This Week I Learned to Slingshot

  • Published on Feb 7, 2018
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Comments • 3 338

  • The Pioneer Channel
    The Pioneer Channel 17 hours ago

    Good job! Lol too bad you don't have any beer left to celebrate though 😋

  • Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson 20 hours ago

    Put yourself to learnin the maths underlying quantum mechanics tsuch that you can conduct the double slit experiment with the quantum eraser modification and explain it to us from the ground up :D Cheers mate!

  • Alex Daniel
    Alex Daniel Day ago

    Do slingshot trickshots😂✌

  • stephen stewart
    stephen stewart 3 days ago

    This is fucking excellent mate. Keep it up!

  • Molynexyz
    Molynexyz 3 days ago

    You bought a slingshot at 16
    I made one when i was 8 and im 11 now

  • [FF0099] Jasonx44
    [FF0099] Jasonx44 4 days ago

    Whoa!...I call that a 100% accuracy

  • everything nature
    everything nature 4 days ago

    What a waste of booze

  • Shyvanna lol
    Shyvanna lol 5 days ago

    Learn to play fortnite as a pro

  • Karl Harris
    Karl Harris 5 days ago

    That’s a black widow, I bought one of those from a car boot sale when I was about 9. LOVED it. Bloody powerful as well.

  • John Damn
    John Damn 5 days ago

    Guy is actually learning all sort of skills and gonna be a master of all, the supreme leader!

  • Chris Powers
    Chris Powers 6 days ago

    We need a warning before watching this.... Like "Some booze was harmed in the making of this video!"

  • boble head677
    boble head677 8 days ago

    ur voice sounds weird u should place the mic in a better position

    MERTIN 8 days ago

    Are you left handed?

  • Magical TrapKing
    Magical TrapKing 8 days ago

    In my country slingshots are not allowed but we ordered some slingshot strings on the internett and my dad helped me build my own slingshot!

  • Tim B.
    Tim B. 8 days ago

    Hey! You're wasting beer!

  • Ethan Williams
    Ethan Williams 9 days ago

    A’ll poot tha maddle folk right thair

  • YBM Dot
    YBM Dot 11 days ago

    P.S. I low-key kinda wish you put every hit u had in slow motion. Am I the only one who felt like that?

  • YBM Dot
    YBM Dot 11 days ago

    I love how supportive your woman is everytime you learn something new. If I had a woman that supportive it would definitely be enough motivation for me to push through and keep learning new things. You have a great woman, she is a definite keeper. Do not lose her I swear. Look how she runs into your arms everytime you accomplish something. That's so beautiful and amazing. Now that's LOVE.

  • Black Screen Education
    Black Screen Education 11 days ago +1

    Mike you are completely awesome! Your videos are very inspiring to watch :)

  • Leafyr Oakfyst
    Leafyr Oakfyst 11 days ago

    Friggin epic video sir! Good shooting! You are inspiring me and giving me shooting ideas!! When the third bottle blew I yelled for joy. NOOO NOT THE JACK DANIELS!!💚👍🏽👻🐸😄 ps I subscribed AND 'rang the bell' cuz you're just that freaking awesome.

  • carlo abat
    carlo abat 11 days ago +1

    Good job jacksepticeye

  • boon xin kok
    boon xin kok 11 days ago

    nice you shoting japan

  • Mertinator -_-
    Mertinator -_- 12 days ago

    You should have drinked the beers before waisting them

  • Lloyd Padillo
    Lloyd Padillo 13 days ago

    congrats you are now much better than SogeKing

  • aquaquad7
    aquaquad7 15 days ago

    Those poor San Miguel bottles 😱

  • Adam Simmons
    Adam Simmons 15 days ago

    do a blowgun

  • Aussie bowhunters
    Aussie bowhunters 15 days ago

    G-day mike, when you are shooting a slingshot (or bow, for they have the same principle) keep the back arm (the one with the ball) strait back, parallel with the ground you so that your elbow points at the target, will find you will be able to shoot higher pound bands with out pain, as you will with the technique you are using now. you will also achieve higher accuracy

  • Colobrinus With a side of cube

    6:55 ehhhh sort of, you’ve got to add skin and bone, also that’s not very high intensity.

