Guts and Glory: The Drop - PART 25 - Game Grumps

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
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Comments • 660

  • Dirge Requiem
    Dirge Requiem Month ago

    Can't believe there's 25 episodes and not once does Arin use the speed boost button....

  • Poor Man
    Poor Man Month ago

    please do more

  • Doug G
    Doug G Month ago

    Please do more

  • Irken Pony
    Irken Pony 2 months ago

    Wet Painters is a funny episode with a lot of memorable moments. :0

    CHZ BUGU 2 months ago

    12:47 "You really gotta stay in the duuunes!"
    -Dan Avidan

  • Logan Logan
    Logan Logan 2 months ago

    do more😂plz

  • Shine N. Hatfield
    Shine N. Hatfield 2 months ago

    Borrrrn to watch GaaaameGruuuumps~~

  • Pockets2Big Rikishi
    Pockets2Big Rikishi 2 months ago

    and they never figured out how to boost...

  • Twisted Wizard
    Twisted Wizard 3 months ago

    as long as the cocaine is safe... THE COCAINE!

  • Ryan D
    Ryan D 3 months ago

    Most impressive part of this whole series is somehow at one point Arin was aware of everything, but then forgets every button except gas and brake....

  • AdrianDX
    AdrianDX 4 months ago

    Hoping for more of this :D

  • NonsenseWithGlasses
    NonsenseWithGlasses 4 months ago

    10:43 That was WAY more interesting than staying on the road!!

  • pokesonav
    pokesonav 4 months ago

    Dan really needs to a Grump Livestream where he would just watch the first three seasons of Sponge Bob ending it with the Movie.

  • Superdupertan
    Superdupertan 4 months ago

    It's been said that to this day, Arin hasn't located the boost button.

  • Tis Me!
    Tis Me! 4 months ago

    i wonder if arin and dan ever realized they can hold shift for boost o.o

  • josh long
    josh long 4 months ago

    Hope they play more of this game

  • TheGaymer 9969
    TheGaymer 9969 4 months ago

    "Oh, just the toy flew away!"

  • DeathKid682
    DeathKid682 4 months ago

    5:03 don't lose your head pedro

  • CosmicTornado
    CosmicTornado 4 months ago

    I can see the last part with the little girl being a GG animated

  • crazyBloodmonkey
    crazyBloodmonkey 5 months ago

    can't wait for part 26 in another 6 months lol

  • Carl Cunningham
    Carl Cunningham 5 months ago

    5:04 is some action movie shit: a chunk of shrapnel takes padros head off, the truck then flips and (i imagine) explodes

  • Roslina Tamold
    Roslina Tamold 5 months ago

    I don't trust like that. Love the Eric Andre reference. That's like my favorite one.

  • Sweetie ViaPony
    Sweetie ViaPony 5 months ago

    10:25 - best explosion in the series

  • LoGurt
    LoGurt 5 months ago

    5:04 That was an insane decap

  • John Brown
    John Brown 5 months ago

    Why is the speed measured in MPH... while the distance is in meters?

  • Delvy
    Delvy 5 months ago

    5:05 Something about that was super satisfying. It felt like that one moment from Mad Max where the cars would explode and flip.

  • Stephsaguudefan
    Stephsaguudefan 5 months ago

    11:58 If Curly from the Three stooges and Wall-E had a baby

  • dawson parker
    dawson parker 5 months ago


  • Barry Henderson
    Barry Henderson 5 months ago

    Do more Guts and Glory

  • Elsa D
    Elsa D 5 months ago

    Dan: lets finish so i can go home and sleep
    Also dan: lets sit here for 3 min watching daughter shifting around

  • Ghostly jester
    Ghostly jester 5 months ago

    3:20 nice job u only had to sacrifice your son

  • Ben
    Ben 5 months ago

    *says the audience is only 10k or 6 people*
    *over 250k views*

  • shlatos
    shlatos 5 months ago

    If Arin says “don’t @ me” one more time

  • Magma Ch33s3
    Magma Ch33s3 5 months ago

    I loved when they saw that their was mines and they became the seagulls from Finding Nemo “MINE MINE MINE MINE”

  • Yithna
    Yithna 5 months ago

    15:18 Anybody else start thinking of the WKYK joke about the ants?

