Randy Moss never won a Super Bowl. Here's what left him empty-handed.

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • Plenty of athletes have proclaimed themselves to be “the greatest,” but few have the individual accolades to back it up like Randy Moss. He led the league in receiving touchdowns five times, set a record for that same stat in his age-30 season, and twice was the focal point of historically dominant offenses. And still, no team featuring the Freak managed to win the Super Bowl. Why?
    You might remember a missed field goal from his rookie year being the reason, but that was far from the only chance to put it away. You might remember David Tyree’s helmet catch, but that’s not the only reason the Patriot’s pursuit for perfection was derailed. I didn’t even remember that in the final game of his career, Moss had another chance to go out on top.
    How could one career have so much heartbreak to go along with so many achievements? Why did Randy Moss, one of the greatest athletes to ever play in the NFL, finish his career empty-handed?
    Directed and edited by Jiazhen Zhang
    Written and produced by Will Buikema
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  • SB Nation
    SB Nation  Month ago +926

    Randy, if you're reading this, please focus on this being a celebration of your achievements that looks to answer how things went down and not just a video that's like...dunking on you. Pretty sure you're a subscriber. Or it's just someone else who picked your name as a username and you know what now that I'm saying this that second part makes so much more sense. Welp. Comment below if you've got an athlete you want to see, we'll have plenty more Untitled episodes coming in 2020

    • Vengeful 360
      Vengeful 360 7 hours ago

      Mike piazza

    • dnasty312
      dnasty312 7 days ago

      @DeepOneForThought He has a ring

    • dnasty312
      dnasty312 7 days ago

      *Mark Martin*
      *Mike Gartner*
      *Dan Marino*

    • Andi Sanchez
      Andi Sanchez 7 days ago

      SB Nation you should do gennady golovkin and how he was screwed from becoming the unified middle weight boxing champion

    • Andi Sanchez
      Andi Sanchez 7 days ago

      kicking222 always gotta be that one guy 🤦‍♂️

  • Vengeful 360
    Vengeful 360 7 hours ago

    Pls do a Mets collapse

  • Andrew Brunelle
    Andrew Brunelle 19 hours ago

    It's kind of sad because he really was one of the best receivers ever and he was on some amazing teams. As a Pats fan, that perfect season loss in the Super Bowl was probably the most crushing defeat I've ever seen. In any sport. Second would be Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS. He may have had his off-field problems here and there, but he and Bonds both never winning a championship in their respective sports is almost criminal. But they both put on one hell of a show and nobody can take Randy's greatness away from him. He was just cursed when it came to championships. At least he got to play with the greatest quarterback of all-time for a couple of seasons. And the best head coach of all-time IMO.

  • troy smith
    troy smith Day ago

    He played for the "never win a superbowl team Vikings and got to the 49ers late in his career

  • Ian Larry
    Ian Larry Day ago

    He should have one a Super Bowl as well of Terrell Owens to as it would be a fanasty to see them both play on the same team. Like Rice and Brown and many other greats to but that's not the case.

  • o7
    o7 3 days ago

    I love Moss’s reaction to the fine. The NFL overreacted to the celebration, it wasn’t disgusting at all

  • Tanner Lee
    Tanner Lee 4 days ago

    Sounds a lot like odell beckam jr..
    1 handed catch
    1000+ yards
    Fighting josh norman
    Dropping crucial passes in a crucial game
    Traded to the BROWNSSS..

  • That Guy Seth
    That Guy Seth 4 days ago

    His son is even better.

  • Sean Clements
    Sean Clements 5 days ago

    in the top 20 receiving yards alltime only 7 won titles which doesn't sound that bad but when you see only 1 of those rings(Rice) was won without another person in the same list kinda shows unless you have two great receivers you cannot win with only one

  • Dj Smith
    Dj Smith 6 days ago

    Same reason A.I didn’t get a ring

  • DeadHoliday Gaming
    DeadHoliday Gaming 6 days ago

    Might aswell throw Odell up here

  • Feedsomefood
    Feedsomefood 6 days ago

    Gonna git gud

  • SuperRoloTomasi
    SuperRoloTomasi 7 days ago

    The New York Football GIANTS

  • Camden Siwik
    Camden Siwik 7 days ago

    Moss was on the bad end of the helmet catch, a missed holding call on that catch, a missed Gary Anderson field goal that probably would have clinched the game, AND a missed call on the 49ers 4th and goal. Man was really cursed

