This Week I Learned to Slingshot

  • Published on Feb 7, 2018
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Comments • 3 645

  • Tony
    Tony 22 hours ago

    Ballistics gel doesn't represent human flesh AT ALL. There's a fun fact.

  • Chirpylamb
    Chirpylamb Day ago

    Where the bloody hell do you find an abandoned quarry in Scotland?

  • A plant
    A plant Day ago

    11:07 nice job killin babies dude

  • Kurt Cocaine
    Kurt Cocaine Day ago

    R.I.P all that poor alcohol. It broke my heart.
    P.S You should learn how to do coin tricks, like what Connor does from Detroit: Become Human.

  • predator66621 mc manus

    Wow dick move by dad

  • stanleythemanley
    stanleythemanley 2 days ago

    u also gotta put thin leather sheath to get mor eacurate result in gel

  • Braiden Moss
    Braiden Moss 3 days ago

    Learn to do archery

  • simon7109
    simon7109 3 days ago

    Wasting all that beer :( I wouldn't have heart to shoot at a full beer bottle. Just use empty ones filled with something like coke.

  • James Kim
    James Kim 4 days ago

    At 4:26 he creates a mere perfect equilateral/equiangular triangle now that’s cool

  • Wes T
    Wes T 5 days ago +1

    I hope that was cheap beer

  • Scott Jenkins
    Scott Jenkins 7 days ago

    Cute to see an adult from another country excited over something we learned to do as 10 year olds.

  • Lance Newport
    Lance Newport 7 days ago

    Sorry to break it to you but ever the most powerful sling shots bounce of of human skin. If it was pure human fat sure. But gelatin is just cooked off protien. It works decent in real guns only. And decent at best btw

  • the diamond king
    the diamond king 8 days ago

    I’ve got the exact same slingshot ! (The first one)

  • Ethan Galey
    Ethan Galey 8 days ago

    Dang yall are strict here in America we arent bad but we help our kids at age 6 shoot bb gun

  • A mistake
    A mistake 8 days ago

    this should be an ad for not drunk driving

  • Mr cringe Drawing
    Mr cringe Drawing 8 days ago

    Learn to flip a balisong learn the helix

    DISI LEGA?! 9 days ago

    Fargo soundtrack nicee

  • ZacAttack
    ZacAttack 9 days ago

    Oh what, I feel the injustice of that confiscated slingshot. That's bullshit. I did the same thing with an air rifle when I was 12, I was allowed to keep it however.

  • Oliver Rosenkrantz
    Oliver Rosenkrantz 9 days ago

    6:09 demonetized 😔

  • Влад Мир
    Влад Мир 9 days ago

    10:53 wow she is very beautiful))

  • McFlegmato
    McFlegmato 9 days ago

    Are you able to hit a grain of rice out of 5km distance ?

  • Jay Rathore
    Jay Rathore 9 days ago

    I believe mostly all of this, good stuff m8

  • AGamesAS
    AGamesAS 9 days ago

    What is your dominant hand

  • Killerdeath999YT
    Killerdeath999YT 9 days ago +1

    I like he didn’t have any eye protection on at all while doing this for most of the video

  • Duarte Rocha
    Duarte Rocha 10 days ago

    How to Basic 2.0

  • Jayadev Poliah
    Jayadev Poliah 10 days ago

    Coasting on Japan lmao

  • AP Vearce
    AP Vearce 10 days ago

    *Wapoosh!* Top of the morning to yah ladies!!!

  • Trickedblaz
    Trickedblaz 10 days ago

    Can you give me the link for the slingshot

  • Mikołaj Smoleński
    Mikołaj Smoleński 11 days ago

    Cool vid but fuck you for wasting all that alcohol

  • watergun gameing
    watergun gameing 11 days ago

    i bought the same old one but i fired it when i was 7 i mainly fired my air pellet gun i had since i was 5 i got pretty good at it

  • The Best
    The Best 11 days ago

    Could you please say what slingshot you used?