  • Rachel Lindkamp
    Rachel Lindkamp 5 months ago

    PLEASE REPLAY ‘SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS: BATTLE FOR BIKINI BOTTOM’!!! It’s my favorite game ever and I’d love to see you guys enjoy it too

  • Muzik Bike
    Muzik Bike 5 months ago

    10:42 I think my stomach just died

  • Laken 98
    Laken 98 5 months ago


    when watching if the DVD pause screen will ever hit the corner isn't enough

  • icemonitorlizard
    icemonitorlizard 5 months ago

    I'm glad to be one of the six people still watching...

  • Gabriella Kamiab
    Gabriella Kamiab 5 months ago


  • Simon Singh
    Simon Singh 5 months ago

    I just found my new screensaver...

  • Tolwrath
    Tolwrath 5 months ago

    Because of your videos, I bought the Switch version of this. The Switch port was absolutely awful. I dare you guys to do your next episode on the Switch version (bonus points if you play it in handheld mode).
    Also: use the boost button!

  • Amidatelion
    Amidatelion 5 months ago

    I love Guts and Glory episodes. It remembers me a bit of the huge serie you did on Mario Maker :)

  • Ziem83
    Ziem83 5 months ago

    Isn't there a turbo boost button?
    Also, one of the greatest episodes of all time.
    10 years from now the Yang's daughter will still be shifting gears through the desert.

  • keaton Jones
    keaton Jones 5 months ago

    quick someone send dan a copy of starfox adventures

    • keaton Jones
      keaton Jones 5 months ago

      i don't have a physical copy just rom

  • Vhorohiiv
    Vhorohiiv 5 months ago

    Arin in order to succeed in the loop de loop you need to: do the loop de loop and pull and your shoes are looking cool...

  • Taylor Hodgson-Scott
    Taylor Hodgson-Scott 5 months ago

    Love it when Dan says "That's Absurd", like he's a politely laughing rich plantation owner's daughter in the 1870s, Dan is a treasure. This whole episode is highlight material, great stuff :D

  • Kim Su Fowler
    Kim Su Fowler 5 months ago

    My personal favourite G&G episode so far oh my goodness

  • Rad Shiba
    Rad Shiba 5 months ago

    8/10 needs more wolfjob

  • Sneegles Doinit
    Sneegles Doinit 5 months ago +1

    ALSO! This level in this game made me remember clustertruck. who would wanna see them play that? I'd love it please grumps if you can hear me play CLUSTERTRUCK!

  • Sneegles Doinit
    Sneegles Doinit 5 months ago +2

    absolutely adore this series. give this comment a like and like the video so they know we wanna see more!

  • Anders Eklöf
    Anders Eklöf 5 months ago

    I'm one of the six people who watch Game Grumps.

  • Bluustreak
    Bluustreak 5 months ago

    ~Booorn to be fraaa-giiile~

  • Odin Satanas
    Odin Satanas 5 months ago

    ..I feel like his odds of dying trying to jump past the dunes are a lot higher than just staying on the road and learning the obstacles haha

  • Pesterenan
    Pesterenan 5 months ago +1

    *... Dad?*

  • ALEJOwhatever
    ALEJOwhatever 5 months ago +2

    "Born from my dad's sperm" should be a NSP song 😂

  • Alex Unger
    Alex Unger 5 months ago

    "Born to eat fried fooooo-oood" that's from Rocko's Modern Life. Thank you for that nostalgia.

  • Pedro Pages
    Pedro Pages 5 months ago

    I am certainly made for this stage!!-Pedro

  • Omar F
    Omar F 5 months ago

    "Heckin' chonkers"

  • Dr.Steal Yo Gurl
    Dr.Steal Yo Gurl 5 months ago

    petition for a power hour where arin explains testicular torsion

  • crimson braveheart
    crimson braveheart 5 months ago


  • FirestoneX
    FirestoneX 5 months ago

    I almost died laughing at the end.

  • Michael Melendrez
    Michael Melendrez 5 months ago


  • Jonut
    Jonut 5 months ago

    7:27 No joke, Arin sounds amazing there. Like, I love that part just for how good it sounds. Plus it's hilarious

  • Chancey Kong
    Chancey Kong 5 months ago

    Some good ass late night chortles. Super fun man.