  • Ronald Tartaglia
    Ronald Tartaglia 7 days ago

    He didn't want to Super Bowl because Rodney Harrison lost the Superbowl for the Patriots because he let David Tyree catch that ball is helmet instead of punching it out before he hit the ground. I'm still searching for a way to evaporate That season of my memory thanks to Rodney Harrison...
    2007 Waste of a season.

  • Erisi Dlarit
    Erisi Dlarit 8 days ago

    Untitled: Eric Dickerson

  • Jason Tran
    Jason Tran 8 days ago

    Why Karl Malone and John Stockton went un titled

  • Wesley Hall
    Wesley Hall 8 days ago

    The dude who made this video looks like he's posing for his 5th grade elementary school picture

  • slackerofhell
    slackerofhell 8 days ago +1

    Untitled Patrick Ewing or Karl Malone/John Stockton would be good

    • Justin Mix
      Justin Mix 6 days ago

      slackerofhell thank you! Exactly what I said. He’s a right legged kicker-if he would’ve pushed it, it would’ve been wide right.

  • Ben Coneybeare
    Ben Coneybeare 8 days ago

    Do the Ibrahimovic one on why he’s never won the Champions League.

  • bacchys
    bacchys 9 days ago

    Moss was dominant, but I don't know that I'd rank him in the top five WR's. He didn't have the heart.

  • Max 117
    Max 117 9 days ago

    I always felt bad for Moss, Megatron, and TO. Such great receivers but they never got to win one.

  • Darth Maul
    Darth Maul 10 days ago

    I never knew that. Everyone says how great he was if you never won a bowl you dont deserve to be a goat. Thats a damn shame

  • Joe kilander
    Joe kilander 11 days ago

    I love Jumbo Joe, but he needs a episode if he truly doesn't get a cup before he retires

  • Gold Diamond & Jewels GDJ

    Randy Moss is a fake, he is not even married to a Black woman who cares about his insipidly stupid opinions? Blacks are looking past those who have looked past them, no more time for fakers.
    For so long Blacks have stupidly entertained those idiots who hate Black women, that hate is being called out and it shall not be allowed to prosper. You're a fake if you are not married to a Black woman and vice versa. Time is up for the real enemies, the enemy within.

  • ElCrab
    ElCrab 12 days ago

    I had forgotten how many more crushing plays there were in that NFC championship game. Robert Griffith... twice.

  • Michael Tracy
    Michael Tracy 12 days ago

    Is this “Untitled” or “Excuse Making”???

  • Lane Hunter
    Lane Hunter 12 days ago

    I’m a Seahawks fan and I can’t believe I wanted the 49ers to win

  • Christopher Roberts
    Christopher Roberts 12 days ago

    Barry Sanders

  • Aidan Perrone
    Aidan Perrone 13 days ago

    Jason Giambi Untitled

  • Kuya Arbee
    Kuya Arbee 13 days ago +1

    Much like the James harden of the NFL! Amazing stats etc! But when it mattered.... he’s nowhere to be found!!!!!

  • Kuya Arbee
    Kuya Arbee 13 days ago +1

    Because he never showed up during the super bowl!!!! That’s why!!!!

  • VeryOK
    VeryOK 15 days ago

    Can’t wait for the one about Larry Fitzgerald after he retires without one

  • Trey Price
    Trey Price 16 days ago

    Well he couldn't play defense too. Not his fault he didnt win super bowl

    • Mike O
      Mike O 13 days ago

      Exactly. It's a team game. Safe to say he carried his own weight. If the other 21 guys had 75% of his talent he would have a fistful of rings.

