Top 5 Scary Cases Investigated By Ed and Lorraine Warren

  • Published on Aug 26, 2018
  • Top 5 Scary Cases Investigated By Ed and Lorraine Warren
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    Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren have been associated with some of the most famous and prominent hauntings and supernatural happenings known to the mainstream. Ed, who had passed away in 2006, was a self-trained and self-proclaimed demonologist with an extensive knowledge, and Lorraine, who still runs their famous Occult Museum in Connecticut, is a clairvoyant. Together, they've accumulated many a terrifying story from their cases, some of which we've grown familiar with on the big screen. So today, we're taking a closer look at the real life events they accounted for with our list of the top 5 scary cases investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren.
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    Check out part 2 here ->

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    The people who came out with the Amityville horror story admitted it was fake.

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    Btw the warrens weren’t involved with the enfield case. I am surprised you didn’t talk about the procession of that man name Maurice and that case in CT they were involved in

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    The Amityville haunting is a hoax. The Lutz family even admitted to it. Even the Warrens were skeptical

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    The actual mother from the 1st conjuring film died from possession.

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    You didnt mention the demon followed the smurls to their new home, also many of their neighbours experienced paranormal activity while the smurls lived there.

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    Sadly, or luckily dependong on your pount of view, a good portion of their cases have been revealed to be hoaxes. The Amityville Horror was just the Lutzs trying to get money so they fabricated everything, the case on England the family came forward revealing they lied, and I listened to an audio recording about the Conjurying events done by one of the girls and Bathsheeba was just another victim who like the children and the husband but didn't like the wife.
    The Warrens at the heart of it all played up the demonic aspect of it all so they be considered important and recieve money and fame for their deeds.

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    The Amityville one was actually debunked, I saw a video that claimed that the man who killed his whole family and his lawyer had created a story that the house was haunted. They talked with the next family that was moving in and said if they pretended that they were having supernatural encounters, they would get really rich by having movies made and books written. The lawyer also said himself that it was fake, he was trying to lower his client's time in jail by making it appear that a demon was speaking to him and told him to kill his family. In the video, however, I never heard that the Warrens were involved, so it may be true or it may not be. All I know is that that case lowered the mans sentence and got that family rich

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    Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga make such an brilliant on screen couple, I was blown away by Taissa Farmiga's role as the younger Lorraine in The Nun, her resemblance to her mum is incredible.

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