  • SM B
    SM B 17 days ago

    That background music u use is in Fargo interesting. And why not drink the beer and then smash the bottle hmmmmmm

  • Kuba havlíček
    Kuba havlíček 17 days ago

    Let me show you it´s features.

  • Johnson Tat
    Johnson Tat 17 days ago

    I would love to be his baby.

  • Ken Robison
    Ken Robison 17 days ago +1

    Why are you wasting the good beer?

  • Ipad Account
    Ipad Account 17 days ago

    Learn to nuckle ball

  • Ronan Allen
    Ronan Allen 19 days ago

    7:50 That’s literally the call of duty hitmarker sound effect

  • CPU_Gaming
    CPU_Gaming 20 days ago

    My parents bought me my first slingshot when I was 8 years old. Ten years later I still cant aim with it.

  • Yoni Peters
    Yoni Peters 20 days ago

    How many beer bottles does he have

  • 3questionmarks
    3questionmarks 20 days ago

    When I was a kid I broke my slingshot not the band the left y piece off because of how much power I put into each shot

  • James Middleton
    James Middleton 21 day ago

    you might already know how to do this but learn to sweep pick on guitar

  • mlg jesus
    mlg jesus 21 day ago

    and this day we bow our head in memory of all the wasted beer rip

  • Fiera Phoenix
    Fiera Phoenix 21 day ago

    Learn to build a building

  • TheRetroBit
    TheRetroBit 21 day ago

    When you already know what a clay pigeon is because of a challenge in fortnite

  • Lord Manatee
    Lord Manatee 22 days ago

    can i kms with it?

  • Hadrien Berthet
    Hadrien Berthet 22 days ago

    I've made a slingshot from a tree fork, no way for me to aim with "sights" as the rubber is too strong to even considération pulling the pouch to my face.. In one weeks I was able to hit flower at 10m almost every time.. Guess all those years of shotgun shooting really helped with instinctive shooting xD

  • Random Person101
    Random Person101 22 days ago

    did you retrieve the ammo

  • Anna Crespina
    Anna Crespina 22 days ago

    Bra what is hard in it

  • rive
    rive 22 days ago

    lol i thought he said "this is day 1 out of 0" all the time. now i get it, its "this is day 1, hour 0" lmao

  • jordyskate1995
    jordyskate1995 22 days ago

    Learn to shoot a bow

  • Jace & R
    Jace & R 23 days ago

    Gonna have to change the phrase to "Mike of all trades" :P

  • Jason Cøøper
    Jason Cøøper 23 days ago

    Learn how to use empty bottles for target practice

  • Iñigo Downhill
    Iñigo Downhill 23 days ago

    Learn a monocycle

  • Nick DeLieto
    Nick DeLieto 23 days ago

    Wormholed into your stuff from a video I saw on Chris Ramsays page. Love this shit.

  • Ammarx GamingYT
    Ammarx GamingYT 23 days ago

    Your screams are very loud

  • matt69savage
    matt69savage 23 days ago

    That is not a slingshot it is a catapult.

  • Nicola Charlesworth
    Nicola Charlesworth 24 days ago

    Learn to walk on your hands

  • JP Games
    JP Games 24 days ago +1

    U could drink the beer and then shoot it ffs cant like this now...

  • xCCflierx
    xCCflierx 24 days ago

    You have a week slingshot too. Look at the slingshot channel. Ran by a German guy. Has huge slingshots that can really tear into things

  • Reebok Bape
    Reebok Bape 24 days ago

    How much have you learnt

  • Lily Gaming splatoon girl roblox

    I dare him to learn to spin a Ball on his forhead or to spray paint cool art or both

  • Mack Ross
    Mack Ross 24 days ago

    When I was 11 my dad gave me my first gun lol

  • NoAh
    NoAh 25 days ago +1

    I knew he was gonna mention bart

  • Remington Bradley
    Remington Bradley 25 days ago +1

    learning to shoot and getting sober at the same time~ love it!

