Democrats vs. Republicans

  • Published on Jul 28, 2016
  • Attendees at both political conventions become very passionate when speaking about the other side. We decided to do an examination into this. We went to the RNC last week and the DNC this week to ask Republicans for their thoughts on Democrats and Democrats for their thoughts on Republicans. This is what they shared.
    3 Ridiculous Questions with DJ Khaled
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    Democrats vs. Republicans
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Comments • 6 086

  • Donovan Urquhart
    Donovan Urquhart 2 hours ago

    Donkeys vs Elephants

  • The Boss
    The Boss 2 hours ago

    2 sides of the same coin. Sometimes you have to ask why you’re flipping it in the first place. #MoneyIsNotFreedom

  • Borja Cobo
    Borja Cobo 2 hours ago +1

    I'm embarrassed by people who are so committed to the manipulative ideology of a political party. Republicans and Democrats look so ridiculous in this video. Poor people without reflection skills.

  • J - R O N E P I L O T
    J - R O N E P I L O T 2 hours ago

    This seems really scripted.

  • Mason Stoltz
    Mason Stoltz 2 hours ago +1


  • fat hippp
    fat hippp 3 hours ago

    Republicans are crazy wierdos but what can i say also democrats did not even start ww2

  • Ava Liz
    Ava Liz 4 hours ago


  • Matt Ovene
    Matt Ovene 6 hours ago

    "my learn-ed opinion," need more work on the learning.

  • michaelnazerian
    michaelnazerian 10 hours ago

    This is fake an scripted

  • Epic tundra 35374
    Epic tundra 35374 21 hour ago

    This hamster died

  • Leila Chavez
    Leila Chavez 21 hour ago

    Lol notice how all the republicans are white

  • Manny Soloway
    Manny Soloway Day ago

    "I have yet to have seen a homophobic rebublican," very next clip: homophobic rebublican

  • Tarsan97
    Tarsan97 Day ago

    In the country I live in, there must be like 30 political parties. Why 2 ?
    It is also something strange with the idea that absence of economical organizing is the same as progress. That sound like as long as there is a natural plus, like fields to plow, wood to chop,fish to fish, oil to pump up, there is a " opportunity for all squeezing these resources.
    I think this is good and Ok, but so far. It is something primitive about it. I think the Scandinavians have the most intricate and best model. That is something not fixed, but something they just vote on year after year. It has a sharing mechanism in bottom but are still a free market based system. The taxes are higher on those who earn most since they tap from everyone resources, and lower for those who earn less. Sharing is refere to same as in a family kind of thinking, made big, and comes more natural if you see your fellow humans as family.
    This social nets also has a good impact on crime and so on.

  • wilakt4fud
    wilakt4fud Day ago

    For the last time, you low-information dipshits-- Jimmy Kimmel is a lifelong Republican. It's well documented.

  • gabby ford
    gabby ford Day ago

    "they're mean", what a great reason for why you don't like republii

  • Ashwin R
    Ashwin R Day ago

    "They want to give everything away." Like Universal healthcare, which a lot of Republicans have registered for......

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Day ago

    There both retarded.

  • Grumor Town
    Grumor Town Day ago

    Republicans are worthless trash

  • Ryane Harkins
    Ryane Harkins Day ago

    Is it just me or at 3:10 that looks and sounds and thinks that hes jerry spriner

  • kinks fan 1966
    kinks fan 1966 Day ago


  • Big Smokey*
    Big Smokey* Day ago

    Republicans are racist greedy fuckers and democrats are unexperienced careless fuckers. Politics in general is just a black hole

  • Mason Stoltz
    Mason Stoltz Day ago +1

    Trump > Clinton

  • Mason Stoltz
    Mason Stoltz Day ago +1

    TRUMP pence

  • Mason Stoltz
    Mason Stoltz Day ago +1


  • Andrew Brady
    Andrew Brady Day ago

    I haven’t watched the video yet, but I’m sure dumb Kimmel found the most retarded looking republicans and found the most intelligent looking democrats

  • aleah marie
    aleah marie 2 days ago

    Why not just leave the other side alone? We all have our opinions and convictions. Im far left wing but that doesn't mean I hate those on the right or even think there wrong, I simply disagree with what they have to say. But just because I disagree with what there saying doesnt mean that I wouldnt fight to the death for there right to say it. I dont think that America is a country devided, I think America is a country needs improvement. When it comes to the good of our people everything should be based on what's best for 'us' not whats best for 'you'.

  • Latoya Wiggins
    Latoya Wiggins 2 days ago

    I am not for either party! Certainly not publican .

  • Dylan Osullivan
    Dylan Osullivan 2 days ago

    Democrats are awful

  • Arsalaan Asad
    Arsalaan Asad 2 days ago

    Am I the only one who saw Jerry Springer?

  • Buba Jacksor
    Buba Jacksor 2 days ago

    As a black man its hard to watch black men and women stand up for Democrats. They started the KKK Jim Crow they voted against our righ to vote. Jimmy Kimmels a typical Liberal smile to your face while stabbing you in the back. Liberals are buying your votes by giving you welfare, they now control you! Wake up brother's and sister's.

