Crisis Pregnancy Centers: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on Apr 9, 2018
  • Crisis pregnancy centers deceptively steer women away from abortion. They can be started way too easily by religious groups like, for instance, a late night talk show’s megachurch.
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Comments • 19 331

  • Patricia Handa
    Patricia Handa 6 hours ago

    I am Catholic. I am also against illegal abortion, the same way I think alcohol, divorce, and gambling have to be legal, not because they are good, but because they become much worse illegal. Okay, so there is a Knights of Columbus group affiliated with my church. They seem like very kind, well-meaning sorts, so one would think maybe they would run a shelter or soup kitchen for homeless men? Maybe a halfway house for veterans who are also recovering addicts? A home for boys who age out of foster care with nowhere to go? Nope, these exclusively MEN run a crisis pregnancy center (I'm sure with some help from their wives, what girl is going to open up to a sixty-year-old man?). And they run a corny "baby bottle campaign" handing out cheap baby bottles to be filled with cash and checks and returned each October. Which I can no longer in good conscience contribute to, but I still take a bottle (and pitch it) because I really don't want to try to explain my position to an elderly guy wearing a goofy hat while everyone tries to crowd past me out the door. Bleah.

  • JacobHero
    JacobHero Day ago

    Fuck Barbara

  • Zepha Murray
    Zepha Murray Day ago

    This one is so good

  • Help Me, my spaghetti is trying to eat me

    2:19 what a face.... I’m not so intimidated by that bitch’s hocus locus as I’m genuinely concerned for her mental health

  • Help Me, my spaghetti is trying to eat me

    I heard that the pro-life movement is winning 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    This gives me hope

  • Tegan L
    Tegan L 2 days ago

    This makes me glad I live in Canada. Just let people use birth control and get abortions, you fucking crazy people.

  • Carmine Sabatinni
    Carmine Sabatinni 3 days ago

    I love listening to people cheer in favor of killing babies

    • Carmine Sabatinni
      Carmine Sabatinni 3 days ago

      Kinda sounded like it after the statement made at 16:20

    • Stephen2462
      Stephen2462 3 days ago +1

      Might want to go somewhere else then, because nobody's doing that.

  • Sargent Nx
    Sargent Nx 3 days ago

    man this comment section is FULL of people who give way too much of a shit what people do with a fetus. if you have an accidental pregnancy and you think abortion is immoral well congratulations you don't have to get one but for the people that either by circumstance or tragedy have a pregnancy and they don't want the kid for any effing reason they should do what they want and you have to respect their choice even if it grinds your gears it's not like their choice hinders your life in any way.

  • Tatjana Kriger
    Tatjana Kriger 4 days ago

    We should do the oppitise, a pretend pregnant woman go inside and try to convince them why abortion is good.

  • KendrixTermina
    KendrixTermina 6 days ago

    If women are "made to protect babies" explain all the abusive mothers in this world
    People who have abortions are VERY RESPONSIBLE. The irresponsible ones are those who have children when they dont really want them and can't properly take care of them.

  • milkteaaddict
    milkteaaddict 7 days ago

    I accidentally clicked 9 on my laptop's keyboard during the intro and was very confused by what I saw

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh 7 days ago

    9th Commandment: Thou shalt not bear false Witness
    Crisis pregnancy centers: JK!

  • Crash Club Media
    Crash Club Media 8 days ago

    I love John. We are trying to create socially responsible content. We have just dropped a video on abortion, check it out and lets us know what you think 😀

  • Jen Casabonne
    Jen Casabonne 9 days ago

    There’s a place called Options Now near me. The lady representing the center in the south Bible Belt nearly shit her pants if I asked her if they were like Planned Parenthood.

  • Demaistre Marc Aurele
    Demaistre Marc Aurele 12 days ago

    What I like about the video is the even though excuse John is pro choice he doesn't make his case only thing he does is point out the shortcomings of CPCs lying manipulation which is amoral

    • Stephen2462
      Stephen2462 4 days ago +1

      That's because the topic of the video is CPCs.

