Emirates Boeing 777 new First Class Dubai to Brussels (AMAZING!)

  • Published on Dec 15, 2018
  • Join me on this trip onboard Emirates' B777 new First Class suites from Dubai to Brussels.
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  • Dr. Mūller
    Dr. Mūller Day ago +1

    This is exactly what I like about this guy's videos. No talking, soothing music and a steady camera. Case Neistat and Sam Chui are annoying af

  • Archibald Findri
    Archibald Findri 2 days ago +5

    Do you get to keep off the toiletries and gadgets?

  • Carol Gray
    Carol Gray 2 days ago +1



    LUSSUS KLIOMA CO2 dreckschweine emirats fly verbieten verbieten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • michael smith
    michael smith 3 days ago

    How nice that the wealthy pride themselves on paying a fortune for the sake of mediocre food served on ceramic plates. Really - what exactly are you paying over $15,000 for? Bits of food and a nice toilet to expel it on?

  • Blitznstitch2
    Blitznstitch2 4 days ago

    I'd never visit the middle East. Don't like the culture. So I'd never go on this flight. It's nice though.

  • Konstantinos hadjiagapiou

    AMAZING only for rich people

  • Squezz Siege
    Squezz Siege 8 days ago +3

    Me 13 looking at this like...
    My dad better get me this!

  • William Liaw
    William Liaw 9 days ago +5

    This is by far the best Emirates first class video. Good job!

  • Michael Rice
    Michael Rice 10 days ago

    The only way this suite would be worth the money is if you got to fuck Mia Khalifa in it, while Mia was wearing a head scarf to really drive all the Jihadist's nuts. Funny how Emirates doesn't mind serving Infidels Booze in the air and taking all their $$$$ if it will help them to fund further terrorism in the future.

  • Abdullah
    Abdullah 10 days ago +1

    What if u have a 3 child with you? ??

  • Mariah and the Lambily
    Mariah and the Lambily 11 days ago +1

    Certainly less tackier

  • Max Hideki
    Max Hideki 11 days ago +1

    the same room for 1 person can take 9 persons

  • Max Hideki
    Max Hideki 11 days ago +1

    the make plains for rich pepole .look all the spece thay take for give you some bed.i don t unterstad why pepole play for this things.

  • MarcinNewport
    MarcinNewport 11 days ago +1

    Like Ryanair

  • dahir90 90
    dahir90 90 12 days ago +1


  • Nubianette
    Nubianette 14 days ago

    Wait! Moisturizing pajamas? Googling...🤦🏾‍♀️ I want them! I want all the salmon and Caviar! Love Champagne, but why is the beer selection mostly boring on all of the flights I’ve seen so far. I’m from California, so I love wine, but I’m also a beer geek. Hehe!

    • Nubianette
      Nubianette 14 days ago

      Pj’s are on their website. The one thing that isn’t expensive! 👍🏾

  • Rata 4U
    Rata 4U 15 days ago

    Emirates doesn't generate much profit compared to the big dogs. It seems to be too obsessed with superficial luxury. It's owned by government which explains why it's squandered away opportunity for massive growth.

  • Jon Borges
    Jon Borges 16 days ago +3

    Your videos are phenomenal and I feel that I am right there with you. I hear everything behind, in front and to the side of me. Keep the experiences coming!

  • Jon Borges
    Jon Borges 16 days ago +1

    Thank you for sharing this video of your experience on this type of plane. WOW! I’ll never be able to afford a flight at that level, dream big yes, but at that level, you’ll have to be rich or sponsored.

  • Sextus Empiricus
    Sextus Empiricus 16 days ago

    I wonder how many people take that pen. About the same as those that piss in a pool.

  • Sextus Empiricus
    Sextus Empiricus 16 days ago +2

    I'm just going to hang around this lounge for awhile.

  • Jessim Melih
    Jessim Melih 16 days ago +1

    Just like if you do

  • Jessim Melih
    Jessim Melih 16 days ago +2

    I am watching this video because I love business class plane though I love playing that like like him like Travis so high like fuck that you know I like that this is why am watching that and I like business class and first class I don’t act like that comes up like that I love business class class

  • cool John
    cool John 17 days ago

    Are we allowed to take the headphone home? 16:42

  • Mooca Fratello
    Mooca Fratello 18 days ago


  • Gordon Ritchie
    Gordon Ritchie 18 days ago

    This would be fine if you had shit for brains.

    TUTTO GATTO CP 51 18 days ago +1


  • Sioban Martin
    Sioban Martin 18 days ago

    I just need to win the lottery

  • Doobies
    Doobies 18 days ago

    What Emirates do with the food that's not consumed, well...i am assuming that the employees take it before it gets spoiled.

  • florence chambers
    florence chambers 20 days ago

    this is all right :]

  • XRP Is Dumb
    XRP Is Dumb 21 day ago

    I'm amazed! Absolutely amazed! This shiny trivial shit is what people are selling their eternal souls for..... Amazing!