  • Matthew Bellows
    Matthew Bellows 5 months ago

    as much as i love the game and them enjoying this, why havethe grumps NEVER PLAYED HAPPY WHEELS? or have they? hm....

  • Siresly
    Siresly 5 months ago

    Fire all of your guns at once and explode into space.

  • Nethiar
    Nethiar 5 months ago

    Hey Palpatine, how are we going to get through this course? "Dune it"

  • Kylie Jones
    Kylie Jones 5 months ago

    God I hope they continue

  • Spence 92
    Spence 92 5 months ago

    Sees 143 upvotes and 22 downvotes.
    ‘Oh that’s 22%’

  • Strav Tsuki
    Strav Tsuki 5 months ago

    Backseat scooting Yang girl had me dying!
    Please play more.

  • Mookai Cool
    Mookai Cool 5 months ago

    Dan watch seasons 1-4 of spongebob after that the quality goes down

  • Luck of The Irish
    Luck of The Irish 5 months ago

    You guys should play enter the gungeon

  • Kiloburn
    Kiloburn 5 months ago

    This is seriously one of my favorite series.

  • Zane Alberts
    Zane Alberts 5 months ago

    IDK about y'all but the little yang in the seat at the end killed me.

  • CerealCat449
    CerealCat449 5 months ago

    Dan distracted Arin before he could define what he was talking about. So we never got a straight definition

  • Robert Anderson
    Robert Anderson 5 months ago

    6:22 they slam into the side of the truck going only 327 MPH

  • Time Well Spent
    Time Well Spent 5 months ago

    Gizzle Gazzle always gets my glory guzzle going!

  • Damian Chavez
    Damian Chavez 5 months ago

    15:14 - 17:32 please make a animated version

  • Kyle Hudson
    Kyle Hudson 5 months ago

    Arin, stop going the boring way, PLZ

  • Nathan Crane
    Nathan Crane 5 months ago

    this should be the kind of videos that kids at school should watch when they learn the whole "don't drink and drive" lesson

  • ArdipithecusR.
    ArdipithecusR. 5 months ago

    I wanted to know what testicular torsion means.

  • lordofgangstas
    lordofgangstas 5 months ago

    Don’t b@ me bro

  • Bumpkin
    Bumpkin 5 months ago

    7:23 watch it as if its the guy in the back who's singing. This game is a gem

  • tomahzo
    tomahzo 5 months ago

    So fucking HYSTERICAL ;)

  • Brickcity479
    Brickcity479 5 months ago

    You guys know you can press shift for nitro right? Most vehicles have rocket boosters. 25 episodes in and I haven't seen it once.

  • Dunno
    Dunno 5 months ago

    This is one of those episodes that's good for like 5 animations or one long 10 or w0 minute comp lol

  • Kevin Shay
    Kevin Shay 5 months ago

    My buddies and I want to start a let's play channel. We want to start out with Snake, Rattle, and Roll. Whatcha think, commenters and grumps?

  • BlaazeGaming
    BlaazeGaming 5 months ago

    5:11 *Yep that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I got here*

  • Brian J.
    Brian J. 5 months ago

    Watching your Sonic Forces playthrough right now. And yes. You guys have got to play Pikmin. I feel like it will be hilarious watching Arin play it. That is my prediction at least XD

  • Katrina Farmer
    Katrina Farmer 5 months ago

    Born to be mild.

  • Nanner Dunlocke
    Nanner Dunlocke 5 months ago

    They say spongebob is great, but they didnt BOTHER WITH THE SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS: BATTLE FOR BIKINI BOTTOM!?!?!

  • JaxTime
    JaxTime 5 months ago

    Love you Bois too thankyou for a great episode

  • dweebozoid
    dweebozoid 5 months ago

    pls like and share if you're part of their audience of six

  • pikel69
    pikel69 5 months ago

    Am I the only one that said "Born to be Mild" when they were just running the desert? XD

  • Dylan Armstrong
    Dylan Armstrong 5 months ago

    Think he'll ever realize theres a boost

  • Dkai Wright
    Dkai Wright 5 months ago

    A peace of wood decapitated Pedro

  • Mad Waluigi
    Mad Waluigi 5 months ago

    I think dan should see band geeks episode of spongebob

  • Mad Waluigi
    Mad Waluigi 5 months ago

    i think danny should start watching spongbob

  • ratty mc fatty
    ratty mc fatty 5 months ago