Democrats vs. Republicans

  • Published on Jul 28, 2016
  • Attendees at both political conventions become very passionate when speaking about the other side. We decided to do an examination into this. We went to the RNC last week and the DNC this week to ask Republicans for their thoughts on Democrats and Democrats for their thoughts on Republicans. This is what they shared.
    3 Ridiculous Questions with DJ Khaled
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    Democrats vs. Republicans
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Comments • 8 064

  • Mason Willis
    Mason Willis 18 hours ago

    "I've never met a homophobic Republican"
    Next scene is homophobic republican

  • You die Nibba
    You die Nibba Day ago

    In all seriousness though we need a war to unite the world even if it's by force for specific countries. All of this unnecessary conflict is taking away time from important projects other than war.

  • Vamsi Krishna
    Vamsi Krishna 2 days ago

    Of course, the republican was wearing a in n out hat

  • angelina m
    angelina m 2 days ago

    All liberals are such hypocrites. The guy at the end said “I believe all humans are good at heart oh but Donald trump isn’t”

  • angelina m
    angelina m 2 days ago


  • Gavin King
    Gavin King 3 days ago

    NOT biased

  • JT
    JT 3 days ago

    Yes because intellectual republicans don’t exist.... I bet kimmel gets all his statistics from buzzfeed

  • Angelo :D
    Angelo :D 3 days ago

    Republican: lol idiot
    Democrat: ur mom

  • mike hunt
    mike hunt 3 days ago

    democrats think that republicans are racist, yet democrats were pro segregation and pro slavery

  • Clem and Nettes
    Clem and Nettes 4 days ago

    2:14 im dead 💀😂

  • Ian Spradlin
    Ian Spradlin 4 days ago

    liberals would do anything to make fun of republicans they even hired actors thats how desperate they are

  • Co Co
    Co Co 5 days ago

    is that jerry springer? 😂

  • Den Morales
    Den Morales 5 days ago

    Democrats we’re for slavery and founded slavery, and we’re against women’s rights. Republicans we’re founded to end slavery and for women to have equal rights. Now democrats are doing the same thing making all the minorities and women think that they’re a victim so brainwashing them to vote for them to keep them in power.

  • Jacob Bennett
    Jacob Bennett 8 days ago

    hey libtatrds you are being brainwashed the democrats are the real racist ones you DUMBASSES wake up

  • How to Life
    How to Life 8 days ago

    Im starting to hate this two sided arguments. Would you just live life and don’t control others

  • Dan Musick
    Dan Musick 8 days ago

    LOL did everybody forget the fact that Hillary Clinton was the one that support it and wanted our troops to go and train the rebels and Isis is country not knowing that the rebels were actually Isis and they overthrew an actual government and gave birth to one of the most sickest groups that I've ever exist it I just want to point out don't you got to love Democrats LMFAO

  • Retired Early 53
    Retired Early 53 10 days ago +1

    I agree with the guy who said : I wish the Republicans would stop blaming the Poor People in Usa , for all our troubles !!!! They have the least amt of say and power , yet Republicans blame everything that is wrong about America on them !!!

  • Ryan Bissonnette
    Ryan Bissonnette 10 days ago

    Will this video be propaganda or actually represent each side?
    Let's watch...
    As a talk show, it's more likely to be liberal-biased.
    EDIT : it was fair. thanks for being unbiased.

  • Stephen Ventura
    Stephen Ventura 10 days ago +1

    3:37 this is my problem with democrats. Extremely biased against everyone on the right no matter what. Especially our president.

  • Unidentified Humanoid
    Unidentified Humanoid 10 days ago

    This was ridiculous and jimmy is just contributing to the hate and disconnect between the political parties.

  • Cody Leonard
    Cody Leonard 11 days ago

    Can't comment to many ads

  • yschw
    yschw 12 days ago

    the man sounds just like Trump 0:49

  • Andrea Mendenhall
    Andrea Mendenhall 12 days ago

    Idealism vs realism guess which is which

  • Kelly Nicole
    Kelly Nicole 12 days ago +1

    Because liberals have mental issues that’s why

  • Todd LP
    Todd LP 13 days ago

    Liberals are subhuman. If I ever saw one dying, I'd watch them die.

