Meeting Anonymous Without The Masks (Cyberwar Full Episode)

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
  • Anonymous: it's a brand, a meme, a movement. They hacked corporations, challenged governments and wanted to change the world. But after a series of arrests and an informant on the inside threatened to end the hacking group forever, what did Anonymous become? Back in 2016, we sent VICE reporter Ben Makuch to investigate.
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Comments • 431

  • VICE
    VICE  6 months ago +97

    As a UK exclusive and to celebrate VICE shows coming to All 4, we’re sharing a bunch of full episodes from the series which have been airing on our TV channel over the past couple of years. Enjoy this classic episode from Cyberwar and then catch up on two full series through the VICE collection on All 4:

    • If x then why
      If x then why 6 months ago +3

      I love how you add subtitles for the british guy, he might have had a mild lisp but c'mon

    • I Killed Darnell Simmons
      I Killed Darnell Simmons 6 months ago +2

      May I just say....

      B R U H

  • Jay G
    Jay G 8 days ago

    I'm just after a little land to ,live on...put some Dow in my account , please..

  • pukeylukey199
    pukeylukey199 21 day ago

    Missed out playstation attack.

  • king trailblazer
    king trailblazer 26 days ago

    If your good at something in the 21st century and thats for the good of the people then its a great thing....unless YOUR a corporate company who steals and allow corruption and operate loopholes for ILLEGAL operation's to get power & money..!! THESE PEOPLE should be employed to keep countrys and the WORLD understand they are being watched and can be black-Hat lableded for unlawfullness behaviour and traiding.....we should have a (real hacking department and employment opportunities for THESE talented with honest & good minded people looking for a brightest of futurer's ....

  • Mark Elsdon
    Mark Elsdon 28 days ago

    The revolution starts now

  • Ben _Jamin
    Ben _Jamin Month ago +1

    Man i hope they never catch me, iv'e got too much to lose. pretty dumb of me saying it but i'm tired of hiding the many truths in the world. it would be such a huge task to fix the world, it would mean bringing down most governments and agencies. we would need the Army on our side. The worlds future is screwed and most the population will die before Harmony,

  • Baelish86 1984
    Baelish86 1984 2 months ago

    they seem to forget.. anonymous mostly just do it for the lulz

  • John smith
    John smith 2 months ago

    Anonymous is not a group , Anonymous is an idea.

  • Meme Creeper
    Meme Creeper 2 months ago

    Dear VICE,i applaud you for this utterly useless and fake blog,your data has now been crypted and shutdown into a Nixps with 1/2 quarters of available gegabys.If by any means you will disrespect Anonymous again,the gegabys will be transferred into a virus around the globe.This IS a threat.Our Black Hats techincal skills are far more advanced than your system is.your data now belongs to us.We are Anonymous,Expect us.

  • Bam margera updates Subscribe

    Sunglasses bio. Sunglasses

  • Vp Football
    Vp Football 2 months ago +1

    Ginger Irish Kid is definitely not an anonymous

  • Robert Caffrey
    Robert Caffrey 2 months ago

    Corporate bullies are afraid of anonymous because they are just like Guy Fawkes who was the only person to ever enter the House of Commons with good intentions .

  • can we hit 1000 subs with 1 vid

    My parents talk about my communication skills I'll show them this video of the ginger and they will change their mind about me for sure

  • Mr Welshy
    Mr Welshy 2 months ago

    I hate this ginger guy. Solely due to the fact that I'm bald and he has enough hair for both of our heads.

  • Andrew Bettles
    Andrew Bettles 2 months ago +1

    They should track down all pedos and expose them to the area they are in.expose all politicians for the crimes they are committing.

  • Andrew Randell
    Andrew Randell 2 months ago

    The goverments of the world are the mafia with badges. Everything is too connected and not explained!! The world is a lie atm

  • Venomous Drive
    Venomous Drive 2 months ago +1

    Anonymous Are The Goodguys

  • Paul Kynoch
    Paul Kynoch 2 months ago

    tom hardy looking mofo

  • Rickkyyy
    Rickkyyy 2 months ago

    the blue shirt guy really didnt need subtitles in my opinion haha

  • The Very Ground
    The Very Ground 3 months ago

    Is it because I'm not a 3 year old that I can't hack? I used to be a 3 year old but then i became a 4 year still without any hacking. I have used a hacksaw but suspect that isn't quite the same.

  • The Very Ground
    The Very Ground 3 months ago

    I've looked everywhere and there isn't any software for hacking. Why can some computers hack? Was I ripped off? I spent 1500 quid building my amd gaming/music computer and I still can't hack. Why?

  • The Very Ground
    The Very Ground 3 months ago

    Oi, Thanks for saying a 3 y old could do it cos I wouldn't have a clue. There just isn't an icon on my desktop that says, 'Hack'.

  • Thomas Dempsey
    Thomas Dempsey 3 months ago

    Wow look at how well the Arab spring went.

  • RYAN .10
    RYAN .10 3 months ago +1

    Can they get me
    V bucks

  • Anonymous Geordie
    Anonymous Geordie 3 months ago

    I hope anonymous keep their work going by exposing the truth against the globalists and corrupt goverments

  • Cam no cams
    Cam no cams 3 months ago

    VICE -owned by Mr Murdoch/ agenda ,,,controlled opposition beware !!!!!!!!!!

