Top 5 Scary Cases Investigated By Ed and Lorraine Warren

  • Published on Aug 26, 2018
  • Top 5 Scary Cases Investigated By Ed and Lorraine Warren
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    Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren have been associated with some of the most famous and prominent hauntings and supernatural happenings known to the mainstream. Ed, who had passed away in 2006, was a self-trained and self-proclaimed demonologist with an extensive knowledge, and Lorraine, who still runs their famous Occult Museum in Connecticut, is a clairvoyant. Together, they've accumulated many a terrifying story from their cases, some of which we've grown familiar with on the big screen. So today, we're taking a closer look at the real life events they accounted for with our list of the top 5 scary cases investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren.
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    Top 5 Scary Videos  8 months ago +108

    Check out part 2 here ->

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      Please ignore morons like Zigbee. Kelly Paoli is extremely attractive and that dress is downright sexy on her. She is well-spoken and professional. Please let her do more videos

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      You forgot about the house on Lindley St in Bpt,Ct in 1974.

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      The dress the speaker used is really making me lose interest. Her underarm fat is so looks like her arms look like they're slowly growing thighs! Next time, tell her to put a dress that looks better. or better yet, she doesn't have to show herself on video. disgusting. blocking this channel.

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      3:30 wtfffff

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    I love you 😘🤩 will you marry me?? Beautiful lady

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    The Annabelle one could make a good horror movie....

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    Don’t mean to be a downer because this is a good video.
    But Ed and Lorraine Warren did not actually investigate or have anything to do with the Enfield Haunting.
    They were asked to but never did.
    Sorry to be a downer

  • Mileena Cosens
    Mileena Cosens 2 days ago

    I actually found a video on here of one of the girls that was part of the whole "Conjuring" haunting, she is the oldest child, and she says that Ed and Lorraine actually did NOT move into the house with them. And they came to the house for a year.

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    Can you do you know what Rotting Flesh smells like

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    So basically this video is a recap of different James Wan movies

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    Does anyone realize this channel is a rip off of most amazing top 10


    How does the demon speak and write on the wall with english words ?

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      I belive they had time to learn all languages. A school for demons where you go for 1000 years. But met up every 50-100 when a new language appears.

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    i really pissed in my pants!

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    So scary

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    Satanist in the 1800's? You're joking right? That's a scam from the 20th century lmao

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    Rest in peace lorraine

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    I love ad and Loren

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    Annabelle At 5?!?!?!

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    Ed and Lorraine warren when ever they show up it always comforts me and I feel less scared. Idk why tho?

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    The most influential couple and the pioneers of Demonology, may they rest in peace.

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    Fahimul Salman 14 days ago

    The endfield poltergeist did NOT just suddenly stop after 2 years! This Dutch guy who spoke very little English came to extend his help and got rid of the poltergeist for good in like half an hour! Not thanks to the Warrens lol

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    Rip Ed anloraine warren😢😭😭😭

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    I'm scared of buying second hand things. What if it's haunted? 😓😓

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    Ed and Lorraine Warren were pioneers in the field. The work they have done is paramount. I believe that what they witnessed is real and to say it’s not is a slap in the face of their decades of work

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    The events of the conjuring 2 would’ve been horrifying

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    Rip Lorraine warren 💔😭

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    Sexual Assulted?

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    I gave a doll to my sister exactly like annabell for her 19 birthday, you might ask 19? Ya i told her i wanted to give her a doll when she was a little girl but being a kid myself. I couldnt afford one in reality i was wondering if anything would happen to her being the exact looking doll as an experiment you since i was deep into the paranormal and the accult but nope not a damb thing oh well got to try something else😞 😳

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    Did Bathsheba really kill a kid

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    C&C 2014 18 days ago

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    The house I live in right now is haunted, and has a portal in one of the closets!

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    Why must you put scary photos on😂


    Top 10 Nerd??