  • Beastly Beastbro
    Beastly Beastbro 25 days ago

    I think he’s the best Olympic slingshoter

  • Jarno Eilola
    Jarno Eilola 25 days ago +3

    Makes you realize how good usopp actually is

  • Yellow Diamond
    Yellow Diamond 25 days ago

    I really love the drums you always have playing in the background

  • Glen White
    Glen White 25 days ago

    Bows next. Master of long ranged weapons by the end of this

  • Luminox Stylis
    Luminox Stylis 26 days ago

    R.I.P headphone users at 10:15

  • damian slusher
    damian slusher 26 days ago

    Learn to make Velveeta and then come to my house for dinner
    JK but you should learn to b walk

  • Bladelikeaknife
    Bladelikeaknife 27 days ago

    3:34 that laugh 😂

  • Josh Hutton
    Josh Hutton 28 days ago +1

    Who else loves when he says “zero”😂😅

  • Vorzky
    Vorzky 29 days ago

    I wanna learn how to shoot one of these so I can pop balloons from far away to mess with people.

  • Swifty Savage
    Swifty Savage 29 days ago

    what a fantastic wife to go out in the freezing cold with you to watch you shoot a slingshot XD shes a keeper Mike!

  • 4MEERG_R O_o
    4MEERG_R O_o 29 days ago

    I know how 2 use it scene i was 5 y old
    Me and my parents used to go to the woods
    And hunt birds with it
    Using sharp rocks

  • Alissa Milton
    Alissa Milton Month ago

    Learn the jerk off opposite handed!

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford Month ago

    I love the support

  • hanskyonion 927
    hanskyonion 927 Month ago

    Usopp is SHOOKETH.

  • Pretty__ nice_guy
    Pretty__ nice_guy Month ago

    My grandpa had a really good expensive slog shot and he locked me out in the backyard until I could hit a small target from across the yard. I missed dinner that day ☹️

  • Sebastian Zapata
    Sebastian Zapata Month ago


  • Cunning Bard1999
    Cunning Bard1999 Month ago

    Japan's flag rip

  • Cesar Martinez
    Cesar Martinez Month ago

    10:53 yo she's cute

  • Riley Barker
    Riley Barker Month ago

    I shoot the clays with shotguns

  • IGN_Predator 03
    IGN_Predator 03 Month ago

    To to play fortnite. If you learned it 1v1 a streamer or youtuber like lazerbeam

  • Sir Donkey 1342
    Sir Donkey 1342 Month ago

    Learn to drum with a Bongo drum

  • Foopy
    Foopy Month ago

    I felt bad for the whiskey

  • Justin Kriehn
    Justin Kriehn Month ago

    @mikeboyd dude check out "joergsprave" he is an isane bloke for slingshots and has near perfect accuracy

  • T-MAN Kimbrough
    T-MAN Kimbrough Month ago

    Use marbles. I have hunted with one them but I used Marbles.

  • zakarya hamzeh
    zakarya hamzeh Month ago

    Pull back more for more speed and power

  • Joshua Gibson
    Joshua Gibson Month ago

    Why is your pull on the band so short? Seems very unnatural and uncomfortable. I'm genuinely curious why you do this.

  • Jaden Nguyen
    Jaden Nguyen Month ago

    Lear how to yoyo

  • taahir dutoit
    taahir dutoit Month ago

    Learn how to shoot archery

  • Jake Shaw
    Jake Shaw Month ago

    All that good alcohol wasted :(

  • Beau Robinson
    Beau Robinson Month ago

    The bBs in there ballistic gel looked like a bunch of semen 😂

  • Soggytoast
    Soggytoast Month ago

    7:20 it looks like sperm

  • The only Juan
    The only Juan Month ago

    Here is a challenge learn to use a balisong no training balisong only real balisong blade balisong(butterfly knife)

  • Bob Suruncle
    Bob Suruncle Month ago


  • ShakeAndBake
    ShakeAndBake Month ago

    Why is he shooting japan ;-; lol

  • RobTheSlayer
    RobTheSlayer Month ago

    Noooooo the beer 😭

  • Abdel Bayrouk
    Abdel Bayrouk Month ago

    I love your accent

  • Janvi Oberoi
    Janvi Oberoi Month ago

    6:28 heart touching moment.. 😂

  • Chowkin Mc Nuggitt
    Chowkin Mc Nuggitt Month ago

    Learn to catch a fly with chopsticks.

  • Yamaç Koçovalı
    Yamaç Koçovalı Month ago

    1m vievs