HOW TO Learn Russian? RUSSIAN language for beginners. First rule "How to learn this language?"


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  • reno blacky
    reno blacky Day ago

    Marry me

  • ♥ Luz ASMR ♥
    ♥ Luz ASMR ♥ 3 days ago +1

    Subbed :)

  • λlεx VP
    λlεx VP 7 days ago

    Слава ссср... that’s all I know, gotta be Soviet xD

  • Valentín Dk
    Valentín Dk 21 day ago


  • Michelle Boston
    Michelle Boston 23 days ago

    cheeki breeki!!!

  • renato quispe
    renato quispe 26 days ago

    hi....i know to speak in english but i wanna learn russian as if some 1 wants to learn russian with me...we can learn together...MY FACEBOOK IS RENATO QUISPE CHAVEZ

  • Rahul Saikia
    Rahul Saikia 28 days ago

    hey !!!!! i am here to learn .... speak in english ??????

  • Soo P
    Soo P Month ago

    cnocubo bolshoi !

  • Daniyal Ahmed
    Daniyal Ahmed Month ago

    I dont understand im beginner

  • Aaron Aites
    Aaron Aites Month ago

    hi, I was just wondering is it absolutely necessary to be able to roll your R’s to speak Russian?

  • Viktor Aarenstrup
    Viktor Aarenstrup Month ago

    I have a question? were you born and raised in Russia


    Так вы говорите по-русски


    Shut up your like 2

  • Barbaros Sancakli
    Barbaros Sancakli Month ago

    super idea

  • Айбек Джумакадыров

    fucking russian kurwa

  • uni saurus
    uni saurus Month ago


  • arvind pal
    arvind pal Month ago


  • Виктория Кузьмина

    у тебя хорошо получается) Но нужно говорить по быстрее, а то похоже немного на робота)))

  • احتشام شیرازی

    i learned Russian from duolingo. I completed almost 50% of the lessons and learned many phrases and words. Im from Pakistan and there is no one to speak Russian with so i started forgetting words and phrases and i stopped using Duo cuz it was of no benefit without using Russian in daily life.

  • George Oliva
    George Oliva Month ago


  • Semih 1989
    Semih 1989 Month ago

    hi guys , i am learning Russian and i need speaking practises, for that reason i am using a website called free4talk, but there are a few russian speakers and learners there. i want to meet with learners to practise together

  • cupacorn cupi
    cupacorn cupi 2 months ago

    I understand what Russians say but im to self conscious to talk myself I'm from Georgia btw.

    • Anatoliy Shtinov
      Anatoliy Shtinov Month ago

      +cupacorn cupi thank you 🙏

    • cupacorn cupi
      cupacorn cupi Month ago

      Anatoliy Shtinov cool! Russia is very beautiful so I'll visit someday!

    • Anatoliy Shtinov
      Anatoliy Shtinov Month ago

      +cupacorn cupi wow, I didn't know Georgians need a visa, that is sooo stupid. But on the bright side, I just checked the internet, there is no need to have relatives in Russia, you just need an invitation from someone in Russia, it could be anyone, including travel agency, and the invitation could be an email. Still sucks though.

    • cupacorn cupi
      cupacorn cupi Month ago

      Anatoliy Shtinov well it's kinda difficult for Georgians to go to Russia but Russians don't really have problems coming here.
      From what I know they only let Georgians in when they have relatives there.
      I don't know if it's true though I never tried to go to Russia so I wouldn't know myself.

    • Anatoliy Shtinov
      Anatoliy Shtinov Month ago

      +cupacorn cupi what do you mean by a current situation? I understand that there are tensions between the countries, but it seems that it does not have much effect on the tourism. Or am I wrong? I am only aware of the situation here in Russia :)

  • Roberto BVC
    Roberto BVC 2 months ago

    what is she saying? ..... is good or bad? ... is she ungry or hungry? .... slowly please....will it work? ....Jesus! i think she said she broke up with her boyfriend, what a pitty,..... sorry, i think she said that her cat is on the tree, maybe? .... i am confussed...., she said pasta? ohhhhh spaguetti, it is a receipt, spaguetti a la bolognessa, i love it, lol! i think i am hungry....