  • Colin Conway
    Colin Conway 13 days ago +3

    I am a republican, and I personally don’t care wether your a Democrat or a republican. It’s just someone else’s political opinion and I don’t think it matters that much.

  • Ricky911
    Ricky911 14 days ago

    3:36 I like that guy

  • LI LY
    LI LY 14 days ago

    This was very uninformative. Thanks Jimmy Kimmel for helping the America that you want educated. (You have a platform, use it)

  • welp
    welp 14 days ago

    You know you're correct when you call the other side brainwashed and that they believe the wrong thing.

  • Hurry Before it's deleted


    No people do marry dogs. They’re called Furries.

  • Creambud
    Creambud 15 days ago

    Who are democrats like: Gun control, same gender marriage, and all that agenda garbage.
    Who are republicans like: MEAN Whaaaaaaaaaaa 😭

  • James Dean
    James Dean 16 days ago

    How did he host the man show, when he doesn't know anything about being a man

  • James Dean
    James Dean 16 days ago

    LIBERALS and Democrats are anti AMERICAN

  • Gina Mascetti
    Gina Mascetti 16 days ago

    The Dems are still crying about Trump and accusing him of nonsense. My friend heard a Dem stating Trump was deemed immoral. What?! !!! Clearly, the Dem was asleep at the wheel during Obama's reign of terror and Hillary's murderous rampage!

  • Heaven Soto
    Heaven Soto 16 days ago

    Good god republicans are morons. Yes morons. I SAID WHAT I SAID! ALL OF EM! Every. Single. One ;)

  • Jack M
    Jack M 16 days ago

    Ok, jimmy, just don't cry.

  • Arianna Cortez
    Arianna Cortez 17 days ago

    Both are having pissing matches

  • isabelle dionne
    isabelle dionne 19 days ago

    Bias bias bias

  • Landon Driscoll
    Landon Driscoll 19 days ago +1

    I love how this is the most biased thing ever, first of all could you pick any more less intelligent republicans. Honestly it’s sad how biased this is, I’m a die hard conservative and I’m not like this at all

  • Richard Barlow
    Richard Barlow 19 days ago

    All the Democrats acted handicapped

  • Riley Wallace
    Riley Wallace 20 days ago

    Im conservative and I literally looked up "why should I be liberal?" And this was the best yall could do. Sad.

  • Chest Brother
    Chest Brother 20 days ago

    Esos Democratas pretenciosos, pendejos, ni chistosos estan mandando a los Estados Unidos al mismo infierno que Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, y Ho Chi Minh mandaron a su gente. A la verga con los comunistas pendejos de mierda como tu y los Democratas, Jimmy Kimmel, eres una mierda pretenciosa.

  • charhay 24 aj
    charhay 24 aj 21 day ago

    Dude all republicans give nice answers but democrats: their racist blah blah blah idiots go elephants donkeys are weak

  • Greg Bystroff
    Greg Bystroff 21 day ago

    Jimmy: "look how far apart we are"
    Audience: "Yea. So? Get to the jokes!"

  • Marek Barton
    Marek Barton 22 days ago

    Jimmy should have Ben Shapiro on his show

  • Bobby Barrett
    Bobby Barrett 23 days ago

    There mean

  • twinnzawinna101
    twinnzawinna101 23 days ago

    I agree with the lady about people marrying their dogs 😭

  • Luke Stubbs
    Luke Stubbs 23 days ago

    There’s dumb people on both sides just like there are smart people on both sides.

  • Hillary_for _jail Plz
    Hillary_for _jail Plz 23 days ago

    I am a republican

    • Avatar
      Avatar 16 days ago

      Hillary_for _jail Plz I still don’t know why they haven’t arrested Hillary Clinton! I’m super pissed about it !

