Gordon Ramsay's Home Cooking S01E11


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  • hyun shan
    hyun shan 19 hours ago


  • Gabriel Poland
    Gabriel Poland 2 days ago

    To make a REAL Russian salad Brisket is a must.......

  • Kevin Abdel Karim
    Kevin Abdel Karim 4 days ago

    Gordon is the best coocker

  • Zola MadaFaka
    Zola MadaFaka 6 days ago

    I like how he is sharpening the knives while saying their names

  • Kenya Vineyard
    Kenya Vineyard 8 days ago


  • Far Jli
    Far Jli 9 days ago

    Chef Gordon is a food genius!

  • Ph4ntøm Cheese
    Ph4ntøm Cheese 9 days ago

    Gordan Ramsay: This is my kitchen


  • Earlchaos
    Earlchaos 14 days ago

    Funny, the advert was from Edna - www.edna.de/epages/Edna.sf/ - some frozen stuff Gordon would throw out of the window...

  • Sarah Mae Li
    Sarah Mae Li 19 days ago

    Omg I love his relationship with his kids

  • bishnu kumar
    bishnu kumar 21 day ago

    Gordon chef everything food is made and he is the only one cooking everything I love that

  • KohinaREC
    KohinaREC 25 days ago

    I wish I had a gas stove. All I have is a near forty year old piece-of-junk electric stove with two plates and a breaker system so primitive that only one can be used if the oven is heating up. YAY!

  • André Franco
    André Franco 25 days ago

    No way near American style brisket

  • Natalya K
    Natalya K 27 days ago

    I adore this man. 😍😘

  • Natalya K
    Natalya K 27 days ago

    I love Chef Gordon more than any other. Come to Croatia Gordon. I'll be more than happy and please take Tilly with you (whole family but Tilly especialy). I love everything you do.

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  • مطبخ ماما نونا


  • Kawa Man
    Kawa Man Month ago

    looks very healthy


    Lovely delicies 😊💚

  • Lotte Wiegant
    Lotte Wiegant Month ago

    How to clean my combined oven microwave as your have?

  • Peppe nx
    Peppe nx Month ago

    Ma che è sta merda

  • Home Kitchen Galatta

    So.. Yummy...

  • maxime martinez
    maxime martinez Month ago


  • Heaven Lee
    Heaven Lee Month ago

    I love how the camera moves.. bc i don't really like cameras that are just so steady and like lifeless ? Well this is base on my opinion😉

  • Mara P
    Mara P Month ago

    His daughters are so cute

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Month ago

    His family eats delicious foods always

  • Jonas Almgren
    Jonas Almgren Month ago

    Gordon here show sometong not evryting hehe.....

  • Jay-ar Feliciano
    Jay-ar Feliciano Month ago

    Hope someday i meet this amazing chef in person

  • Stygian Girl
    Stygian Girl Month ago

    i am a student living in china watching these shows at 11pm i did not notice myself scrolling through the `Wai Mai' (order in) App. i even ordered OMG. now the video is done and I'm scrolling through the comments and i realised what i have done.

  • catalin lazar
    catalin lazar Month ago

    drinking urine? Really? in the last few seconds? Jesus,are you a sick fking assgap who likes piss in your food? or what? i dont judge. just wtf man>????? #report plus ask friends to report too

  • 1stKimozabi
    1stKimozabi Month ago

    Why won't he ever say how how the oven should be? :(

  • gнσѕту
    gнσѕту Month ago

    At first I heard him say *titty*

  • Anderson e Fernanda Domiciano

    Não teria essa serie dublado ou legendado em português?

  • Angélica Tossan
    Angélica Tossan Month ago

    Eu prepararia o bacon bem crocante! Hummmmmm

  • Ken Roberts
    Ken Roberts Month ago

    flipping the hashbrowns like that is an old spanish trick they use when making tortillas

  • Lorna Obispo
    Lorna Obispo Month ago

    all in breakfast, lunch and dinner awesome

  • Learn vastu shastra


  • Genzo Kun
    Genzo Kun Month ago

    "Cracking your eggs nice and gently"

  • ridwan mohammad
    ridwan mohammad 2 months ago


  • Udojie Udokasi
    Udojie Udokasi 2 months ago

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  • probin SCHANa
    probin SCHANa 2 months ago

    You should do what the 2 yr old comment says about watching gordon r. cooking videos at mignight.

