Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Review

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order reviewed by Dan Stapleton on PC, Xbox One X, and PlayStation 4 Pro.

    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the first new single-player Star Wars game in a long time and is developed by Respawn, the creators of Titanfall, Titanfall 2, and Apex Legends.
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  • nada problem
    nada problem 3 hours ago

    Is anyone else annoyed that they made the game in HDR mode? HDR is for movies. Not games. We have to become experts to calibrate settings that aren't washed out but also colorful. Also that the transition screens are pure white is an insane design choice. Are you seriously trying to burn my eyes out while I play this at night? It's sounds dumb, but these things make a huge difference. And having no auto aiming assist setting is lazy design. Come on EA. I like the Dark Souls aesthetic, but I don't need to manually target every enemy in a group.

  • Cory Kent
    Cory Kent 4 hours ago

    What I really need to know: is there any unlockable or otherwise available cheats that can help someone who is incredibly weak and uncoordinated in these kinds of games. Before anyone jumps on my comment, I had a stroke, and I just can't beat any bosses or otherwise hard fights or levels. I need something that can help me move past those things somehow, such as higher damage levels or higher health/indestructibility, or some super-easy levels. Like 5-year-old easy. Anything like that with this game?

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 7 hours ago

    Just finished the game. Worst single player game I’ve played. Truly, not exaggerating. This was terrible. However, the graphics were great. Gameplay was trash, story is pretty boring, zero customization. There’s more that’s shitty but overall I wish I had my 60 dollars back. The best part of the story was seeing Vader.

  • kernel_s4nd3rs
    kernel_s4nd3rs 12 hours ago

    "BD-1. Get it...Buh--dee?" ""

  • ROCKY_BALBOA__03 Fortnite

    I just don’t like it

  • Mexx
    Mexx 20 hours ago +1

    just finished the story of this game. Amazing, i'd give it 10/10. Hope they make an extension or a Fallen order 2

  • zedd2100
    zedd2100 20 hours ago

    His detached eye lids is freaking me out. @ :38

  • The One Who Eats Lemons

    Does anyone else inner chuckle every time the game says "respawn"?

  • 張實
    張實 21 hour ago

    More game like this, EA please

  • Juan Gaming
    Juan Gaming 22 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure that's Ian from Shameless

  • Carter Russell
    Carter Russell 22 hours ago

    Should I get this if I only have played battlefront 1 and 2

  • Blair Thandi
    Blair Thandi Day ago

    So we are better off playing on the X-Box One S then?

  • rslife
    rslife Day ago

    amazing game indeed. I can actually say I like an EA game for the first time in easily 8 years.

  • Shay Kitoffe
    Shay Kitoffe Day ago

    ....but i don't want to have red hair....

  • daniel olesen
    daniel olesen Day ago

    Let me be clear dis is not a Star Wars game! It is Uncharted minus the action with a Star Wars theme. But if you like running in a maze for hours to get from point A to Z, maybey is a game for you?

  • Cameron Gregory
    Cameron Gregory Day ago

    Ponchos were the Jar Jar Binks of the customisation

  • baxter208
    baxter208 Day ago

    The Ponchos are just horrible, of all the cloths they could of used.
    Lightsaber upgrades are pointless
    seeds for the Terrarium? Again pointless.
    The game is waaaayyy too short, hence the reason why there’s no fast travel and enemy’s respawn.
    Stormtroopers with batons... why???
    Tomb guardian... why???
    Upgraded force moves are dull & boring, you don’t feel like a Jedi, also Cameron Monaghan played the joker in the Gotham Tv series and because of that, it spoils the whole Jedi thing, every time you look at his face all you see is Joker!!!
    My only reason why I platinum this game is because I like Star Wars and not because the game is great.
    I could go on, but I don’t Want peeps to think I’m just hating. I’m Just telling the truth and not following the hype train that a lot of people are doing.

  • Jytrox
    Jytrox Day ago

    Sooo Star Wars Metroid?

  • Paul
    Paul Day ago

    The cinematic you see here is not the same as on a PS4. On PS4 the graphics look out-dated and the running animation is absurd looking. The game play is...meh. A lot, and I mean a lot, of parkour. Game is a disappointment and would return it if PlayStation would give me a refund, but they wont.

  • Morning Wood
    Morning Wood Day ago

    9 amazing, lol okay whatever you say

  • Zero Cool
    Zero Cool Day ago +1

    You haven't mentioned the 2 sided light saber.. This is my favourite thing in the game as of now

  • IKnowGunFu
    IKnowGunFu 2 days ago +4

    "I'm still waiting for underground 3"

  • Fewyouknewme be for
    Fewyouknewme be for 2 days ago

    so , its lego star wars w/o the coins ? pass ...

  • Karim
    Karim 2 days ago

    EA Is Absolutely going mad. From UFC To Generals To Fifa To Star Wara to their own titles like Titanfall. They are Ruining everything they touch.

  • Merkurs Derverdson
    Merkurs Derverdson 2 days ago

    Great a bossy female POC...... just what I always wanted.

  • Meow
    Meow 2 days ago

    More like a 9.5

  • TwistedNIPZ 718
    TwistedNIPZ 718 2 days ago

    The game is great, but has zero replay value

  • Master Skywalker
    Master Skywalker 3 days ago +10

    This is a respawn game, not an EA game. EA just did not interfear to ruin it.

  • Marcos Vera
    Marcos Vera 3 days ago

    Wow Respawn really executed order 66 on EA

  • ProWrestlingEverything

    Okay, but Cal looks exactly like the dude that plays Archie in Riverdale.

