10 'As Seen on TV' Products Put To The Test!

  • Published on Apr 11, 2017
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 16 273

  • RainbowTNT
    RainbowTNT 2 days ago


  • Lilly K
    Lilly K 4 days ago


  • Lilly K
    Lilly K 4 days ago

    I got a.bamboo matreds

  • EdenTheUniHorn
    EdenTheUniHorn 10 days ago

    LOL 23:00

  • Bryson Allgood
    Bryson Allgood 10 days ago

    Samurai Knife? Did you mean Samurai Sword

  • Amelie Carsjens
    Amelie Carsjens 10 days ago

    He says that she was smiling to much......22:51! Go watch lol😂

  • Endou mamoru
    Endou mamoru 10 days ago

    Birth of dope or nope

  • Winter Gamer
    Winter Gamer 14 days ago

    And thus, dope or nope was born😋

  • Manish Mani
    Manish Mani 26 days ago

    7:41 =150ft given on tv
    8:18 =120ft given on Pack

  • Matthew York
    Matthew York Month ago

    Do it

  • Messina Seymour
    Messina Seymour Month ago

    Dope or nope started

  • Katie Page
    Katie Page Month ago

    My cousins have Magic Tracks and when they bring them over I love to play with them. I would rate them a Dope for sure

    Edit 1: 18:01 Matt you are doing it wrong.

  • Michael Malone
    Michael Malone Month ago

    Them magic tracks bring me back.

  • The Derp Wolf
    The Derp Wolf Month ago

    Lol I used to have that magic track thing when I was really little XD

  • Justin Lorenz
    Justin Lorenz Month ago

    I could just use the wallet for my Pokemon cards. . . wow

  • Aubrie Roberts
    Aubrie Roberts Month ago

    I am 13 i cut watermelon my self whats so hard about cutting a watermelon.

  • Brittney Elaine
    Brittney Elaine Month ago

    The eyebrow stamp thing would be good for people like me that can't grow eyebrows

  • mila
    mila Month ago

    18:31 how to be dumb u forgot to use the "bell"😂 😂

  • Navy-Town
    Navy-Town Month ago

    you hit 244k get the star trek communicator

  • Daniel Dimmick
    Daniel Dimmick Month ago


  • Joe Bramblett
    Joe Bramblett Month ago

    It's amusing that people will buy the RFID shield wallet, but hand their credit card to a waiter who wanders off with it for several minutes...and then still assume it's some website that it got stolen from.

  • Joe Bramblett
    Joe Bramblett Month ago

    It's amusing that people will buy the RFID shield wallet, but hand their credit card to a waiter who wanders off with it for several minutes...and then still assume it's some website that it got stolen from.

  • Lpsbunnylover10
    Lpsbunnylover10 Month ago

    By the way I have a pouch couch you have to go outside and let the wind fill it up or run around the yard to catch air its actually quite comfortable to use

  • Jerzie Rusch
    Jerzie Rusch Month ago


  • Chad Holmes
    Chad Holmes Month ago

    has anyone heard of a samurai "KNIFE"? dork

  • SkgstfoIg LPS
    SkgstfoIg LPS Month ago

    My moms wallet

  • Courtney Fietz
    Courtney Fietz Month ago

    Here I am, almost a full 2 years later... Absolutely terrified of Matthias without facial hair.

  • Annabell 030
    Annabell 030 Month ago

    Aww bro do you not have any of those magic tracks. The tracks that are flip floppy

  • Alya's Future
    Alya's Future Month ago +1

    I have number 8 in Egypt it is not easy at all to inflate it it is super hard to inflate but I have it by a different brand

  • Explicitaz83
    Explicitaz83 Month ago

    Dope/Nopes organic beginning

  • Teki Hi
    Teki Hi Month ago +1

    Dope or nope 0:43

  • Isabelle Rodriguez
    Isabelle Rodriguez Month ago

    Now the Channel DOPE OR NOPE Is born

  • darkie the cat :3
    darkie the cat :3 2 months ago

    this was on birthday

  • FizzGigCorgis
    FizzGigCorgis 2 months ago +3

    "Ooh! Is that a new thing? Dope or Nope?"

