The Arena - Lindsey Stirling

  • Published on Jun 28, 2016
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  • Robert Marchetti
    Robert Marchetti 5 hours ago

    Would love to see Lindsey do a collabration with these guys -
    it would beyond anything genre...

  • Gabby Madril
    Gabby Madril 17 hours ago

    Love your music it’s so beautiful as well as the choreography 💖

  • Kari Maria
    Kari Maria 18 hours ago

    Estou apaixonada!

  • Anton Garin
    Anton Garin 20 hours ago

    Капитализм в чистом виде.

  • hard2get81
    hard2get81 20 hours ago

    Ultrawide BABYYYYYYYY.

  • Nancy Morrin
    Nancy Morrin 21 hour ago

    This is so moving I’m crying

  • Александр Жуков

    Безумно талантливая девочка, я влюблен!

  • Eliza Wilson
    Eliza Wilson Day ago

    1:03 jeez, rude dude, why would you do that (I know that part was set up but it doesn't make it any less awkward, for both for Lindsey Stirling and for the people watching, but I could be wrong)

  • Assia Akili
    Assia Akili Day ago

    Magnifique j'adore

  • Rafael Cangahuala Pineda

    I love this song

  • Sebastian Ullmann

    80% Tango. regards from Argentina, nice music.

  • Сега ***
    Сега *** 2 days ago

    Капуэро в кайф....

  • afeera saeed
    afeera saeed 2 days ago

    lindsy is such a fun person she is so talented....

  • Cataleya Garcia
    Cataleya Garcia 2 days ago


  • GalliadII
    GalliadII 2 days ago

    Lindsey, you are amazing.

  • lorenzo gomez
    lorenzo gomez 2 days ago

    In the intro dancing tango, very good!!!!

  • Cara Dante
    Cara Dante 2 days ago

    Wow...I wish I could play like that👏💓

  • PlasmaBallX
    PlasmaBallX 2 days ago

    Die Musik ist schon Klasse und bewegen kann sich die Frau auch noch 😘

  • emismpunk
    emismpunk 3 days ago +2

    I need a feature length film of Lindsey. I swear this girl is so talented and her music videos could each be their own movies.

  • mustafa Coban
    mustafa Coban 3 days ago

    Turkler nerede

  • Marc Fournier
    Marc Fournier 3 days ago

    If Lindsey is part of th he post apocalypse, I want to be... There.

  • Дмитрий Портнихин


  • Solаr Light
    Solаr Light 4 days ago +1

    Прям мурашки по коже

  • Немного Разумный Гитлер

    Очень хороший клип....
    Только мужчин на МУЖИКОВ поменять и будет ''супер''!!!!!

  • anna petrova
    anna petrova 4 days ago +1

    как я раньше о ней не знал музыка супер

  • StarCatAura666
    StarCatAura666 4 days ago +2

    Wow. If I tried dancing like that I would have so many broken bones.

  • Maretik K
    Maretik K 4 days ago

    Хотелось бы мне так двигаться, музыка,танцы это всем надо заниматься с юности. Очень красиво и интересно

  • Jael Andrea
    Jael Andrea 4 days ago

    1:15 amazing!

  • Christine G
    Christine G 5 days ago +2

    Your music and video clips are so nice. I am glad you didn't take care of bad opinions in got talent because now we can enjoy so much of your talent. A kiss from Madrid :)

  • De bruçado
    De bruçado 6 days ago

    And the best violinost

  • De bruçado
    De bruçado 6 days ago +1

    Shes a beautiful dancer

  • Foxie sly
    Foxie sly 6 days ago +3

    Great job Lindsey I absolutely love this song
    Also I love your violin
    You're just
    WOW(read in deep voice)

    WIENNIE ! 6 days ago +1

    Lyrics are over-rated. Music and performance reign supreme.

  • Ahmad Jan
    Ahmad Jan 7 days ago +2

    I just lost in melody it’s awesome
    It was so pure that my soul feels so light
    Love it ❣️

  • vNESu
    vNESu 7 days ago +3

    А ведь все начиналось у обычной стены, уже тогда было видно искорку в ее творчестве. Красоту ее музыки итанца может понять любой.

