This Week I Learned to Slingshot

  • Published on Feb 7, 2018
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Comments • 3 169

  • CreepersTKOED
    CreepersTKOED 17 hours ago

    It's just like archery you want to find what's called an anchor point for me I use the dip just under my ear when shooting my bow

  • EyeLash
    EyeLash Day ago

    use or dominate eye (aim your thumb at something and close one at a time and see wich one will move ur thumb more)

  • Jason Chandler
    Jason Chandler 2 days ago

    Song at 10:13?

  • Myrmidon san
    Myrmidon san 2 days ago

    y u shooting japanese flags? XD

  • Daus A2S
    Daus A2S 3 days ago

    learn to do 9 darters finish

  • Kelvin
    Kelvin 3 days ago

    "Dont play with slingshots"
    *plays with sling shots*

  • theshadoowchannel/ /theonlycutecuteben

    japanese fans unsubscribed

  • Arse Gaming
    Arse Gaming 3 days ago

    the balistics jell has no jumper or skin or bones that would protect it

  • JilleDeMon
    JilleDeMon 3 days ago

    Yeeeees freedom of learning this 😉

  • A E S T H E T I C
    A E S T H E T I C 3 days ago

    for slingshotting try using a ppsg or ppmg, they dont have to be reall brand, just the shape of them, theyre what i find the easiest to grip accurately, good work though with thse wo mike!

  • Fully Average
    Fully Average 3 days ago

    Man you have one hell of a supportive partner!

  • Grantham Africa
    Grantham Africa 4 days ago

    This should be a TV show

  • Krishan Bhandari
    Krishan Bhandari 4 days ago

    That's funny cause my dAd likes my sling shot

    SEAN'S WORLD 5 days ago

    Brilliant vid. What size ammo are you using?

  • Zack Grananckiydsy
    Zack Grananckiydsy 5 days ago


  • michał botor
    michał botor 6 days ago

    has the thought of hitting the camera ever crossed your mind? at 8:30 it seemed quite likely..

  • Banana Bum Gaming
    Banana Bum Gaming 6 days ago

    His style of shooting a sling shot cracks me up

  • Random stuff with Michael


  • Chillin on a b Productions

    Dude perfect wanna be

  • BadGaming YT
    BadGaming YT 8 days ago

    10:47 he just murdered an unborn baby... think about that

  • BadGaming YT
    BadGaming YT 8 days ago

    4:33 When your mad at a Japanese person so you disrespect their entire flag

  • jpnr
    jpnr 8 days ago

    same thing happened with meee!

  • 簡宥名
    簡宥名 8 days ago +1

    Such a waste
    Those African children could've drink those

  • danish ahsan
    danish ahsan 9 days ago

    physical abuse for japan

  • Asim Syed
    Asim Syed 9 days ago

    Learn bow and arrow

  • VeoBroLIVE
    VeoBroLIVE 10 days ago

    What are you doing counter strike even a slingshot has a aim sight

  • CeramicBunnah
    CeramicBunnah 10 days ago

    4:01 blaan a hooolie

  • Astrx
    Astrx 11 days ago

    thats fucking sick

  • endreask
    endreask 11 days ago

    4:19 Japan

  • Undying Gamer83
    Undying Gamer83 11 days ago

    How come he only struggled to hit the bottle in the middle

  • the one hi
    the one hi 11 days ago +1

    Learn to stunts on a bmx bike

  • the one hi
    the one hi 11 days ago +1

    You should go hunting for birds

  • Juandiego Calero
    Juandiego Calero 13 days ago

    People complaining about the beer waste have never tasted the awful taste of a San Miguel

  • TheVanillaaa
    TheVanillaaa 14 days ago

    What's the song at 5:30 called please

  • Daniel Miller
    Daniel Miller 15 days ago

    Heres the difference with us, my dad actually went out and bought me one of these with the wrist support for my Birthday when I was about 8 years old

  • Markus Havers
    Markus Havers 15 days ago

    It looks like you have a very weak bandset or one that is much to strong for you. You can not senetrate a simple paper box with steel balls ??? Have a look at "the slingsoot channel" here on TVclip. Joerg Sprave is a specialist on slingshoots and he teaches every aspect. Even how to make your best bandset

  • Isaac Hen
    Isaac Hen 15 days ago

    Learn to twirl drumsticks around your fingers

  • overrated ari
    overrated ari 15 days ago

    Bart - eat my shorts
    Him: *slings shots shorts in barts mouth*
    Him - bone apple tea!