  • Jeff Bridger
    Jeff Bridger 12 days ago

    I just googled john olivers wife. She smoking hot and a combat medic. How. Fucking how.ive hears of the power of the british accent but shit. He looks like buffalo bills gender queered baby he had with an owl and potato. No offence

  • Charlotte Martyr
    Charlotte Martyr 12 days ago

    So I’d like to tell my personal story about PCPs.
    When I was 16 I unexpectedly got pregnant. I lived in a very rural town in the Midwest, which meant there was no access to Planned Parenthood or any place where I could get real information. My parents told me they would kick me out of the house if it ever happened so I was afraid to talk to them. Most actual healthcare facilities wouldn’t take me without a guardian because I wasn’t old enough to legally sign my paperwork.
    There was, however, a building in town with a large sign outside offering free ultrasounds. When I looked them up they also claimed to offer free prenatal care, free baby furniture, clothes, diapers, etc. at the time I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to keep the pregnancy or not, but I was with a partner that supported me and I would’ve considered it. By the time I wound up going there I’d pretty much made up my mind that I was far enough in that I was going to keep it.
    So I went in and they asked me all kinds of really personal questions that made me very uncomfortable. They asked me for my full name, the names of my partner and my parents, they asked where I lived, where I went to school, where I worked, where my parents worked, where my partner lived.... I found out later that they weren’t required to keep any of that confidential, so if I’d gone elsewhere and terminated the pregnancy they could’ve shown up at my work or my school or my home and harassed me for it. They finish the questionnaire by asking “How would you feel knowing that God wants to help you?” And I almost had to keep myself from laughing, like ‘I feel a lot better if you wanted to help me’.
    After all these really uncomfortable questions were done they took me back and ran a drug store pregnancy test, basically the same type that I took at home. It came back positive but they informed me that their ultrasound tech was not in that day, and only was in during a time that I was at school; So basically if I wanted the free ultrasound that they offered specifically to teenage mothers I would have to skip class and try to not get caught.
    So one morning I did exactly that. I skipped class and tried to get back before they noticed I was gone. I went in, and before the ultrasound started they asked me how far in I was. I told them I was about three months in. They informed me that I would not be getting an ultrasound that day, because I was past their cut off. What they meant by that was that I was past the cut off for an abortion in the state that I lived in. So, even though I had already decided to keep the pregnancy and I needed medical help they turned me away because they couldn’t persuade me out of getting an abortion. They just didn’t care at that point.
    The whole reason why I wanted an ultrasound was because I was worried, I haven’t had any medical check ups during my pregnancy. I was worried there might be issues, that something might go wrong. They told me that everything was definitely fine and that my body was made to have a baby.
    Turns out I actually have a hemorrhaging issue that we didn’t know about before, and that I have a hereditary abnormality that makes it hard for me to carry pregnancies. Had I gone to an actual clinic they would’ve been able to tell me that after getting an ultrasound, they would’ve been able to prepare me for the risks and monitor me if not out right said that my pregnancy was too dangerous. Instead I found out about seven months in when I suddenly started pouring blood. I had no access to a doctor. I was home alone. No one knew there was any risk with me so no one was keeping an eye on me. I bled so much I went into shock and almost died. I gave birth to a stillborn, very premature, alone at home.
    The whole experience would’ve been really traumatizing even if I’d been older or been prepared for it. Even now, almost a decade later, I still have psychological issues because of it that I’m working through. It’s left a scar on me that’s going to take a long time to recover from, if I ever recover from it. And all of this could’ve been avoided if I’d had access to an actual clinic like Planned Parenthood.
    I’m genuinely disgusted by these PCPs and what they do to women.

  • Victoria Smith
    Victoria Smith 13 days ago

    Thank you My Dear

  • Romulus Paradise
    Romulus Paradise 14 days ago

    Women should control their own bodies. If women could control their own bodies, they wouldn't need abortions.

    • Romulus Paradise
      Romulus Paradise Day ago

      @Stephen2462 I agree. Women should have the right to an abortion. And they should also exercise caution before, during, and after sex. There are MANY forms of contraception available, and if women were really responsible for their bodies they wouldn't need so many abortions. Abortion should be something that happens when all else fails, or in cases of rape. Now, I'm hearing of cases where an abortion is performed after birth, but I am unable to ascertain if this is true. What can you tell me about that?

    • Stephen2462
      Stephen2462 3 days ago

      @Romulus Paradise That's an awfully big generalization, and not really a good justification to take rights away from all women.

