Meeting Anonymous Without The Masks (Cyberwar Full Episode)

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
  • Anonymous: it's a brand, a meme, a movement. They hacked corporations, challenged governments and wanted to change the world. But after a series of arrests and an informant on the inside threatened to end the hacking group forever, what did Anonymous become? Back in 2016, we sent VICE reporter Ben Makuch to investigate.
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Comments • 397

  • VICE
    VICE  2 months ago +89

    As a UK exclusive and to celebrate VICE shows coming to All 4, we’re sharing a bunch of full episodes from the series which have been airing on our TV channel over the past couple of years. Enjoy this classic episode from Cyberwar and then catch up on two full series through the VICE collection on All 4:

  • Benjan Lupzig
    Benjan Lupzig 11 days ago

    Anonymous is a colour not a group. Nor a mask but a hat.
    It's not a group but a cause.
    Whom are all commited to that single cause.
    perpetuate this.

  • knightdriven 420
    knightdriven 420 23 days ago

    This is like definite proof that hackers have zero social skills...that dude made a joke about a time period calling for its "something" back..

  • Jayjay Myers
    Jayjay Myers Month ago +1

    A bandana is such a shit disguise lol

  • Jayjay Myers
    Jayjay Myers Month ago

    Ginger needs a hair cut

  • ToastyGames
    ToastyGames Month ago +2

    When you ddos a minecraft server

  • ChocolateTampon
    ChocolateTampon Month ago


  • shottingham
    shottingham Month ago

    As ironic, this is, Vice, the real criminals are the government, the industry, etc, etc, blah, blah...oh shit, now I'm the bad guy for speaking out! K.

  • tudorache victor
    tudorache victor Month ago

    Good job guys!!!! I fucking love anonymous

  • Montelimarr
    Montelimarr Month ago

    When you press F3 in minecraft

    CLEM TIME BITCH Month ago

    I support Anonymous and their goals
    We all should support Anonymous
    If we don’t our world is screwed badly screwed

      CLEM TIME BITCH Month ago

      Julian Assange needs to be released he only exposed the truth and nothing but the truth and I know the truth may be scary but believe me scary or not people deserve to know the truth because it’s what holds society together please release him

  • Jonny B Twat
    Jonny B Twat Month ago

    10:13 Proper nerds joke lol Looks right pleased with himself

  • matthew austin
    matthew austin Month ago

    They aren't going to be the biggest threat with this. Operate the idea that you have no secrecy psychologically.

  • BenRulez
    BenRulez Month ago

    Freddie Wong, FBI

  • shaun jamers
    shaun jamers Month ago

    Pfft anonymous is an idea not a group. we can all be anonymous. That's what makes Anonymous.

  • xoxo Crystal Francis

    Imagine if tom cruise is anamous

  • Rax 14
    Rax 14 Month ago +1

    Ginger: "A three year old can hack it"
    24 year old me: "Yes, hi, tech support? How do I link my printer to my laptop?

  • Zakir Anderson
    Zakir Anderson Month ago

    Hacker whistleblower spy, ok fair game, but hoaxers want stringing up.

  • Zakir Anderson
    Zakir Anderson Month ago

    Justice porn, blue t shirt boy wants his head checked, he'll ruin all you work for saying shit like that, starting with your rights.

  • Zakir Anderson
    Zakir Anderson Month ago

    Panda looked well stoned. Lol

  • Daniel Harper
    Daniel Harper Month ago

    @vice please buy this guy a chair.

  • TheRealBen10Trippin _

    i am Anonymous

  • honorbound12
    honorbound12 Month ago


  • Goofin GFX
    Goofin GFX Month ago

    'some lols' LMAO so cringe

  • Ashley Haadt
    Ashley Haadt Month ago +2

    @6:50 Um. I don't mean to seem too forward and I hope you don't think I'm being disrespectful but may I ask permission to protest in an authorized manner? If you say I can't I'll understand, protesting has to be regulated, right? I mean I don't want to do things that are wrong and stuff. Is that okay? I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

  • Abdullah Ghalib
    Abdullah Ghalib Month ago

    I am diagnosing these folks with autism

  • That girl
    That girl Month ago

    Anonymous should stop 5G

  • Dave Davidson
    Dave Davidson Month ago

    How hard can it really be to identify that guy? You have his location and half of what he looks like. I'd stand a fair chance at doing it.

