The Arena - Lindsey Stirling

  • Published on Jun 28, 2016
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Comments • 21 631

  • Fatih ayyıldız
    Fatih ayyıldız 2 hours ago

    1.16 woww


    Que danzas es esa, Tango?

  • MK Predator Hegy

    Šta reći Culllllllllllll

    CLOSE- CALLZ Day ago

  • Brandon Farnsworth

    Absolutely beautiful. I haven't found a single Lindsey Sterling video or piece of music that I haven't absolutely loved!

  • Алина Габченко

    Классно танцуют, и под такую музыку подходит

  • Mr Byson
    Mr Byson 2 days ago

    A wonderfull Video, the good time were I was in Love with Lindsey, since then the Money make her blind and Dumb !!!

  • Scarlett Rose
    Scarlett Rose 3 days ago

    Amazing Dance!

  • J Alicia
    J Alicia 3 days ago +1

    First and fore most I have to thank you for giving me the love of your music. It has truly helped me escape from myself when nothing else could. Yet at the same time your music has brought me back to life as well! Anyway lol; my girlfriend and I would love love love to hear you mix with Gioli. She’s an Italian producer who also plays the hand pan. Stunning music. Mixing your music with hers would be just...honestly I have no words how crazy and amazing it would be! Please check out her music if the two of you haven’t already discovered each other!

  • Naho Martinez
    Naho Martinez 4 days ago

    Esta hermosa la música

  • Noiseless
    Noiseless 5 days ago

    Beautiful dance! 1:01 I rewind this moment at least 10 times!

  • BroadenHorizons
    BroadenHorizons 6 days ago

    This is my favorite piece from her!

  • MelaM
    MelaM 6 days ago +1


  • Nate Drew
    Nate Drew 6 days ago

    Wow. The dancing in this is amazing!

  • Luis Diaz
    Luis Diaz 6 days ago

    Me encanta su música y videos, usted es muy linda

  • Harley Parsons
    Harley Parsons 6 days ago

    hunka yummy hunky

  • OculusQuestFun
    OculusQuestFun 6 days ago

    OtterWorldly just did Beat Saber to this. Very cool

  • Lillian Hanze
    Lillian Hanze 7 days ago

    This is crazy. I’m doing a dance to this song and I play violin and know all about her. What a coincidence

  • shauna mccollum
    shauna mccollum 7 days ago +1

    Lindsey your talent knows no bounds! Amazing!

    FORTUNA LUDO 8 days ago +4

    Это Божественная музыка))
    Слушайте, читая коменты не пойму, с русским населением вообще проблемы?? Russia вы здесь?? Соберём лайкосы, покажем что нас много и поддержим Lindsey Stirling))

  • Claudia Sanda
    Claudia Sanda 8 days ago +3

    I love it ! The tango is magnificent danced matches perfect with the Music ! greetings from Argentina

  • Kaydiasez
    Kaydiasez 8 days ago +11

    No matter how many times I see this video I am moved.
    THe choreography, the message, the emotion, the pull of the music, everything in this video is just amazing.

  • Rakibul Islam
    Rakibul Islam 8 days ago


  • Natiele Santos de souza

    Uns contra os outros sempre coisa de gente doente.

  • Natiele Santos de souza

    😳😳😳😳😳as arenas nao deixa de ser competiçao mas pelo menos nao tem sangue (mas denota competiçao)

  • Анна Толмачева

    Самая лучшая😍😍😍😍🤗

  • НЕ Американец

    High-quality videos. I like it.
    From Russia with love.
    Yes, we love you here.
    And you are so cute.

    LEDI NUÑEZ 8 days ago

    Excelente tu música podría usarse para hacer ejercicio y también terapia emocional muy linda , no hagas caso de los dislikes , total ya con ese voto te han escuchado , lo importante es la música que haces no en si los vídeos .

  • Zainab Jamalee
    Zainab Jamalee 9 days ago

    It's just beautiful

  • Born Vee play
    Born Vee play 9 days ago


  • Adam Ensor
    Adam Ensor 11 days ago


  • Grebb Marvin
    Grebb Marvin 11 days ago

    Beautiful amazing video. Amazing dance choreography. And absolutely amazing and beautiful you are Linsey Stirling

  • Joshua Cotton
    Joshua Cotton 11 days ago

    Narcissistic female who sells fictional 'challenges' while recycling the same junk. Run!

  • ник ник
    ник ник 11 days ago

    Скрипка бомба!

  • Rizki Pratama
    Rizki Pratama 12 days ago

    ternyata di video tersebut mengandung pesan moral yg bisa kita ambil...
    apakah kalian tau isi pesan video tersebut..

    Lindsey Stirling i like u... sehat selalu

  • Руслан Диниц

    Судить нас можем только мы сами.

  • Алексей Андреев

    А готов ли ты выступить на Арене! Клип об этом! А нужно ли это! Готов ли Ты (Да именно Ты) выступить на Арене. Глупая смерть, глупая слава и не мение бездарная известность.

    KK SARMA 12 days ago

    I don't have any words to say... The violin and the dance... Are more than perfect

  • Carausu Gelu
    Carausu Gelu 12 days ago

    I don't see any good ambasador then her.

    MUHAMMED JUNAID 13 days ago

    Nice and impressive...she play well and good...👏👏👏👏

  • David s Lefort
    David s Lefort 13 days ago +8

    Wow fire in her eyes passion in her heart sexiness that is her energy fires the whole world on fire and it is and never be put out cause it is most powerful passion you can't be able to put that fire out

  • евгений маленков

    сдаешь клип не очем

  • Kizumi chan
    Kizumi chan 13 days ago

    El vídeo más hermoso que e visto

  • Joshua Cotton
    Joshua Cotton 14 days ago +1

    Narcissistic female who sells her fictional 'challenges'

  • Валерьян Герасимов

    искусство вечно

  • Guadalupe Monzalvo Mares
    Guadalupe Monzalvo Mares 14 days ago +1

    Maravilloso la forma en que escenifica la música. Felicidades, a mí me gusta. Saludos y éxito.

  • Lorinda Rose
    Lorinda Rose 17 days ago

    Thank you for your music. It's so beautiful and evokes so much emotion. Big fan

  • KissReactstoAnime
    KissReactstoAnime 17 days ago

    she is so amazing

  • mike keeling
    mike keeling 18 days ago

    already bought cd

  • Таня Горбачева

    Танец любви ♥️

  • Maoulana Mhoumadi
    Maoulana Mhoumadi 18 days ago +1

    Musique et danse de ville avec les strling

  • Robin G
    Robin G 18 days ago

    I get the feeling Lindsey goes to Burning Man...

    LEONEL ARTURO 18 days ago

    Ella canta con el violín y yo encanto mis palabras son como el trueno del relámpago incluso en el futuro servirá para las naciones cuando yo ya no esté

  • Dzoara Camacho
    Dzoara Camacho 19 days ago

    me super encantan las canciones de ella y yo tambien se tocar el violin

  • Skye Dragon7
    Skye Dragon7 19 days ago

    Her videos kick a$$!

  • Suzan Yanmaz
    Suzan Yanmaz 19 days ago +1

    Muhteşem 💕💕

  • Rose Bimome
    Rose Bimome 19 days ago

    they always say arrow on a bowstring no no no I say violin on Lindsay strings.

  • Leslie Allyson Moronko

    Lindsay's music is beautiful and seriously touches my ❤

  • Худякова Антонина

    Невероятный клип... 👍

  • mmvh mmvh
    mmvh mmvh 21 day ago

    Why is she so good?💖🤩🤩