Gordon Ramsay's Home Cooking S01E11


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  • M'hmd A.
    M'hmd A. 15 hours ago

    Exquisite success, money, fame, wife, children, and food--what more can one ask for?

  • Areeb Azhar
    Areeb Azhar 3 days ago

    I got an erection seeing this

  • sia aumua
    sia aumua 3 days ago +1


  • Anh Tran
    Anh Tran 6 days ago

    Breakfast in America is the worst!

  • BezGranic Records.
    BezGranic Records. 6 days ago

    Dear Gordon Ramsey.
    I love you

  • Jackson Parrish
    Jackson Parrish 7 days ago

    i'm fucking hungry now

  • Arush
    Arush 8 days ago +1

    She rubbed the meat just fine!

  • Micheline Maximin
    Micheline Maximin 9 days ago

    GR...The really best chef in the world !

  • AshZwynn
    AshZwynn 11 days ago

    He literally spawns a olive bottle every single episode wut the fok

  • Vasil Braskov
    Vasil Braskov 12 days ago

    ....and then slide it back in

  • Mile Teacher
    Mile Teacher 12 days ago

    That breakfast can be my breakfast,lunch and dinner.

  • Pistazio88
    Pistazio88 13 days ago

    i hate olive oil the taste sucks hard for me, if its in the salad i mean not fukin raw

  • Buihongquan W
    Buihongquan W 15 days ago

    How to be a busy celeb & dad at the same time but can also cook meals for your family:
    Have as many children as possible.

  • Victor Bonello
    Victor Bonello 18 days ago

    i have watched many videos here of Ramsay but watching Hells Kitchen videos I started not being able to watch him, even though I am convinced it is an act with a script and not live. Has it been real I wonder how Catering unions did not blacklist him for ill-treating staff the way he does or even how he has never had his teeth punched in? I am sure he is not as nasty as those videos portray him, these videos of him at home show a different pleasant person. what I do not understand though is why a man like him, with all his millions, had to produce a set of knives under his name that are so useless. the quality is so poor! they are so poor he does not even use them himself. he is always using knives of a certain reputation even though i am sure he gets them free..

  • zoha kazi
    zoha kazi 18 days ago

    In lunch he first told breast of beaf then wile putting on the pan you told cchicken

  • zoha kazi
    zoha kazi 18 days ago

    It was Brest of beat but when you put it on the pan you told chicken

  • Lusna Pradhan
    Lusna Pradhan 19 days ago

    Alooo ka bhujiya

  • Videokeiler
    Videokeiler 20 days ago

    It almost seems that it hurt his feelings to say that at 5:04

  • nadjib achat
    nadjib achat 21 day ago


  • Yousef Ahmad
    Yousef Ahmad 24 days ago

    Oh my lord thanks finally here he doesn't need😅 lamp sauce...😐

  • Brian Frost
    Brian Frost 25 days ago

    Gordon's breakfast: Dishes
    My breakfast : Oreo cookies

  • shogo fei
    shogo fei 29 days ago

    I want me a Gordon 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🔥🔥💯❤️

  • luckymouse1988
    luckymouse1988 Month ago

    S'up with all those copper little pans hanging there? Seems to be a bit much.

  • Filip Lind
    Filip Lind Month ago

    *Good girl*

  • Nikkie Ghen Belandres

    He's the best. I learn many things about kitchen. and i also apply in my daily lives. Thank you chef Gordon :

  • Normal Person
    Normal Person Month ago

    So does every great meal use Oil or butter??

  • Ethan Byrne
    Ethan Byrne Month ago

    I do hope Holly washed her hands after wiping her eyes and nose after the onions. Because if not... ewwww

  • coco sofa
    coco sofa Month ago

    caesar salad's not american. it may be claimed by americans, but it came from tijuana mexico. I would think chef ramsey knows this. maybe he does and just said that for simplicity.

  • krasotazdor
    krasotazdor Month ago


  • gian carlo misagal
    gian carlo misagal Month ago +1

    The best chef ever !!