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    Dang Annabelle 5 on the list😂😂

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    I wonder what the after life is like for the warrens knowing what they did while alive

  • Taiya001
    Taiya001 20 days ago

    You know I can't be mad at the Enfield family even if it was fake. A poor single mother could use the money after her deadbeat husband left them. If anything they just gave the world a cool story to hear and helped themselves.

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    who is she?

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    Oh gosh!!!Do something constructive. These incidents are completely spam. A bunch of dead people( if really exist) can never be stronger than a live person. Just think in that way. Ghosts are invisible and physically untouchable then how on earth can they harm us???
    Thousands of people were killed by the terrorists. Did any of the ghosts of those people take revenge on the terrorists? NO
    And so many animals,dinosaurs and other prehistoric creautures died. Why are their ghosts not appearing?
    The main reason for existence of ghost is our imagination. Humans have not seen a live dinosaur and they do not consider themselves guilty for their death. And this the reason why we do not create the ghosts of dinosaurs or other prehistoric creatures.

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    Rip Ed and Lorraine Warren reunited again

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    The 3rd one, I watched it when I was younger.. On accident... I was traumatized and couldn't sleep for so long.

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    The thing that made no sense: did no one wake up after the fist shot? I doubt that they would remain asleep. Even a heavy sleeper like me would wake tf up after hearing someone firing a gun.

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    I always wished to meet Loraine , I was planning to go to her museum to meet her 😢 but now I can’t , rip ❤️

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    Out the wall

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    LOL its Enfield not endfield you dumb Americans

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    Fk devil lets see what devil can do ....devil im here do some thing ...😆😆😆😆 stupid devil

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    Just out of curiosity, now that they have both passed on(may they rest peacefully) who will look over all of their totems and finding. I am particularly curious about what will be done with the Raggedy Ann doll. I hope that it isn't tossed aside.

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    Did you know at 12 a.m. if you walk outside and scream bloody mary 3 times at the top of your lungs your mom will yell go to bed

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    Not showing any disrespect to Warren's but they dedicated there whole life in search of paranormal so do have any proof ghosts and demons exist the answer is an obvious no maybe all the stories related to Warren's was a hoax unless and until we can't see anything we cannot see it exists or it is real ghosts demons god's they are all human imagination and they don't exist what exists is science so we must believe in what science says not anything rubbish without any evidence

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    You speak so fast

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    How come all of these don’t happen to black people?? Not complaining...(I’m black)

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    Ed and Lorraine Warren didn't really investigate The Enfield Poltergeist case. To give you an incite into their involvement you may want to check this out

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    amityville is not real. They made up the story so that he wouldn’t go to jail.

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    Someone get that girl some water lol

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    It's hard to believe on the PARANORMAL...unless you experience it first hand. Me...myself...i am a believer.

      MALFUNCTION 28 days ago

      Donald Occhipinti what kind of experience had you have???

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    Lorraine warren died on my birthday

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    3:00 their smile scares me

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    These two were frauds. If what they experienced were true .. then why is it that with all the modern technology of today .. EVPs and a crapload of ghost hunters is all we get

    • Steven Guegens
      Steven Guegens 19 days ago

      Hector VonVector Yes Edd and Lorraine Warren were FRAUDS. They only took on high profile cases because they wanted to be famous and wealthy. I seen where in the original Amityville horror movie. They the occupants left the house after 28 day's. Well they did all of that just to make the movie much more scarier. They're all FRAUDS 💯💯 percent . YES YOU ARE RIGHT

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    Miss Lorraine just passed away a few.days ago

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    R.I.P To Mrs.Lorraine

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    The one thing learned. Hold cross and repeat.
    " The Power Of Christ Compels You. "

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    R.i.P to Ed and Lorraine Warren. You are greatly missed! Your legacies shall live on!

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      roger johnson Ed and Lorraine Warren were fakes. They only took on high priority and high profile cases because they were seeking FAME and FORTUNE

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    I remember when I was at Lorraine‘s house 1year ago and we went down to see the things and then when we passed by where the doll was anabelle I saw how the right hand moved a litle

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      I'm questioning bcz if u believe in demon then must be in God the all mighty

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    Lorraine is still alive so.. yes i do believe these were real

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