  • Jason Borne
    Jason Borne 17 days ago

    And yet he's arguably the greatest receiver of all time or a paper thin 2nd to Jerry Rice

  • DeshaunBetter
    DeshaunBetter 18 days ago

    Untitled Dan Marino

  • Ryan Staiger
    Ryan Staiger 18 days ago

    Randy Moss and Dan Marino are probably 2 of the greatest players to never win a super bowl

  • Engei
    Engei 19 days ago

    We NEED an Untitled on Dan Marino

  • Fred Wrinkle
    Fred Wrinkle 19 days ago

    Here's what left him empty handed: Some ridiculously dumb, serendipitous catch by some insignificant WR. I may be mis-remembering things.

  • Gravivector
    Gravivector 21 day ago

    In his prime Randy Moss led The Raiders to a 2-14 record. They doubled their win total the next year.
    Overhyped, overrated trash.

  • Daniel Curl
    Daniel Curl 22 days ago

    Not sure why I, as a Vikings fan, keep watching videos about the Vikings ineptitudes.

  • djjazzyjeff123
    djjazzyjeff123 22 days ago +1

    I'll tell you how. Because he was on the Minnesota Vikings. The single most pathetic playoff team in NFL history (in my opinion) and this is coming from a diehard fan.

  • tonyajw85
    tonyajw85 22 days ago

    How many times has coach Harbaugh be screwed out of a championship? Looks like at least 2-3. Looking at college and the pros...bias against him? Noooooooooo lol

  • Henry J
    Henry J 22 days ago

    Untitled recommendation:
    Karl Malone and John Stockton
    Allen Iverson
    Vince Carter
    Tracy McGrady
    Yao Ming
    Patrick Ewing

  • dcyt2112
    dcyt2112 23 days ago

    You guys gotta do an untitled on Stockton and Malone

  • vinnythewebsurfer
    vinnythewebsurfer 23 days ago

    The Vikings defence is just historically mentally weak.

  • Dwight Cook
    Dwight Cook 23 days ago

    Randy Moss was a beast. The undefeated new england team. Was his real chance.

    NEWFOU NDLIFE 24 days ago

    Have y’all made a HIGHEST SCORE episode about two teams giving each other the ball the most in a football game (most change of possession in a single game)

  • sc30002001
    sc30002001 25 days ago

    Brett Favre wanted to bring him to the Packers but Ted Thompson passed on him in 2007

  • William Shelton
    William Shelton 25 days ago

    Vikings got greedy at the end of the first half in '98? This is why people hate sports commentary.
    Nevermind that they recovered two Falcon fumbles earlier. The real scandal is that Dennie Green took the knee at the end of regulation. Which is why Vikings fans still despise the guy. Because the first team to score in overtime wins. How about you use the
    fastest guy on the field who can jump twenty feet in the air to try and score NOW?

  • William Shelton
    William Shelton 25 days ago

    >ask why Randy Moss never won a Superbowl (if anyone asked)
    >say football is a team sport two seconds into video
    >waste the next 20 minutes of our lives

  • Josiah Hickman
    Josiah Hickman 28 days ago +2

    Randy moss has a whole game named after him. If you ever played moss, you know what I’m taking about

  • Google User
    Google User 29 days ago

    However, it's still a sad fact that Randy Moss played in 3 superbowls and couldn't win a single one when he had a best seasons during those 3 superbowls. Same goes for Wes Welker who played best and still never won a superbowl.
    Make one on "Wes Welker" who is another unlucky one like randy moss.

  • M A
    M A Month ago

    Played for the Vikings. Next

  • theDylanS -TDS-
    theDylanS -TDS- Month ago

    Untitled: Dale Earnhardt Jr.

  • Jameson Scarsella
    Jameson Scarsella Month ago

    If there is a hockey one you guys can make, could you do Daniel Alfredsson?

  • Raymond Acosta
    Raymond Acosta Month ago

    simple, he cheated the game and the nfl gods said no

  • Mike Sweeney
    Mike Sweeney Month ago

    I'd say do Ken Griffey Jr. next!


    Jim Kelly / OJ Simpson for NFL
    Allen Iverson for NBA

  • Orcasgt22
    Orcasgt22 Month ago

    Untitled Jose Bautista? You'd get to cover that absurd Houston Astros playoff inning that had everyone going crazy!

  • Ben Reed
    Ben Reed Month ago

    Barry Sanders or Dan Marino would be cool