Hermitcraft 6: Episode 122 - The COMEBACK!

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • We're making a comeback! 2 memberships in the bag! And a super awesome storage system for the industrial district, as well as a lovely build for me and Iskall to use. Beautiful!
    Filming channel: tvclip.biz/user/ThatMumboJumbo2
    Instagram: officialmumbo
    Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo
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  • Caden Mullins
    Caden Mullins Day ago

    5:29 or should you say BLOCK ONE

  • taejinnie
    taejinnie 2 days ago

    mumbo is the only person who can get stuck in bedrock

  • Jay TP
    Jay TP 7 days ago

    why couldn't you just chat instead of letting a zombie kill you, or am i dumbbb

  • joko bever
    joko bever 8 days ago

    Mumbos key phrases 5.0:
    We’re onto a winner.
    I could use this in my desktop background.
    This is actually quite a simple design.
    Oh my word!
    What on Earth is that?
    Swiftly on.
    Done and dusted
    Now this is a spoon moment
    This could be my screen saver
    (Tell me in the comments other key phrases I am unaware of)
    (I have carried this on in the future episodes)

  • Mustache Lord
    Mustache Lord 10 days ago



  • Henry Miller
    Henry Miller 11 days ago

    Mumbo has a cobble stone farm, has a smelter, has a wood farm/sticks from witch farm and almost unlimited red stone from witch farm yet still buys repeaters

  • Tison O'Hehir
    Tison O'Hehir 14 days ago

    Mumbo needs a solo series to go nuts with automation and redstone experiments or join scicraft :(

  • PlayJAK Plays
    PlayJAK Plays 15 days ago

    Yippie, Good Guy Docm77 Helped out!!

  • Kyle Hess
    Kyle Hess 19 days ago


  • M34TB411 M4N
    M34TB411 M4N 21 day ago

    Did mumbo say miles instead of kilometers🤔 7:03

  • M34TB411 M4N
    M34TB411 M4N 21 day ago

    Did Mumbo say miles instead of kilometers🤔

  • T Super
    T Super 21 day ago +2

    Mumbo: The Come back
    Me: The Movie
    Also me: the sequel

  • TensiveWolf
    TensiveWolf 22 days ago

    444 dislikes, nice

  • Chito
    Chito 22 days ago +1

    Likes: 44k
    My battery Percentage:44%
    “Perfectly balanced. As all things should be”

  • Supercat 456
    Supercat 456 24 days ago

    2:17 Thank you Doc! :’D

  • Daniel
    Daniel 26 days ago

    Why don’t you build a shulker system in the control room so you can request items?

  • Jaime Hodges
    Jaime Hodges 27 days ago

    Mumbo you can’t rename the membership 🤦‍♂️

  • Jonnie Ogle
    Jonnie Ogle 27 days ago +1

    Just an idea: make a casino with betting and gambling games where you can win big and lose loads! A way to make diamonds because they’ll get addicted🙃. And as a wild one maybe create a bank for loans. Kinda complicated but if they borrow for example one stack, they can take it but have to pay it back, and have an interest so have to pay 1 plus on top of amount of diamonds taken out for every day or so. Just a thought I had that might get you hella diamonds!!!

  • CrAzY BiO
    CrAzY BiO 27 days ago

    It’s big brain time

  • Megan McLendon
    Megan McLendon 27 days ago

    Everything is bought with cake except cattle, milk, eggs, sugar, sugar cane, chickens, wheat, and seeds those need to be paid in emerald's

  • Gustavo Garcia
    Gustavo Garcia 27 days ago +1

    Mumbo, what do you think about a villager gift Farm (using alongside a Raid Farm)?
    If you use clerics, you will get lapis lazuli and redstone!
    I've seen a guy (viniccius 13) make one with 170 clerics and it makes 22 packs of redstone per hour!
    Simple and efficient!!!

  • TyMT
    TyMT 27 days ago

    Mumbo, with the farms in the industrial district, you could just place an insane amount of Minecraft hoppers beneath a single holler to volley all the items without any backup

    I AM SNARF 27 days ago

    Mumbo, slayer of servers, logged back in.

  • iverson lozada
    iverson lozada 27 days ago

    Put angina no

  • Hayleigh Clark
    Hayleigh Clark 27 days ago

    You should use Grians song he made about you as your end of video music.... ! Just saying!!

  • Ub3rshadow
    Ub3rshadow 28 days ago

    Name a wither with a nametag. That'll make a big customised purple bar which nobody will be able to get rid of unless they kill it.

  • Myths n' Legends
    Myths n' Legends 29 days ago


  • The Emerald Weirdo
    The Emerald Weirdo 29 days ago

    It's not a feather, it's a Fire Charge. Feathers are for "Burst" fireworks, which are basically shapeless explosions.