    • Mikoto Misaka -KBHD-
      Mikoto Misaka -KBHD- Month ago

      You really wouldn't, I can guarantee they had him drive multiple cities over just for that one interview, at the same time millions of people within just the small population of the UK will have almost identical body and facial features to him. There's a reason he agreed to talk. Have you ever looked into the statistics for finger prints, many people think they're unique and can be used to instantly trace a culprit, when in reality the police would get thousands if not millions of matching results, to actually trace back a single person when you have thousands of leaders is both, expensive and time consuming. Getting back to the topic it is also highly unlikely that they can gain solid proof that he was ever involved, all they have is his word at this point in time.

  • Nickersons Theme
    Nickersons Theme Month ago +3

    Mad the computer nerd got 10 years and there are peados who get less.

  • MrLiveEra
    MrLiveEra 2 months ago

    Can these guys hack me back in time? Like in Kung Fury.

  • Tony Forbes
    Tony Forbes 2 months ago

    subtitles on for the middle eastern guy but no the Irish lol think vice is racist

  • Big Daddy Toyota Corola
    Big Daddy Toyota Corola 2 months ago +1

    I wonder how many 14 year old teenagers have this video bookmarked

  • Big Daddy Toyota Corola
    Big Daddy Toyota Corola 2 months ago +1

    A bunch of losers

  • Game over & out
    Game over & out 2 months ago +1

    I'm so very grateful they exist.
    Anonymous have given people like me proof that our gut feelings are not wrong. They have played the game governments have set up and they have won.
    I'm glad people like anonymous have done this for us the little people. With out them we would all be sheep living an awful life run by NWO animals...
    Thank you Anonymous. Thank you MR Assange, thank you MR McKinnon, thank you Mrs Manning and all others I have failed to mention...
    Its thanks to you all and what you all gave up so that we could know just a little about what really goes on.

  • Akatosh Dragon God of Time

    The group is a shell of its former, its been hijacked by the radical left which do not follow the core of the ideas due to being violent

    CO5MIC EXO 2 months ago +1

    Who actually found this intresting

  • Dish
    Dish 2 months ago

    G'wan darren man ya mad bastard

  • Owen Montgomery
    Owen Montgomery 2 months ago

    7:52 real life velma from scooby doo

  • unbelievablescenes
    unbelievablescenes 2 months ago

    8:50 if you’re that bored you should have visited a barber

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman 2 months ago

    Where would we be without anonymous..

  • Xapatex123 Xapatex
    Xapatex123 Xapatex 2 months ago

    I ACTUALLY NEVER KNEW THIS INTERVIEW-LIKE EPISODE EXISTED! Definitely glad to hear about some of the peeps that help us to make our voices loud and clear!

  • Darren Grindrod
    Darren Grindrod 2 months ago +1

    didn't know Memeulous was in Anonymous

  • That Girl
    That Girl 2 months ago +1


  • Lilly
    Lilly 2 months ago

    They are ethical hackers aren't they

  • YouFlube
    YouFlube 2 months ago

    wheres topiary

  • Dane Green
    Dane Green 2 months ago +1

    I can’t believe they didn’t blue that guys eyes out he’s going to jail now for sure

  • NEW CHANNEL : Echo Rebound

    8:54 - Ron Weasley looks a bit rough around the edges...

  • Vaccines are Poison
    Vaccines are Poison 2 months ago

    Trump is with all that makeup

  • Hulltra
    Hulltra 2 months ago

    'there's nothing more dangerous than a bored hacker'.......hmmm

  • Liesl Thomas
    Liesl Thomas 2 months ago


  • Dj AntC
    Dj AntC 2 months ago +1

    I’d love them to do a mr robot 🤖 delete the lot guys !! Got my support .