    • Romulus Paradise
      Romulus Paradise 7 days ago

      @Danielle I agree. And I also believe that the abortions due to rape are a small proportion of total abortions. Yes, females should be able to get abortions. All i'm saying is females can lie, females can baby trap, females frequently aren't responsible for their bodies. So, where does that leave us?

    • Danielle
      Danielle 8 days ago +1

      Romulus Paradise See, I agree with you on some points. There are truly some terrible women out there who lie about contraception in order to “baby trap” their partners. And there are women who are irresponsible, and do not think of the potential consequences of sex before having it. I’m not saying that those people do not exist (though, I do wish that they didn’t). What I am saying is that while some abortions are caused by the people you described, others are caused by tragic situations like rape or medical complications. I am sure you are already aware of this, but many seem to forget these cases when it come to a controversial topic like abortion.

    • Romulus Paradise
      Romulus Paradise 9 days ago

      @Danielle Missed the point. If women could control their bodies before/ during sex, if women didn't frequently lie about whether or not they're on birth control, unwanted pregnancies would reduce, and the need for abortions, which are hard on female reproduction, would greatly reduce. In other words, if females took responsibility for their bodies, they might not need abortions. I realize the concept of female responsibility may be anathema to you, but there it is.

  • Archie Boye
    Archie Boye 14 days ago +1

    I'm stuck in the middle of the debate. While I don't believe in the concept of a soul, I do think abortions aren't really right for every situation (except for cases of rape, drug use, danger to the birthgiver, etc.) BUT I totally support a person's right to choose.
    Because I have a Catholic family I find it easier to get inside their heads. If a child has a soul from conception, then preventing it from coming to term must be murder, right? I never really believed that; even back when I did believe in the soul and god, it made more sense to me that the baby would have a soul when it starts to develop consciousness\feel pain, and even now I think aborting past that point is not good. But it's painful when I hear things like "If you are raped and concieve, it's god's will you have a child" come out of my grandparent's mouths'. It's terrifying, especially when you're young and had just learned about sex and reproduction. And probably also encourages women not to tell their families about their problems! And if you're Christian, using birth controll is almost as bad as getting an abortion! I don't know if they think a sperm and egg have a soul, or if they just hate anything other than what's "natural" (according to the bible, at least), but they go nuts over anything that doesn't meet their strict definition of things. But I can still understand. Because they're not crazy. They're scared. They want to think that all these rules will get them eternal life and love. If only they could start focusing on birth control and welfare.... abortions would be so rare they would probably be limited to medical emergency or rape. But instead of attacking the problem directly, they are just trying to run down a solution they don't agree with.

  • Helix Moore
    Helix Moore 15 days ago

    I have no problem with saving an unborn baby. And ni dumbfuqs a clump of cells continues to grow during time in the mothers womb. What I do have a problem with is that we still demonize women for getting pregnant.

  • aidan Stenson
    aidan Stenson 15 days ago +1

    I need to make this clear fetuses are not babies and pregnant woman are not moms!

    • Hot Mess
      Hot Mess 14 days ago

      @aidan Stenson So it's not a living thing when it has a heartbeat?

    • aidan Stenson
      aidan Stenson 14 days ago +1

      @Hot Mess Complicated, but as generally recognized no

    • Hot Mess
      Hot Mess 14 days ago

      Is a fetus a living thing?

  • Jenifer R.
    Jenifer R. 16 days ago +1

    OK... so how do you explain the science to Conservatives?... I think you need another show, John... Oh, never mind! they've already put this on ignore! Leaning is fun... for those who actually want to learn something.

    • Hot Mess
      Hot Mess 14 days ago

      Are you on the spectrum?

  • Yia Moua
    Yia Moua 19 days ago

    Hypocritical people of the faith! They'll lie in any way for their narrative in the name of their God!

  • Cody Nieman
    Cody Nieman 19 days ago

    I will never understand how liberals justify being pro-choice and at the same time, anti-capital punishment.... Liberals are LITERALLY for killing unborn children and against killing convicted murderers. I can't wrap my head around logic that is that backwards.

    • Stephen2462
      Stephen2462 19 days ago +1

      @Cody Nieman And now you're just regurgitating the usual anti-choice propoganda spiel. I was trying to foster understanding, but so much for that plan.
      Isn't it though?
      By that logic, we should enact laws protecting sperm cells, and outlaw masturbation; because we were all sperm cells at one point.
      Again, whether that matters is subjective; nothing more then your opinion. Who cares if it could develop into a person? That doesn't make it one.
      That's because fetuses don't have the mental development to even grasp the concept of an opinion, let alone form one and articulate it. Which just lends support to not considering a fetus a person.
      And now you're just throwing stupid partisan generalizations around. Do you even want to reach an understanding, or are you just want to spew stupid insults?

