• Published on Jul 5, 2019
  • TOP 6 Awesome Handmade Product for your Home and inventor inventions
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    You are interested in handiwork, craft or you just have nothing to do, haven't you? You have found the channel you really need. Here you can find lots of crafts, hand made items, and the main thing is that they all made of make-shifts and at the lowest cost!
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  • Roger S.
    Roger S. Hour ago

    By the time you built that nail puller you could have pulled all of the nails with your claw hammer!

  • CloversCat
    CloversCat Day ago


  • Алекс Никифоров


  • Алекс Никифоров

    Интересно, эти дегенераты просмотры покупают? 7млн просмотров на 48 тысяч лайков это как-то подозрительно. А по видео - доктор Дью и Даня Крастер все уже рассмотрели.

  • Bronzeseal Bronzeseal

    Достойное применение болгарки, сверлильного станка и прочих инструментов.
    Пожалуй, сделаю и себе такие крутые тиски!

  • Augusto Solano
    Augusto Solano 3 days ago

    Saludos desde Ecuador excelentes las ideas amigo

  • The Tobias Family
    The Tobias Family 3 days ago

    Show wtf the tool does THEN BUILD THE FUCKING THING!

  • Kits Cell Acessórios

    Meus parabéns

  • John Miller
    John Miller 3 days ago

    Most of these are basic tools that already exist and can be purchased for just a few bucks

  • ManemPohuy MaBuhoy
    ManemPohuy MaBuhoy 3 days ago

    Кто-нибудь дайте пизды этим самоделкиным 😊

  • جون متي
    جون متي 3 days ago

    very good

  • J DeWitt
    J DeWitt 3 days ago

    1. Nail puller (Pullers like this usually aren't used in the context of nails)
    2. Drill press vise
    3. Basin wrench
    4. Clamping plant / sapling puller (Kinda neat idea)
    5. Breaker bar
    6. Foot-operated door stop / door holder

  • Сергей Клестов

    Что бы двери держать можно и кирпич положить, экономнее и без заморочек

  • Behlul Efendiyev
    Behlul Efendiyev 3 days ago


  • C O
    C O 3 days ago

    Cool, I went to Lowe’s and bought a hammer, a vice, a pipe wrench, a limb saw, a swivel ratchet and a door stop for less than $100 and it took me exactly 7 mins.

  • smsk.sirajul islam
    smsk.sirajul islam 3 days ago


  • Nguyễn Chiến
    Nguyễn Chiến 4 days ago

    Toàn trò trẻ con

  • Michael Raney
    Michael Raney 4 days ago +1

    Tool 2: spends hours making what amounts to a cheap table vice.
    Tool 3: demonstrates tool 3 by holding the pipes in a traditional table vice.
    Tool 4: uses traditional table vice to during construction of tool 4.
    If you don’t believe in your own invention don’t expect me to. Sorry bro. Truth hurts.

  • words4eternity
    words4eternity 4 days ago

    Just 1 word "awesome"

  • david coons
    david coons 4 days ago

    This video should be called "6 things to do with threaded rod, a welder, some steel square tube and a grinder"

  • Opini Oke
    Opini Oke 4 days ago +1

    Kreatif frien 👍👍👍

  • corshani
    corshani 5 days ago +2

    if you have the tools to make these tools, then you already have tools that can do all of these things.

  • Diego Fernandez
    Diego Fernandez 5 days ago

    Como se llama el último invento para la puerta está muy bueno

  • Rob B
    Rob B 5 days ago +2

    The 5th one was invented a long time ago. It's a breaker bar.

  • José Maria Lima Construções

    Show de bola, isso vai ajuda muito o meu canal

  • Руслан Теренин

    Я вот подумал, а нахрена из шуруповёрта гвоздодер делать? А потом понял, автор просто из гвоздодера какую то непотребную хрень соорудил, а гвозди дергать нечем стало.