  • Junior457 Curitiba
    Junior457 Curitiba 2 months ago

    Привет. Как дела?

  • Danno
    Danno 2 months ago

    why is it sound so angry

  • Nothing
    Nothing 3 months ago

    I like English и русский языки. 😀

  • Neelakanta Kalla
    Neelakanta Kalla 3 months ago

    Sorry my bad, you already did. Thanks again.

  • Neelakanta Kalla
    Neelakanta Kalla 3 months ago

    Hi Maria it was great if you included Russian subtitles as well. Thank you

  • Ahmed Alkhteb
    Ahmed Alkhteb 3 months ago

    She is a beauitiful girl i love her

  • Sergey Sokolovsky
    Sergey Sokolovsky 3 months ago

    Привет! Я Сергей из Гонконга и сейчас изучаю русский язык. Я начал 4 лет назад когда был в университете. 3 года назад, летом я учился в Санкт-Петербурге 2 месяца...но сейчас у меня нет шанса чтобы практиковать поэтому уже не могу свободно говорить...😢😢😢

    • Easy Russian
      Easy Russian  3 months ago +1

      У вас уже отличный уровень русского языка))) Слушайте радио, смотрите сериалы на русском, найдите русского друга! Все получится!!!

  • Draenor
    Draenor 4 months ago

    Почувствовал себя сверх разумом она рассказывать как будто секта какая та и если поставить субтитры их можно перевести

  • Marina Petintseva
    Marina Petintseva 4 months ago

    Очень смешно... 😀😁🤣Very funny 😊 Het is om te lachen 😊😂😁

  • Amar M
    Amar M 4 months ago

    Спасибо за золотой совет

  • Natalie Luczak
    Natalie Luczak 4 months ago

    HI Maria. My name is Natalie. I live on the east coast, but I am from Seattle originally. I wrote you once, several months back, when I discovered your channel. It has been EXTREMELY beyond words helpful. I've learned a lot from YOU. For some reason, when YOU explain things, they just make sense. I am really sad you are no longer doing the channel. But, you need to do what is good and healthy for you. I was home in Seattle a couple weeks ago and was gonna look you up and говорить по русские с тобой. But then I figured that would be creepy so I didn't do it. But thank you for your channel. I have many of your videos downloaded to listen to "everyday" type Russian. Good Luck with everything and God Bless.

    SAURAV CHAUDHARY 4 months ago

    Forget the learning. I can see her speak whole day just like that.

  • Константин Гусев

    Я РУССКАЯ И МНЕ СУПЕР! хех Мне не надо учить русский! Ура

  • Smol jay Jay
    Smol jay Jay 4 months ago

    I don’t even know how to say hello in Russian I’m going to die

  • newuserandhiscrew 22
    newuserandhiscrew 22 4 months ago

    She sounds like a very strict teacher. Lucky we don't have exams

  • Ash S
    Ash S 5 months ago

    I wanna learn Russian to have fun in csgo

  • hudibitekthesecond
    hudibitekthesecond 5 months ago

    Like... you just got insta subbed, I just have to find a free notebook

  • Nin Mok
    Nin Mok 5 months ago

    I agree with that. "Long time no see" is definitely much more understandable to both the learner and the listener than "long", "time", "no", and "see".

  • Людмила Цибульская

    I'm not understand

  • muptezelsamet derneği
    muptezelsamet derneği 5 months ago +1

    Why this video's language is Russian? :D

  • Hakan Ateş
    Hakan Ateş 5 months ago

    She is so sincere like so close friend, and so true advices thank you , ☺

  • Transparency Now
    Transparency Now 5 months ago

    Good job!

  • Scott Owen
    Scott Owen 5 months ago

    Thank you!!!