    • Cody Nieman
      Cody Nieman 19 days ago

      @Stephen2462 ok first of all, a fetus in the second trimester is hardly a "clump of cells". Not to mention the fact that every single person on this planet, (yourself included) started as a "clump of cells". We're not talking about fucking skin tags here, were talking about a defenseless person in the early stages of development. That "clump of cells" WILL become a human child if you just leave it alone and let nature take it's course. It's awfully coincidental that every single person on this planet that is pro-choice has already been born.. hmm
      Second of all, it will be a cold day in hell before I hear criticism from a liberal on "emotional manipulation". THAT is the pot calling the kettle black. It's normally conservatives that make their argument from the position of Ethos and Logos, and it's liberals that make their point from a position of pathos. Case in point... Mass shootings. Why is it that liberals EXCLUSIVELY call for gun control in the immediate wake of a mass shooting? Simple, they are exploiting the emotional impact of a tragedy in pursuit of a political agenda.

    • Stephen2462
      Stephen2462 19 days ago +1

      It's not complicated; it largely comes down to a difference in opinion over when a fetus becomes a person. We simply don't consider something like a mindless clump of cells the size of a rice grain to be a person to begin with. Calling it things like "an unborn child" is just emotional manipulation.

      Also, I don't think the argument over capital punishment occurs strictly along party lines.

  • RIPTiggy
    RIPTiggy 21 day ago

    Hi everyone. I have a friend who works at one of these places and is confused as to why people are protesting outside. Her reasoning was that "we are not doing any abortions, so I don't understand why they are protesting us" as if that made any sense. Just in case, here is the place: and

  • im bored
    im bored 22 days ago

    I hate that something as cute as chuckle monster was used to describe him like i know its a joke but thats just so adorable and he doesn’t even deserve to be called it sarcastically

  • Kattitude Games
    Kattitude Games 24 days ago +4

    Fun fact: women are not breeding stock

    • Hot Mess
      Hot Mess 14 days ago

      Technically, they are.

  • Leo Lunchbox
    Leo Lunchbox 24 days ago +1

    Barbra reminds me of a mix between my Christian grandma and the mom from arrested development

  • Charmandont
    Charmandont 25 days ago +1

    *John after every clip played on his show* “HOoOlYYyyyY SHEeIttt”

  • Teykel Meeka
    Teykel Meeka 25 days ago +1

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, John Oliver is my hero.

    • Hot Mess
      Hot Mess 14 days ago

      You have very low standards

  • Americanlynn1
    Americanlynn1 27 days ago

    Certainly there are terrible examples to be found on the CPC side.... but there are just as many terrible examples of predatory and deceptive practices being used in abortion clinics, too. Does that mean ALL abortion clinics are lying to patients and using fear tactics to make them want to abort their baby? no.. the same also holds true for CPCs. There are wonderful ones out there doing excellent work at not only supporting the mothers during pregnancy, but also thru the birth process, and afterwards (whether helping them work with adoption agencies, or helping them to be able to care for the child themselves, including offering on-going free counseling, parenting classes, access to diapers, clothes and other necessities, etc.). To categorize CPCs in general as all being like this is very disingenuous and untrue. I would also expect you, sir, to use your platform to likewise call out those abortion clinics that are using the same kind of practices/tactics to get women to choose abortion over other options... because they certainly exist as well and should be held accountable.

    DAVE MISAL 27 days ago +1

    So... I knocked up my girlfriend.
    I had a full ride to Princeton.
    She had a full ride to Taylor.
    My 20 yr old son is glad I and my girlfriend didn't murder him.
    He is a better human than most abortionists.
    Abortionists have forgive there right to life by committing murder.

    • RacingAtHome
      RacingAtHome 27 days ago +6

      And you made the choice not to abort. Other people would decide to for a variety of reasons. That's the good thing about choice. You can choose to abort your rice-sized block of cells or let it grow up.