  • mruno86
    mruno86 15 days ago

    hitting the flame off the candle wick was really cool

  • Darth Maultasche
    Darth Maultasche 16 days ago

    Where is joergsprave

  • random meme
    random meme 17 days ago

    Ai karamba

  • Shadowmask8
    Shadowmask8 17 days ago

    You should learn how to use a sling.

  • SkyY
    SkyY 18 days ago

    learn to make a beat with fl studios

  • BurningPillow
    BurningPillow 19 days ago

    If you can shoot through human flesh, you know you can shoot at little rabbits, or any other small vermin for food in a survival situation.

  • Carbon Lux
    Carbon Lux 19 days ago

    Good job!!

  • Masen Wood
    Masen Wood 20 days ago

    Could you shipp that gray and black slingshot to me pls

  • The CommandoCrew
    The CommandoCrew 20 days ago

    Jorge has competition

  • Cameron Stewart
    Cameron Stewart 21 day ago

    you honestly inspire me to take the mind set in to perspective that it takes time to master something

  • Cristian122702
    Cristian122702 23 days ago

    Yo i like your energy bro keep it up

  • Gfrgg
    Gfrgg 23 days ago

    4:10, Ahh a declaration of war against the Japanese, well played sir

  • Roy Otten
    Roy Otten 23 days ago

    Now we know how difficult ussops training was

  • doctorbea
    doctorbea 23 days ago


  • Abe Coulter
    Abe Coulter 23 days ago

    Learn how to speak.... Japanese

  • Twistii Cuber
    Twistii Cuber 24 days ago

    Th explosions are so satisfying

  • Ashley 2763
    Ashley 2763 24 days ago

    you should learn to shoot a 3 pointer

  • BillyThomasJohnson III

    at this point he's basically scottish bart

  • BosephusBigelsworth
    BosephusBigelsworth 24 days ago

    i love this channel.

  • liam Mc Ilroy
    liam Mc Ilroy 24 days ago

    Great video mike!!!

  • StealthCamp
    StealthCamp 25 days ago

    Great video great shooting but you're killing alcohol dude exclamation mark you should be killing diet drinks Lol. Imagine if your dad had of let you use that slingshot all those years ago, you could have been an Olympic Pro buy now.

  • Daithí O' Cheallaigh
    Daithí O' Cheallaigh 26 days ago +1

    4:01 😂😂 I laughed

  • CastleTG
    CastleTG 28 days ago

    Nice man.

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith 28 days ago

    I don't know what it was about that mirror shot, but that seems super clever. Nice.

  • TheRausing1
    TheRausing1 28 days ago

    great work, not even salty about the wasted beer and JD

  • Robert Sherman
    Robert Sherman 29 days ago

    is guy like jacksepticeye's cousin

  • Ahenci
    Ahenci 29 days ago

    I was pretty upset about those beer bottles. But the Jack Daniels one just broke my heart.

  • Slingshot Germany
    Slingshot Germany Month ago

    Very nice :)
    If you need a Handmade Slingshot, just let us know - would love to send you a special one to you :)

  • Magus Reborn
    Magus Reborn Month ago

    You should’ve collabed with the slingshot guy on this one!! Would’ve been great

    • Magus Reborn
      Magus Reborn Month ago

      His actual TVclip name is joergsprave if you guys don’t know

    TYKRWN Month ago

    All that alcohol wasted

  • Dx Fire
    Dx Fire Month ago

    You could have used stone pebbles instead...anyway nice video

  • Alicia van Buren
    Alicia van Buren Month ago

    Where is this man from? The accent is amazing!