  • C.c. Harvey
    C.c. Harvey 7 days ago

    I think She's pretty Good and goes with what her heart wants the play for all to hear but its from the heart , mind, body and soul and like what she puts in it .im going to keep Her on my play list from now On! This is my first time hearing her but like it!

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    انا لا اجيد اللغة الانكليزية
    لكني اعرف ان الموسيقى هي ام كل اللغات
    الفيديو ابداع حقيقي

  • James Grundy
    James Grundy 7 days ago

    i put out winter

  • WWE BlackestFire19
    WWE BlackestFire19 7 days ago

    Anyone know the song at the end?

  • Toto J
    Toto J 7 days ago +1

    I almost pooped my pants! That was a sneaky move DEREK.

  • Lionel M
    Lionel M 8 days ago

    Fantastic !!!!!😍😍

  • jcp2512
    jcp2512 8 days ago

    Excelente violinista, excelente bailarina, excelente directora, excelente productora... Diablos, se puede pedir algo mas???

  • Erica Oliva
    Erica Oliva 8 days ago

    After years still my favorite❤ and my ringtone❤❤

  • Elisangela Luciana Da Silva Mizutani.

    Como alguém pode dar.deslike nesse clip? Misericórdia! Isso é espetacular, somente pra quem gosta de arte e a valoriza mesmo.

  • Miracle Box
    Miracle Box 8 days ago +34

    Americas got talent in 2010: You are not good enough
    Lindsey Stirling: Watch Me...

  • Ghost Leviathan / xDeres

    I love that song ! So beatifull!

  • dereck jimenez
    dereck jimenez 9 days ago


  • Francisco Joel Jaime Garcia

    wow is a impresional

  • Evgeniy Nam
    Evgeniy Nam 9 days ago

    Шикарно танцует.

  • Ladushka10
    Ladushka10 10 days ago

    This greatest thins that I know! I love Lindsey Stirling!!!

    FGH FGH 10 days ago

    Вы уподобляетесь зверям ! Но танец был прекрасен !

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra 10 days ago

    ¡Qué hermoso! 🖤 03:22 *a* 03:33 *♡* 03:38 *a* 03:41 *♡* 03:44 *a* 03:50 *♡*

  • Lidia Ixchel Flores Villq

    Esa es la canción de mi vals.

  • Andres Monroy
    Andres Monroy 11 days ago

    Grande eres lindsey bailas muy bien y tocas el violin muy lindo

  • Tru Story
    Tru Story 11 days ago +3

    What style of dance is it?

    STEVEN WEIS 11 days ago +3

    You're quite talented dancing.. Amazing Amazing.. no words to talk about playing the violin

  • Brittney Schaefer
    Brittney Schaefer 11 days ago +71

    This is not what her parents expected when they gave her ballet and violin lessons 😂😂 she is literally my favorite person ever n I love her music so much 💜💜

    • Cathy Peterson
      Cathy Peterson Day ago

      She had to choose between violin lessons or dance lessons. She chose violin lessons and taught herself how to dance.

    • Tia-Jade Allen
      Tia-Jade Allen 9 days ago +6

      She didn't have ballet lessons, she actually taught herself how to dance using videos online. It wasn't until after her music career kicked off and she was recognised for dancing in her videos too that she had choreography lessons.

  • Sydney Duong
    Sydney Duong 11 days ago +13

    i’m using a cut version of this for my gymnastics floor music!! i’ll be competing in December

  • Mine Hinami
    Mine Hinami 11 days ago


    HERE777ELECTRA 11 days ago


  • lissyemmy
    lissyemmy 11 days ago

    Meanwhile, at Burning Man....

  • Pamela Bravo
    Pamela Bravo 12 days ago +2

    Conocí la música de esta chica por un vídeo de su historia , pero realmente no la había oído , Dios que baile tan increíble y que música tan hermosa , además de su forma de tocar es espectacular.