  • Madison Faith
    Madison Faith 2 days ago

    As a republican, I honestly don’t understand why the two parties are so divided. Yes, we have different views, but on the end of the day we need to treat each other as humans and with respect and unfortunately neither of the parties are treating each other in that way.

  • TheMaloney
    TheMaloney 2 days ago

    WTF is wrong with people? Half those people shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

  • Point Dexter
    Point Dexter 2 days ago

    These republican morons don’t have a clue. They are far bigger spenders than Democrats.

  • Liam Hi
    Liam Hi 2 days ago

    The end😂

  • Official Me
    Official Me 2 days ago

    Idiot vs Realistic

  • Phantomm Lord
    Phantomm Lord 3 days ago

    Another liberal propoganda

  • Compact
    Compact 3 days ago

    2 quotes from trump that show what kind of person he really is.
    "When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people."
    Outright not true and racist
    "He's not a war hero," Trump said of Arizona Sen. John McCain, a Republican. "He is a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren't captured."
    Disgusting thing to say about a war hero who has done something good for our country
    There’s so many more quotes too I’ll add more if you guys would like .

  • Call Me Gaffer
    Call Me Gaffer 3 days ago

    *In a battledome*
    -Throw in 200 democrats
    -Then Throw in another 200 Republicans
    - Get the popcorn

  • Roger Fernandes
    Roger Fernandes 3 days ago

    So Basically US of A is Fcked

  • allnewluke
    allnewluke 3 days ago

    I like how they showed only very southern Republicans then they show well dressed Democrats very unbiased I can tell

  • ZMG
    ZMG 3 days ago

    All the republicans hate all democrats but what i saw was not all democrats hating all republicans. Anyone else?

  • Mei Tucker
    Mei Tucker 3 days ago

    I really like how this is just bashing republicans...ah I love sarcasm

  • Raptor Muhammad
    Raptor Muhammad 3 days ago

    sorry jimmy kimmel you lie about majority of Americans, somewhere in the neighborhood of 40% support DACA,

  • Gabi
    Gabi 3 days ago

    both cancer

  • mscottster444
    mscottster444 3 days ago

    Democrats: Pro-Abortion
    Republicans: Anti-Abortion
    A lot of people voted in 2016 believing this.

  • Ball Buster
    Ball Buster 3 days ago

    Democrates - lgbt. tolerance. feminism. freedom. anti-racism. anti-sexism. best states - NY, Cali, IL, etc
    Republicans - religious fanatics. conservatism. sexism. guns. lower iq. all shitty rural states where patriarchy and multiple wifes such as utah. hillibilly. rednecks. racism.

    • Noah Elkwood
      Noah Elkwood 3 days ago

      Ball Buster let’s just ignore the fact that it was the Democrats who started the KKK and the current Republican administration who has reduced African-American unemployment to its lowest level in history.

  • Animesh Sharma
    Animesh Sharma 3 days ago

    Aside from the "intellectuals" from both side , this interview shows that general public are on the side they are on for mostly the wrong reasons .

  • Valeria Jones
    Valeria Jones 3 days ago

    This isn’t a Democrat or Republican problem, but why are we bombing Syria? What I’m getting is that we’re bombing Syria because Syria bombed Syria to show that Syria shouldn’t bomb Syria. Also, after we’ve bombed Syria, we won’t let refugees in. This is confusing.

  • idillit
    idillit 3 days ago

    3:36 typical hypocritical Democrat

  • Arianna H
    Arianna H 3 days ago

    First guy literally said it all😂😍

  • Leo Martinez
    Leo Martinez 3 days ago

    I was a democrat until I got my first paycheck

  • abigail nichols
    abigail nichols 3 days ago

    Notice how they tried to depict republicans in a bad way by interviewing only white, southern people. We obviously know Jimmy's party lol.

  • Gekkouga
    Gekkouga 3 days ago

    they're all so full of distaste for people that they don't understand

  • The Stranger
    The Stranger 3 days ago

    It's things like this that cause one to reevaluate the wisdom of Democracy.

  • Super Cam
    Super Cam 3 days ago

    Seems kinda fake

  • The Guy
    The Guy 4 days ago

    Republican for Life!

  • Mari DaCool
    Mari DaCool 4 days ago +1

    Idk why, but I would probably just don’t support Republicans and Democrats instead of having to pick one side

  • camgmr 45
    camgmr 45 4 days ago

    Watchtime their pennies? Dude. It’s about what job you have...

  • Chris Caldwell
    Chris Caldwell 4 days ago

    well, it wasnt funny, but at least he didnt cry.

  • Gabriel Lundgren
    Gabriel Lundgren 4 days ago

    Freedom of speech is a illusion it Dont exist

  • Queenie
    Queenie 4 days ago

    I'm with the last guy.