  • Red Balloon
    Red Balloon 2 months ago

    Oml we had one of the chairs from the beginning of the video where you stand and fill it with air while doing it. Dude never use it so much work and doesn't even work

  • Abby May Holman
    Abby May Holman 2 months ago +1

    My grandparents have that same seat cushion😜

  • Emma Sanford
    Emma Sanford 2 months ago

    Dope or nope was created

  • Born Star Lord
    Born Star Lord 2 months ago

    And like that. Dope or nope is made.

  • marieline23
    marieline23 2 months ago

    You have lot of money to loose ! lol ! Those products are expensive and When you crash packages you can return them ! Pity

  • Judd
    Judd 2 months ago

    Not only did this episode have the original idea for Dope Or Nope title, But Matthias created Anthony Davis.

  • ElaineLovesDancingCats
    ElaineLovesDancingCats 2 months ago

    Was anyone else subscribed when this was originally posted.

  • Trinity Bussard
    Trinity Bussard 2 months ago

    When you officially came up with dope or nope

  • likira111
    likira111 2 months ago

    Wait floppy tracks aren't normal to tis guy'+ they were everywhere in my childhood school kindergarten stuff.

  • Julia Unicorn yaaas
    Julia Unicorn yaaas 2 months ago

    For the pouch couch, you didnt close it right

  • Lonely Truth
    Lonely Truth 2 months ago

    "Dope or nope.. is that a new one guys?" If only he knew what it would become....

  • Ella Rulon #2
    Ella Rulon #2 2 months ago

    you forgot to buckle the pouch couch

  • Kenya Smith
    Kenya Smith 2 months ago

    D͙i͙d͙ u͙ g͙e͙t͙ t͙h͙e͙ s͙t͙a͙r͙ w͙a͙r͙s͙ B͙l͙u͙e͙t͙o͙o͙t͙h͙ y͙e͙t͙?

  • Brooklynn Robison
    Brooklynn Robison 2 months ago

    Wait...I have one of those Cushions

  • Ela Mongrella
    Ela Mongrella 2 months ago

    That commercial narrator at 10:25 sounds like the twinkie in Sausage Party.

  • Start Now - Game End
    Start Now - Game End 2 months ago

    You did the pouch couch wrong

  • Aly Cat
    Aly Cat 2 months ago +3

    I was so shook when he came up with Dope or Nope. This is where it all started bois

  • Brandon Lutz
    Brandon Lutz 3 months ago +1

    I have one of those air couches and they are pretty dope but I only use it outside because I have to run to fill it

  • HyperWolves
    HyperWolves 3 months ago

    Matthias didn't lock the pouch couch

    KILLERGAMER NINE 3 months ago

    18:45 you didn’t buckle it

  • Lädybüg Hawk
    Lädybüg Hawk 3 months ago

    The pillows for the seats are amazing my mom got me one becouse I am homeschooled and have tailbone next problems and the whole in the back is for your tailbone but I have a different componys pillow

  • Fiona Knockel
    Fiona Knockel 3 months ago

    he forgot to clip it that's why the air came out

  • Martin Buitron
    Martin Buitron 3 months ago

    The birth of Dope or Nope.........

  • jonathan fittock
    jonathan fittock 3 months ago

    You look just like the uncle from “17 again” ... 😹

  • TheKamiBunny
    TheKamiBunny 3 months ago +1

    Hello from 2019

  • Dollie DeWaal
    Dollie DeWaal 3 months ago

    The video that discovered Dope or Nope!!

  • Erik Mathew Cortez
    Erik Mathew Cortez 3 months ago

    In the video it said 150 feet in the package was 120 feet

  • CrazyChickenNuggetAddict 03

    Dope or Nope? Ooh is that a new one? Dope or Nope! -Matthias 2017

  • TEAM ALL Stars
    TEAM ALL Stars 3 months ago +1

    It said it launches 150 ft but on the package it said 120 ft

  • Marlenka Sladewska
    Marlenka Sladewska 3 months ago

    0:43 the second that Matthias thought of the name of his channel

  • Courtney Blackwell
    Courtney Blackwell 3 months ago

    My pouch couch didn't work

  • AceRiderYt
    AceRiderYt 3 months ago

    the birth of dope or nope

  • Luna Moon Wolf
    Luna Moon Wolf 3 months ago


  • J L
    J L 3 months ago

    The pouch couch works he did not clip it in the end that is why he fell I love my pouch couch

