1902 Grain Crusher Restoration

  • Published on Apr 25, 2019
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  • Bruce Bellinger
    Bruce Bellinger 2 days ago

    A nice restoration, but you know that. However I would have "V'd" out a grove on the cracked collar prior to welding it. Added strength, you know.

  • Fahad Almansour
    Fahad Almansour 2 days ago


  • mark rundquist
    mark rundquist 2 days ago

    just a small grain mill restored on ebay?.....$999.00

  • Shakti Mahalik
    Shakti Mahalik 2 days ago

    Don't tell me you were about to restore the insect as well!!!

  • Aline Coimbra
    Aline Coimbra 3 days ago

    Se isso não é uma obra de arte, não sei o que é

    JIGA BACHI 3 days ago

    FACOM Tools ? You're a man of fine tastes ! 👌🏻👍🏻
    You could probably kill a person if you used those Corn Kernels as bullets. Those looks H A R D A F . 😲
    Pretty horses.👍🏻
    Fine job restoring that mill. 👌🏻👍🏻

  • Kyrone Shadowfury
    Kyrone Shadowfury 5 days ago

    Awww.. Cat was like, I AM HELPING GIVE ME PRAISE!

  • Ian Sanko
    Ian Sanko 5 days ago

    dude dosen't say a word but bye the way he respectfully removed that, i know that i can trust him

  • I talk and do stuff sometimes

    Remember kids. If grease isn't Pouring out from every crevice. You're not putting enough on. Wise words from my dad.

  • A man with no end Zukerburk

    Where does he even find this stuff

  • mustaa
    mustaa 6 days ago

    çok iyi.. simon görse ağlardı..

  • Justas Jurkevicius
    Justas Jurkevicius 7 days ago

    Хорошая работа 🙂

  • Veradona Restoration

    Very nice bro !!!

  • KW L
    KW L 8 days ago

    멋있습니다. 오래된 수동기계도 멋있고..Wonderfullllll~

  • Everseeker
    Everseeker 8 days ago

    Horses... Of COURSE... he has horses... too...

  • Phục Hồi - Làm Mới TV

    Good restoration

  • Filip Dinca
    Filip Dinca 9 days ago

    Finally watched the video again, so I wrote down the time for cat activity:
    0:33 Book companion Avril
    0:43 Continuation
    5:42 Guarding the parts, plus fan service?
    5:51 For a very short moment, in the background, upper middle part, behind the clay pot
    6:03 Detective Avril on site
    11:33 Is it a log? A wood leg? No, it's the Fluffy Orange Assistant Meow (aka, Avril)
    14:58 Mystery Kitty below
    15:03 And again
    17:13 Guardian Avril resting
    19:48 Startled kitty?
    21:00 A trio of horses at the end
    I don't know the name of the other fluff, but I guess the horses at the end are mounts for the Kitty Knight Avril, the orange fluff.

  • Андрей
    Андрей 9 days ago

    Почеши кота за ухом..)

  • Derpykrafter
    Derpykrafter 9 days ago +1

    does this work on a 1903 grain crusher?

  • علي ماكس
    علي ماكس 9 days ago

    Amazing work

  • Xbear
    Xbear 9 days ago


  • Xbear
    Xbear 9 days ago

    Amazing weld

  • Abrahão Campelo
    Abrahão Campelo 9 days ago +1

    🇧🇷 perfect, O MELHOR DO MUNDO 👍

  • Gavin Freedman
    Gavin Freedman 10 days ago +1

    Fallout 4 overseer... Baige Cat

  • Natalia Golicova
    Natalia Golicova 11 days ago

    rusted looked better... :)

  • Sonja Wright
    Sonja Wright 11 days ago

    Such a beautiful piece of farm equipment, it’s awesome to see it brought back to life.