  • zafiro collao
    zafiro collao 12 days ago

    Hermoso 👌

  • Mónica Ramírez
    Mónica Ramírez 12 days ago

    Me encantaría ver un performance de Lindsey Stirling y 2 Cellos🤗♥️🙋‍♀️🇨🇴

  • Darren Jackson
    Darren Jackson 12 days ago

    the Charlie Daniels Band said JONNY was the best thats ever been YH UNTILL NOW

    • Derek Kayan
      Derek Kayan 9 days ago

      Charlie daniels band vs lindsay sterling would be epic

  • Дмитрий Иванов

    недоработали немного..но жир

  • Evgueni Gordienko
    Evgueni Gordienko 13 days ago

    Respect from Israel 🥰💪☝️👏

  • Дмитрий Иванов

    это лучшее что я видел за посл
    едние несколько лет

  • X Мистер
    X Мистер 13 days ago

    Как вы заебали, бездушные американцы. Это говно, а не искусство.

    • Sergey Isaev
      Sergey Isaev 13 days ago

      Как вы заебали, хуесосы, которым не нравится. Не нравится? - так пиздуй отсюда или обосновывай свою критику

  • Reynold Nugter
    Reynold Nugter 13 days ago

    Very good!!

  • SisterSophiaART
    SisterSophiaART 13 days ago

    ~~~ sacrifice~~~

  • Hannah Chitty-Finch
    Hannah Chitty-Finch 13 days ago

    Still my favourite song of Lindseys, tied with Brave Enough

  • Dayana Ananian
    Dayana Ananian 14 days ago

    This is the most beautiful video!!!!!!!!! Lindsey Stirling is very good dancer!!!!

  • Omeima 7addad
    Omeima 7addad 14 days ago

    Amazing 😍👏

  • Nova Intan
    Nova Intan 14 days ago

    Bersyukur numpang pindah pindah stop di indonesia

  • Kabir Hussain
    Kabir Hussain 14 days ago

    10k unlike 😳😠 10k idiots 😡

  • Cristi GTG
    Cristi GTG 14 days ago

    I love all your hard work and this video is number one. 🙌😍👍❤💖💕

  • Estefani lopez
    Estefani lopez 14 days ago

    Sin duda eres una chica con mucho talento me encantan tu mesclas de violín con ballet es sin duda único sigue así te deseo lo mejor amiga eres mi mejor inspiración para seguir mis metas 👌💫

  • Семен Владимирович

    This bomba

  • Умирзак Амира

    Я 1 казашка

  • Sergey Isaev
    Sergey Isaev 15 days ago

    I want more pair dancing!

  • Shelley Ford
    Shelley Ford 15 days ago +1

    Oh wow, I didn't even notice it was Derek Hough until 2:33 and after checking the credits I was freaking out. Your videos always make me cry. This was an amazing dance performance, thank you!

  • Yasmin Abusalah
    Yasmin Abusalah 15 days ago


  • Fernando V Orengo
    Fernando V Orengo 15 days ago +2

    Sin màs palabras que "Maravilloso" imposible describir este arte del violí
    n con la danza.

  • Kelli Votel
    Kelli Votel 15 days ago

    Derek is so Hot! And also has amazing taste in music 🎻

  • C J
    C J 15 days ago

    Wow... Just. Wow.

  • Pauline Lejeune
    Pauline Lejeune 16 days ago +1

    I love her dancing 💃

  • Ольга Шестакова

    Благодарю за подборку, очень интересно, спасибо.

  • Gond Gaz
    Gond Gaz 17 days ago


  • freewithnature
    freewithnature 17 days ago +3

    How beautiful, her and the performance!

  • James Cordin
    James Cordin 18 days ago +26

    just realise her dancing partner derek... cldnt recognise him in cap

  • Jesus Hernandez
    Jesus Hernandez 18 days ago

    I loved your video I wish my daughter could dance like you, greetings continue with that style of music

  • Mason Morrow
    Mason Morrow 19 days ago +1


  • Isabella Lilian Olozagaste


  • matthew baldwin
    matthew baldwin 19 days ago

    i love her music but some of her videos have horrible acting

  • Andres Monroy
    Andres Monroy 19 days ago

    Gran cancion la mejor de lindsey stirlin

  • J CD
    J CD 19 days ago

    Powerful message

  • Karima Kredouda
    Karima Kredouda 19 days ago +4

    Love goud musical yes ♥️🌹🌹