  • Aqeel Cyber
    Aqeel Cyber 5 months ago +1

    Еще самый важный вопрос , зачем мне надо изучать русский язык ?!

    • the simple man who lives on planet Earth
      the simple man who lives on planet Earth Month ago

      Aqeel Cyber because, Russian word is beautiful

      DURKA ПЕДИЯ 4 months ago +1

      Aqeel Cyber обучение на английском языке платное. А выучив тот же немецкий или французский можно учиться бесплатно. Английский нужен только IT - специалистам, диспетчерам и людям, планирующим работать в англоязычных странах и компаниях.

    • Aqeel Cyber
      Aqeel Cyber 4 months ago +1

      LeSaïd вообше могу сказать эти все языки мне не надо , а самый главный язык в мире сейчас это английский

    • ДАУН XD
      ДАУН XD 4 months ago

      Aqeel Cyber Да фиг знает, непонятно зачем его изучают столько иностранцев, делать им что-ли нечего кроме как русский учить)

  • Aqeel Cyber
    Aqeel Cyber 5 months ago

    Еще могу говорить важно что человек должен изучать известных слов не извсетные слова не нужны потому что по русски много слов сложных !!!,

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh 5 months ago

    I love Russian people

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh 5 months ago


  • crazyclive
    crazyclive 5 months ago

    At a time and in a world where Russia's reputation has been dragged through the mud and comprehensively eviscerated (largely the fault of their scheming leaders who want to play dangerous geopolitical games without fully understanding the consequences of what they're doing, as well as murdering their own dissidents at home simply for asking searching questions about how their leaders behave), they can now only restore it through the simple kind-heartedness of ordinary Russian people behaving like ambassadors to the wider world. Ambassadors, in fact, like Maria. And yes, she's also quite pretty as well.

  • Данил Дубров

    Ты это блять по русски говоришь тем кто его очевидно еще не знает

  • Danny Sahota
    Danny Sahota 6 months ago

    FFS slow the fuck down lady

  • Ismail Hassad
    Ismail Hassad 6 months ago


  • Máté Nagy
    Máté Nagy 6 months ago

    I understood everything you said. Subscribed. Cheers from Hungary!))

  • 时间似深海
    时间似深海 6 months ago

    I don’t know what she talking about but she’s beautiful

  • Świętowit
    Świętowit 6 months ago

    I'm Polish and I understand almost everything because the words are basically the same as in Polish.

  • Sourav Poddar
    Sourav Poddar 6 months ago

    I like the way u speak but unfortunately I don't understand it without subtitle. Russian is really complicated language better I stick to Bengali and English 😂😂😂😂

  • E L L I S ãńd Pâìñt

    Без акцента ВАУ!!!

  • ShahbaZ king
    ShahbaZ king 6 months ago

    I know English but I want to learn Russian

  • lim psy
    lim psy 6 months ago

    interested to exchange language with you guys.
    kindly reach me at
    please indicate your interest during the request.

  • Fischpüree
    Fischpüree 6 months ago

    Я изучаю это фразы помню "Люди во всём мире принимаешь душ и только ты не хочешь" Это очень полезно фразы😁😁😁

  • Farhad Badakhshan
    Farhad Badakhshan 6 months ago

    You've grown up❤️

  • Edgaratc
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  • Aj Hoyt
    Aj Hoyt 6 months ago

    Ya lublyu tbi. Bvi ochyen krascivii. :D

  • Lemøn Drøpz
    Lemøn Drøpz 6 months ago

    What phrases do we have to learn?

    VOYTASNY 6 months ago

    World Cup 2018 Most woman in Russia do not speak English time pick up Ruski easy basic language

  • Xaliq Hüseynov
    Xaliq Hüseynov 6 months ago

    I need partner for practise this language if someone also want write me +994 55 614 36 16

  • slick boi Bustin
    slick boi Bustin 6 months ago

    Why are so many of these comments about the beauty of Russian women? The purpose of the video is to educate, not for people to oogle at her and butter her up with compliments. It doesn't help you learn in any way.

