I'm Dating a Celebrity?! | Lele Pons & Juanpa Zurita

  • Published on Nov 29, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 2 519

  • Lele Pons
    Lele Pons  14 days ago +2394


    • Black Snake
      Black Snake 13 hours ago

      You are dating a celebrity el guayna

    • Edward Jinks
      Edward Jinks 16 hours ago

      Lele Pons I literally love your videos🐩🐕

    • Anna Muka
      Anna Muka 21 hour ago

      My name is ana3

    • Jennifer Nguyenq
      Jennifer Nguyenq Day ago

      @Alfie 2gunz DO IT NOW OR GO AWAY AND ROTTEN!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    • Tangiwai C Veltmeyer
      Tangiwai C Veltmeyer 3 days ago

      Lele pons

  • Aleksandra Nasi
    Aleksandra Nasi 17 minutes ago

    i love you so much i"mi fancy for you. follow you from korca allbanja

  • Ánh Nguyệt
    Ánh Nguyệt 2 hours ago

    Hello , I'm from Viet nam❤

  • Fofo Ali
    Fofo Ali 5 hours ago

    Are you and twan brother and sister??

  • CrookedSmiles s
    CrookedSmiles s 5 hours ago

    ilt lmao !!😂💀👅💕😭

  • less than 3 Min
    less than 3 Min 6 hours ago

    It is more of like juampa is dating a celebrity

  • Luke Reilly
    Luke Reilly 7 hours ago

    Because if this video I want to kill myself

  • Rapid Shark
    Rapid Shark 8 hours ago +1

    Was I supposed to laugh

  • The Nerdy Kitty
    The Nerdy Kitty 8 hours ago

    every movie ever

  • Master Mc Nuget 2.0
    Master Mc Nuget 2.0 10 hours ago

    This is literally how those movies be

  • Imogene Lilly
    Imogene Lilly 10 hours ago


  • Amine
    Amine 12 hours ago

    I just subbed to tell you that you're shit whenever u post a video.

  • Sofia Evelina nyeggen
    Sofia Evelina nyeggen 20 hours ago

    Amo tus videos, eres muy bueno 🥰 eres muy inteligente 💗

  • Alicia Angelina Phen

    When they accidentally call her Lele than Anna, I died laughing. 1:59 lol

  • Ornstein
    Ornstein Day ago

    This Is harrasment TVclip bot do your job.

  • Nirmala .V
    Nirmala .V Day ago +1

    Lele are you an BTS army??💜💜💜

  • Angel Gg
    Angel Gg Day ago


  • figs16
    figs16 Day ago +2

    the comments really have me questioning humanity

  • Fabijan Škrobar

    This kind of content needs to vanish

  • Oh Dahng boi
    Oh Dahng boi Day ago +2

    what is this autism

  • Aitana Martín Vázquez

    Lele me encantan tus vídeos saludos desde España

  • Well hello there it’s Amani

    At 2:00 did she just say Lele instead of Anna? 😂

  • Anouar Pipou
    Anouar Pipou Day ago

    I love you lele, will you marry me? 😅

  • Maffloof
    Maffloof Day ago +3

    I can't believe some people laugh to this 😂

  • Giovanni Gaona
    Giovanni Gaona 2 days ago


  • Poppy Morrison
    Poppy Morrison 2 days ago

    Lele is beautiful

  • valnei marques pimentel Marques

    A love e you

  • Zion Mitchem
    Zion Mitchem 2 days ago

    Do telenovela 2 where she meet the sister

  • _.txddy._. editx._
    _.txddy._. editx._ 2 days ago +9

    The girl is like
    Did you see her apron it’s like the fu-ugliest thing ever

  • Emma :3
    Emma :3 2 days ago

    Hablas español ??

  • Sahra Mohamed
    Sahra Mohamed 2 days ago

    2:27 to 2:31 he said n word

  • Sofía Diaz Oliva
    Sofía Diaz Oliva 2 days ago

    this reminds me of shawn and camila hahaha

  • E Z E
    E Z E 2 days ago

    De latina solo tienes el apellido (que por cierto es de ascendencia catalana), de alma eres gringa

  • Sweet heart
    Sweet heart 2 days ago

    Hey my name is Anna

  • Roberta Iliescu
    Roberta Iliescu 2 days ago

    3:54 look at Juanpa's face

  • •Rain•
    •Rain• 2 days ago

    SEE her hair

  • •Rain•
    •Rain• 2 days ago +1

    Ha EA share Her she's already sent you sister she says his Dr sausages

  • Moonia Offle
    Moonia Offle 2 days ago

    Omg I have the same shirt that has micky mouse on it i am so happy right now

  • roe kharkrang
    roe kharkrang 3 days ago

    Oh that was supposed to be funny?
    Oh ok


  • Siyun Gu
    Siyun Gu 3 days ago +5

    i don't understand the concept of her videos anymore

  • marjomsp
    marjomsp 3 days ago

    3:07 i love the reference :')

  • Dannia Vauhlosky
    Dannia Vauhlosky 3 days ago

    Por qué no hacen mas video s en español 😩

  • StealthyKoalaber
    StealthyKoalaber 3 days ago +3

    I don't even know what age demographic could find this entertaining. I know it's mostly younger children but i'd think even they would have higher standards.

  • Marisa Paola
    Marisa Paola 3 days ago

    Jajaja soy la única que habla español ? Xddddddd

  • Unicorn henry
    Unicorn henry 3 days ago

    You said her name in here is anna but one of the girl said lele but it's ok

  • slime puppies
    slime puppies 3 days ago +1

    OMG I love the titanic did you all now that is sank in 1912 OMG I love you lele and just keep doing what you are doing ok lele love you with all my heart 👍

  • Carla B.C
    Carla B.C 3 days ago


  • SweetyHigh
    SweetyHigh 3 days ago


  • History Egg
    History Egg 3 days ago

    Get it guys?
    It's a tots reltbl maymay which isn't actually relatable

  • Rabbit boo.slimes
    Rabbit boo.slimes 3 days ago +24

    "the *fuckliest* thing i've ever seen"

    i died out of laugh😂

    • a j
      a j Day ago

      Are u 10?

    • Sean Robbie
      Sean Robbie Day ago

      It’s fugliest... lmao. Not whatever you’re saying. How stupid

  • Amel Helmy
    Amel Helmy 3 days ago

    Did u know she is latina

  • Czarina Campomanes
    Czarina Campomanes 3 days ago

    I love you Lele Pons

  • 죠유링
    죠유링 4 days ago

    Few minites later.......LELE U SHOULD HANG OUT WITH US!YASS

  • 죠유링
    죠유링 4 days ago

    Ohhh you want to sit with us???WELL U CANT SIT WITH US!!!😡🤬

  • Kachynna Emata
    Kachynna Emata 4 days ago

    @lele pons i love u

  • Un mundo De locos
    Un mundo De locos 4 days ago

    Deberías poner sub en español

  • Harkirat Sandhu
    Harkirat Sandhu 4 days ago

    Juanpa + lele equal perfect couple💓💗💞💋💔💝💖💕❣️

  • Bianca_GachaGirl 123
    Bianca_GachaGirl 123 4 days ago +6

    Me during the entire video: hmm is Zuripons still alive??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • RedCherry Blossom
    RedCherry Blossom 4 days ago

    I love your vids so much I’m a fan of you I watch your vids every single day

  • ᗩᐯᗩ DRᎯᎶᎾN

    He reminds me of Oli aka the Orionsound 🤣