  • noam hason
    noam hason 2 months ago

    one may say that the english people has a better breakfast then the american. with all the respect mr. ramsay

  • Mi Mena
    Mi Mena 2 months ago

    whats the recipe of the cookies???

  • Jean Patricia Daracan
    Jean Patricia Daracan 2 months ago

    gustong gusto ko pinapanood si Gordon Ramsay kaso ang sakit sa tenga nung hinahasa nyang kutsilyo hahahaahah

    TMNTBRO 2 months ago

    Food porn with kid gone sexual

  • Raskolnikov666
    Raskolnikov666 2 months ago

    esta chupadora la chamaca

  • Jey
    Jey 2 months ago +2

    Where is the lamb SAUCE

  • oNixsii
    oNixsii 2 months ago

    2:48 i thought he said hash brownies omegaLOL

  • Máriám El Morśy
    Máriám El Morśy 2 months ago +4

    How does he not cry while cutting onions

    • Michelle Mathew
      Michelle Mathew Month ago

      He is above us peasants

    • Al D
      Al D 2 months ago +5

      He makes the onions cry first.

  • Hoàng Anh Nguyễn
    Hoàng Anh Nguyễn 2 months ago

    I was waiting for hat "Onepotato Twopotatoes" voice at the end of the vid but there wasn't any sound :(

  • ERYL 96
    ERYL 96 2 months ago

    Sorry, but the Dutch or the absolute masters of peanut butter.

  • Jerikoh O'Cru
    Jerikoh O'Cru 2 months ago

    These eggs are just perfect!

  • Jerikoh O'Cru
    Jerikoh O'Cru 2 months ago

    I always hear "olivol" and I just can't unhear It.

  • Probe Raum
    Probe Raum 2 months ago


  • belsibul
    belsibul 2 months ago

    Dear chef Gordon. I wonder how you make your tomato puree🤔 Where I live we have different brands in the store, but they wreck anything it touches and makes it into poop😓 I'd honestly rather use ketchup... 🤦‍♀️ Or just simmered tomato pulp. So I've never really understood why there are so many dishes that contains tomato puree.. I'd just love some information about it😅 Love from a big fan from Norway😊

  • Aaron Quartz
    Aaron Quartz 2 months ago

    My Gluttony works for now . Help I`m starving better this than junkfood Healthy food ever

  • Mikey El
    Mikey El 2 months ago

    I noticed he did'nt have a single tear when he was grating the onions(or even cut it)

  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass 2 months ago

    fuck being a brady i want to be a ramsay!

  • Eglė Deltuvaitė
    Eglė Deltuvaitė 2 months ago

    I feel hungry now

  • Rohan Regikumar
    Rohan Regikumar 2 months ago

    Did anyone heard "PENIS".... 6:38

  • هنادي الشهري
    هنادي الشهري 2 months ago +1

    فنان ماشاء الله 👍👌

  • ck ki vines ck ki vines

    American are useless
    Eating only others lives

  • Raina kyara
    Raina kyara 2 months ago


  • tamara kolar
    tamara kolar 2 months ago

    Did anyone elae notice that he didn't cut the butt of the letuce meaning it is not washed... He even said it in an episode where he had grilled letuce that you should get scared when the butt is still on

  • Christof Ingashipwa
    Christof Ingashipwa 2 months ago

    The best break fast ain't in America you prepare what is available in your country. this is TVclip and it is Worlwide, I am not hating Gordon Ramsay! I respect His cooking! but ya got no total idea that it ain't just about America! Peace

  • Legend 4
    Legend 4 2 months ago +1

    This guy thinks so much of himself... My grandma can do better

  • Mohammad Wassef Tammam
    Mohammad Wassef Tammam 3 months ago

    the best breakfast in the world is always in America ???????? what the hell r u talking about , its eggs , its every dam breakfast in the world :)

  • will speedwagon
    will speedwagon 3 months ago


  • Phuc Nguyen
    Phuc Nguyen 3 months ago

    im watching it with an empty stomach...