  • Double Whopper with Cheese

    Cub pays scar in cake, its their deal

  • Richard Cave
    Richard Cave 29 days ago

    Can you please make a working elevator tutorial that goes up and down and it can go high or as low as you want please that works on pocket edition I can’t seem to find a tutorial for a one that is not piston I want it realistic as possible please I have been on 2 months trying to work it out but can’t please help

  • [Altera-Foundation] [Founder]

    Me: Oh yeah its big brain time.

  • Orgito Qose
    Orgito Qose 29 days ago

    Thats not right grian sabotaged you

  • Nicholas Han
    Nicholas Han 29 days ago

    Mumbo, what texture pack do you use?

  • el bambino
    el bambino 29 days ago

    Cubfan is paying with cake...it's a ConCorp thing

  • Xx Rylee_Playz xX
    Xx Rylee_Playz xX Month ago +3

    Mumbo is building and grain is doing red stone....
    The world will soon end

  • Saminations
    Saminations Month ago

    10:32 im about to do whats called a pro gamer move

  • Mads Kempf
    Mads Kempf Month ago

    Hey I know this is now an old video but for the sorting system, couldn't you make a cycle to make the items move by more than once to not have more than one hopper for each item

  • Family Williams
    Family Williams Month ago

    1:30 I never even realised your pickaxe is called 'subscribe to Mumbo' lol

  • Family Williams
    Family Williams Month ago

    Did you not realise that those 3 nights spamming the chat where spent spamming CHECK THE BLIMP IN HERMITLAND? I saw it in Grian's vid

  • Rusty Ideas
    Rusty Ideas Month ago

    18:14 the button looks more like a wart, but OK...

  • Xtram5 5mo
    Xtram5 5mo Month ago

    Xisuma buys every offer he sees.

  • Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar Month ago

    mumbo, what you call a mess of a storage system grian calls it a miracle of storge

  • Tsumitsuki
    Tsumitsuki Month ago

    The doors in the forehead reminds me of the one dr. who episode where ther on a tv satalite and people have something like this!^^

  • RenceN'Lli Animations

    Mumbo should've used the death message spamming again, rename a certain mob into "Day (#)" and every each day the mob gets burned in lava and the death message will appear as "Day (#) has burned in lava", or maybe it that just sounded cool in my head when I think of it as "Another day has gone by, only a few more days to go!"

  • Minecraft Mining
    Minecraft Mining Month ago +1

    His I'm a small youtube chanel any support would be great :)

  • Sean Shepherd
    Sean Shepherd Month ago

    When "1.13 came out donkey's years ago"
    And you still remember being excited during the update that made food stackable....
    RIP my percieved youth....

  • Djrej Reid-Pearson
    Djrej Reid-Pearson Month ago

    1:20 did you see the middle finger

  • Extionix
    Extionix Month ago

    all 9 year old when mumbo said hell:


  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi Month ago

    Haven't played minecraft in a long time. Loved it. I enjoyed making Redstone contraptions that I learned on your channel as well as others. Helped my mind stay clear of the nightmare reality at the time. I've been a sub for a long time. Just wanted to say that I'm happy you're still enjoying the game. I still enjoy your content. I feel ages behind 😂. Question : Can you still build tracks for minecarts in the Nether? I always see you guys using boats on ice. (I'm sure cause it's faster) Thanks for all you do brother

  • JM - 11SK - Mayfield SS (2452)

    9:24 he uses the exact number of redstone in his hot bar and i love it

  • Inferno
    Inferno Month ago

    Great Video Mumbo! You have taught me so much about redstone and even inspired me to make my own redstone tutorials! Thanks Mumbo keep up the great work!

  • Skatheo
    Skatheo Month ago

    11:43 and now, for something completely different

  • Akuma Tsubasa
    Akuma Tsubasa Month ago

    Mumbo, just rewatching season 5, how about doing a quick card deck memory check for us ;)

  • ariel szereti a fánkot főleg a lekvárosat

    Grian is so into selling memberships because he knows he will have basically no use after that... i mean come on, everithing is built

  • Ian Taggart
    Ian Taggart Month ago

    I must say I'm impressed.

  • Diamond King
    Diamond King Month ago

    Sahara have a new problem.new big shop is opening.xisumavoid is responsible.

  • Cute FoxySmile
    Cute FoxySmile Month ago

    16:54 GET IN THE BOAT!!!

  • ViggisYT
    ViggisYT Month ago +1

    Mumbo, the villager you stole from iskall had effiency V

  • Luke Keyser
    Luke Keyser Month ago +1

    4:28 it's like you're the hermit of hermit craft.

  • Noob master 69
    Noob master 69 Month ago

    in 13:42 he should have used a diamond