  • Martin jean.pierre
    Martin jean.pierre 12 days ago

    Good restore , beautiful machine

  • sean aldrich
    sean aldrich 12 days ago

    How do u keep track of where everything goes? Even with pictures there are so many parts. Jeez

  • casesandcapitals
    casesandcapitals 12 days ago

    I love the orange cat as project overseer

  • TSO Liot
    TSO Liot 13 days ago

    The painting could be aided by a much smaller brush with less paint on it. An outline of stark white would look great too.

  • John Bare
    John Bare 13 days ago

    Wouldn't you be better off blasting instead of grinding?

  • Вячеслав Погосян

    А говорят вечный двигатель не существует...

  • ΑΛέξανδρος Τουλιόπουλος

    i like the fact that you dont try to make them better than they were. In Most restorations people try to smooth them to perfection, this is perfecct with those little imperfections. This one is an effort to revive its original feel and beauty. Good job

  • Dracotonis
    Dracotonis 23 days ago

    The old girl is thankful.

  • Nitheesh Bhat
    Nitheesh Bhat 23 days ago

    Wow.... So good to see the end product 😁😍🙌👏

  • Went Fuck
    Went Fuck 23 days ago

    одно название . а не дробилка

  • grandprismatic
    grandprismatic 25 days ago

    Beautiful work, and will last another 50 years then repeat. I’ll take turn off the century tools over most new manual tools. Take your time and the signs of progress only fuels the fire. This video got ya a sub, will be playing catch-up on previous preservations/restorations.

  • Роман Волокитин

    Восстановили хорошо только дробит херовато

  • Mathew Smith
    Mathew Smith 26 days ago +1

    Why are people giving this a thumbs down? This is great!

  • Mc Bain
    Mc Bain 27 days ago

    Thanks for no music

  • Miguel Angel Ardon Gurdian

    The cat is your best assistant 😁😁😁

  • TUTU Tomson
    TUTU Tomson 28 days ago


  • Marko K.
    Marko K. 29 days ago

    Wd40 is life

  • Corvus Corax
    Corvus Corax 29 days ago


  • coconutballz
    coconutballz 29 days ago

    I wish my life ran as smooth as that grain crusher

  • Mike B
    Mike B 29 days ago

    The way you did the hardware looks awesome! Did you clearcoat those bolts?

  • Emre
    Emre Month ago

    i dont know whaat the fuck i´m watching becuse i am so drunj #epalivet :)

  • Money Collector
    Money Collector Month ago

    beautiful impressive even the purr cat likes it..

  • Wolforce
    Wolforce Month ago

    This whole video was a beautiful work of art!
    Are you sure the whole thing was red? It seemed that maybe just the letters were red?

  • Martins prince
    Martins prince Month ago

    hahahah ..... besides that old machine, of course you love your cat sir, faithfully accompany you until your work is finished repairing ... m 😁

  • Weston Schott
    Weston Schott Month ago

    Jimmy crack corn and I don't care!

  • Hector Manuel Vazquez Ochoa

    gracias por mostrar sus gatos dan una sensacion de paz que se requiere

  • dan smolen
    dan smolen Month ago

    'Ya gots kitties on the video, making you just Jake in my book! Nice restoration sir!

  • ganesh mishra
    ganesh mishra Month ago


  • Jeroen de Sterke
    Jeroen de Sterke Month ago

    I CRINGED when he tightened the bolts without using washers.

  • Picker Jay YTVidz
    Picker Jay YTVidz Month ago

    What is the before and after value as well as the labor and parts cost?

  • Fernando Alvarez
    Fernando Alvarez Month ago

    Accidentally clicked on the wrong restoration video..... No ragrets

  • YONT3R
    YONT3R Month ago

    Жука отпустил, моё уважение)

  • Smetanavich
    Smetanavich Month ago +2

    Got 3 legs drying in the sun and one unique orange hairy one 😏☺😂

  • Boris Merdanevic
    Boris Merdanevic Month ago

    Qué bonito color rojo.
    Maravillosa restauración.-