtf

    • John Tah
      John Tah 2 months ago +1

      Danny Wood same😂😂

  • Yap yap1p
    Yap yap1p 2 months ago

    1:37 - "I want a gentlemen"
    -Gets together with Jordan from Ibiza weekend the world renound player😂

  • Lola Robson
    Lola Robson 2 months ago

    She’s from Ibiza weekender aww

  • Winter Reaction
    Winter Reaction 2 months ago +3

    Anyone else noticed she’s in Ibiza weekender

  • My Dick In A Box
    My Dick In A Box 2 months ago

    she's so hot

  • Roisin Lee
    Roisin Lee 2 months ago +2

    Just figured out she's the same girl from Ibiza Weekender

  • ImHxTe
    ImHxTe 2 months ago +1

    That girl is isobel from ibiza weekender

  • Lucy Ogilvie
    Lucy Ogilvie 2 months ago

    isobel is flippin adorable but brad looks about 12

  • Chopper reviews
    Chopper reviews 2 months ago

    Is this Isobel ? From Ibiza weekender

  • amber
    amber 2 months ago

    I would go fucking crazy having a blind date with him wtf

  • Makeupbeth15 !
    Makeupbeth15 ! 2 months ago

    Just realised that’s Isobel from Ibiza weekender ?!

  • 1990 •
    1990 • 2 months ago +1

    Ibiza Weekender is shaking.

  • Thom smith
    Thom smith 2 months ago

    But did they fuck doe

  • Clive Mallari
    Clive Mallari 2 months ago

    Yah he looks like he just got back from making all night tight

  • Kyle Corcoran
    Kyle Corcoran 3 months ago

    She’s on Ibiza weekender

    KHNUM 3 months ago

    This is what fame does. It turns a boy into a sex symbol.
    The funny thing is that girl would probably ignore him if he wasn't that famous.

  • Kirstin1010
    Kirstin1010 3 months ago

    And now she’s on Ibiza weekender

  • A_ s
    A_ s 3 months ago

    Is this Isabella from Ibiza weekender? She looks the same but different

  • DP McD
    DP McD 3 months ago

    Isobelle is absolutely stunning 😍🤤

  • Amy Clarke
    Amy Clarke 3 months ago +1

    She’s on Ibiza weekender now... jeeee

  • Ivicky Xoxo
    Ivicky Xoxo 3 months ago +5

    That’s Isobell from Ibiza weekender 😂

  • Elza Mes
    Elza Mes 3 months ago +1

    And She is dating Jordan now

  • Abi Evans
    Abi Evans 3 months ago

    He’s well cute 🤟🥰

  • A distract14on
    A distract14on 3 months ago +1

    She’s someone on weekender !

  • Abbygail Asante
    Abbygail Asante 3 months ago +1

    Isn’t she now on Ibiza Weekender 👀

  • will
    will 3 months ago +2

    ibiza weekender

  • CosterGaming -
    CosterGaming - 3 months ago +1

    She wants a gentleman but is currently seeing Jordan from Ibiza weekender

  • Dani G
    Dani G 3 months ago +1

    She’s from Ibiza weekender !!!!!!!

  • Claudine Kaye
    Claudine Kaye 3 months ago

    Are they together?

  • Jake Dean
    Jake Dean 3 months ago

    Don't know who he is.

  • xmoonlightdiaries
    xmoonlightdiaries 3 months ago +1

    is that isobel from ibiza weekender?

  • Jay Pahetogia
    Jay Pahetogia 3 months ago


  • Madison Rocker
    Madison Rocker 3 months ago

    She’s in Ibiza weekender

  • John Kilcoyne
    John Kilcoyne 3 months ago

    She’s perfection, he does look very young for her though.. little brother vibe

  • Moussa MOUSSA
    Moussa MOUSSA 3 months ago

    Wowwwwww sexyyyy😍....the girls not bad too

  • ffs -
    ffs - 3 months ago +2

    she's on ibiza weekender isn't she???

    • Ian Weist
      Ian Weist 3 months ago

      Is it I thought it too

    • Jorden Clarke
      Jorden Clarke 3 months ago +1

      Yassss!!! I thought that too!!! What a programme 😍

  • Næp Sæck
    Næp Sæck 3 months ago

    Why is it so bright in there?