  • Epic Nerd Studios
    Epic Nerd Studios 23 days ago

    If Jerry Springer was going to say anything nice about Republicans he should have said, "thanks for being 99% of my fan base."

  • SD7
    SD7 25 days ago

    Racism is rooted in the Democratic Party

  • Volleyball Lover
    Volleyball Lover 25 days ago

    It’s just at the convention there happened to be a lot of extremists i don’t think it was biased just that particular group of people were the extreme end of the political party

  • TheFearedJack RBLX
    TheFearedJack RBLX 26 days ago

    Man o man, political rivalries are too funny to watch.

  • Bukkake-Tsunami
    Bukkake-Tsunami 26 days ago

    3:10, first Honest demonrat I have ever heard!

  • Joshua Carrel
    Joshua Carrel 26 days ago

    1:05 look liked hillary clinton

  • Bass Pro Shops Cup Series

    Me being a republican I think most everything said in this video on both sides is incredibly stereotypical

  • Matthew Matias
    Matthew Matias 28 days ago

    This is biased

  • D E X X I E
    D E X X I E 29 days ago

    both can be very ridiculous

  • NoahBones 12
    NoahBones 12 Month ago

    2:50 A (Most likely) liberal judging a republican... The republican is chill
    But when somebody says Hi to a liberal, They get triggered

    I LIKE TURTLES Month ago

    Republicans are so much more professional

      I LIKE TURTLES 16 days ago

      +Avatar 👍👍👍

    • Avatar
      Avatar 16 days ago

      Actually The reason for this is because typically they listen to the question and give an articulate answer
      Democrats or Libtards on the other hand whine, insult, betrays, lose control, and are never able to defend their position

    • J G
      J G 17 days ago

      Republicans are rednecks with no
      high school degree who follow
      a moron.

  • NoVa x memelord
    NoVa x memelord Month ago

    This is extremely biased, you’re picking the stupid ones from the right, there’s people like that on both sides

  • Andrew Gondy
    Andrew Gondy Month ago

    at 3:45 that indian guy is so dumb. what a leftist idiot he contradicted himself. Donald trump is probably better than him

  • Andrew Gondy
    Andrew Gondy Month ago

    omg liberals were sm meaner

  • The Marauder
    The Marauder Month ago

    Democrats need to get off their high horse, they think they're above everyone else because they're "caring and considerate." I've never seen anything like it, they claim to be accepting and caring but from what i've seen that's far from the truth. If their friend says they're a Republican they abandon them even if they've known them since childhood, they make everything about race and they're blind to the reality in which we live. Republicans aren't perfect, far from it but my god......Democrats need to calm down and quit with the petty bullshit.

  • Trevsfan1
    Trevsfan1 Month ago

    Interviewing the worst of both sides 😂

  • deadpool 177 awesome

    I wouldn't mind the liberal bias if they were more upfront about it

  • Isolated Cat
    Isolated Cat Month ago

    Lol,... Democrats never freed the slaves, they actually owned them.. And the parties never switched. Hate doesn't have a positive outcome, negativity has a negative outcome .. Most republicans were like "They're brainwashed " and the democrats are like "They're racist" So being a conservative, I notice democrats insult the other party to get a point across the majority of the time .. At the end of the day negative thoughts doesn't have a negative outcome on yourself..

  • AC DC
    AC DC Month ago

    It’s so pathetic how that’s what these shows are about now. Is that all you can do is talk about is politics? Sad

  • Alex David- Schwartz


  • Yee !
    Yee ! Month ago

    This is so one sided for the democrats it’s actually funny

  • ramiro alonzo
    ramiro alonzo Month ago

    One party was for slavery the other was against it.

  • Maritza Diaz
    Maritza Diaz Month ago

    I support Democrats

  • Lelouch vi Britannia

    I'm a conservative.
    Go trump!

  • trevor philips
    trevor philips Month ago +1

    If a republican doesn’t like meat they don’t eat meat! If a democrat doesn’t like meat they believe everyone should stop eating meat!