  • Said Ali
    Said Ali 6 months ago

    spacibo. how long l can learn russian l like russian. and Czech tell me the secret of successful for these language.

  • André Philipp
    André Philipp 7 months ago

    Nossa, mano!.. tem como não se apaixonar?

  • Priya Pailkar
    Priya Pailkar 7 months ago

    @Maria Zdorovetaskaya thank you for the videos it's very helpful.

  • Kira TheGemini
    Kira TheGemini 7 months ago

    Damn .. I'm now trying to learn this language ..would love to speak it one day but it's kinda difficult.. not gonna give up tho

  • Rachel Fenton
    Rachel Fenton 7 months ago

    I like your video. I just wish you would have shared some of the phrases you were speaking about to give examples.

  • Trump Hater
    Trump Hater 7 months ago

    Guys just like I was a kid I learned abc etc the same you do with Russian (hint) live in Russia

  • SKilledP0TATO
    SKilledP0TATO 7 months ago

    My god Russian women are beyond beautiful!

  • Nedeli
    Nedeli 7 months ago

    Hi Maria! I really want to learn Russian. I heard that Russians write only in cursive. I know the Cyrillic alphabet but writing it is so hard. And it's very hard to read the cursive handwriting so I get discouraged often. I really love the Russian language, though. Hi from Finland. :)

  • Anıl
    Anıl 7 months ago

    She trying to tell something in Russian to people that can’t understand Russian. Awesome 👏🏼👏🏼

  • Goku Lakes
    Goku Lakes 7 months ago

    Cute girl

  • Murat Yüksel
    Murat Yüksel 7 months ago

    How can i learn russian if lesson is in russian and i am not able to understand the lesson :D

  • alvin Ussalim
    alvin Ussalim 7 months ago

    i cannot speak russian

  • kyb1k ryb1k
    kyb1k ryb1k 7 months ago

    Тут субтитры есть на английском , додики

  • Standard Up
    Standard Up 7 months ago

    nice work😍😍

  • Matt Thompson
    Matt Thompson 7 months ago

    i wannna learn Russian cause i like the letters... the sounds of the words.. and the girls are so dam fine.. hopefully i get there any books anyone can recomend or videos

  • Bibi nur
    Bibi nur 7 months ago


  • Apple99er – Filmmaking, Fotografie & Grafikdesign

    Russian is so beautiful (the language, & yesss the girls too.. i know 😂)

  • renn transfer
    renn transfer 7 months ago


  • Junaid Malik
    Junaid Malik 7 months ago


  • Junaid Malik
    Junaid Malik 7 months ago


  • LuckyGuy27
    LuckyGuy27 7 months ago

    i think i need to understand the alphabet to learn the language

  • B2 Bhai Big brother
    B2 Bhai Big brother 7 months ago

    Hello mam.
    I saw your video and hopefully that will help me too to understand Russian language.
    But mam can you teach me if there is a way to teach me pls.your any info will help me. Thank you.

  • TeMMie
    TeMMie 7 months ago

    i am russian

  • Saad Ali Khan
    Saad Ali Khan 7 months ago

    Krasivaya davushka ruski

  • Dark Blue
    Dark Blue 7 months ago

    I Love You = Я тебя люблю

  • can polat
    can polat 7 months ago

    I did want to learn russian seeing you again

  • Deepak Naiknavare
    Deepak Naiknavare 7 months ago


  • Ginseng Road
    Ginseng Road 7 months ago

    it's so nice a few ppl are trying to learn this dying language before it's dead 👌

  • Srdjan Velimirovic
    Srdjan Velimirovic 8 months ago

    Отличная школа полезна помогает этому кто хочет учит русски язык. Exelent school of Russian language who wants to learn. Wery useful.

  • Parag Kulkarni
    Parag Kulkarni 8 months ago

    You are correct.