  • JulianaSpeaks PeaceOut

    If I lived with you each 10 mins I’d be asking for food

  • JulianaSpeaks PeaceOut

    I’d pay all my money to eat all the food you make if I go homeless I do not care at all

  • sunil yadav
    sunil yadav Month ago

    This is the first viedo I watched where gorden is slow and cool but its not his style I like gorden fast and all the today in this viedo he prepared is good and I ll sure try it


    Hi good day i love your cooking... I live in Cape Town where can i get your cook book?

  • Joefel Cepeda
    Joefel Cepeda 2 months ago

    "Just nice and moist at the center." Spot on mate.

  • Sheeba Sriram
    Sheeba Sriram 2 months ago

    hi M.R Gordan Ramsay. I am one of the biggest fan of you and your cooking. i live in India and i

  • Dark Archer
    Dark Archer 2 months ago

    "Don't rub your eyes"
    *rubs eyes*

  • Games TV
    Games TV 2 months ago

    The Chuck Norris of cooking. Some say ...

  • Mark Zuckerberg
    Mark Zuckerberg 2 months ago

    She must be a really good girl

  • satyam kumar
    satyam kumar 2 months ago

    did he season the salad???

  • yyy loo
    yyy loo 2 months ago

    "Sweet potato wedges thal ill be right up her street" oh gordon u said it

  • Liliana MG
    Liliana MG 2 months ago

    Caesars salad was created/invented in TIJUANA, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MÉXICO! Look it up!

  • peter petersen
    peter petersen 2 months ago

    same indrigends like a hamburger...american call it salad

  • Hugo Boncar
    Hugo Boncar 2 months ago

    No wonder so many Americans are obese x'D

  • Alexander Löfqvist
    Alexander Löfqvist 2 months ago

    Ramsey gone Oliver

  • Angel vila
    Angel vila 3 months ago

    No sé inglés que ingredientes tiñe la salsa para el pollo sé que es huevo queso paguen me puede ayudar

  • hippister
    hippister 3 months ago

    how is slow cooking the beef for 3 hours fast?

  • Arnaldo Ortellado
    Arnaldo Ortellado 3 months ago

    Gordon fuck my wife!

  • Lance Abejar
    Lance Abejar 3 months ago

    Nice is my name

  • Doreen Barrett
    Doreen Barrett 3 months ago

    I would totally date his daughter Holly

  • Mark Khoury
    Mark Khoury 3 months ago

    I mean it's great and all, but he didn't perfectly season the cookie dough with salt and pepper, neither did he add a beautiful drizzle of olive oil..

  • Julie Fe
    Julie Fe 4 months ago

    Jack = Gordon, Holly = Tanna

  • Elgen
    Elgen 4 months ago

    He keeps saying hash browns and I keep thinking hash brownies

  • Michael gombe
    Michael gombe 4 months ago

    o uhakiki

  • T. Make Food
    T. Make Food 4 months ago


  • Maryam Maryam
    Maryam Maryam 4 months ago

    Wow so yummy

  • mootje 030
    mootje 030 5 months ago +2

    Im getting so hungry while watching these videos.🥗🍜

  • Nicola Panetta
    Nicola Panetta 5 months ago

    Add salt and pepper.

  • floating igloo
    floating igloo 5 months ago

    Want to cook Like Gordon Ramsay?

  • Jake Bayawa
    Jake Bayawa 6 months ago

    It good one of your family at least a chef

  • Action
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  • vianny esquivel
    vianny esquivel 6 months ago

    Caesar salad was created on the Caesar Restaurant on Tijuana, México!

