Best TE in College Football || Iowa TE TJ Hockenson Career Highlights ᴴᴰ

  • Published on Apr 25, 2019
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    Iowa TE TJ Hockenson
    Junior 6’5 251 lbs
    Iowa TE TJ Hockenson won the Mackey Award, which is given to the best Tight End in college football. He’s a great receiving threat, but the main thing that separates him from the rest of the Tight Ends is his blocking ability. He’s an elite blocker who can slip away and catch passes when defenses fall asleep. His teammate Noah Fant is viewed as the better receiver, but it’s clear to scouts that Hockenson is the more complete player for the position.
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Comments • 87

  • JustBombsProductions
    JustBombsProductions  4 months ago +40

    Welcome to Detroit! What are your thoughts Lions fans?
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    • knpstrr
      knpstrr 4 months ago

      TE really... this guy isn't a game changer.

    • Frank Williams
      Frank Williams 4 months ago

      JustBombsProductions I’m just so sad as a lions fan just so sad

    • Robert Martin
      Robert Martin 4 months ago

      JustBombsProductions I love it and the people above can shut the fuck up

    • New Orlean Wolverine
      New Orlean Wolverine 4 months ago

      Terrible we need to rush the passer. Ed Oliver was the way to go

    • Mister Biggs
      Mister Biggs 4 months ago

      Oliver is overrated Bush would have been better

  • Tre Jones
    Tre Jones 2 months ago +2

    He’s #38 not 83 at Iowa

  • Vanji Cagahastian
    Vanji Cagahastian 3 months ago +1

    Welcome to Detroit Lions Mr Tj Hockenson good luck my Dogg

  • Sosa Dibiase
    Sosa Dibiase 4 months ago +3

    He Will be the Greatest TE of all time.

    • Van Jaylon
      Van Jaylon Month ago

      Could be, the Lions always seem to get generational talents at offensive positions... then they retire at age 30 because the organization is so trash lmao

  • mkl62
    mkl62 4 months ago

    Born July 3, 1997. Played high school football for the Chariton Chargers (IA). Played college football for the Iowa Hawkeyes. Drafted #8 overall by the Detroit Lions. First game is August 8 vs. the defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots.

    - TTMTBWF 4 months ago

    No way this kid can be a bust. Too bad his QB is Stafford

    • Jermiah 77
      Jermiah 77 2 months ago

      - #00 1.hes not a kid
      2. Matt ain’t all that bad

  • Michigan Made
    Michigan Made 4 months ago +1

    Welcome to the Murder Mitten 🤘

  • Detroit Rage
    Detroit Rage 4 months ago +1

    I'm stoked to see this guy this season.

  • PAPPY 40
    PAPPY 40 4 months ago

    Interesting see who has better career him or the tmate

  • Josh francis
    Josh francis 4 months ago

    I really wanted the lions to get ed oliver or was hoping for josh allen to fall one more pick, but Hockenson is a tight end. His floor is heath miller and his ceiling is Gronk. One of the safest players in the draft.

  • MissionSparta
    MissionSparta 4 months ago

    Well, this poor kids career is wrecked...

    • MissionSparta
      MissionSparta 4 months ago

      @Juju Az I feel bad for the kid.... I don't hate him.

    • MissionSparta
      MissionSparta 4 months ago

      @foursup313 Jesus christ, not that complicated.

    • foursup313
      foursup313 4 months ago

      Like golladays career? I dont get what you trying to say

    • MissionSparta
      MissionSparta 4 months ago

      @Juju Az no, Lions fan... And this poor kid is FUCKED

  • Cale Dolphin
    Cale Dolphin 4 months ago

    not number 83 dumb butt. 38

  • ninemark
    ninemark 4 months ago +2

    A high percentage of Iowa TE under Kirk Ferentz get drafted and many have success in the NFL. Dallas Clark, Scott Chandler, Tony Moeaki, Brandon Myers, Cj Fiedorowicz, Erik Jensen, George Kittle, and now Hockenson and Fant. And don't worry about Iowa losing them, they will have another crop of stud TEs to replace them.