  • Hillbilly Holler
    Hillbilly Holler Month ago

    The way you hold a slingshot is up to you.
    I use a slingshot to practice traditional archery.
    It's the same concept.
    You practice like you would throwing a ball.
    You are learning muscle memory to get accurate and consistant

  • Wog1b Mortensen
    Wog1b Mortensen Month ago

    lol illuminati at 2:24

  • Andrew Birchler
    Andrew Birchler Month ago

    5:50 these gender reveals are getting out of control

  • Mortimer Harley
    Mortimer Harley Month ago

    When this is your job every day... Just the dream

  • Portentous Lad
    Portentous Lad Month ago

    That's a pretty good use for San Miguel. A Scotsman shooting a Jack Daniel's bottle, that's just rude. ;)

  • pelaaja perse
    pelaaja perse Month ago

    You dare waste a bottle of jack

  • Edina
    Edina Month ago

    Learned this when I was 13-14 because my dad wanted to experience growing up with less technology like he did, making bows and slingshots by hand, I learned how to slingshot in a week aswell, and with more persistence came more experience I was able to hit a lot further than I thought I ever would.
    Handmade slingshots are quite hard to do long distance with but when you do, it's bloody amazing!
    Loved this video! Good work!

  • smol snek
    smol snek Month ago

    Ur dad is a stupid pussy

  • John Steve
    John Steve Month ago

    I heard mess around with slingshots

  • typeOhh
    typeOhh Month ago

    The 16 year old slingshot is a Barnett cobra and it's much much better than the ones from eBay/Amazon.

  • Alexander Weaver
    Alexander Weaver Month ago

    Awesome shooting, Mike! I can't believe you "killed" all those FULL bottles of beer and , OMG, a bottle of Jack Daniels! Brother, that's alcohol abuse! I 've just returned to using a slingshot after almost 60 years and at 71 I'm stoked about it. The slings I was using previously were Daisy wrist rockets but they were heavy and cumbersome. As I watched a video by Zach Fowler, an Alone series winner of $500,000, his hand made slingshot sparked my interest so I ordered an Axiom Champ, lightweight and ergonomically great for my old aged hands. That was yesterday. Today, I've already ordered another sling, spare band, 3/8 inch ammo and pouches for the two slings and ammo. When I can put out a candle while lit...I'll be ready to compete. I hope to see you compete someday, Mike.

  • Brett Parsons
    Brett Parsons Month ago

    My grandfather would throw a marble up and then shoot it with his slingshot blew my mind as a lil kid

  • So Specially Me
    So Specially Me Month ago

    Like a BOSS!!!!

  • Rock Castle
    Rock Castle Month ago

    Alcohol abuse!

  • Puppe roni
    Puppe roni Month ago

    8:20 you know he’s confident in his aim when he’s got a really expensive camera in the shooting zone.

  • impactedshooter
    impactedshooter Month ago

    watch out at school tomorrow imma pull up with a slingshot in my backpack

  • David Howard
    David Howard Month ago

    Very methodical way of shooting a catapult, yet you need to try and shoot it by feel with the rubber pulled back beyond your head, plus you gain more power to your projectile. Give it another go and see how you do or watch some video’s on how they shoot catapults.

  • zack frost
    zack frost Month ago

    You deserve more views for your amazing efforts

  • Walter R Dzukola
    Walter R Dzukola Month ago

    1st, Do you pick up your broken glass afterward? Or do you leave it in the fields???? 2nd, it's a total waste of beer & whiskey !

  • logicallyfallacious

    "Now that I can do this simple novice act, let's see if I can suddenly hit impossibly small targets with god-like precision and ease!"

  • A-aron
    A-aron Month ago

    Ok now hit a moving target

  • Archie Potts
    Archie Potts Month ago

    Love seein a wee Scottish man jumpin round

  • skyler
    skyler Month ago

    parallel not perpendicular

  • Baptiste Guepin
    Baptiste Guepin Month ago

    Did you know, it works with empty bottles...
    Anyway great content.
    A beer lover.

  • Charlie Sayah
    Charlie Sayah Month ago

    Mike Boyd you don’t earn your views, you LEARN your views. 😂😂😂

  • Mattie Taylor
    Mattie Taylor Month ago

    I love how it shows how long it takes for these people to get good at something. It makes me want to go out and get good at something unique roo

  • Brennan Fry
    Brennan Fry Month ago

    Anyone else hear the music from Fargo in the background

  • Riley Boschman
    Riley Boschman Month ago

    That's alcohol abuse

  • Will T
    Will T Month ago

    So you can now literally use a slingshot with deadly precision. Note to self: don’t get on Mike Boyd’s bad side.