  • WildBaguette
    WildBaguette 2 months ago

    I mean i think all of these anonymous guy's NEED to be arrested.

  • michaelmcl
    michaelmcl 2 months ago

    8:57 it's a rare species of a dangerous ginger irish man as u can see by the use of the word "fuck"

  • Yert Fgcd
    Yert Fgcd 2 months ago +3

    Why are they are all so autistic like no hacker is normal. I thought it was a cliché but it’s actually true

    • Touch Bionics
      Touch Bionics 2 months ago

      Yert Fgcd bcz ordinary people are not genius

    TWISTEDWRLD 2 months ago

    thought anonymous was buried

  • newmattygosling
    newmattygosling 2 months ago +9

    "there are authorised ways people can protest" hahahaha what a mind blowing statement

  • SexyKVs
    SexyKVs 2 months ago +2

    Just want to point out. The UK police are trash anyway.

  • SexyKVs
    SexyKVs 2 months ago

    Huh. As always news making people look bad.

  • SexyKVs
    SexyKVs 2 months ago

    They're both good and bad. I'm a IT tech person my self, learning Cyber security, I'm fully support them.
    Just to clarify... DDoSing is not hacking. In my opinion and in fact alot of people's OP

  • Elliot Holdsworth
    Elliot Holdsworth 2 months ago


  • Toastman
    Toastman 2 months ago

    HEY anonymous can u like send me £10k pls i need money thanks

  • Donnchadh Cullinan
    Donnchadh Cullinan 2 months ago

    That ginger is such a legend

  • PlantPedaler
    PlantPedaler 2 months ago

    'Produce in association with ROGERS' aka one of the biggest telecom companies in Canada...

    S M A RAHMAN 2 months ago +1

    fed and governments might catch one or two or may e thousands but they wont be able to stop the idea / the fight for bringing the truth, blowing the whistle, its not a movement its not an organization its a THOUGHT and no matter what there will be always some people around the world the are Smart, Honest, Big Hearted they are the True Hero.. they will always fight for the truth... and shutting some of them will only give more strengths/reason to the rest for getting more smart, more hard, more focused!

  • Maya's Corner
    Maya's Corner 2 months ago

    Bs. Like an anonymous hacktivist group would talk to vice...

  • r9naldo
    r9naldo 2 months ago

    the ginger is edgy af. all of these plebians are clowns. this video is just pure cringe.

  • Mr Watto
    Mr Watto 2 months ago

    Yo, yo, whad up?..?
    How muggy did that sound.

  • solidsnipz
    solidsnipz 2 months ago

    RIP LulzSec

  • Militarny
    Militarny 2 months ago

    more, more, more, more...!!!

  • ratgreen
    ratgreen 2 months ago

    Wow, how is threatening to take away someones kids anything but blackmail.

  • Ehgland
    Ehgland 2 months ago

    What about the C I A and F B I and MI5 +6 and the rest of people like these, how many people have they kill in the world, and they have so far got away with it, All because they think they can do what they want to the working class people of the world. I am all for Anonymous, and people like them, who fight back at the Government's and their mates, who think they can do what they want to people, Well they can't.

  • William Caldwell
    William Caldwell 2 months ago +1

    The amount of sado's in this video is unreal

  • C. Lincoln
    C. Lincoln 2 months ago

    Death to SABU. Snitches get Stitches.

  • tittlemouse92
    tittlemouse92 2 months ago

    Justice porn. Know what im watching tonight

  • dat autistic boi
    dat autistic boi 2 months ago +1

    We r anonsyus we r legun nevr forgetti nnevr regretti expoct us

  • Siobhan O'Connor
    Siobhan O'Connor 2 months ago +3

    I'm scared to comment anything bad about them.

  • Siobhan O'Connor
    Siobhan O'Connor 2 months ago +3

    It seems like the British Anonymous members were let off easily compared to the Americans.