  • Dirty Beef Curtains
    Dirty Beef Curtains 4 months ago +3

    What a do it all type player. Holy
    Shit can’t wait.

  • Nathaniel Gordon
    Nathaniel Gordon 4 months ago +4

    He better not become TJ Droppenson now that he's on the Lions.

    • BigBassBully
      BigBassBully 27 days ago

      He dropped 1 tonight 🤣😂, I still picked him up on the waivers today, hopefully he lives up to the hype, have jared cook from the saints as my starter

    • Nathaniel Gordon
      Nathaniel Gordon 4 months ago

      @Noah Arkeologist exactly why I say that

    • Noah Arkeologist
      Noah Arkeologist 4 months ago

      He dropped two passes his entire college career. Two.

  • Batuhan Bakırcı
    Batuhan Bakırcı 4 months ago +2

    Welcome to Detroit!

  • Luca #19
    Luca #19 4 months ago +4

    Dude Iowa's developing into the TE-U!! XD Fant, Hockenson, ´last year Kittle? Keep on rolling Hawkeyes ;D

    • Adam Meyer
      Adam Meyer Month ago

      Don't forget CJ fiedorowicz, Brandon Myers, Scott Chandler, Tony moeaki, Tony Jackson and Dallas Clark all since 2002

    • Luca #19
      Luca #19 4 months ago

      @Kyle Moon Dude, I didn't even know this in the first place, so how could I forget xD

    • Sabareesh Sudhagar
      Sabareesh Sudhagar 4 months ago

      Fr, there te coach need to get a head coaching gig😂

  • Spencer Cranmer
    Spencer Cranmer 4 months ago +1


  • Aaron Boals
    Aaron Boals 4 months ago

    The offensive line has been the majority of their problems. Lack of protection leading to stafford being hurt so many times. Last year he got sacked 8 or 9 times in one game. Lack of good blocking up front also hasn't allowed the RBs to run consistently although alot of that was also eric ebron being a lazy blocker. Hockensen should be a good addition but they still have big problems up front. They need to build around keryon johnson since tate is gone and this dude should be able to pick up some good blocks outside...that doesn't help the short yardage middle run game, that's where having good linesmen helps. Hockensen is also a deep threat so that may help as well. Would have liked them to have chosen one of the centers since T.J. Lang was supposed to fix things and instead just gets hurt because he doesn't have enough help...all in all though I am fine with the choice they made. We need to at least win a wildcard game within the next 5 years

  • Marcus Jones
    Marcus Jones 4 months ago +5

    Kid looks legit and I’m a Bears fan

  • Zach Boebel
    Zach Boebel 4 months ago

    4.70 40 yard dash 😂 yeah good luck with that

    • Don Bur
      Don Bur 4 months ago +3

      For a TE at 6"4 over 250lbs dam good speed. Sir smh

    • Mister Biggs
      Mister Biggs 4 months ago +4

      He's a tight end u tard

  • Sam Stowe
    Sam Stowe 4 months ago +24

    I’m a lions fan and I’m low key just happy they didn’t draft another offensive lineman

    • Jason Smith
      Jason Smith 4 months ago

      Same here

      ALLDAY-EVERYDAY 4 months ago

      I am to but I think ed Oliver would of been a realistic pick. But I feel pretty good about this kid hockenson. He has talent

    • Frank Williams
      Frank Williams 4 months ago +1

      We kinda did tho

  • Holy Toledo
    Holy Toledo 4 months ago +1

    Welcome to Detroit kid!