  • Kafka Girl
    Kafka Girl 6 months ago

    I made it for breakfast today thank you

  • ToorTiemie #
    ToorTiemie # 6 months ago

    Holly doesn't seem particular fond of food or skilled in the art of making it. Her hair is beautiful though

  • Kingfalls
    Kingfalls 6 months ago

    I am watching this while eating

  • Rubina's kitchen Mania
    Rubina's kitchen Mania 7 months ago


  • Xeno Wad
    Xeno Wad 7 months ago

    Say "Cucumber"
    Say "Waffle"
    Cross Your Legs
    Hold Your Breath
    Don't breathe until you have posted this on another badge.
    Check your voice, it's weird

  • Fadia Oues
    Fadia Oues 8 months ago

    Bonjour Chef.....Je suis une grande fan de votre cuisine,vos méthodes et votre savoir faire...Un Grand bravo Chef Ramsay's

  • Walex Nelson
    Walex Nelson 8 months ago

    i love all your cook, wonderful. i also reccomend you looking throughThe Easiest Fat Loss Cookbook To Promote On The Market! Metabolic Cooking Fat Loss Cookbook - 250 Fat Torching Recipes To Banish Your Boring Diet And Burn Fat Faster! tinyurl.com/yco64gbe

  • junker 76
    junker 76 8 months ago

    now time to ordrer mc donalds

  • big  shagger
    big shagger 8 months ago

    Ain't his family getting fat because he can cook SO AMAZINGLY

  • Nendra Primasta
    Nendra Primasta 8 months ago

    What're the measurements?

  • Carlos Ace
    Carlos Ace 8 months ago +19

    Buy Gordon a cup of coffee and he'll add olive oil for sure

  • Underwear Baker
    Underwear Baker 9 months ago

    I love when he says peanut butter and jam cookies xD

  • lideta 777
    lideta 777 9 months ago

    Gordon you are really good but don't get angry!! Please!!!!!

  • risbourg julie - anais
    risbourg julie - anais 9 months ago

    The principe is to show a familial way of cooking, you wouldn’t wear a hairnet at home!

  • Ophiuchus
    Ophiuchus 9 months ago

    Go crack your eggs gently

  • Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter 9 months ago

    Attitude, looks and passion! Gordon is hot!!

  • Fafma Zohra
    Fafma Zohra 10 months ago

    Ont. Souhaite une. Interprétation en francais pour comprendre

  • Francis Xavier
    Francis Xavier 10 months ago

    jesus christ that breakfast looks like it went through a melted butter bath

  • Paty Queti
    Paty Queti 10 months ago

    That is almost the recipe of the original Cesar Salad and it's mexican, not american.

  • Lars Westerhausen
    Lars Westerhausen 10 months ago

    Sweet potatoes and yams are definitely not the same.

  • Rukmini's kitchen
    Rukmini's kitchen 10 months ago

    Wow i like your viedos good

  • Teddy Bear
    Teddy Bear 11 months ago

    Stop slamming the meat ffs

  • olivier labelle
    olivier labelle 11 months ago

    Super !!! J'aimerais trouver avec la voix off française

  • Hannah Plas
    Hannah Plas 11 months ago

    Holly and Jack are twins?

  • Nadia Dekkari
    Nadia Dekkari 11 months ago

    ramsay stop cocaine mdr ....

  • ye y
    ye y Year ago


  • Marie Chantale Payet

    An français SVP

  • Jeannette Sela
    Jeannette Sela Year ago

    Cesar Salad was created in Tijuana Mexico at the famous Cesar's Restaurant, it is not original from Italy nor USA.

  • brictus j
    brictus j Year ago

    0:05 sharpening his kitchen knife with a butcher's gun is a sacrilege.

  • Nebur Nation
    Nebur Nation Year ago

    Just had salad for lunch with:
    some cheese
    and not too thic sliced green salad
    still can´t figure out why i´m gaining weight!!!

  • Bibelbotschafter
    Bibelbotschafter Year ago

    His daughters are so beautiful Wanna to marry them

  • Etoile Dor
    Etoile Dor Year ago +1

    Et oui c'est du LOURD LOURD 🏅🥇👍👂👁️👁️👂👍⭐👏

  • Aiza Fausto
    Aiza Fausto Year ago

    This is one of the great cooking show. :) I will definitely try some recipes of Sir Gordon. :)

  • Daniel De Roux
    Daniel De Roux Year ago

    Anyone know the temperature of the oven in 17:40 ?