  • Venatrix Animations
    Venatrix Animations 3 months ago

    Wauw he’s strong...

  • Maisha Ahmed
    Maisha Ahmed 3 months ago

    Thank you Mr. Ramsay your cooking has inspired me and has increased my love in cooking. Hope to see Mrs. Ramsay's cooking and also your visit to our little country-Banhladesh ,😊

  • Reghardt van Rensburg
    Reghardt van Rensburg 3 months ago

    At 04:24 my milk & cereal is hot out of the microwave and ready to be eaten.

  • Mohammad Abushal
    Mohammad Abushal 3 months ago

    Amazing episode

  • Dean Baumgartner
    Dean Baumgartner 3 months ago

    Do you know what the biggest difference is between the USA and the rest of the world?? You come to our country legally, from the first day you are an America. No where else in the world does that apply, go to the UK and we would be Yanks, or China, or Down Under We would be a Yanks.

  • Blode Kont
    Blode Kont 3 months ago

    21:01 her reaction..priceless..

  • Jan Peterson
    Jan Peterson 3 months ago

    Yams and sweet potato are two different beasts

  • Jan Peterson
    Jan Peterson 3 months ago

    Brown sugar. Exactly what my great aunt borne 1905 would do with salty very salty bacon of that period. Modern is delicious like this

  • Carl Avory
    Carl Avory 3 months ago

    What is the point of a cooking video that has no weights or amounts?

  • kneXoid
    kneXoid 3 months ago

    he calls her good girl like she's a fuckin dog

  • nelo le chef
    nelo le chef 3 months ago

    where is the twist on Cesar salad? Maybe , serving the chicken separately...

  • Saburo Yamasaki
    Saburo Yamasaki 3 months ago

    6:36 wow man watch ur language pines isn't a good whan 😂

  • jessie dingal
    jessie dingal 3 months ago

    good food means happy family....;)

  • Crispo Bar
    Crispo Bar 3 months ago +1

    raw eggs in that Caesar's Salad?????

  • David Credo
    David Credo 3 months ago +6

    Well.. This is real life shokugeki no soma (if you know that)

  • Asczeiy ll
    Asczeiy ll 3 months ago

    0:20 Tilly flinch

  • مشاكل عشوائيه

    very good

  • bobb420
    bobb420 3 months ago

    why has he like 30 of the same cooking pots hanging up there in his private kitchen?

  • mango tango
    mango tango 3 months ago

    g o o d g i r l

  • Wassup TV
    Wassup TV 3 months ago

    Cracking your eggs nice and gently 😂😂

  • Cedric Akangah
    Cedric Akangah 3 months ago

    I wouldn’t want to wash dishes in his house.

  • The Great Aekami
    The Great Aekami 3 months ago +56

    0:32 "It's gotta be fast"
    20:37 "It's been in the oven for over 3 and half hours"

  • Shubham kumar
    Shubham kumar 3 months ago


  • Jack of Blades
    Jack of Blades 3 months ago

    god damn the cam is too close and overexposed as fuck.

  • King Gilgamesh
    King Gilgamesh 4 months ago

    i was expecting Holly to yell at him * IT'S RAW* xD

  • Donkupar Syiemlieh
    Donkupar Syiemlieh 4 months ago

    What's KN ?

  • Noof K
    Noof K 4 months ago

    What is that red fire he gets on his pan, im new here😂

  • M'hmd A.
    M'hmd A. 4 months ago

    Exquisite success, money, fame, wife, children, and food--what more can one ask for?

  • Areeb Azhar
    Areeb Azhar 4 months ago

    I got an erection seeing this

  • sia aumua
    sia aumua 4 months ago +2


  • Hoang Anh Tran
    Hoang Anh Tran 4 months ago

    Breakfast in America is the worst!