  • Kiara LD
    Kiara LD 3 months ago +2

    Damn Isobel 😂

  • Raajan Sian
    Raajan Sian 3 months ago +6

    Is that Isobel from weekender

    • Greg
      Greg 2 months ago

      xmoonlightdiaries ye it is

    • xmoonlightdiaries
      xmoonlightdiaries 3 months ago +1

      i think it is i just questioned that

  • Trix Bunny
    Trix Bunny 3 months ago

    She’s jumped on him lol

  • Jesper Nordam
    Jesper Nordam 3 months ago

    Is restaurants allowed to serve alcohol to minors??? He looks like 15 or 16 max.

  • Monique Shaw
    Monique Shaw 3 months ago

    Looks like Isobel from Ibiza weekender

  • natalie porter
    natalie porter 3 months ago

    she is dating jordan of ibiza weekender

  • Teitur Ottósson
    Teitur Ottósson 3 months ago

    Who the fuck is that “irrilevant”

  • Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton 4 months ago +8

    She wants a nice caring man who can look out for her. Goes aftee Jordan from ibiza weekender who is the total opposite of that.

  • Mark Duncan
    Mark Duncan 4 months ago +1

    That her form ibiza weekender?

  • D
    D 4 months ago +1

    She’s a rep on the new season of Ibiza weekender 😂

  • Lena B
    Lena B 4 months ago +1

    She was in Ibiza weekender too

  • Jack Francis
    Jack Francis 4 months ago +2

    is she on ibiza weekender

  • Hovaspam/
    Hovaspam/ 4 months ago +2

    She's on ibiza weekender now

  • Abbie Wilson
    Abbie Wilson 4 months ago

    feel sorry for him, he’s just trying to go on a date and that lady comes and asks for a selfie 😨

  • Kyle Swift
    Kyle Swift 4 months ago +2

    This is Isobel from Ibiza weekender isn’t it?

  • stan stapes
    stan stapes 4 months ago

    lol she's on ibiza weekender now

  • Owen Hallworth
    Owen Hallworth 4 months ago

    Is this the girl that’s in Ibiza Weekender ?

  • Elle-mai Marriott
    Elle-mai Marriott 4 months ago +6

    Shes the new rep on ibiza weekender 😂

  • F'er MaGee
    F'er MaGee 4 months ago

    Hahahahaha uncle Ben.....must be the Mandela Effect!

  • XxKittyWolfChanxX 267
    XxKittyWolfChanxX 267 4 months ago

    OMG NOOO I’m crying 😭

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike 4 months ago +562

    Can't believe she's on Ibiza weekender now, talk about rise to fame lol

    • Michael Fordham
      Michael Fordham Month ago +1

      Its all so set up, she was probably being groomed into a reality TV star

    • XzFarr
      XzFarr Month ago


    • Apple Ton
      Apple Ton Month ago

      +awesome619ification , what the hell, brad deserves a nice girl, he is a gentleman, all british guys are gentleman

    • awesome619ification
      awesome619ification 3 months ago +1

      Jordan Smith because Brad isn't a bad boy. She was trying to dig on his fame.

    • Time Is illmatic
      Time Is illmatic 3 months ago

      Jordan Smith so what?

  • Ilaz
    Ilaz 4 months ago

    she's beautiful

  • Spencer Cooper-Thorn
    Spencer Cooper-Thorn 4 months ago

    These episodes are turd - where is the answer or the continue full episode oh yes on 4 catch up - let’s just follow the link and scroll through 340 episodes until we find the right one - fuck off channel 4 TVclip

  • Neil Rogers
    Neil Rogers 4 months ago

    She's fit but he's a drip

  • Southside Mondigo
    Southside Mondigo 4 months ago

    She is fit. Fuck 😍

  • Billie Brandon
    Billie Brandon 4 months ago

    brads so f***ing cute

    LACEY WELLS 4 months ago

    why u buly her

  • Fra Mclean
    Fra Mclean 5 months ago

    She gorgeous

  • candymr2
    candymr2 5 months ago

    Gold digger alert

  • Jacob Reeze
    Jacob Reeze 5 months ago

    yo' when youre on a date with a rockstar type guy, isn't the objective to try to talk to them like they're a real person and not like your interviewing them on a gossip show??

  • Jacob Reeze
    Jacob Reeze 5 months ago

    "properly look after you"... is this just a matter of how the English say phrases differently than Americans or is this basically confirming gold digger status.

  • Philmcreviss 2
    Philmcreviss 2 6 months ago

    She looks like a wolf he looks like a deer

  • jimisathicc bih
    jimisathicc bih 6 months ago

    That's not fair.
    I'm calling it

  • Ben Markovic
    Ben Markovic 6 months ago

    She goes to my gym she’s well alright leave it out u nauses