  • Taylor Steer
    Taylor Steer 11 days ago +1

    4:00 better than seeing you hit the target tbh.

  • Sjaak Klapperkaak
    Sjaak Klapperkaak 11 days ago

    That was an AWESOME video 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Icantbelieveyouvedonethis Rightnow Right now

    the magic of editing

  • Dan W
    Dan W 12 days ago

    did you smash a bottle on sand? not good for dig walkers or people alike

  • Catapult Carnage
    Catapult Carnage 12 days ago

    You got fairly good in the end. No bad at all my man

  • ぱんたろー Pantaro


  • Chassaj
    Chassaj 12 days ago

    suggestion: learn to knife throw

  • Kadoo Luna
    Kadoo Luna 12 days ago

    It doesn't really heart but its fun you should make a video on it

  • Kadoo Luna
    Kadoo Luna 12 days ago

    I can split an apple in half with my middle finger you should try it mike so I take off the stem put my finger in the apple where the stem was and I hit my finger with my hand

  • Games FTW
    Games FTW 12 days ago

    How Usopp was able to learn the Bigger SlingShot in 1 day is Beyond me

  • Games FTW
    Games FTW 12 days ago


  • Eric Geraghty
    Eric Geraghty 12 days ago

    Why did you use full beers

  • Jared Zackroll
    Jared Zackroll 12 days ago

    Learn to play fortnite...

  • lil BuddY
    lil BuddY 12 days ago

    they call him the most skilled man...
    in the world.

  • Scubadog
    Scubadog 13 days ago

    Impressive, but I really hope you collected the glass from the beach.

  • Joni Tammela
    Joni Tammela 13 days ago

    Waste of good beer :(

  • Rory Begg
    Rory Begg 13 days ago


  • Dude Okay
    Dude Okay 13 days ago

    Make like a millennial and learn some vape tricks my dude

  • Troy Lambert
    Troy Lambert 13 days ago

    I know I’m late to the party but you really should be wearing eye protection.

  • Brick Motion
    Brick Motion 14 days ago +15

    don't mind me saying but your wife is beautiful

  • Nick jones
    Nick jones 14 days ago

    So much alcohol abuse

  • B10hazard613
    B10hazard613 14 days ago

    He is better than bart

  • talleyrand
    talleyrand 14 days ago

    hopefully all the broken glass was collected and disposed of

  • Neil Cole
    Neil Cole 15 days ago


  • orki dorki
    orki dorki 15 days ago

    you need to now mike is with this precision and this slingshot a killer maschine XD

  • Yoyo Man565
    Yoyo Man565 15 days ago

    That's some usopp shit right there

  • The Chef
    The Chef 15 days ago

    He’s wearing a teddy fresh hat shout out to h3h3

  • Joshua Tayler
    Joshua Tayler 15 days ago

    5:15 - you closed worng eye! =)

  • Alemran Ahmed
    Alemran Ahmed 15 days ago

    How to make alcoholics mad 8:32

  • Syk3dUP
    Syk3dUP 15 days ago

    You were really dedicated to buy a slingshot lol

  • The stop motion gamer
    The stop motion gamer 16 days ago


  • Anthony658 3
    Anthony658 3 16 days ago

    When I learned to use a slingshot I had to build my own with sticks and old bike tires and we shot rocks

  • Really Random
    Really Random 16 days ago

    This is awesome

  • - FishDaFish -
    - FishDaFish - 16 days ago

    Learn to do 5 consecutive backflips

    HAPPY 2019

  • Michael Beddoe
    Michael Beddoe 16 days ago +2

    Did I just watch a scottsman destroy a perfectly good bottle of whiskey?

    • Scubadog
      Scubadog 13 days ago

      Perfectly good is a bit much.