  • raiden7789
    raiden7789 4 days ago +1

    Dont like the jedi dude. AND hes a ginger, ginders cant be jedi. We all know they have no soul😂

  • Deplorable Patriot
    Deplorable Patriot 4 days ago

    Ginger Wars: Uncharted Souls

  • Ted Bartley
    Ted Bartley 4 days ago

    BD-1 is the greatest star wars character of all time

  • Ted Bartley
    Ted Bartley 4 days ago +4

    I loved this game, even though it was unbelievably janky, full of glitches and had ridiculous load times for respawns, and t-posing npcs

  • Dean Summers
    Dean Summers 4 days ago

    I mean this is a great game but for fucksake did they really had to turn this game into bloodborne no damn checkpoints you can only save it at meditation... I'm on Zeffro after I got my double bladed lightsaber the game crashes constantly... You know because there's no checkpoints... Everytime it crashes you have to redo the entire stuff you did... I am really sick and tired of getting companies think it's okay to sell a faulty product..

  • Communist Chicken
    Communist Chicken 4 days ago

    Ive played so many new games this year this one is very challenging and rewarding safe to say best game i played in 2019

  • Avery Hanson
    Avery Hanson 4 days ago

    I don’t like the graphics

  • gogogo 1.6
    gogogo 1.6 4 days ago

    graphic nice

  • Amirhameed Amirjalali

    why doesnt he blink?? does it have to do with the force???

  • Pizza Baratheon
    Pizza Baratheon 4 days ago

    I finished the game today and sparse, underwhelming, and flat out boring are some adjectives that come to mind. 6/10 if i'm being generous.

  • Jeremy mcchicken
    Jeremy mcchicken 4 days ago

    This game is awesome! The combat is more like Sekerio than souls though.

  • Melvin Jordan
    Melvin Jordan 4 days ago

    Just finished playing. Excellent game and story.

  • Brandon Miner
    Brandon Miner 4 days ago

    Dude has a problem with red heads? Probably got dumped by one and now he’s bitter.

  • Kevin Hernandez
    Kevin Hernandez 5 days ago

    9/10? the fk. everything about this game we have already seem. there is nothing new. its buggy as hell. let me guess cuz its star war it got a higher review. this game its more like 7/10 or even 8/10 max but 9/10? your saying its almost perfect? fk off

    VIPERDGX 5 days ago

    Need fast travel what is this 1990 this game is repeditive bored

    VIPERDGX 5 days ago

    2 out of 10 jedi academy outcast kotor force unleased 8 out of 10 SWB1 2 2005 10 OUT OF 10

  • Pure Impact
    Pure Impact 5 days ago

    Just when was going to skip this game...Respawn is pulling me back in and I'm glad! Definitely going on the Xmas list! 💯😀

    INTRO WARS 5 days ago

    I can't beat zeffo

      COSMIC FILMS 4 days ago

      git gud. Or just turn down the difficulty lol. Remember to keep practicing.

  • rashune knight
    rashune knight 5 days ago

    Is it better than force unleashed

  • Mike Ossedryver
    Mike Ossedryver 5 days ago

    If dan Stapleton liked it it must have an easy mode😂

  • A lonely guy
    A lonely guy 5 days ago +11

    I gave it 10/10 when one of the Troopers said "Wish I had better aim."

    • TwistedNIPZ 718
      TwistedNIPZ 718 2 days ago +1

      A lonely guy I died laughing when one of them said something along the lines of “He’s really powerful, so it’s not my fault if I don’t hit him right?” 😂😂

  • Kota H
    Kota H 6 days ago

    I wish IGN would make a game so everyone else could review it. Could you imagine the dislikes lol

  • The Ecodragon
    The Ecodragon 6 days ago +4

    I would get it...

    But he's a ginger

  • Joey
    Joey 6 days ago

    best star wars game since Jedi academy

  • Connor Pena
    Connor Pena 6 days ago +1

    So it’s dark souls but you’re a Jedi??? Sounds dope.

    • Stone Cold
      Stone Cold 4 days ago

      uncharted, tomb raider, all of the above.

  • Steve
    Steve 6 days ago +1

    Game is so overrated

  • Christopher Edwards
    Christopher Edwards 7 days ago +3

    Just beat the game and by far a better story than anything in 7 or 8 lol. The game is dark and has the tone of Rebels and Rogue 1.
    Best ending I've seen in a long time from a Star Wars story. Played on Jedi Knight and it's hard but fun.
    They could make a sequel and if they do I'll buy it. Not everyone will spend $60 on a 20 hour game and that's fine.
    When it goes on sale any Star Wars fan should buy it. Yeah the loot boxes are cosmetic but it's also all in game cutscenes so seeing the saber YOU modified is nice.
    Force Unleashed was great but in a different way. Cal isn't Starkiller. So he struggles a lot and that's not a bad thing.
    I'll recommend this to anyone.

  • Alexxf35
    Alexxf35 7 days ago

    EA's best game in ages. Got to give Respawn credit, throwing Star Wars, Tomb Raider, Sekiro, and Uncharted could have ended up as a mess.....instead its easily my favorite game of the year.

  • Kreisegger
    Kreisegger 7 days ago +2

    Nightsister is hot as hell
    got it??

  • The Tv Video Stealer
    The Tv Video Stealer 7 days ago +3

    Alright now that EA knows Singleplayer games are succesful....

    Skate 4?