  • japneet singh
    japneet singh 4 months ago +3

    Ayy finnaly posted this while draft was going on lol better late then never I thinks he's great but Detroit's still hasn't won a playoff game since 1991

  • Caves Youtube
    Caves Youtube 4 months ago +4

    I hope the lions draft him

  • Truthtella2011
    Truthtella2011 4 months ago +2

    Travis Kelce/Gronk 2.0. Let's go

  • Patrick Taylor
    Patrick Taylor 4 months ago +4

    Playoffs onepride let's go

  • PredatorKingdom
    PredatorKingdom 4 months ago +1

    Lions got him could be a steal even though I wanted defense he's way better than Ebust.

    • ricky
      ricky 4 months ago +1

      Kyle Moon cj Anderson pickup should help keep kerryon healthy

    • Thomas Miller
      Thomas Miller 4 months ago +1

      Jack Sawyer If this guy gets targeted? Easy. He has a 2% drop rate which is on DeAndre Hopkins level. They won’t give it to him for his blocks though, which he literally blocks guys off of the screen most plays. That’ll be very valuable to the new run oriented offense

    • Jack Sawyer
      Jack Sawyer 4 months ago

      A pro bowl tight end?

  • A_BruhMan
    A_BruhMan 4 months ago +4

    Im expecting Gonzalez type career since he’s a top 8 pick and all. 😩 I hate the lions soooo much

  • Roy Harris
    Roy Harris 4 months ago +2

    He might just be the steal of the draft 👏🏾

  • HateMyComments
    HateMyComments 4 months ago


  • ChargersCity
    ChargersCity 4 months ago

    LJ Collier TCU?

  • Ryan Barker
    Ryan Barker 4 months ago +1

    He’s number 38 not 83 : intro

  • G -rant
    G -rant 4 months ago +1

    ready to catch passes from nick foles?

    • Rich Law
      Rich Law 4 months ago

      Y'all got josh Allen

  • Robbo
    Robbo 4 months ago

    Vance McDonald 2.0

    Hopefully, he has better luck with injuries.

    • Zach Blunt
      Zach Blunt 4 months ago

      He is 10x better than Vance, hell he is prob better than some starting nfl tightends

    • OfficialST11
      OfficialST11 4 months ago

      He already looks like a more complete TE than McDonald.

  • Broncos Fan
    Broncos Fan 4 months ago

    It’d be nice if we got him

    • Broncos Fan
      Broncos Fan 4 months ago

      The Discussion not true. Zach Brown and Kwon Alexander were also available

    • The Discussion
      The Discussion 4 months ago

      Broncos Fan the only good linebacker available in free agency was CJ Mosley and he was snatched by the jets before Denver could try to give him an offer.

    • Broncos Fan
      Broncos Fan 4 months ago

      The Discussion we should’ve got that this year. So stupid that we didn’t pursuit anyone in free agency at MLB

    • The Discussion
      The Discussion 4 months ago

      Broncos Fan yup. All we need is a middle linebacker but we’ll get that next year.

    • Broncos Fan
      Broncos Fan 4 months ago

      The Discussion yup thank god we got a tight end finially

  • Omar Romero
    Omar Romero 4 months ago +3

    I hope Jags get him at #7 to help Foles

    • clipsfansince july052019
      clipsfansince july052019 4 months ago

      djhask82 :(

    • djhask82
      djhask82 4 months ago +1

      Omar Romero I wish y’all would of , but no had to steal josh Allen from us knowing y’all needed some o line

  • Greg West
    Greg West 4 months ago +22

    Iowa had both Hockenson & Fant. Crazy.

  • JustBombsProductions
    JustBombsProductions  4 months ago +32

    I’ll be the first to admit that this video doesn’t do TJ Hockenson justice. It was difficult to find full games to showcase his blocking ability, which is second to none. While he is a solid receiving weapon, it’s his blocking that separates him from the other Tight Ends in the Draft.
    *Check out other 2019 NFL Draft Prospects:*

    • Yaboijay
      Yaboijay 4 months ago

      Well its a highlight video, not a scouting report lol.