  • Shayce
    Shayce Month ago +3

    in what sense does it makes sense to take money that someone earned just to give to someone that did not earn it?

    HARDWOOD THOR Month ago

    I cant turn on any latenight show, any local news 'seattle', comedy central, showtime, facebook, google news, yahoo news, youtube without hearing that trump and republican party are bad people. Even growing up when I was in school when I thought back to it and we were told one sided views propaganda. America has it all wrong on there stance to the right. Lots of money

  • User
    User Month ago

    Jimmy when you are living it up in hell I hope you remember this :)

  • Just Sports
    Just Sports Month ago +3


  • Andrew Garcia
    Andrew Garcia Month ago

    It’s gawna be yuge!

  • Gracie Walters
    Gracie Walters Month ago +3

    *libtards* vs republicans

  • Mr Roy
    Mr Roy Month ago

    Trump 2020

  • Loopey Studios
    Loopey Studios Month ago +1

    Republicans: I don't like Democrats because of ______ and ______ policy.
    Democrats: I don't like Republicans because they're EVIL people.

  • Sam Smigla
    Sam Smigla Month ago

    From a more conservative point of view, I must say they found the dumbest republicans in the world and put them on this bit.

  • Democrats Are Evil Socialists

    When will Dems admit that they are the Socialist Party now?

  • Peyton Pollock
    Peyton Pollock Month ago

    The dems are good at tripping over their own stupidity and hypocrisy

  • Charwo
    Charwo Month ago

    This is insanely biased

  • Same America
    Same America Month ago

    All of the Democrats are black

  • John Dann
    John Dann Month ago

    “Stop blaming the poor and blaming the rich” ok broad as hell.

  • Joshua Drew
    Joshua Drew Month ago +2

    Notice that even in spite of massive biases the republicans still come off as more educated and respectful

    • Kou 1
      Kou 1 Month ago

      Joshua Drew “Democrats believing in all the wrong things. To them it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. Soon they’ll start marrying dogs”...“they’re part of a crime syndicate”?
      Say one nice thing about Democrats...”soon they’ll be gone”-Hardly respectful either. Both parties are greatly flawed but somehow I don’t believe we just watched the same video lol.

  • qarahiyo
    qarahiyo Month ago

    US created their own tribes

  • Christopher Yt ርZ
    Christopher Yt ርZ Month ago +1

    I find funny that Democrats want to spend all their money and republicans are smart, republicans don't spend all their money when they get it or give it away to people who want to end us. I don't umderstand why Obama gave billions of dollars to are enemy's. Democrats need to stop being idiots, people that we're democrats about 30 years ago say now I am Republican, people ask why are you no longer a Democrat? I am no longer a Democrat because the Democratic party left me. Rebublicans don't give money to are enemy's. Trump is not racist because he stats facts, he says Mexicans need to stop coming to us they do, they are the ones who try to come here the most its annoying and respective! If you're government is retarded then leave instead of comimg here illegally then getting sent back. You take are jobs, steal are things, then tell others its okay for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS TO NOT BE SENT BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM! I am sick and tired of Democrats years ago they were not this crazy years ago everyone was nice now we don't act like civilized humam beings.

  • RawMaterialENT
    RawMaterialENT Month ago

    USA is the only place you can find republicans, they're like a pseudo conservative flesh-light for the rich

  • I love KFC
    I love KFC Month ago

    Democrats are crazy air head morons that think the world revolves around them they protest way to much too

  • ThatssoHaley
    ThatssoHaley Month ago

    This is biased

  • razan cool
    razan cool Month ago

    “They did not start ww2”
    The best answer I’ve ever heard


    All the republicans have facts and the liberals just are so retarted

  • Arienne Hartsfield
    Arienne Hartsfield Month ago

    They did not start world war three

  • Justeline Yamtan
    Justeline Yamtan Month ago

    3:14 jerry Springer

  • gotoeverywebsite and MonkeyBoy!

    This is so fake

  • Plaidelecki Destiel

    3:34 i don’t think that’s how that works, m’am