10 'As Seen on TV' Products Put To The Test!

  • Published on Apr 11, 2017
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 16 113

  • Freddy Sporks
    Freddy Sporks 3 days ago

    wow and you call yourself a star wars fan. sad day when you find out youre a trekie

  • Rokaya Ramy
    Rokaya Ramy 3 days ago

    Omg at this time you just invented dope or nope❤

  • kabalxd 7
    kabalxd 7 4 days ago

    6:08 pervy matthias activate!

  • Ashley Bullard
    Ashley Bullard 6 days ago

    I don’t like how the rocket copter video says up to 150 feet and the package says 120 feet... which one is it? Are they both lies? What’s happening here?!?!

  • Vuyo Makaya
    Vuyo Makaya 8 days ago

    He reminds me of mr bean 7:33

  • ACøntagiøusPiløt •

    Ah.... back to the first recognition of dope or nope. Little did he know

  • Theofficial Omegathewolf

    The origin of dope or nope

  • Mia Niguidula
    Mia Niguidula 13 days ago

    and thus dope or nope was created...

  • Nugget Plays
    Nugget Plays 14 days ago

    Rip old vids

  • Olivia Cyr
    Olivia Cyr 16 days ago

    Matt did the pouch couch wrong cuz I have one and you have to clip it at the end

  • Tyrone Danner
    Tyrone Danner 18 days ago

    This is a legendary video when they became dope or nope

    HOMAR ALEXANDER! 20 days ago

    little do they know. dope or nope was birthed

    Tanner in the back: My father ain't deaf.....def.....

  • Savannah Golesworthy
    Savannah Golesworthy 22 days ago

    lmao. i havnt watched some of the old videos like this one but the thumbnail came up and i just had to watch him test the blow up couch thing. my mum brought one yearsss ago and asked me my sister and my brother to get it work when we was on a windy asf beach. it didnt work the only thing it worked with was making us all look like idiots XD

  • Maximilian W. Haensch Anaya

    The Birth of an Era

  • Tanjiro V. Britannia
    Tanjiro V. Britannia 22 days ago +1

    So this is the first ever Dope or Nope little did matt know he had struck gold

  • RC 1207
    RC 1207 24 days ago

    You should start going in after a like goal is met and link the video that the item is in

  • Mena Gonda
    Mena Gonda 24 days ago

    When all you want is a teddy bear for Christmas 7:12

  • Karlee Snell
    Karlee Snell 26 days ago

    Omg is this where dope or nope became a thing?!

  • A whole lot of nothing

    I can't believe I've stumbled upon this video... I've seen a birth. It . Was. Beautiful.

  • Clear Casket
    Clear Casket 28 days ago

    That wallet is my mom's wallet...

  • Yohboiyes Yoboiyes
    Yohboiyes Yoboiyes Month ago

    It's funny because he said is dope or nope a new thing? Now the channel is dope or nope

  • Anime Sans
    Anime Sans Month ago

    Pouch couch works just zip up the air whole after filling it up.

  • Anime Sans
    Anime Sans Month ago

    The star treck com has high quality memes lol.

  • LordPheonix ttv
    LordPheonix ttv Month ago

    The pouch couch works thier not doing it right

  • Kyleigh Ash
    Kyleigh Ash Month ago +2

    I just randomly clicked on this video after watching the one that was uploaded today (I've watched all the new ones) and when he discovered the name dope or nope it hit me so hard it makes me so happy lmao 😂

  • Sophia
    Sophia Month ago

    18:31 I hope he realizes he made a point to expressing his opinion before actually using the product the proper way. That’s not fair to the distributor. He has a big affect on these distributors so that makes it 100% wrong on his behalf.

  • Sophia
    Sophia Month ago

    When I use the seat cushion the opposite way it worked way better for me I used my grandmas when we traveled back from MICHIGAN TOO FLORIDA

  • Woofy_K 512
    Woofy_K 512 Month ago

    My brother has some magic tracks

  • gOod oL hEntaI
    gOod oL hEntaI Month ago +4


  • TheWhiteNinjaHD Gaming

    When a 7 year old girl is smarter then 2 grow men lol.

  • Austen mullennix
    Austen mullennix Month ago

    im sorry i cant help but laugh at the scene 9:43 not entirely sure why it made me laugh so hard that my drink almost came out my nose but it did. sorry for laughing at your pain. lol

  • Amelia and Friends
    Amelia and Friends Month ago +1

    I have a bamboo pillow and I absolutely love it

  • Ashley Clark
    Ashley Clark Month ago +1

    0:42 dang that’s how dope or nope was made

  • Jules Videos
    Jules Videos Month ago

    *buys eyebrow products*
    *uses everywhere except eyebrows*
    Love it 😂

  • Mirajane Strauss
    Mirajane Strauss Month ago

    I always wanted those magic tracks
    I wanted it so so baddddd 😭

  • Alexander Sillan
    Alexander Sillan Month ago

    You looked into my eyes and I fell in love

    OOOHBILLY Month ago

    Rocket Copters are actually fun.

  • Scooner
    Scooner Month ago

    0:49 dope or nope was born

  • DeeZoggyZog
    DeeZoggyZog Month ago


  • W. Pat Peters
    W. Pat Peters Month ago

    only your hairdresser knows for sure

  • Jr - Malagon
    Jr - Malagon Month ago

    2019 ppl btw what happen to this version of Matt

  • Kyra Kirkpatrick
    Kyra Kirkpatrick Month ago

    Were dope or nope was made

  • louise johnson
    louise johnson Month ago

    Matt at 0:45

  • Hala Aboelkhair
    Hala Aboelkhair Month ago


  • Darshan Patil
    Darshan Patil Month ago

    7:14 Lionel Messi

  • Aanzukee ._.
    Aanzukee ._. Month ago

    9:43 when love hits me xD

  • Cory Blake
    Cory Blake Month ago

    You should of clipped it to keep it shut

  • Endangered Entertainment

    Dope or Nope I watched every video but this phrase gave made me emotional. This is the video where all this started

  • rj stinkerbear
    rj stinkerbear Month ago


  • rj stinkerbear
    rj stinkerbear Month ago

    ;) :)

  • rj stinkerbear
    rj stinkerbear Month ago


  • rj stinkerbear
    rj stinkerbear Month ago


  • rj stinkerbear
    rj stinkerbear Month ago


  • Apple Unicorn
    Apple Unicorn Month ago


  • K Stogden
    K Stogden Month ago

    The birth of dope or nope ❤️

  • Honeybots
    Honeybots Month ago

    And that children is the origin of dope or nope

  • Josh Botkin
    Josh Botkin Month ago +1

    Did anyone else catch that on the rocket. It’s said up to 150 feet on the video he watched.then he get the package and it says on the top left up to 120 feet ??? Huh I think they lied to us

  • Adiv Dholakia
    Adiv Dholakia Month ago

    He forgot to buckle the couch so It didn’t lose air

  • Alexis Majalca
    Alexis Majalca Month ago

    This is so funny lol

  • Glamour.Beast
    Glamour.Beast Month ago +2

    Jokes on you CC thieves... I have -$ in my account😂😂😂...😕🥺😭