  • 420-247 Productions
    420-247 Productions 2 months ago +2

    Lmao suuuuuuuuuree.. A real anonymous member would not openly declare himself as you have to take a vow to secrecy when you join XD The fact that vice is going to channel 4 just shows how bent and corrupt they are becoming. Corporate puppets. Just another news company spilling stuff that was put there to spill

    • Jay Williams
      Jay Williams Month ago

      how would you know about the 'vow of secrecy' unless you yourself were a member hmm.....

    • mistersister
      mistersister 2 months ago +2

      did you even read the ''former anonymous member'', they've already spent time in prison and left the organisation, it wont hurt them to come on here, jesus fucking christ

  • EuroBoss
    EuroBoss 2 months ago

    Bunch of lonely geeks wanting to feel powerful ...... sad acts

    • Psychids ヅ
      Psychids ヅ Month ago

      dont chat shit about a group of people who could ruin your life within minutes

    • janzr
      janzr 2 months ago

      and who are you exactly?

  • James Cassidy
    James Cassidy 2 months ago

    Bla bla blaa, blaaaaaaaaaa bla bla? Balala bla bla. BLA?

  • D
    D 2 months ago

    That didn’t do anything haha?

  • KSR3
    KSR3 2 months ago

    im gonna say the n word

  • Peeping Xanarchy
    Peeping Xanarchy 2 months ago

    I feel like this is just a video to try and scare anonymous but anonymous aint stupid and cant be manipulated.. xnm3kj:;77829lmppzec

    ANOTHERSTORM20 2 months ago

    I don't care about video that intro was sick as fuck

  • radcow
    radcow 2 months ago

    They said this before about foreign governments remember the Iran cyber army where behind a hak then it turn out it was someone who was watching hak5 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • breakit46
    breakit46 2 months ago +3

    the irish red haired young man shall save us all. at least while the electricity is still up.

  • Death Flare
    Death Flare 2 months ago

    up the ra

  • Alexander Warner
    Alexander Warner 2 months ago +1

    The best way to undermine an opponent you can't catch would be to sow seeds of doubt a declare we've got lots of spies, in my humble opinion.

  • 6 of 10
    6 of 10 2 months ago


  • MrStylerdj
    MrStylerdj 2 months ago +1

    That guy gets 10 years for stealing emails etc but the government can spy on us and steal money,drugs,etc etc and nothing happens. hmmmm

    • GreatAzzBritain
      GreatAzzBritain 2 months ago

      Are you dumb? The Gov has the right to do whatever they want.

  • Bless Lifestyle
    Bless Lifestyle 2 months ago

    FYI the guys that wear the masks and or ruin rule 1 and 2 are living with parents and virgins. 100% of the time

  • Topher pie
    Topher pie 2 months ago


  • brx
    brx 2 months ago

    They all look like greasy teenagers?

  • Lyrically Gifted
    Lyrically Gifted 2 months ago

    Ooooh scary.

  • Lime Juice
    Lime Juice 2 months ago +1

    Who else is watching this and still can’t pronounce anonymous properly?

  • louis robinson
    louis robinson 2 months ago

    bunch of nerds

  • Catherine Brown
    Catherine Brown 2 months ago


  • Sangsue Leech
    Sangsue Leech 2 months ago +9

    Authorised forms of protest? Yikes. Hello there Mr. Orwell

  • gang
    gang 2 months ago +8

    Anonymous needs to hack isis

    • Coremanite
      Coremanite Month ago

      They need to hack the universe itself.

    • gang
      gang 2 months ago +1

      DONALD TRUMP oh that’s cool I’m proud of them .

      DONALD TRUMP 2 months ago +2

      gang they also exposed profiles of over 100 isis and Al-queada members which were later arrested this wasn’t so long ago they do actually target isis quiet a lot

      DONALD TRUMP 2 months ago +1

      gang they already have like 5 years ago it was a massive thing search it up they made a video about scaring isis

  • Ciaran Byrne
    Ciaran Byrne 2 months ago

    The gingers irish. Yup. The irish