  • Eddie Robson
    Eddie Robson 3 months ago

    Zabu the rat should be shot

  • BoyJae. Deren
    BoyJae. Deren 3 months ago +1

    If you don’t break rules to protest, then it’s not s protest

  • Bl0ndi
    Bl0ndi 3 months ago


  • Benjan Lupzig
    Benjan Lupzig 4 months ago

    Anonymous is a colour not a group. Nor a mask but a hat.
    It's not a group but a cause.
    Whom are all commited to that single cause.
    perpetuate this.

  • knightdriven 420
    knightdriven 420 4 months ago

    This is like definite proof that hackers have zero social skills...that dude made a joke about a time period calling for its "something" back..

  • Jayjay Myers
    Jayjay Myers 4 months ago +1

    A bandana is such a shit disguise lol

  • Jayjay Myers
    Jayjay Myers 4 months ago

    Ginger needs a hair cut

  • Skenging
    Skenging 4 months ago +3

    When you ddos a minecraft server

  • ChocolateTampon
    ChocolateTampon 4 months ago


  • shottingham
    shottingham 4 months ago

    As ironic, this is, Vice, the real criminals are the government, the industry, etc, etc, blah, blah...oh shit, now I'm the bad guy for speaking out! K.

  • tudorache victor
    tudorache victor 4 months ago

    Good job guys!!!! I fucking love anonymous

  • Montelimarr
    Montelimarr 5 months ago

    When you press F3 in minecraft

    CLEM TIME BITCH 5 months ago

    I support Anonymous and their goals
    We all should support Anonymous
    If we don’t our world is screwed badly screwed

      CLEM TIME BITCH 5 months ago

      Julian Assange needs to be released he only exposed the truth and nothing but the truth and I know the truth may be scary but believe me scary or not people deserve to know the truth because it’s what holds society together please release him

  • Jonny B Twat
    Jonny B Twat 5 months ago

    10:13 Proper nerds joke lol Looks right pleased with himself

  • matthew austin
    matthew austin 5 months ago

    They aren't going to be the biggest threat with this. Operate the idea that you have no secrecy psychologically.

  • BenRulez
    BenRulez 5 months ago

    Freddie Wong, FBI

  • shaun jamers
    shaun jamers 5 months ago

    Pfft anonymous is an idea not a group. we can all be anonymous. That's what makes Anonymous.

  • Crystal Francis
    Crystal Francis 5 months ago

    Imagine if tom cruise is anamous

  • Rax 14
    Rax 14 5 months ago +1

    Ginger: "A three year old can hack it"
    24 year old me: "Yes, hi, tech support? How do I link my printer to my laptop?

  • Zakir Anderson
    Zakir Anderson 5 months ago

    Hacker whistleblower spy, ok fair game, but hoaxers want stringing up.

  • Zakir Anderson
    Zakir Anderson 5 months ago

    Justice porn, blue t shirt boy wants his head checked, he'll ruin all you work for saying shit like that, starting with your rights.

  • Zakir Anderson
    Zakir Anderson 5 months ago

    Panda looked well stoned. Lol

  • Daniel Harper
    Daniel Harper 5 months ago

    @vice please buy this guy a chair.

  • Ben _Jamin
    Ben _Jamin 5 months ago

    i am Anonymous

  • honorbound12
    honorbound12 5 months ago


  • Goofin GFX
    Goofin GFX 5 months ago +2

    'some lols' LMAO so cringe

  • Ashley Haadt
    Ashley Haadt 5 months ago +3

    @6:50 Um. I don't mean to seem too forward and I hope you don't think I'm being disrespectful but may I ask permission to protest in an authorized manner? If you say I can't I'll understand, protesting has to be regulated, right? I mean I don't want to do things that are wrong and stuff. Is that okay? I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

  • Abdullah Ghalib
    Abdullah Ghalib 5 months ago

    I am diagnosing these folks with autism

  • That girl
    That girl 5 months ago

    Anonymous should stop 5G

  • Dave Davidson
    Dave Davidson 5 months ago

    How hard can it really be to identify that guy? You have his location and half of what he looks like. I'd stand a fair chance at doing it.

    • Mikoto Misaka -KBHD-
      Mikoto Misaka -KBHD- 5 months ago

      You really wouldn't, I can guarantee they had him drive multiple cities over just for that one interview, at the same time millions of people within just the small population of the UK will have almost identical body and facial features to him. There's a reason he agreed to talk. Have you ever looked into the statistics for finger prints, many people think they're unique and can be used to instantly trace a culprit, when in reality the police would get thousands if not millions of matching results, to actually trace back a single person when you have thousands of leaders is both, expensive and time consuming. Getting back to the topic it is also highly unlikely that they can gain solid proof that he was ever involved, all they have is his word at this point in time.

  • Nickersons Theme
    Nickersons Theme 5 months ago +4

    Mad the computer nerd got 10 years and there are peados who get less.

  • MrLiveEra
    MrLiveEra 5 months ago

    Can these guys hack me back in time? Like in Kung Fury.

  • Tony Forbes
    Tony Forbes 5 months ago

    subtitles on for the middle eastern guy but no the Irish lol think vice is racist

  • Hannad Osman
    Hannad Osman 5 months ago +1

    I wonder how many 14 year old teenagers have this video bookmarked