  • charles fleener
    charles fleener 4 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel sucks

  • MaxT
    MaxT 4 days ago

    3:34 No more democrats? So you wish that the USA will become a dictatorship. Welcome to the new North Korea: The United States of America

  • tay m. baez
    tay m. baez 4 days ago

    lol why is jerry springer there

  • jesus christ himself
    jesus christ himself 4 days ago +1

    i bet you the republicans got killed just because of their views

  • jesus christ himself
    jesus christ himself 4 days ago +1

    liberals saying the countries divided but i thought we wanted diversity right? haha

    • Ved Patil
      Ved Patil 5 hours ago

      diversity has a different definition than division you damn dimwit
      tried to fit some alliteration in there

  • T Dog
    T Dog 4 days ago

    Yankee basterds

  • Top Anything
    Top Anything 4 days ago

    Omg it’s jerry 3:17

  • Perception Is reality

    Jail Time For Trumpski and his Klan. this includes the corrupt GOP and Fake Fox as well!!!!!!
    American Greed!!! Trumpski and His Klan!!!!

  • J Max
    J Max 5 days ago

    Bought and paid for Liberal Bullshit.

  • katie w
    katie w 5 days ago

    “can you please pass me my rolex watches?” I’M WEAK

  • this is my username
    this is my username 5 days ago

    Y'all haven't met a racist Republican cause every single one of them say they aren't racist, they "have a black friend." Pea brains dont understand that the complexity of appreciating other people's culture is more than having a "black friend."

  • Gianna Phelps
    Gianna Phelps 5 days ago +3

    I am a republican and I have many friends that are the opposite but I still like them for who they are

  • Ben Holloway
    Ben Holloway 6 days ago +2

    Basically republicans only want to make america a better place for (white americans) and white americans only and democrats want to not only make america a better place but the whole world a better place

  • Arijan Brekalo
    Arijan Brekalo 6 days ago

    Say one nice things about democrats:"soon they'll be gone". IM A DEMOCRAT BUT THAT WAS GODLY

  • Jon Huniak
    Jon Huniak 6 days ago

    there has got to be a cure for liberals

  • The Grand Poobah
    The Grand Poobah 6 days ago +1

    So neither side seemed able to articulate the others sides honest platform.

  • sandy crow
    sandy crow 6 days ago

    “the wind blows the sails”
    like Fox News blows Trump

  • Harley Simington
    Harley Simington 6 days ago

    This is stupid I bet they took all the republicans out that talked smart and had good parts, because this damn tv network are a bunch of liberals and Democrats.

  • Mia Tingui
    Mia Tingui 7 days ago

    Hey it’s jerry springer!!

  • Merry Eqbay
    Merry Eqbay 7 days ago

    These kind of events are what divides this country.

  • Merry Eqbay
    Merry Eqbay 7 days ago

    3:21 😂🤣

  • ChickenBiscuits
    ChickenBiscuits 7 days ago +1

    "orange man bad" *left side cheers*

  • Gabe Porter
    Gabe Porter 7 days ago

    Who came here just for the comments section? Lol

  • Exyll [GD]
    Exyll [GD] 7 days ago

    For all you democrats, I would like you to name one thing Donald Trump has done that is racist. Just one. And just to be clear, Trump dislikes illegal immigrants, not immigrants as a whole.

  • Jack Matthews
    Jack Matthews 7 days ago

    I'm a Democrat, but I don't see anything wrong with republicans. We may not believe in the same things but we are all human

  • Laney Abbott Vlogs
    Laney Abbott Vlogs 7 days ago

    Did anyone notice at 3:18 that’s jerry springer

  • pïpër
    pïpër 7 days ago

    can everybody reply what party they are? I want to see the ratio of democrats to republicans.

  • Hatfat
    Hatfat 7 days ago

    Small minded thinkers.

  • I G
    I G 7 days ago

    This is stupid and sad

  • Kathie Logan
    Kathie Logan 8 days ago

    This is not Democrats against Republicans this is lawfulness against lawlessness on both sides! Don't you get it that's why you're called fake news! The reality is we the people are sick and tired of the self-serving lawless running our government and our Intel agencies! Just how smart is our Intel when african-born Muslim terrorist is placed in our White House for 8 years! All were they apart of this treason!

  • hodd_55 odd
    hodd_55 odd 8 days ago

    It’s funny how they play human beings in the name the country against one another 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Katie Martinez
    Katie Martinez 8 days ago


  • Anthony Everhart
    Anthony Everhart 8 days ago

    That old was so cute 😂

  • Jo. S.
    Jo. S. 8 days ago +3

    So I'm not from the US but the republicans seem to be more nice 😂😂

    • goat
      goat 5 days ago

      We are. Thanks for noticing. (I said nice, not modest).

  • Big AL
    Big AL 8 days ago

    What I would like to know is of the 538 persons on the electoral college how many are republican and how many are democrat?So if there are more republicans on the electoral college we get a republican president or vise versa?

  • H20 MAN
    H20 MAN 8 days ago

    "I've never seen a homophobic republican" next person "DEMCRATS WANT TO MARRY WHOEVER THEY WANT"

  • I'm 7 out
    I'm 7 out 8 days ago

    Their accents are annoying

  • Joseph Pesce
    Joseph Pesce 8 days ago

    I'm a republican and everything the republicans said in the video are true.