  • Julian Julian
    Julian Julian 28 days ago +1

    when will people face the truth? this is just human farming in practice. We need more believer to give their hard earn money to the invisible man in the sky, NOT LESS

  • Chimi Miki
    Chimi Miki 28 days ago

    fuking evil....

  • proxyhuman
    proxyhuman 28 days ago +3

    Your wife ......IS AMAZING! I love her. And you. Thank you for actual information.

    • Hot Mess
      Hot Mess 14 days ago

      I only believe information about abortions from comedians and not doctors.

  • proxyhuman
    proxyhuman 28 days ago +3

    One of the things that makes me laugh about republicans, their ability to come up with names for their organizations that mean the exact opposite of what they actually do.

    • ValerieRaya
      ValerieRaya 21 day ago

      I mean, they started really well with 'pro-life'.

  • Gabe Donlon
    Gabe Donlon 29 days ago

    Fuck you. From the bottom of my heart. When you reference your motives briefly like she did, it’s because you aren’t thinking about them, you know them and you’re convicted by them. She says “abortion won’t make them happy” and she’s fucking RIGHT. Have you MET a woman who just had an abortion? If they haven’t had piece after piece of this S**t shoveled down their gullet (and even some that did), they are shell shocked after it. It DEVASTATES THEM. It breaks them in a way they won’t ever completely heal from. And do you know what “propaganda” they show the women that come through the clinic you’re talking about? An ultrasound. And nothing else. The doctors may talk about the specifics of the procedure (which is literally RIPPING THE FETUS APART WITH A VACUME) when asked, but mainly that’s it. They’re so effective in their mission because no sane human being with any positive emotions can look at an ultrasound and not say “it’s a life.” Hell, people who PREFORM abortions get messed up over it. And you choose to mock this woman’s genuine concern. You are a sick person. Normally, I don’t comment on this stuff. Because I’m only gonna get drowned out or get harassed by people claiming I’m “taking away rights” (personally, I’m more focused on women not psychologically bombing themselves through this), But you are a special kind of sick. Also, the “pro-choice” argument is not just “intellectually dead” it’s so undead it NEVER WENT TO HIGH-SCHOOL. And I’m being literal. Because there’s a little fact in freshman biology (so important it’s taught at the beginning of the year) that says: “the smallest form life can take is a cell.” Which means, that since all the other requirements for life can be found in this process, then all you need is a moment in the process where it’s smaller than a cell. Unfortunately (as they would have learned later in freshman biology) that never occurs. The smallest it gets is conception, when the two gameat cells merge into one cell. It then grows exponentially after that, and never stops.

    • ValerieRaya
      ValerieRaya 21 day ago +2

      I have met several people who just had abortions. They weren't jumping with joy but neither do people who gave birth. Ending a pregnancy isn't easy on the body. Abortion takes less of a toll and is safer than giving birth but still not a ride in the park.
      But you know what? Those people were happy. They were either dying, got the abortion to save the fetus, or carrying out wasn't an option for another reason. They knew they did the right thing, and statistics show that as well. While about 5% of people regret having an abortion, around 10% regret becoming a parent, and 75% regret giving their kid up for adoption. People need to be able to make a choice and need to be supported in that choice.
      (Btw, if you want to make abortion less needed, I find pro-choicers do a lot more than anti-choicers for that. Also, I would suggest donating to PP, as they do a lot to make abortion less needed, arguably more than most if not all anti-choice orgs)

    • The Viewer
      The Viewer 29 days ago +2

      I'm a trans man. If I ever get pregnant I'd probably end up killing myself around month 3 cause of dysphoria induced depression if I couldn't access abortion. My friend was raped when she was 14, having a child would have not only been physically awful it would have ruined her life.

  • Amazed Alloy
    Amazed Alloy Month ago

    If I dare ask, why do people ignore the emotional damage an abortion can cause?

    • Hot Mess
      Hot Mess 14 days ago

      @ValerieRaya Your father obviously jerked off into a pot and raised and beautiful blooming retards.

    • ValerieRaya
      ValerieRaya 21 day ago +2

      The most damage isn't caused by the abortion but anti-choice people. My friend got an abortion she needed and while she grieved, it wasn't too hard on her because she knew she had made the right choice. The people in her church though, despite knowing she would have died without the abortion, harassed her, send her death threats, closed her out, showed her little daughter gore pics, and showed up at her house, screaming at her. They had their house damaged and painted with words. She nearly killed herself and her daughter is still in therapy for the trauma. She suffers from PTSD now.
      They moved in the middle of the night, in secret, cut all contact, and are now thankfully in a more liberal area where they are safe. She still doesn't tell anyone she had an abortion because she fears she'll get death threats again.
      The abortion didn't cause any emotional damage. Anti-choicers nearly killed her twice and ruined a little girl's childhood.