  • Particle Scythe
    Particle Scythe 3 months ago

    microdermabrasion head

  • Addy's love For Scout
    Addy's love For Scout 3 months ago

    It's not actual skin they're just wearing some sort of very elastic then if cloth that they cover up with waterproof makeup to make it match their skin color to make it look like it's actual skin but it's not a link the video down below to a blind person who was in a shampoo commercial

  • Addy's love For Scout
    Addy's love For Scout 3 months ago

    To the creators of the couch pouch I can catch more air with a trash bag

  • Addy's love For Scout
    Addy's love For Scout 3 months ago

    10:36 well that well that's definitely not wear those going with that I thought it was going to say a spine but no centipede there is a giant difference one it's a part of a human mammal body animal body the other is a complete and total organism on its own with an exoskeleton with no spine therefore it is an invertebrate I am sciency

  • Lucifer Morningstar
    Lucifer Morningstar 3 months ago

    I have seen better reviews of the pouch couch, but none more entertaining.

  • Sierra Patton
    Sierra Patton 3 months ago

    00:43 : how #DopeorNope was Born.
    Edit: this is like my 3rd time watching this in the past few years 🤣

  • Jamie Vee
    Jamie Vee 3 months ago

    So funny thing my work sells the magic tracks and the bamboo cushion. I kinda want that eyebrow stamp because mine grow as if I have a scar through one but I don’t.

  • Sage
    Sage 4 months ago +1


  • Reece Price
    Reece Price 4 months ago

    20:19 that's a Karan why does he have a katana

  • Kid Fury
    Kid Fury 4 months ago


  • Cyber Zap
    Cyber Zap 4 months ago +1

    7:42-7:49 what do I have to say

  • Brook Parsons
    Brook Parsons 4 months ago

    now the channel is called DOPE or NOPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MaNi Tv
    MaNi Tv 4 months ago +1

    The dope or nope birth

  • Ersilia Bidonne
    Ersilia Bidonne 4 months ago +1

    This is the start of the revolution of DOPE or NOPE

  • A M A R A N T H
    A M A R A N T H 4 months ago

    0:43, and dope or nope was born.

  • May Dawg
    May Dawg 4 months ago


  • ozbej kozmelj
    ozbej kozmelj 4 months ago

    Pouch couch is actually really lit thing

  • aidan- chan
    aidan- chan 4 months ago

    the episode that birthed dope or nope

  • Jonathan Felty
    Jonathan Felty 4 months ago

    The prophecy of dope or nope has begun

  • Jakob Mason
    Jakob Mason 4 months ago

    00:46 is when dope or nope the channel was born

  • Millie vee
    Millie vee 4 months ago

    BRIAN!!!! That makes me sad.

  • Pokemon pikachu
    Pokemon pikachu 4 months ago

    The couch pouch does work

  • Isabel Buckner
    Isabel Buckner 4 months ago +1

    Those “beanbag things” can actually be found in good quality and are actually very comfortable👍 your awsome🌸

  • Jay Kay
    Jay Kay 4 months ago

    MATTHIAS!!!! Never lose the beard to go back to this! Omg dude the beard and dark hair on you just kills

  • Laura Grass
    Laura Grass 4 months ago

    they didnt use the pouch couch right XD

  • The NerdWhoDraws
    The NerdWhoDraws 4 months ago

    The birth of dope or nope

  • Madilyn Smith
    Madilyn Smith 4 months ago

    2:00 of anyone tried that credit number I’m dead lol I can imagine some people thinks that real idky I just do 😂😂

  • Kaleb Luttrell
    Kaleb Luttrell 4 months ago

    This is the birth of Dope or Nope

  • Brendan Gawron
    Brendan Gawron 5 months ago


  • SAS _Kawazaki
    SAS _Kawazaki 5 months ago

    17:34 + the nine product Crazyrussianhacker did it and it works for him

  • Robert Turner
    Robert Turner 5 months ago

    Love the channel but you did the pouch couch wrong. You have to clip the end closed. I have three of them and they work great just saying

  • Heather Dopey
    Heather Dopey 5 months ago