  • Michael Wojciechowski

    That first one, the nail puller, was excellent! This guy should get the Nobel Prize in Inventiveness 😂🇨🇦

    FH CHANNEL PRO 6 days ago +1

    wow lovely,,,we love you and your channel😍😍😀

    FH CHANNEL PRO 6 days ago

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    I invite you in my channel
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  • 黄白人
    黄白人 6 days ago +4

    8:20 could've used a standard ratchet set...

  • 黄白人
    黄白人 6 days ago

    Those roots were very short and pulled out of very soft ground. I live on a bed rock and I could pull out much tougher with my bare hands... 😏

  • Sam Space
    Sam Space 6 days ago

    These DIY videos are such a joke. Everytime they make some tool you could just buy for less than the angle grinder, dremel and welder you would need to make any of these.

  • Yuri Khakimov
    Yuri Khakimov 13 days ago

    Доктор Дью одобряет
    Greetings from Dr. Dew😎

  • Зиннура Бандукова

    Что только люди не придумают)))

  • Олег Горшунов

    DIY-гвоздодёр прям "порадовал". Он так-то почти на каждом молотке есть, нахрена так извращаться?

    • Yuri Khakimov
      Yuri Khakimov 13 days ago

      @Олег Горшунов я имел в виду эту диайвайную вундервафлю из шурика. По классике то да, дедовским гвоздодером гвозди любой кривизны выдернуть можно, к тому же гораздо быстрее

    • Олег Горшунов
      Олег Горшунов 13 days ago

      Yuri Khakimov, молча, как-то вытягивал

    • Yuri Khakimov
      Yuri Khakimov 13 days ago

      Я бы посмотрел, как такой гвоздодер кривые гвозди вытягивать будет)))

  • Saul Roberson IV
    Saul Roberson IV 16 days ago

    All great tools.

  • Claude Vantard
    Claude Vantard 19 days ago

    Genial :)

  • junior trucco
    junior trucco 19 days ago +1

    Capo 👏👏

  • Павел Нечаев

    Сразу видно, что человеку делать нехуй. Столько говна в одном ролике я давно не видел...

  • Peter A Mann
    Peter A Mann 19 days ago

    Hello out there

  • Steven Jennings
    Steven Jennings 20 days ago

    Awesome Informational Educational experience Y'alls

  • Ricardo Fernández Nieto

    Me ha gustado mucho. Por favor, en el próximo vídeo una herramienta que plante pequeños árboles y arbustos para compensar. Gracias!!

  • Бизнесс В гараж


  • salamat salamat
    salamat salamat 20 days ago

    Полная херня

    MOISES DIAZ REY,ES 21 day ago

    Saludos,,,es MUCHO lío hacer todo ,,en México está tecnología de herramientas ya se venden a precios muy baratos,,,,

  • Clarence Williams
    Clarence Williams 21 day ago +2

    You have a great mind sir. and we see it in your crafts.

  • Rami Conde
    Rami Conde 21 day ago

    The last one it was good I like it 👍🏽

  • Guldgnuen
    Guldgnuen 21 day ago

    Useless and shitty weldings

  • barra jó da hora
    barra jó da hora 21 day ago +1

    tvclip.biz/video/UuARUnwxPfg/video.html top 👍👍☝️☝️😊😊🤙

  • Just Mike
    Just Mike 21 day ago +5

    Y'all go ahead make smart remarks the guy that invented tooth picks. He's a million air lol

  • Максим Непомнящий

    Author, can you cut your fingers in the next video? I will pay you for this

  • naagesen
    naagesen 21 day ago

    This is the crap you make when the wife is pissed off at you.

  • Иван Ко
    Иван Ко 21 day ago

    Отличные идеи, НО Бесполезные

  • Jon Collins
    Jon Collins 21 day ago +3

    Do it yourself I feel doesn't require a freaking welder...

  • Marcos Pires
    Marcos Pires 21 day ago

    Sensacional, criativo, assino embaixo 😂

  • Luis Alonzo
    Luis Alonzo 22 days ago +1

    For the tird invention. A shovel will do just fine

  • Alex Sashca
    Alex Sashca 22 days ago


  • Талгат Ислямов


    MAZZ BAIM 22 days ago


  • Youssef sayed
    Youssef sayed 22 days ago