      I do think emotional damage can occur, as it is common from birth (depression, etc), though less for an abortion, the body still goes through hormonal changes. On the other hand, there are people who would like to carry out but can't. In that case, the emotional damage isn't from the abortion. It's from the situation. That is why pro-choicers do so much to enable people to make their choice. Raising the minimum wage to a living wage tied to rent and making paid parental leave a legal requirement would enable many people to carry out when money is an issue. Universal health care (with free birth like in so many places) would give people a lot more money and often would make carrying out an option. Sex-positive sex-ed along with that would prevent so many pregnancies.
      In short, abortions aren't the problem. They are a symptom of a problem. If an abortion is needed, it's needed for a reason. Look at those reasons when you want to make the symptom go away.
      Also, let's stop the stigma around abortion to save more lives and prevent suffering, shall we?

    • The Viewer
      The Viewer 29 days ago +3

      People don't, but it should be a choice that's given with full knowledge of the options.

  • The Battlesword
    The Battlesword Month ago +1

    Abby Johnson? The woman who lied about having worked in an abortion clinic for 8 years and somehow got a movie deal out of it?

  • lcyw20
    lcyw20 Month ago +1

    These things need to be shut down, and the fucking liars running them locked up!

  • Phil Buckhouse
    Phil Buckhouse Month ago +2

    Chappelle said it best, "If you have a dick, you need to shut the fuck up here. This is their decision."

    • Hot Mess
      Hot Mess 14 days ago

      Ok. You're a dick and you need to shut the fuck up.

  • Einhorn Taschentuch
    Einhorn Taschentuch Month ago +3

    Are these people forgetting that abortion WAS illegal once before, which resulted in women trying to perform an abortion themselves with a coat hanger? Do these people not realize that these kids will either grow up in an unloving family, put up for adoption (as if there aren't already too many kids in adoption Center's), or these children will just simply be left on street corners. Insane. The USA, especially all its religious people, need to wake up to reality and face the possible consequences of whatever it is they are trying to achieve.

    • Hot Mess
      Hot Mess 14 days ago

      Maybe schools should offer better sex education so dumb hoes don't get knocked up.

  • Todd Howard
    Todd Howard Month ago +2

    15:35 hmmm my state is on there, where my taxes go to fund inaccurate, religiously affiliated, faux medical facilities?

    Time to dump some fucking Coca Cola in the harbor

  • Charlie Woodward
    Charlie Woodward Month ago

    Sorry America. China you know is really shady. North korea you know is inherently evil. America, the land of the free... its a really trashy country. The U.K. is quite bad but we laugh at America on a regular basis because we hear some stuff about your country and are genuinely dumbstruck...

  • Andrea Robyn
    Andrea Robyn Month ago +3

    These people care so much about unborn babies, but not the countless women who have died as a result of abortions being illegal or near impossible to access, or the lives of abortion doctors who have been murdered by the pro-life groups. Evidently, life is only sacred if they behave as you want them to.

  • Garrett Stephens
    Garrett Stephens Month ago

    Wait! They offer opinions besides killing an unborn child?? wow that is such a crime. They offer help with the pregnancy, adoption opinions, living assistance opinion, work opportunities for women with children, counseling, and parenting counciling??? Omg what an evil place!

    • The Viewer
      The Viewer 29 days ago +3

      They shame women for even considering abortion. Yes, they are evil.

  • Jesse Parrish
    Jesse Parrish Month ago

    The merits of pro-choice or pro-life aside, CPCs exemplify conservatives donating resources for the support of pregnant women and their health. Yes, they are anti-abortion. But if it is fair to defend Planned Parenthood for their general services apart from abortion, it is at least as fair to defend these groups on the same basis. I would not speak in defense of deceptive advertising practices, but mining for quotes exemplifying deception detracts from what these people actually do and how these resources are actually spent. They do not exist solely to talk women out of abortions. Where I live, these centers routinely assist women with care who were never considering abortion, providing requisite information for ordinary medical providers as you would expect from an organization dealing with these circumstances. They are not a shell game. They provide real help to people who need it.