  • Sinan Vargı
    Sinan Vargı 21 day ago

    etihad has a big bed not grandpa chair

  • 3_fbx
    3_fbx 22 days ago

    I want to live there :(

  • Bob Rogers
    Bob Rogers 22 days ago

    This trip must exceed my usual $15,000 guesstimate for First Class! The lounge is the epitome of waste - waste of space for so few passengers, and waste of expensive food, which I imagine gets tossed at the end of the day. Even if I arrived for my flight several days early, I couldn't appreciate it all. (But it would be fun trying.)
    The suite on the plane is the most private I've seen. (Nudists take notice.) Overall, I'd say that Emirates takes quiet ostentation to a new level, and I suspect that they have a whole staff wracking their brains to think of ways to inflate it further.
    I like your factual reporting style, letting the video tell much of the story and adding text only to explain.

  • cristina lexy
    cristina lexy 24 days ago +4

    Does the 🛫💺plane has
    swimming pool?😁

  • Ritu Saini
    Ritu Saini 24 days ago +1

    Bri bri bri brilliant!!!!

  • Son's World
    Son's World 24 days ago +1

    Emirates business class is nice. I loved the open bar in the back.

  • 9ABA9
    9ABA9 25 days ago

    Meals look economy class

  • Vlado
    Vlado 25 days ago

    Delightful video !
    Bliss and Charm !
    No more, no less !
    I literally melt , melt ...
    This is more than Masterpiece !
    Here I feel happier than ever !

  • Avia Ibrcoolboy
    Avia Ibrcoolboy 26 days ago +1


  • Anjie'sDeadWorld -_-
    Anjie'sDeadWorld -_- 26 days ago +1

    I need someone to guide me in life :( I wish i was the daughter of a CEO and i would just inherit the company >.< so easy

  • Fareeda Yurzaa
    Fareeda Yurzaa 26 days ago +1

    Emirates first class is the best I'm lucky to have parents with good jobs

  • Jonathan Dale
    Jonathan Dale 27 days ago +1

    Your videos, sir, are second to none, absolutely brilliant the time and effort you put into each and every trip and show every single thing you can for each and every flight. I'm going to subscribe now and also visit your website. You are very professional and a brilliant youtuber. Thankyou sir!

  • wolfgang weber
    wolfgang weber 28 days ago

    it´s not noble to live a luxurious life,
    it´s not noble to neglect the planet´s situation,
    it´s not noble to have endless desires,
    it´s not noble to be not intelligent,
    i´t´s not noble live in ignorance,
    it´s not noble to consume nature up to the last

  • James Robertson
    James Robertson 29 days ago +2

    You can tell it's a Boeing from all the noise in the cabin. ;)

  • Julian Köln
    Julian Köln 29 days ago +1

    I hate leather sits and I need wine when I fly.

  • Marcus Effendi
    Marcus Effendi Month ago +3

    Thank you for making effort filming the features on the plane patiently, instead of enjoying the flight. I truly appreciate this a lot.

  • Anne Ashworth
    Anne Ashworth Month ago +2

    I can’t fly anywhere, not even from Edinburgh to London as a flight could kill me. So I watch these videos, and then I can travel anywhere at any time. It’s wonderful.

  • Catherine Malian
    Catherine Malian Month ago


  • RLS0812
    RLS0812 Month ago +1

    In car wi-fi !!!
    Sign me up - all I need to do is sell my liver and kidneys to afford the flight !

  • Michał Jaworski
    Michał Jaworski Month ago +1


  • charlie pop
    charlie pop Month ago +2

    Destroying the ecosystem at its finest.

  • p e n n y
    p e n n y Month ago +1

    imagine being able to afford this.

  • High Voice Royce
    High Voice Royce Month ago +1

    Those peasants at 25:04 all got the last laugh....most of them had the entire row to themselves. Lift up them armrests and lay down...they paid 1/25th of your ticket and got more room LOL

    • High Voice Royce
      High Voice Royce 28 days ago

      the Luxury Travel Expert if you say so... how many millions of miles could have gone to upgrading when plane was full to take advantage of supple and demands. The airline actually got the biggest laugh here

    • the Luxury Travel Expert
      the Luxury Travel Expert  Month ago

      I paid with miles ... So I guess I got the last laugh :-)

  • B H
    B H Month ago +1

    13:17 *Is it really 5-star top shelf if they do not vacuum??* Vhery Vhery messy my friend...

  • shujath aali
    shujath aali Month ago

    Call ku

  • cha fuby
    cha fuby Month ago +1

    The lounge is as usual, not many users.

  • Manuel Escobedo
    Manuel Escobedo Month ago

    Why is the airport so empty?

  • madhu vasudevan
    madhu vasudevan Month ago

    that is so cool