  • Lucas Lynch
    Lucas Lynch 17 days ago

    I love the non copyrighted version of Wrench And Numbers in this

  • Connor Newman
    Connor Newman 17 days ago

    Spent a good bit trying to figure out where I knew that music from, figured out it was from Fargo

  • Ckott
    Ckott 17 days ago

    I wonder how much ammo he lost lol and should hit empty beer cans so you don't waste it ;)

  • Lewis Johnson
    Lewis Johnson 17 days ago

    What sling shot and ammo did you use?

    CLOUD 17 days ago

    I have a very similar one to the 6 elastic one

  • Lord Nermal
    Lord Nermal 17 days ago

    Really good first shot accuracy

  • VoiD
    VoiD 17 days ago

    He has Jack eye voice

  • kingkrushaa kk
    kingkrushaa kk 18 days ago

    10:14 full irish

  • Blue Fox
    Blue Fox 18 days ago

    Noticed a bubble at the tip of the shotted bottle?

  • Niels Mars
    Niels Mars 19 days ago

    Since you've spoiled a lot of precious beer. I think you should learn how to chug, learn how to open up your throat. Do practice with water though..

  • Shipmate | Revengefull Trout

    7:00 Well, No a ballistic gell only represents your flesh, not your skin and the bones behind your flesh that strenghten it.
    If you REALLY wanna know what slingshots do against humans, Joerg Sprave is the king of slingshots and one Sexyhell german dude.
    (Oh and he fights for a decent youtube, so check him out anyways)

  • lvy326
    lvy326 19 days ago

    next learn to spray paint properly

  • VinceTheQuadRider
    VinceTheQuadRider 19 days ago

    I used to be so accurate using shots i needa pick it up again

  • Uber Nerd
    Uber Nerd 19 days ago

    You are like the Edge Evans of the slingshot world. Hey - you seem to like hitting beer bottles. Tell you what, you send them to me, I will drink the beer and mail you back the empty bottles to destroy.

  • Jitendra prabhu
    Jitendra prabhu 19 days ago

    I bet US Military has already weaponized this technology.

  • Race Bone
    Race Bone 20 days ago

    Learn to throw an atlatl!

  • Sean Ahmad
    Sean Ahmad 20 days ago


  • enchization
    enchization 20 days ago

    luearn how to do a fork into spoon

  • Jacklyn Jen
    Jacklyn Jen 24 days ago

    Dude perfect aint got nothin on him!! 😂😂

  • Cormac Gallagher
    Cormac Gallagher 24 days ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Rabbit Shady
    Rabbit Shady 24 days ago

    In my home country we actually hunt rabbits and birds with a home made slingshot. :)

  • HighsNBurgers
    HighsNBurgers 24 days ago

    4:20 ! Go drink the beer. Then shoot the bottles.

  • Wesley Johnson
    Wesley Johnson 24 days ago

    *Many beer bottles were harmed in the making of this video*

  • Nick Taylor
    Nick Taylor 25 days ago

    waste of booze and that JD shot...jk good vids

  • Ghost Crosby
    Ghost Crosby 25 days ago

    I am Bart Simpson

  • Dark Souls ftw
    Dark Souls ftw 25 days ago +1

    That thumbnail made me flinch

  • Geek Galaxy
    Geek Galaxy 25 days ago

    Drop the butter knife bitch!

  • T.I.M Beats
    T.I.M Beats 26 days ago

    3 bottles of beer on the wall, shoot one down, can’t get the last two down!!

  • Rej Johnson
    Rej Johnson 27 days ago

    Bravo bravo

  • Ja Dale
    Ja Dale Month ago

    Learn to whistle a Titanic Song

  • Thats Outstanding
    Thats Outstanding Month ago

    Learn to do tricks on a scooter

  • Gawd Awful
    Gawd Awful Month ago

    This man is the second Usopp

  • The Black Plague
    The Black Plague Month ago

    Think about it. People in the future will find those steel pellets in the ground.