    There are reasons that you can support 38 CPCs in Mississippi while only having a single abortion clinic, and maybe, just maybe, some of those reasons are legitimate.

  • 12 inchesofworm
    12 inchesofworm Month ago

    Omg his wife is adorible

  • sunflowrr xx
    sunflowrr xx Month ago

    16:25 YES JOHN!!! 😂😂😂🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • sunflowrr xx
    sunflowrr xx Month ago

    It shouldn’t be illegal to do this... especially since abortions are time sensitive....
    ahhh and of course they don’t offer birth control! THE HYPOCRISY!

  • Carah Kaaiakamanu
    Carah Kaaiakamanu Month ago +2

    Hey. Any CPC people out there? I gotta say something :)

    Go fuck yourself. Stop forcing your opinion and religion on these poor women. So fuck yourself.

  • Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi
    Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi Month ago +1

    Yup... CPCs are essentially the Hunbot of Abortions.
    "We are an Abortion clinic.. definitely so come in and listen to our pitch!"

  • Nobody Knows
    Nobody Knows Month ago +3

    When the pro-lifers step up and adopt and foster EVERY SINGLE CHILD IN NEED, then they can tell people to have babies. Until then, they can fuck right off.

    • ValerieRaya
      ValerieRaya 21 day ago

      I would be happy if they made sure children are fed, sheltered, educated, and not kept in cages.
      But I guess I am putting the bar a bit too high there...

  • theWolverine
    theWolverine Month ago

    Says that a fact is "bul%*it" but doesn't explain why....

  • theWolverine
    theWolverine Month ago

    John Oliver, have you ever visited a CPC? Do some better research. Have you ever seen the baby clothes room filled with hundreds of free outfits? Or the education classes that they offer to help moms finish their education? Or the free ultrasounds that they offer? CPCs are helping women and providing real options not just "abortion is your only way out". You failed to mention that Abby Johnson, used to run a planned parenthood. Abby never said "pretend your an abortion center". Wait if it's all about women's choice? then isn't a women's choice to choose to keep a baby? Abortion is never health care.

  • Probably Possessed •

    ProLife: abortion is murder! don’t have any abortions they’re bad!
    ProChoice: I think that, even if I myself would not get an abortion, it should be available for others. It is a choice, being pro choice doesn’t always mean *you* want an abortion, you’re just acknowledging that everyone’s body is their own, and that they can make their own choices.

  • Dalek Emperor
    Dalek Emperor Month ago +1

    And once again Christians prove that they are some of the worst people on the planet. I'm not really surprised, but im still shocked how someone that's already going to hell can fall sooo much lower.

    Let's take a look at their crimes, shall we?

    - Emotional Manipulation
    - Lying
    - Ruining a person's future by forcing a pregnancy onto them
    - And worst of all, ruining the lives of not only one person but two; the rape victim, aka the mother (but then again, you christians don't really see rape victims as women or people, just like we don't see you as human beings, so it evens out) wherein a rape victim is forced to have a baby she didn't want, gets stuck in financial hell because she is able to take care of her baby, and is thus in turn forced to give the baby away.

    *Slow clap*

    Well done, christians. Well played. I'm sure Satan is proud of how much misery your causing, cause you sure as hefle aren't spreading the word of god. Quite the oppisite:(

  • Chunkboi
    Chunkboi Month ago +13

    Forced-Birther: “Life begins at conception.”
    CPC: “Life begins at deception.”

  • Aaron Rowan
    Aaron Rowan Month ago

    I'm sure everyone commenting has watched 'Unplanned' to get both sides.

    • ValerieRaya
      ValerieRaya 21 day ago +1

      So you think everyone who is against torture should first watch a movie glorifying torture to 'get both sides'?
      Sometimes, there are no equal two sides. If one side wants to protect human rights, people's wellbeing and lives and the other side wants to take that away and make people property (which is what anti-choice rethoric is when stripped of all decorations), why would you want to listen to that side? They clearly have nothing good to say.
      And just to be clear: I have spoken with many anti-choicers and had them tell my people being property is actually a good thing and why causing people to die is perfectly fine. And they aren't all evil, some are just misguided. But they are all standing against human rights, are inherently misogynistic, classist, ableist, and that is not a side anyone should be one.